Pan Asian Publications (USA)

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-57227-002-2Dance, Mice, Dance!: Bailen, Ratones, Bailen!
1994978-1-57227-005-3Kuang-Ts'Ai HaoDance, Mice, Dance!
978-1-57227-011-4The Giant and the Spring
1995978-1-57227-013-8Kua HaoGiant and the Spring English and Thai
978-1-57227-014-5Kuang-Tsai HaoThe Giant and the Spring (Tagalog and English Edition)
1994978-1-57227-022-0Kuang-Ts'ai HaoThe Emperor and the Nightingale - English / Thai
1995978-1-57227-023-7Kuang-Ts'Ai HaoThe Emperor and the Nightingale/Ang Emperador at Ang Ruwisenyor
1992978-1-57227-028-2Marcus PfisterThe Rainbow Fish: English/Vietnamese (Rainbow Fish Series English/Vietnamese)
1998978-1-57227-043-5Robert KrausThe Making of Monkey King (Adventures of Monkey King, 1)
2000978-1-57227-045-9Robert KrausThe Making of Monkey King: English/Chinese (Adventures of Monkey King) (English and Chinese Edition)
1998978-1-57227-047-3   ''The Making of Monkey King, English/Hmong (Adventures of Monkey King Series)
  ''978-1-57227-054-1Song Nan ZhangThe Ballad of Mulan (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-1-57227-056-5Song Nan ZhangThe Ballad of Mulan: English/Chinese
2000978-1-57227-064-0Aaron ShepardThe Magic Brocade: A Tale of China
2001978-1-57227-068-8Retold by Debby Chen & Illustrated by Wenhai MaMonkey King Wreaks Havoc in Heaven (Adventures of Monkey King)
  ''978-1-57227-072-5Aaron ShepardLady White Snake: A Tale From Chinese Opera
2005978-1-57227-086-2Retold by Debby Chen & Illustrated by Wenhai MaTang Monk Disciples Monkey King: English/Chinese (Adventures of Monkey King)
  ''978-1-57227-088-6Song Nan Zhang & Hao Yu ZhangThe Great Voyages of Zheng He
2008978-1-57227-100-5Debby ChenMonkey King Defeats Red Boy (English/Chinese) (Adventures of Monkey King)