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2000978-1-57259-885-0Libby Rittenberg Timothy TregarthenMacReeconomics Second Edition
1999978-1-57259-886-7John Brock · Dale DeboerMicroeconomics Study Guide
2000978-1-57259-887-4Timothy D. TregarthenStudy Guide to Accompany Macroeconomics
  ''978-1-57259-888-1TregarthenIrm T/a Economics 2ed
  ''978-1-57259-889-8   ''Microeconomics: Test Bank, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-57259-890-4   ''Test Bank Macroeceonomics
1999978-1-57259-892-8Albert L. Lehninger · David L. Nelson · Michael M. CoxPrinciples of Biochemistry: Advance Chapters from the 2000 Edition
1993978-1-57259-894-2Albert L. Lehninger · David L. Nelson · Michael M. CoxPrinciples of Biochemistry (Extended Discussion of Oxygen-Binding Proteins & 3E-Protein Sample Chapters)
2000978-1-57259-896-6BergerJourney Through Childhood Video [VHS]
  ''978-1-57259-897-3Kathleen Stassen Berger,S. Stavros Valenti BergerSg T/a Journey Thro Child Video
2000978-1-57259-898-0Worth PublishersJourney Through Childhood & Student Workbook
1999978-1-57259-900-0Paul A. TiplerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Volume 1 & Volume 2 Cloth: Vol. 2 Electricity and Magnetism
2000978-1-57259-901-7HockenburySA CD-Rom T/A Psychology 2ed
978-1-57259-902-4Scientific American Frontiers Introductory Psychology Video Collection [VHS]
2002978-1-57259-903-1Gray. · HockenburySA Frontiers Video (Rev)
1999978-1-57259-904-8Paul A. TiplerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Volume 2 & Study Guide Volumes 2 and 3: Vol. 2: Electricity and Magnetism, Light
  ''978-1-57259-907-9   ''Physics for Scientists and Engineers Volume 3 & Study Guide Volumes 2 and 3
  ''978-1-57259-908-6Kendrick ThompsonResearch Methods in the Social Sciences Study Guide
2000978-1-57259-909-3Kenrick S. ThompsonInstructor's Manual Test Bank Transparency Masters: Research Methods
1999978-1-57259-914-7MankiwOhts T/a Macroeconomics 4e
2000978-1-57259-915-4BergerCD-Rom TB T/A Dev Per Thru C & A 5e
  ''978-1-57259-916-1HockenburyComputer TB T/a Psychology 2/E
  ''978-1-57259-917-8LehningerPrinc of Biochemistry CDROM Tbank
1999978-1-57259-918-5MankiwMacroeconomics 4e Ctb
2000978-1-57259-919-2TregarthenEconomics 2e Ctb Cd
2000978-1-57259-920-8NachmiasCD-Rom TB T/A Res Meth Soc Sci 6ed
  ''978-1-57259-921-5Peter ConradThe Sociology of Health and Illness
  ''978-1-57259-923-9TregarthenOhts t/a Microeconomics 2ed
  ''978-1-57259-924-6   ''Ohts t/a Macroeconomics 2ed
1999978-1-57259-927-7Alan AuerbachPublic Finance: Worth Series in Outstanding Contributions
  ''978-1-57259-929-1David Nachmias · Chava Frankfort NachmiasResearch Methods in the Social Sciences w/Data Disk (Windows)
2000978-1-57259-931-4David L. Nelson · Michael M. CoxLehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Third Edition
2002978-1-57259-935-2N. Gregory MankiwMacroeconomics
2001978-1-57259-938-3Coast Learning SystemsTelecourse Student Guide: for Hockenbury Psychology 2e
2000978-1-57259-940-6HockenburyThe Mind [VHS]
2000978-1-57259-942-0Gray.Student Activity CD-Rom t/a Psych 3
1998978-1-57259-943-7Peter O. GrayPsychology
2000978-1-57259-944-4Richard O. Straub · Kathleen Stassen BergerStudy Guide to Accompany the Developing Person: The Life Span
  ''978-1-57259-945-1BergerDev Person Thru Life Span 5e-Irm
2001978-1-57259-946-8Richard O. StraubInstructor's Resources to Accompany Kathleen Stassen Berger's the Developing Person Through the Life Span - Fifth Edition
2000978-1-57259-947-5Kathleen Stassen Berger · Karen MacraeThe Developing Person Through the Life Span Test Bank
978-1-57259-948-2Dev Person Thru Lifespan 5e Trans
2000978-1-57259-949-9BergerDev Person Thru Lifespan 5ed Ctb
  ''978-1-57259-950-5Paula S. RothenbergRace, Class, and Gender in the United States: An Integrated Study
2001978-1-57259-951-2Sociology Writing GroupA Guide to Writing Sociology Papers
2000978-1-57259-952-9Rudi VoltiSociety and Technological Change, Fourth Edition
  ''978-1-57259-953-6William M. KephartExtraordinary Groups: An Examination of Unconventional Groups
  ''978-1-57259-954-3D. Stanley EitzenSport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology
2003978-1-57259-955-0SieglerHow Children Develop - Ohts
2003978-1-57259-956-7SieglerHow Children Develop - Ctb
2003978-1-57259-957-4SieglerVideos T/a How Children Develop [VHS]
2000978-1-57259-958-1Richard O. Straub · David G. MyersPsychology (6th Edition Study Guide)
  ''978-1-57259-960-4David G. MyersPsychology
  ''978-1-57259-962-8MyersPsychology 6ed (Ctb)
978-1-57259-963-5Transparencies to Accompany Psychology
2001978-1-57259-964-2Don H. Hockenbury · Sandra E. HockenburyDiscovering Psychology, Second Edition
2000978-1-57259-965-9Don H. HockenburyDiscovering Psychology
  ''978-1-57259-966-6Don H. Hockenbury · Sandra E. HockenburyDiscovering Psychology & Study Guide
2000978-1-57259-968-0HockenburyIm T/a Discovering Psychology 2/E
  ''978-1-57259-969-7   ''Ptb T/a Discovering Psychology 2/E
  ''978-1-57259-970-3   ''Discovering Psychology 2e Ctb
2001978-1-57259-973-4N. Gregory MankiwMacroeconomics
2012978-1-57259-974-1Buckles · Stephen BucklesPrinciples of Economics
2001978-1-57259-975-8Katherine DemitrakisPsychology at Work Study Guide
  ''978-1-57259-976-5KrummIm & TB T/a Psychology at Work
978-1-57259-977-2KrummPtb T/a Psychology at Work
2001978-1-57259-978-9   ''CD-Rom TB t/a Psychology at Work
2000978-1-57259-979-6HockenburyVideo Guide T/A Psychology 2/E [VHS]
2001978-1-57259-980-2David G. MyersPsychology, Sixth Edition in Modules
  ''978-1-57259-982-6   ''Psychology
1999978-1-57259-983-3Peter O. GrayPsychology
1999978-1-57259-984-0Don H. Hockenbury · Sandra E. Hockenbury · Thomas LudwigPsychology 2e & Student Activity CD-ROM with PsychSim and PsychQuest
2000978-1-57259-991-8BergerIm T/a Journey Through Childhood VI
1999978-1-57259-994-9Chava Frankfort-Nachmias · David NachmiasResearch Methods in the Social Sciences & Data Bank Disk & Study Guide
2001978-1-57259-995-6Test Bank 1 to Accompany Psychology 6th Edition