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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-57330-019-3Always and Forever: An Evening of Songs at the Royal Albert Hall
2001978-1-57330-035-3Neil Diamond - Greatest Hits Live
2002978-1-57330-039-1Gloria Estefan: Live in Miami - The Evolution Tour
1998978-1-57330-040-7HIStory on Film, Vol. 2
2001978-1-57330-042-1Celine Dion - The Colour of My Love Concert
1998978-1-57330-043-8Adrian Golding · Chris Baker · Henry SteinOasis: There and Then
2004978-1-57330-047-6Aerosmith - The Making of Pump
2000978-1-57330-048-3Paul Zehrer · Jack GulickMary Chapin Carpenter: Jubilee - Live at Wolf Trap
2001978-1-57330-056-8Bill Arhos · Terry LickonaStevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live From Austin, Texas
2000978-1-57330-078-0Live At Great Woods
2004978-1-57330-079-7The Best of Sessions at West 54th, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-57330-087-2A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan
2001978-1-57330-093-3James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre
2004978-1-57330-105-3Christine Mitsogiorgakis · Jay PetersonVH1 Divas Live
  ''978-1-57330-110-7Emilio Estefan Jr. · Fernando Viquez · Frank Amadeo · Matthew Ralston · Mo Fitzgibbon · Robert W. WalkerGloria Estefan: Don't Stop!
2002978-1-57330-111-4Pearl Jam - Single Video Theory
2004978-1-57330-118-3Alice in Chains - MTV Unplugged
  ''978-1-57330-131-2Herbert von Karajan - His Legacy for Home Video: The New Year's Concert 1987
  ''978-1-57330-132-9Herbert Von Karajan - His Legacy for Home Video - Beethoven Symphony No. 9 choral
2004978-1-57330-133-6Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95 "From the New World"
  ''978-1-57330-135-0Vivaldi - The Four Seasons / Von Karajan, Mutter, Berlin Philharmonic
2002978-1-57330-150-3Mariah Carey - Around the World
  ''978-1-57330-160-2New Kids On The Block: Greatest Hits - The Videos
1998978-1-57330-358-3Kathy Smith - Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-359-0Kathy Smith - Timesaver - Lift Weights to Lose Weight [VHS]
2009978-1-57330-558-7Karin Young Shiel · Nancy Kanter · Christine Ferraro · Tony GeissElmo Saves Christmas
1996978-1-57330-559-4Sesame Street - Christmas Eve on Sesame Street [VHS]
1997978-1-57330-567-9Sesame Street - 123 Count With Me [VHS]
2003978-1-57330-569-3Ladysmith Black Mambazo · En Vogue · Luis Santeiro · Sara Compton · Judy Freudberg · Jeff Moss · Norman Stiles · Arlene ShermanSesame Street: 25th Birthday: Musical Celebration
1998978-1-57330-570-9Sesame Street - The Great Numbers Game [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-571-6Sesame Street - The Alphabet Jungle Game [VHS]
1997978-1-57330-572-3Sesame Street - Big Bird Gets Lost [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-573-0Jim HensonSesame Street - Fiesta! [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-574-7Elmopalooza [VHS]
2011978-1-57330-576-1Tom Astle · Joey Mazzarino · Karin Young ShielElmopalooza!
1998978-1-57330-577-8Jim HensonSesame Street - The Best of Kermit on Sesame Street [VHS]
978-1-57330-620-1Ernie Gets Lost (Sesame Street Kids' Guide to Life)
1999978-1-57330-676-8Beavis & Butt-Head:Innocence Lost [VHS]
1997978-1-57330-678-2Grind Workout:Fat Burning Grooves [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-681-2Daria [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-688-1THE ANIMATED MOVIE
2004978-1-57330-693-5Avril MacRory · Einar Westerlund · Geoff Kempin · Malcolm Gerrie · Murray Lerner · Rocky OldhamMessage to Love - The Isle of Wight Festival
1997978-1-57330-697-3John Payson · Melissa SalmonsMtv / Wet Shorts: Best of Liquid Television
2002978-1-57330-698-0The Wildlife Concert
1998978-1-57330-699-7Peter ChungAeon Flux - Operative Terminus [VHS]
1997978-1-57330-716-1Debra Vvcmv 49309 BradnumHow to Be a Ballerina
  ''978-1-57330-721-5Becky Mancuso-Winding · Cary Silver · Jonathan Dern · Loris Kramer Lunsford · Paul Sabella · Judy Rothman Rofé · Marcus Pfister · Mark YoungDoors of Wonder: The Rainbow Fish and Dazzle the Dinosaur
  ''978-1-57330-728-4Sesame Street - Mother Goose [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-971-4Grind Workout:Dance Club Aerobics [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-977-6Beavis & Butthead: Troubled Youth [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-984-4Kathy Smith - Weight Loss Workout [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-985-1Kathy Smith - Step Workout (1992) [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-987-5Kathy Smith - Secrets of a Great Body Total Workout, Vol. 2 - Lower Body [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-990-5Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Lower Body Firming [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-993-6Kathy Smith - Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout [VHS]
1998978-1-57330-994-3Kathy Smith - Secrets of a Great Body Total Workout, Vol. 1 - Upper Body [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-995-0Kathy Smith - Aerobox Workout [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-996-7Kathy Smith - Power Step Workout [VHS]
  ''978-1-57330-998-1Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning [VHS]