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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57309-015-5Robert Seitz FreyOur Future in Light of Twentieth-Century Evil
1995978-1-57309-018-6Michael A. BullmoreSt. Paul's Theology of Rhetorical Style: An Examination of I Corinthians 2.1-5 in the Light of First Century Graeco-Roman Rhetorical Culture
1996978-1-57309-040-7Donald MorrisDewey & The Behavioristic Context of Ethics
  ''978-1-57309-049-0Corrado Viafora · Roberto Dell'OroHistory of Bioethics: International Perspectives (Distinguished Research Series)
1997978-1-57309-066-7Werewere LikingAfrican Ritual Theatre: The Power of Um and a New Earth
  ''978-1-57309-067-4Werewere LikingAfrican Ritual Theatre: The Power of Um and a New Earth
1996978-1-57309-081-0Daniel J. FinucaneSensus Fidelium: The Use of a Concept in the Post-Vatican II Era
  ''978-1-57309-123-7James S. Peters IIThe Saga of Black Navy Veterans of World War II
1997978-1-57309-149-7Richard WeikartThe Myth of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Is His Theology Evangelical?
  ''978-1-57309-155-8Bernie L. CalawayRevealing the Revelation: A Guide to the Literature of the Apocalypse
1997978-1-57309-216-6Gerard MooreVatican II and the Collects for Ordinary Time
1999978-1-57309-235-7Frank WesleyThe Holocaust and Anti-Semitism
2005978-1-57309-239-5Ludmilla G. WellsThen and Now: Advertising and Marketing in Russia in the 20th Centry
1999978-1-57309-243-2Alexander F. C. WebsterThe Pacifist Option: The Moral Argument Against War in Eastern Orthodox Theology: The Moral Argument Against War in Eastern Orthodox Theology
1998978-1-57309-253-1Carmina M. MagnusenEncounter With the Triune God
  ''978-1-57309-260-9Melville Y. Stewart · Zhang ZhigangThe Sympsoium of Chinese, American Philosophy and Religious Studies: East & West Philosophy of Religion
  ''978-1-57309-309-5Anthony Buzzard · Charles F. HuntingThe Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound