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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-57188-002-4Dave HughesNymph Fishing
  ''978-1-57188-016-1Neale StreeksDrift Boat Fly Fishing: A River Guide's Sage Advice
  ''978-1-57188-018-5Jack SamsonBillfish on a Fly
  ''978-1-57188-019-2Jack Samson · Joan WulffLee Wulff
  ''978-1-57188-020-8Deke MeyerSaltwater Flies: Over 700 of the Best
1995978-1-57188-022-2Bill HerzogTying Strong Fishing Knots
1996978-1-57188-028-4John Shewey · Forrest MaxwellFly Fishing for Summer Steelhead
1997978-1-57188-032-1Rob BrownSkeena (Steelhead River Journal)
1999978-1-57188-033-8Steve ProbascoHoh River (Steelhead River Journal, 3)
2004978-1-57188-036-9Mark Mandell · Les JohnsonTube Flies: A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide
1995978-1-57188-039-0Dave VedderFloat Fishing for Steelhead: Techniques & Tackle
  ''978-1-57188-040-6Bob ArnoldSteelhead & the Floating Line: A Meditation [Fly Fishing Techniques]
1996978-1-57188-043-7Donna Lynn IkenberryOregon's Outback: An Auto Tour Guide to Southeast Oregon
1995978-1-57188-046-8Blaine FreerWest Coast Seafood Recipes
1996978-1-57188-050-5Al RaychardBonefish, Tarpon, Permit: Fly Fishing Guide: The Big Three
1997978-1-57188-055-0Paul MarrinerRiver Journal: Miramichi River (River Journal Series)
2000978-1-57188-057-4Skip MorrisTying Foam Flies
1996978-1-57188-060-4Steve RaymondEstuary Flyfishers
  ''978-1-57188-066-6Deke MeyerTying Saltwater Flies: 12 of the Best
1997978-1-57188-070-3Peggy Day · Mark DayRVer's Best Guide to the Oregon Coast: Your Guide to the Best Campgrounds and Activities from Astoria to Brookings
1996978-1-57188-071-0Donald A. WilsonSmelt Fly Patterns: Dressings, Tying, Fishing
  ''978-1-57188-072-7Ray BondorewStripers and Streamers: Successful Flies, Techniques and Other Insights
  ''978-1-57188-073-4Dave Vedder · Drew HarthornSteelhead Jig Fishing Techniques & Tackle
1996978-1-57188-075-8Scott SadilAngling Baja: One Man's Fly Fishing Journey Through the Surf
  ''978-1-57188-076-5Skip MorrisThe Art of Tying the Bass Fly: Flies for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Pan Fish
  ''978-1-57188-084-0Robert H Alley40 Best Trout Flies
1997978-1-57188-087-1L. A. GarciaGraphite Rod Repair
1998978-1-57188-093-2Bob LinsenmanAu Sable (River Journal)
1997978-1-57188-101-4Nick CurcioneBaja on the Fly
  ''978-1-57188-107-6Joe WarrenTying Glass Bead Flies
  ''978-1-57188-109-0Jim SchollmeyerHatch Guide for Western Streams
1998978-1-57188-111-3Dennis Breer Frank Amato PubUtah's Green River: A Flyfisher's Guide to the Flaming George Tailwater
1998978-1-57188-120-5Dave BiserKokanee: A Complete Fishing Guide
  ''978-1-57188-121-2Larry V NotleyFly Leaders & Knots
  ''978-1-57188-122-9Ray RychnovskyThe Troller's Handbook
  ''978-1-57188-126-7Ted Leeson · Jim SchollmeyerThe Fly Tier's Benchside Reference
  ''978-1-57188-127-4Geoff WilsonGeoff Wilson's Complete Book of Fishing Knots & Rigs
1998978-1-57188-128-1Paul ArnoldWisdom of the Guides: Rocky Mountain Trout Guides Talk Fly Fishing
  ''978-1-57188-129-8Troy BachmannFrontier Flies
  ''978-1-57188-136-6Craig BallengerShasta's Headwaters: An Angler's Guide to the Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers
  ''978-1-57188-137-3Ray GouldConstructing Cane Rods: Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod
1999978-1-57188-138-0Ken AbramesA Perfect Fish: Illusions in Fly Tying
  ''978-1-57188-139-7Rex Johnson Jr.Arizona Trout: A Fly Fishing Guide
1999978-1-57188-140-3Colin J. KageyamaWhat Fish See: Understanding Optics and Color Shifts for Designing Lures and Flies
  ''978-1-57188-143-4Ed Iman · Lenox DickWalleye Fishing Simplified
  ''978-1-57188-145-8Jim Schollmeyer · Ted LeesonTrout Flies of the West: Contemporary Patterns from the Rocky Mountains, West
  ''978-1-57188-154-0Ken HanleyMexico Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)
2000978-1-57188-159-5Harry MurrayVirginia Blue-Ribbon Streams: A Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)
2002978-1-57188-160-1Bob LinsenmanMichigan Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)
  ''978-1-57188-163-2Danny HicksOzark Blue-Ribbon Trout Streams
1998978-1-57188-170-0S. G. PierceLimpy's Homemade Sausage: And Then Some for the Hunter and the Homemaker
1999978-1-57188-174-8Ray RychnovskySan Francisco Bay Areas Fishing Guide
1999978-1-57188-176-2Roxanne Wilson · Terry WilsonBluegill Fly Fishing & Flies: Illusions in Fly Tying
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  ''978-1-57188-183-0Larry V NotleyGuide to Fly Fishing Knots: A Basic Streamside Guide for Fly Fishing Knots, Tippets, and Leader Formulas
2000978-1-57188-188-5Charles S. Beck · Steve BeckTrout Fishing the John Muir Trail
  ''978-1-57188-189-2Dan AlsupDriftboats: A Complete Guide
  ''978-1-57188-195-3Philip RowleyFly Patterns for Stillwaters: A Study of Trout, Entomology and Tying
2000978-1-57188-201-1Lee Clark · Joe WarrenFly Tying With Poly Yarn
2001978-1-57188-205-9Scott J SeymourFrom Field to Fly
2000978-1-57188-208-0Al Beatty · Gretchen Beatty · Jim Schollmeyer · Dave WhitlockFly Pattern Encyclopedia: Over 1600 of the Best Fly Patterns (Federation of Fly Fishers)
  ''978-1-57188-209-7Al BeattyFederation of Fly Fishers, Fly Pattern Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-57188-210-3Thomas Ames Jr.Hatch Guide for New England Streams
  ''978-1-57188-212-7Dave HughesAmerican Fly Tying Manual: Dressings and Methods for Tying Nearly 300 of America's Most Popular Patterns
2001978-1-57188-215-8Terry Wilson · Roxanne WilsonLargemouth Bass Fly-Fishing: Beyond the Basics
  ''978-1-57188-216-5Tom KirkmanRod Building Guide: Fly, Spinning, Casting, Trolling
2001978-1-57188-217-2Billy Van LoekHigh Sierra Fly Fishing: Basics to Advanced Tactics
  ''978-1-57188-221-9Ray RychnovskyCalifornia Guide - Great Saltwater Fishing
  ''978-1-57188-222-6Billy Von LoekHigh Sierra Fly Fishing: Basics to Advanced Tactics
  ''978-1-57188-223-3Steve BeckYosemite Trout Fishing Guide (In Full Color)
2002978-1-57188-226-4Art Lingren · Arthur James LingrenFamous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters
  ''978-1-57188-227-1   ''Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters
2002978-1-57188-231-8Skip MorrisFly Tying Made Clear and Simple
  ''978-1-57188-232-5John SheweySpey Flies and Dee Flies: Their History & Construction
  ''978-1-57188-235-6George R MillerPacific Northwest Weather: But My Barometer Says Fair!
2003978-1-57188-239-4Thomas SholsethHow Fish Work
2002978-1-57188-241-7Ian RutterGreat Smoky Mountains National Park Angler's Companion
2003978-1-57188-242-4Shane StalcupMayflies: Top to Bottom
2002978-1-57188-245-5Catskill Fly Fishing Center & MuseumDry-Fly Patterns for the New Millennium
2001978-1-57188-251-6Larry TullisAlaska Rainbows: Fly-Fishing for Trout and Salmon & Other Alaskan Species (River Journal)
  ''978-1-57188-253-0Alan CaoloSight-Fishing for Striped Bass: Fly-Fishing Strategies for Inshore, Offshore and the Surf
2002978-1-57188-255-4Lily Tso WongFly-Fishing Northern California Waters
2001978-1-57188-262-2Deke MeyerTying Steelhead Flies: 12 of the Best
  ''978-1-57188-264-6George SpectorDelaware River (River Journal)
2001978-1-57188-266-0Jim SchollmeyerNymph Fly-Tying Techniques
2002978-1-57188-270-7Donald Larmouth · Rob FordyceTarpon on Fly
  ''978-1-57188-273-8Larry V NotleyGuide to Saltwater Fishing Knots for Gear & Fly Fishing: Knots for Super Braid, Dacron, Braid and Monofilament Lines
2003978-1-57188-277-6Jim Bedford · Tony PaglieiGrand River, Michigan (River Journal)
  ''978-1-57188-285-1Deke MeyerHot Bass Flies
2004978-1-57188-288-2Scott HaugenRecreational Dungeness Crabbing
2005978-1-57188-290-5Scott Haugen · Tiffany HaugenSmoking Salmon & Steelhead
2003978-1-57188-294-3Ian RutterTennessee Trout Waters: Blue-Ribbon Fly-Fishing Guide
  ''978-1-57188-296-7James P. Johnson50 Hikes for Eastern Washington's Highest Mountains
  ''978-1-57188-297-4Bernard R RosenbergAlaska Fishing on a Budget: A First-Timer's Guide to Organizing and Planning an Economy Salmon Fishing Trip to the Last Frontier
2004978-1-57188-300-1Timothy KusheretsSteelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets
2003978-1-57188-302-5Penttila BryanColumbia River: The Astoria Odyssey
2004978-1-57188-303-2Doug RoseSteelhead Fly Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula (The Color of Winter)
2004978-1-57188-306-3Ted Leeson · Jim SchollmeyerTying Emergers: A Complete Guide
  ''978-1-57188-307-0   ''Tying Emergers: A Complete Guide
2005978-1-57188-308-7Ray GouldCane Rods: Tips & Tapers
2000978-1-57188-310-0Arthur James LingrenKispiox River (River Journal)
2004978-1-57188-316-2Ray RychnovskySacramento Valley Fishing Paradise
  ''978-1-57188-317-9Frank AmatoOregon River Map & Fishing Guide
2005978-1-57188-321-6Melinda AllanFloating & Fishing Oregon's Wilderness River Canyons
  ''978-1-57188-322-3Jim ButlerSteelhead Float Fishing
1995978-1-57188-324-7Jim SchollmeyerHatch Guide for Lakes
2005978-1-57188-325-4Paul ArnoldWisdom of the Guides: Rocky Mountain Trout Guides Talk Fly Fishing
2004978-1-57188-329-2Jack PangburnDeer-Hair Fly-Tying Guidebook
2002978-1-57188-331-5Float Fishing for Steelhead
2004978-1-57188-332-2Scott Haugen · Tiffany HaugenPlank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood
  ''978-1-57188-333-9Les JohnsonFly-Fishing For Coastal Cutthroat Trout: Flies, Techniques, Conservation
2004978-1-57188-338-4Don CraneFloating Alaska! Planning Self-Guided Fishing Expeditions (Clear & Simple Guides)
  ''978-1-57188-339-1Ron AlcottBuilding Classic Salmon Flies
  ''978-1-57188-340-7Ron AlcottBuilding Classic Salmon Flies
2005978-1-57188-342-1Andrew Derr Skip ClementFly-Fishing the Florida Keys: The Guide's Guide
  ''978-1-57188-346-9Jeff MorganSmall-Stream Fly-Fishing
  ''978-1-57188-350-6JD Richey fred ContaoiSide-drifting For Steelhead
2005978-1-57188-351-3Gary SoucieWoolly Wisdom: How to Tie and Fish Woolly Worms, Woolly Buggers, and Their Fish-Catching Kin. Tying Recipes for 400 Patterns!
  ''978-1-57188-354-4Keith R. Berend Stephen L. HiseyFit to Fish: How to Tackle Angling Injuries
  ''978-1-57188-356-8Jeffrey L. HattonRod Crafting: A Full-Color Pictorial & Written History from 1843-1960
2015978-1-57188-359-9Ray GouldConstructing Cane Rods: Secrets of the Bamboo Fly Rod
2005978-1-57188-361-2Ron P. SwegmanPhiladelphia on the Fly: Tales of an Urban Angler
2002978-1-57188-363-6Skip MorrisFly Fisher's Guide To: Western River Hatches
2005978-1-57188-367-4Doug RoseWashington River Maps & Fishing Guide
2006978-1-57188-369-8Ted Leeson · Jim SchollmeyerThe Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying
  ''978-1-57188-370-4Marty BartholomewTying Flies Like a Pro
2007978-1-57188-371-1Monika Wieland · Rick OwborneOrca Encounters: Images of Southern Resident Killer Whales
2006978-1-57188-372-8marty bartholomewTYING FLIES LIKE A PRO, Limited Edition
  ''978-1-57188-375-9Art LingrenContemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia
2006978-1-57188-376-6Art LingrenContemporary Fly Patterns of British Columbia
  ''978-1-57188-378-0Skip MorrisMorris on Tying Flies
  ''978-1-57188-383-4Dan LandeenSteelhead Fly Fishing in Nez Perce Country
  ''978-1-57188-386-5Blaine HallockEarly Northwest Fly-Fishing: A Fly-Angler's Lifetime Journey Through Oregon, Washington, and the World
  ''978-1-57188-391-9Dave VedderJig Fishing for Steelhead & Salmon
2006978-1-57188-392-6StaffNorthern California River Maps & Fishing Guide
  ''978-1-57188-393-3Richard R. TwarogAtlantic Salmon Flies: Postcards from Rivers Past
  ''978-1-57188-394-0Angelo PelusoSaltwater Flies of the Northeast
  ''978-1-57188-395-7Al BuhrTwo-Handed Fly Casting: Spey Casting Techniques
  ''978-1-57188-396-4   ''Two-Handed Fly Casting: Spey Casting Techniques
2007978-1-57188-397-1Robert H. CampbellIllustrated Rigging: For Salmon Steelhead Trout
2006978-1-57188-398-8Graydon R HilyardBogdan
2006978-1-57188-400-8John SheweySteelhead Flies
2007978-1-57188-401-5Mark Mandell · Bob KenlyTube Flies Two: Evolution
  ''978-1-57188-402-2Mark Mandell · Robert E. KenlyTube Flies Two: Evolution
  ''978-1-57188-403-9Allen McgeeTying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs
2006978-1-57188-404-6John SheweySteelhead Flies
2007978-1-57188-408-4J Kenney AbramesStriper Moon: Fly Fishing Techniques and Flies for Striped Bass in Estuary, River, Bay & Surf
  ''978-1-57188-409-1Scott Haugen300 Tips to More Salmon & Steelhead
  ''978-1-57188-410-7Mike CroftLake Fly-Fishing Manifesto
2007978-1-57188-411-4John BettsMaking Strip-built Fly Rods from Various Woods on a Lathe
  ''978-1-57188-412-1Ray RychnovskyMontana River Maps & Fishing Guide
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2008978-1-57188-418-3Al Beatty · Gretchen BeattyRotary Fly-Tying Techniques
  ''978-1-57188-419-0Doug RoseFly-Fishing Guide to the Olympic Peninsula
2008978-1-57188-421-3Wayne HeinzHow to Catch Salmon, Sturgeon, Lincod, Rockfish and Halibut Along the Pacific Coast
  ''978-1-57188-425-1Ray RychnovskyAlaska River Maps & Fishing Guide
  ''978-1-57188-429-9D.C. ReidVancouver Island Fishing Guide
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2008978-1-57188-436-7Jim Schollmeyer & Tracy PetersonBasic Stream Flies: How to Choose, Fish & Tie Them
  ''978-1-57188-438-1Chris MannThe Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon & Steelhead Flies
  ''978-1-57188-442-8Carol CorbridgeThe Boomer's Guide to Lightweight Backpacking: New Gear for Old People
  ''978-1-57188-445-9Tiffany HaugenThe Power of Flour: Cooking With Non-traditional Flours
2010978-1-57188-448-0Steven BirdUpper Columbia Flyfisher: Notes, Stories & Secrets from the Shining Reach
2009978-1-57188-450-3Marc DavisSteelhead Fishing Essentials (Book & DVD)
  ''978-1-57188-453-4Skip MorrisFly Tying Made Clear And Simple II: Advanced Techniques
2010978-1-57188-454-1Gary LewisOregon Lake Maps & Fishing Guide
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2009978-1-57188-456-5Scott HaugenBank Fishing for Steelhead & Salmon
2010978-1-57188-460-2Jim BedfordSpinner Magic!
1994978-1-57188-461-9Bill HerzogColor Guide to Steelhead Drift Fishing
2010978-1-57188-462-6Pierce Clegg · Peter McMullanBabine
2011978-1-57188-464-0John AlevrasLeaves from a Steelheader's Diary
2011978-1-57188-467-1Donald A WilsonTandem Streamers
  ''978-1-57188-475-6BobSkeena Steelhead: Unknown Past, Uncertain Future
2012978-1-57188-477-0Bill McMillanWashington Lake Maps & Fishing Guide
2011978-1-57188-484-8Skip MorrisThe Art of Tying the Bass Fly
2012978-1-57188-486-2Richard K. StollFly-Fishing Inshore Saltwaters for Pacific Salmon: Science-Based Innovation for the Practical Fly-Fisher