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2019978-1-57312-003-6Linda McKinnish BridgesThe Church's Portraits of Jesus (All the Bible)
  ''978-1-57312-004-3W. H. Bellinger Jr.The Testimony of Poets and Sages: The Psalms and Wisdom Literature (All the Bible)
2014978-1-57312-019-7Mary GlazenerThe Cup of Wrath: A Novel Based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Resistance to Hitler
1996978-1-57312-028-9R. Kirby GodseyWhen We Talk About God...: Let's Be Honest
2000978-1-57312-065-4William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament Emeritus Walter Brueggemann1 & 2 Kings: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
2006978-1-57312-067-8Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Samuel E BalentineJob (Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary) (Book & CD-ROM)
2002978-1-57312-072-2Terence E FretheimJeremiah: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
  ''978-1-57312-081-4Charles H. TalbertRomans: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
2001978-1-57312-087-6Mitchell G. ReddishRevelation: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
1997978-1-57312-094-4Ross WestGo to Work and Take Your Faith Too!
  ''978-1-57312-095-1Robert N. NashAn 8-Track Church in a Cd World: The Modern Church in a Postmodern World
  ''978-1-57312-150-7Charles E PooleThe Tug of Home: Restful Words for Weary Families
2019978-1-57312-160-6Page H. KelleyJourney to the Land of Promise (All the Bible)
1999978-1-57312-179-8Howard K BatsonCommon-Sense Church Growth
2019978-1-57312-185-9Naymond H. KeathleyThe Church's Mission to the Gentiles: Acts of the Apostles, Epistles of Paul (All the Bible)
2017978-1-57312-192-7Sharlande SledgePrayers & Litanies for the Christian Seasons
1999978-1-57312-255-9Bill J. LeonardDictionary of Baptists in America
2000978-1-57312-265-8R. Wayne StacyA Baptist's Theology
1999978-1-57312-266-5O. Suthern SimsCreating and Leading Children's Sermons: A Developmental Approach
2018978-1-57312-272-6Charles E. PooleIs Life Fair?: Good Words for Hard Times
2013978-1-57312-274-0David E. GarlandReading Matthew: A Literary and Theological Commentary (Reading the New Testament) (Volume 1)
2013978-1-57312-276-4Luke Timothy JohnsonReading Romans: A Literary and Theological Commentary (Reading the New Testament) (Volume 6)
  ''978-1-57312-277-1Charles H. TalbertReading Acts: A Literary and Theological Commentary (Reading the New Testament) (Volume 5)
1999978-1-57312-287-0Mark Weldon WhittenThe Myth of Christian America: What You Need to Know About the Separation of Church and State
2013978-1-57312-318-1Marie E. IsaacsReading Hebrews & James: A Literary and Theological Commentary (Reading the New Testament) (Volume 11)
2000978-1-57312-324-2B. M. RocineLearning Biblical Hebrew: A New Approach Using Discourse Analysis
2019978-1-57312-328-0Michael D. McGeheeThe Bible Doesn't Have to Be Hard to Read
2012978-1-57312-352-5Molly MarshallWhat It Means to Be Human: Made in the Image of God
2013978-1-57312-370-9Daniel BagbyCrisis Ministry: A Handbook (Smyth & Helwys Help! Books)
2012978-1-57312-374-7John DraneThe McDonaldization of the Church: Consumer Culture and the Church's Future
  ''978-1-57312-375-4Edward H. HammettReframing Spiritual Formation: Discipleship in an Unchurched Culture
2002978-1-57312-376-1Fisher HumphreysThe Way We Were: How Southern Baptist Theology Has Changed and What It Means to Us All
2004978-1-57312-385-3Paul R. DekarHoly Boldness: Practices of an Evangelistic Lifestyle
2013978-1-57312-393-8Charles H. TalbertReading Luke: A Literary and Theological Commentary on the Third Gospel (Reading the New Testament) (Volume 3)
2004978-1-57312-398-3Fisher Humphreys · Philip WiseFundamentalism
2003978-1-57312-399-0Thorwald LorenzenResurrection, Discipleship, Justice: Affirming the Resurrection Jesus Christ Today
2002978-1-57312-402-7Anthony J. ClarkeA Cry in the Darkness: The Forsakenness of Jesus in Scripture, Theology and Experience (Regent's Study Guides, 10)
2015978-1-57312-404-1Millard FullerBuilding Materials for Life, Volume I
2013978-1-57312-411-9B. Max PriceHelp! I Teach Children's Sunday School (Smyth & Helwys Help! Books)
  ''978-1-57312-414-0Donald Clark MeaselsMusic Ministry: A Guidebook (Smyth & Helwys Help! Books)
2014978-1-57312-415-7Tony MathewsThere's More Than One Color in the Pew: A Handbook for Multicultural, Multiracial Churches
2015978-1-57312-420-1Millard FullerBuilding Materials for Life, Volume II
2004978-1-57312-422-5Clarence JordanCotton Patch Gospel: Matthew and John (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-57312-423-2Clarence JordanClarence Jordan's Cotton Patch Gospel: Luke and Acts
2004978-1-57312-424-9Clarence JordanCotton Patch Gospel: Paul's Epistles (Volume 3)
  ''978-1-57312-425-6   ''Clarence Jordan's Cotton Patch Gospel: Hebrews and the General Epistles
2014978-1-57312-441-6Judson EdwardsThe Leadership Labyrinth: Negotiating the Paradoxes of Ministry
2013978-1-57312-445-4Will D. CampbellThe Glad River
2005978-1-57312-458-4Anthonie J. Clark · Paul S. FiddesFlickering Images: Theology and Film in Dialogue (Regent's Study Guides, 12)
2018978-1-57312-461-4James M. EfirdLeft Behind?: What the Bible Really Says about the End Times
2013978-1-57312-464-5Mark McEntire · Joel EmersonRaising Cain, Fleeing Egypt, and Fighting Philistines: The Old Testament in Popular Music
2019978-1-57312-469-0Russell DildayHigher Ground: A Call for Christian Civility
2012978-1-57312-484-3James A. AutryLooking Around for God: The Oddly Reverent Observations of an Unconventional Christian
2015978-1-57312-486-7Millard FullerBuilding Materials for Life, Vol. 3
2013978-1-57312-490-4Nancy Backues · Kerry Beaman · Wendy BriggsDrama Ministry: A Guidebook (Smyth & Helwys Help! Books)
2008978-1-57312-498-0Paul S. FiddesUnder the Rule of Christ: Dimensions of Baptist Spirituality (Regent's Study Guides)
  ''978-1-57312-506-2Cecil E ShermanBy My Own Reckoning
2012978-1-57312-509-3James A. AutryThe Spirit of Retirement: Creating a Life of Meaning and Personal Growth
2018978-1-57312-523-9C. Ellis NelsonGrowing Up Christian: A Congregational Strategy for Nurturing Disciples
2009978-1-57312-538-3Mitzi L. Minor2 Corinthians: Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary
  ''978-1-57312-546-8Alicia Davis PorterfieldProverbs-- Living Wisely, Loving Well: Study Guide
2015978-1-57312-590-1Aaron Douglas WeaverJames M. Dunn and Soul Freedom
2011978-1-57312-592-5Ronnie McBrayerThe Jesus Tribe: Following Christ in the Land of the Empire
2014978-1-57312-594-9Judson EdwardsBlissful Affliction: The Ministry and Misery of Writing
2011978-1-57312-598-7James D. NogalskiThe Book of the Twelve: Micah-Malachi (Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary) (Book & CD-ROM)
2012978-1-57312-614-4James A. AutryChoosing Gratitude: Learning to Love the Life You Have
2014978-1-57312-752-3Clarence JordanCotton Patch Gospel: The Complete Collection