year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-57206-002-9World Mythology and the Individual Adventure (2 Volumes)
1996978-1-57206-003-6F. M. AlexanderThe Use of The Self (Alexander Technique)
1978978-1-57206-004-3John BlofeldExploring Chinese Philosophy
  ''978-1-57206-005-0John BlofeldTaoism & Zen Practice
1983978-1-57206-006-7Robert BlyWhat the Shadow Knows
1984978-1-57206-007-4Robert BlyMen and Women Now
1986978-1-57206-008-1   ''Love Poems
1984978-1-57206-009-8   ''Love in the Western World (6 cassettes)
978-1-57206-010-4   ''The Six Powers of Poetry
1982978-1-57206-012-8   ''Fairy Tales
1982978-1-57206-013-5Robert BlyThoughts on the Art of Poetry
  ''978-1-57206-014-2   ''An Evening at Esalen
1983978-1-57206-015-9   ''Poetry Reading: Ancient Tradition
  ''978-1-57206-016-6   ''At the Zen Center
1977978-1-57206-017-3Buckminster FullerSynergetics / The Parajo Dunes Tapes
1982978-1-57206-018-0Buckminster FullerThe Critical Path (2 tapes)
1983978-1-57206-019-7   ''Integrity Day
1967978-1-57206-020-3Buckminster FullerDesigning Environments
1988978-1-57206-021-0Stephan HoellerMagic & the Animal Powers
1992978-1-57206-022-7Stephan HoellerJoseph Campbell; The Gnostic Challenge
1996978-1-57206-023-4   ''Jung & Syncronicity
  ''978-1-57206-024-1   ''Arena of Synchronicity
1995978-1-57206-025-8   ''Sufis, Kabbalists, and Mystics
  ''978-1-57206-026-5   ''Rumi, the Friend of God
1996978-1-57206-027-2Stephan HoellerAngels: Messengers of the Future
1991978-1-57206-028-9   ''The Magic & Mystery of Angels
1985978-1-57206-029-6   ''The Secret Roots of Alchemy
1979978-1-57206-030-2   ''The Tarot: Spiritual Foundations of the Oracle of theWest
1981978-1-57206-031-9   ''The Use of the Tarot - Practical Principles of Tarot Divination
1981978-1-57206-033-3Stephan HoellerThe Mysterious Gurdjieff
  ''978-1-57206-034-0   ''Gurdjieff & C.G. Jung
  ''978-1-57206-035-7   ''Gurdjieff and the Mysteries of Time
1980978-1-57206-036-4   ''The Fourth Way: Gurdjieff, Oupensky & Nicoll
1981978-1-57206-037-1   ''Gurdjieff vs. Oupensky - The Dervish and the Intellectual
1982978-1-57206-038-8Stephan HoellerThe Winged Heart of the Sufis
1980978-1-57206-039-5   ''Castaneda and the New Sorcery
1982978-1-57206-040-1   ''The Devil as Shadow of God
  ''978-1-57206-041-8   ''Servant of the Shadow
1981978-1-57206-042-5   ''Integrating Evil in Society and Politics
1978978-1-57206-043-2Albert HofmannL.S.D. & the Nature of Reality
1984978-1-57206-044-9Albert HofmannTransmitter-Receiver Concept of Reality
1984978-1-57206-045-6Albert HofmannInterview by Stan Grof
1991978-1-57206-046-3Helen PalmerThe Enneagram and Placement of Attention
  ''978-1-57206-047-0Helen PalmerIntroduction to the Enneagram
1959978-1-57206-048-7Aldous HuxleyArt, the Artist and Society
1949978-1-57206-049-4Aldous HuxleyTime Must Have a Stop
  ''978-1-57206-050-0   ''Stories and Poems
1956978-1-57206-051-7   ''Brave New World
1959978-1-57206-052-4   ''The Human Situation
  ''978-1-57206-053-1   ''The Unconscious
1959978-1-57206-054-8Aldous HuxleyArt
  ''978-1-57206-055-5   ''The Problem of Human Nature
  ''978-1-57206-056-2   ''Man and Religion
  ''978-1-57206-057-9   ''Latent Human Possibilities
  ''978-1-57206-058-6   ''Integrate Education
1959978-1-57206-059-3Aldous HuxleyMan and His Planet
1959978-1-57206-060-9Aldous HuxleyMore Nature in Art
  ''978-1-57206-061-6   ''The Population Explosion
  ''978-1-57206-062-3   ''How Original is Original Sin?
  ''978-1-57206-063-0   ''War and Nationalism
  ''978-1-57206-064-7   ''The World's Future
1959978-1-57206-065-4Aldous HuxleyThe Individual Life of Man
1959978-1-57206-066-1Aldous HuxleyThe Ego
  ''978-1-57206-067-8   ''Language
  ''978-1-57206-068-5   ''Natural History of Visions
1961978-1-57206-069-2   ''The M.I.T. Lectures
  ''978-1-57206-070-8   ''Visionary Experience
1961978-1-57206-071-5Aldous HuxleyHuman Potentialities
  ''978-1-57206-072-2   ''Why Art?
  ''978-1-57206-073-9   ''On Language
  ''978-1-57206-074-6   ''The Individual and History
1969978-1-57206-075-3Abraham Maslow · Fritz Perls · Stanislav GrofThe Third Force in Psychology
1966978-1-57206-076-0Abraham MaslowInformal Weekend
1963978-1-57206-077-7   ''Criteria for Judging
1966978-1-57206-078-4Abraham MaslowSelf-Actualization
1967978-1-57206-079-1   ''Psychology of Religious Awareness
  ''978-1-57206-080-7   ''Reaches of Human Nature (2 Cassettes Set)
1969978-1-57206-081-4   ''The Eupsychian Ethic
1966978-1-57206-082-1Rollo MayDimensions of Consciousness
1965978-1-57206-083-8Rollo MayWill, Wish, and Intentionally
1970978-1-57206-084-5   ''Violence and the Diamonic
1968978-1-57206-085-2Rollo MayCreativity and the Diamonic
1972978-1-57206-086-9Anais NinAn Evening with Anais Nin
1973978-1-57206-087-6Anais NinThe Craft of Writing
1966978-1-57206-088-3Fritz PerlsGestalt Therapy and How It Works
1968978-1-57206-089-0   ''Neurosis, Psychosis and Dreams
1967978-1-57206-090-6   ''Dream Therapy and Demonstration
1969978-1-57206-091-3   ''In and Out the Garbage Pail
1994978-1-57206-092-0Rabbi Zalman Schachter-ShalomiTorah & Dharma (with Tetsugen Glassman Roshi)
  ''978-1-57206-093-7Rabbi Zalman Schachter-ShalomiEntering the Gates of Jewish Spirituality
  ''978-1-57206-094-4   ''Hasidic Archetypes
1995978-1-57206-095-1Rabbi Zalman Schachter-ShalomiThe Baal Shem Tov
  ''978-1-57206-096-8   ''Credo of a Modern Kabbalist (7 tapes)
1994978-1-57206-097-5   ''The Next Rung
1995978-1-57206-098-2   ''A Vision of Spiritual Eldering
1988978-1-57206-099-9Br. David Steindl-RastLiving in the Now
1985978-1-57206-100-2   ''Mysticism as a Frontier Experience
1985978-1-57206-101-9Br. David Steindl-RastHealing Starts from the Heart (2 tapes)
1990978-1-57206-102-6   ''The Body: Sensuousness and Spirituality
1987978-1-57206-103-3   ''Addiction and Spiritual Quest
1992978-1-57206-104-0   ''Enjoying Poetry
1984978-1-57206-106-4   ''Overview of the Christian Myths (2 tapes)
1990978-1-57206-107-1Br. David Steindl-RastThree Ways of the Spiritual Path
1987978-1-57206-108-8Ram DassCreativity and Spirituality
978-1-57206-109-5Ram DassYour Own Uniqueness
1974978-1-57206-110-1   ''On Dying
1969978-1-57206-111-8   ''One Man's Journey to the East
1970978-1-57206-112-5   ''Yoga of Daily Life
1974978-1-57206-113-2   ''Involvement with Life
978-1-57206-114-9Ram DassSocial Action & Spiritual Life
1970978-1-57206-116-3   ''Turn Back, You're Going the Wrong Way (1st Darshan)
  ''978-1-57206-117-0   ''Forms of Yoga & Meditation (2nd Darshan)
  ''978-1-57206-118-7   ''Methods of Coming to One-Pointed Consciouness (3rd Darshan)
1978978-1-57206-119-4John BlofeldHistory & Use of the I Ching
  ''978-1-57206-120-0John Blofeld · Al HuangHow to Use the I Ching
1972978-1-57206-121-7Anais NinArt & Spirit
1993978-1-57206-122-4Br. David Steindl-RastBody/Spirit