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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-57197-001-5Raymond F. FrostWaterhouse-Frost: The Making of a Military Man
1996978-1-57197-024-4J. Ray ClarkJourney to Hell: The Fiery Furnaces of Buchenwald
1999978-1-57197-088-6Henry Blaine DavisGenerals in Khaki
  ''978-1-57197-108-1Thomas F. RichardsThe Cold War Within American Higher Education: Rutgers University As a Case Study
  ''978-1-57197-142-5James W. SymingtonA Muse N' Washington: Beltway Ballads and Beyond: Fifth Years of Politics and Other Pleasures in Poetry, Prose and Song
  ''978-1-57197-170-8Gloria BeanblossomThe Tamarisk Tree
2000978-1-57197-213-2Jed L. BabbinLegacy of Valor
  ''978-1-57197-214-9Donald L. McCartyImpotence Solutions for the Married Man
2002978-1-57197-296-5Elise S. SobolAn Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners
2003978-1-57197-347-4Matthew B. WillsA Diminished President: FDR in 1944
2003978-1-57197-355-9Patty YoderThe Alphabet of Sheep
2010978-1-57197-410-5Terence T. FinnThe Best of Times: A Novel of Love and War
  ''978-1-57197-417-4Claude G. LuisadaQueen of the Skies: The Lockheed Constellation
2005978-1-57197-430-3Elena DunniganHarvey Rolls Along
  ''978-1-57197-432-7Edward L., Jr. RankinFourth Down & Goal To Go
  ''978-1-57197-434-1Jak BeardsworthMore Than Just the Strokes: Personal Best Tennis in Clubland and Beyond
  ''978-1-57197-440-2Jeremiah A. OkoroTelepathic Revelations and Confessions of My Family Goldfish
2006978-1-57197-443-3Simon van der HeymIn State of Becoming
2006978-1-57197-450-1Quentin W. LindseyThe Transformation of Nepal
2010978-1-57197-452-5JAY LILLIEHavana Passage
2006978-1-57197-460-0Lucien StarkThe Noise Upstairs
2010978-1-57197-462-4Terence T. FinnTo Begin Again: A Novel of Love and War
2007978-1-57197-472-3Chris DurerThe Mud and the Snow: A Tale of the United States Army
2008978-1-57197-485-3JAY LILLIEPacific Rebound
  ''978-1-57197-488-4Albin F. IrzykUnsung Heroes, Saving Saigon
2009978-1-57197-496-9C.A. MacKayThe Golden Tribe
  ''978-1-57197-497-6Terence T. FinnWhen Europe Went Mad: A Brief History of the First World War
2011978-1-57197-512-6Lorna DulaCorporate Pimping: The Price I Paid for My Paycheck