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2000978-1-57249-209-7Anne Cipriano VenzonThe War of 1898: A Selected Bibliography on the Spanish-American War
  ''978-1-57249-210-3Walter Brian CiscoTaking a Stand: Portraits from the Southern Secession Movement
  ''978-1-57249-211-0Walbrook D. Swank"Stonewall" Jackson's "Foot Cavalry"
2001978-1-57249-212-7David W. MillerSecond Only to Grant: Quartermaster General Montgomery C. Meigs
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2000978-1-57249-214-1David M. SullivanThe United States Marine Corps in the Civil War - The Final Year
2001978-1-57249-215-8Webb B. GarrisonMutiny in the Civil War
2002978-1-57249-216-5John W. HindsThe Hunt for the Albemarle: Anatomy of a Gunboat War
  ''978-1-57249-217-2Hermann O. Pfrengle · Wilbur D., Jr. Jones · Wilbur D. JonesForget That You Have Been Hitler Soldiers: A Youth's Service to the Reich
2001978-1-57249-218-9Graham Harry Cross · Harry C. GrahamLand of Tears: In Vietnam, 1967-1968
2001978-1-57249-219-6Jeffrey R. LuedersSecond Chances: Receiving the Gift of Life
2000978-1-57249-220-2John W. Lynn · John Worth LynnConfederate Commando and Fleet Surgeon
2001978-1-57249-221-9Sumner Archibald CunninghamReminiscences of the 41st Tennessee: The Civil War in the West
  ''978-1-57249-222-6Bing G. SpitlerHero of the Republic: The Biography of Triple Medal of Honor Winner, James Madison Cutts, Jr.
2007978-1-57249-223-3Morris M. Penny · J. Gary LaineStruggle for the Round Tops: Law's Alabama Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg
2011978-1-57249-224-0Wilbur D. Jr. JonesGyrene: The World War II United States Marine
2000978-1-57249-226-4John W. HartmannThe American Partisan: Henry Lee and the Struggle for Independence, 1776-1780
  ''978-1-57249-227-1Roy A. MartinInside Nurnberg: Military Justice for Nazi War Criminals
2001978-1-57249-228-8Robert M. KennedyHold the Balkans!: German Antiguerrilla Operations in the Balkans 1941-1944
2000978-1-57249-229-5Benjamin Franklin, III Cooling · Franklin B. CoolingMonocacy: The Battle That Saved Washington
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2001978-1-57249-231-8Dody MyersEchoes of the Falling Spring
2000978-1-57249-232-5John R. HildebrandIron Horses in the Valley: The Valley and Shenandoah Valley Railroads, 1866-1882
  ''978-1-57249-233-2Alan K. AbnerPsywarriors: Psychological Warfare During the Korean War
2001978-1-57249-235-6Gordon LeidnerAbraham Lincoln: The Complete Book of Facts, Quizzes, and Trivia
2000978-1-57249-236-3R. Thomas CampbellConfederate Navy Quizzes and Facts
2000978-1-57249-237-0William J. MillerCivil War City: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1861-1865
  ''978-1-57249-238-7James W. WensyelAppomattox: The Passing of the Armies
2002978-1-57249-239-4Alan N. KayOn the Trail of John Brown's Body (Young Heroes of History, Book 2)
  ''978-1-57249-240-0   ''Off to Fight (Young Heroes of History, Book 3)
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2000978-1-57249-244-8Jack A. BunchRoster of the Courts Martial in the Confederate States Armies
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  ''978-1-57249-248-6Nancy J. KelleyThe Whispering Rod: A Tale of Old Massachusetts
2002978-1-57249-250-9William P. Robertson · David Rimer · William P. RobertonHayfoot, Strawfoot: The Bucktail Recruits
2004978-1-57249-251-6Derek SmithLee's Last Stand: Sailor's Creek, Virginia, 1865
2001978-1-57249-252-3Jodi IcenoggleAmerica's Betrayal
  ''978-1-57249-253-0Jay JorgensenGettysburg's Bloody Wheatfield
  ''978-1-57249-254-7Charles D. RossCivil War Acoustic Shadows
  ''978-1-57249-255-4Richard Owen · James OwenGenerals at Rest: The Grave Sites of the 425 Official Confederate Generals
2001978-1-57249-256-1William BerebitskyA Very Long Weekend: The Army National Guard in Korea, 1950-1953
  ''978-1-57249-257-8Chris J. LewieTwo Generations on the Allegheny Portage Railroad: The First Railroad to Cross the Allegheny Mountains
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2018978-1-57249-266-0Shelley Sykes · Lois SzymanskiThe Ghost Comes Out (Gettysburg Ghost Gang (Paperback))
2011978-1-57249-267-7Shelley Sykes · Lois SzymanskiGhost on Board: Gettysburg Ghost Gang #2 (Gettysburg Ghost Gang (Paperback))
2002978-1-57249-268-4   ''Nightmare (The Gettysburg Ghost Gang, 3)
  ''978-1-57249-269-1T. J. JohnstonThe Boys from Kalamazoo: A Novel
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2000978-1-57249-271-4Michael SandersStrange Tales of the Civil War
2002978-1-57249-272-1Mary GarrisonSlaves Who Dared: The Stories of Ten African-American Heroes
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2002978-1-57249-292-9Scott B. LangThe Forgotten Charge: The 123rd Pennsylvania at Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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2003978-1-57249-297-4Alan N. KayNowhere to Turn: Young Heroes of History (Young Heroes of History, 4)
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2005978-1-57249-299-8Shelley Sykes · Lois SyzmanksiThe Soldier in the Cellar (Gettysburg Ghost Gang)
2001978-1-57249-300-1William G. WilliamsHeroes Among Us: A Historical Novel
2002978-1-57249-301-8Lee PassarellaSwallowed Up in Victory: A Civil War Narrative, Petersburg, 1864-1865
  ''978-1-57249-302-5R. Thomas CampbellIron Courage: Confederate Ironclads in the War Between the States
  ''978-1-57249-303-2Rebecca L. McMurry · James F., Jr. McMurryAnatomy of a Scandal: Thomas Jefferson & the Sally Story
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2005978-1-57249-306-3James GindlespergerFire on the Water: The USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama
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2002978-1-57249-309-4Richard SmithThe Old Nineteenth Roster of the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery
2002978-1-57249-310-0William H. WheelerShootdown: A World War II Bomber Pilot's Experience As a Prisoner of War in Germany
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2002978-1-57249-317-9   ''Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg
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2003978-1-57249-322-3Kathleen ErnstGhosts of Vicksburg (White Mane Kids)
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2003978-1-57249-325-4Wilbur D., Jr. JonesA Sentimental Journey: Memoirs of a Wartime Boomtown
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978-1-57249-368-1Shippensburg's Greatest Generation: World War II Heroes
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978-1-57249-382-7Types of Boilers: Instruction Paper
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2008978-1-57249-392-6Phyllis Hall HaislipLili's Gift: A Civil War Healer's Story (American Civil War Adventure)
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2008978-1-57249-395-7Kelly Ann ButterbaughHey, History Isn?t Boring Anymore!: A Creative Approach to Teaching the Civil War
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2010978-1-57249-401-5Henry C. ZabierekBeyond Pearl Harbor: I Company in the Pacific of WWII
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2016978-1-57249-415-2Gail Ann WoodLizzie, Light Feather and the Quarry Bluff Storm
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