Walnut Creek

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-57176-001-2The C Users' Group Library/Boxed Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-002-9Cica for Windows Cdrom: 3000 Programs for Microsoft Windows, Utilities, Games, Icons, Programming Tools/Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-003-6Lee H. SkinnerFractal Frenzy: Visions of Chaos/Boxed Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-004-3Giga Games: Thousands of Games for DOS and Windows
  ''978-1-57176-005-0Walnut Creek CD-ROMHobbes OS: Thousands of Os/2 Programs Direct from the Hobbes Internet Software Collection
1994978-1-57176-006-7Walnut Creek CD-ROMSimtel MS-DOS
  ''978-1-57176-007-4Source Code
  ''978-1-57176-008-1Space & Astronomy Cdrom: 1080 Image Files, 5000 Text Files, Plus Astronomy and Space Shareware
  ''978-1-57176-009-8Fred LloydSentimental Wings: Full-Color, 24-Bit Digital Images of Military Aircraft, Plus Performance Data and Historical Facts, on an MS Windows-Compatible Di
  ''978-1-57176-014-2Travel Adventure
1994978-1-57176-020-3CP/M: Over 18000 Files With Executable Programs, Source Code, Documentation and Other Materials for the CP/m Operating System/Cd Rom in Jewel Box
978-1-57176-021-0Welcome to Africa
1994978-1-57176-022-7East Asian Text Processing
  ''978-1-57176-025-8Gemini Atari: 616 MB of Quality Public-Domain Programs, Shareware, and Commercial Demos for Atari Computers; Supports the Atari st, Tt, Falcon, and P
  ''978-1-57176-026-5Clip Art Cornucopia: 5050 Black-And-White Clip Art Images, from Cartoon Animals to Space Craft, All in PC Paintbrush and Word Perfect Graphics Format
  ''978-1-57176-028-9Garbo: 337 MB for PCs and 135 MB for Mac of Games, Tools, Utilities and More/Cd-Rom in Jewel Box
1994978-1-57176-029-6Gifs Galore: 5,000 Images of Just About Everything, in the Gif Format, Including Viewers for MS-Dos, MS Windows, Os/2, Mac, Amiga, and Unix/Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-031-9Nova for Next: Applications and Source Code for Next Step 3.1 or Higher on Next Hardward; Contains Utilities, Communications, Graphics, and Games
  ''978-1-57176-035-7Sprite: Sun Sparc Executables, Full Source Code (Gnu and X11, and All Research Papers and Operating Systems from the Sprite Project/Cd-Rom in Jewel)
1995978-1-57176-037-1Hobbes Os/2 Archived: Thousands of Os/2 Programs Direct from the Hobbes Internet Software Collection/Cd Rom
1994978-1-57176-038-8Ada: 1.2 Gigabytes of Compilers, Documentation, Information, and Source Code, This Is a Valuable Resource for Any Ada Programmer
1995978-1-57176-039-5Simtel: 10,000 Msdos Shareware Programs Including Source Code, Programming Utilities, General Utilities/2 Cd-Roms
  ''978-1-57176-040-1Cica the Ultimate Collection of Shareware for Windows: 4855 Programs (1,072 MB for Microsoft Windows. Utilities, Games, Icons, Programming Tools/2)
  ''978-1-57176-041-8Fred LloydQrz!: Ham Radio Cdrom: Callsign Database
1995978-1-57176-042-5Slackware Linux
1994978-1-57176-043-2Marcel FafchampsWelcome to Africa
1995978-1-57176-045-6UkMusic Workshop
1998978-1-57176-046-3Turbo User Group
1995978-1-57176-048-7Teacher 2000: 2,294 educational programs
  ''978-1-57176-049-4Internet Info
1994978-1-57176-050-0Internet Info
  ''978-1-57176-053-12000 True Type Fonts & 5000 Clip Art Images
1994978-1-57176-057-9Visions 1: 500 Great Royalty-Free Photographs, Categorized by Subject and in Gif 640X480 and 800X600 Resolutions/Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-058-6The Scientific and Technical Library
  ''978-1-57176-059-3Cdrom of Cdroms: Covers 5300 Different Disks Reviewed to Help Users Gain an In-Depth Knowledge of What Each Title Is About ; For MS Windows 3.1
1998978-1-57176-060-9C/C++ Users Group Library
1995978-1-57176-062-3Ready-To-Run Hobbes: Installed Freeware and Shareware for Os/2/Cd Rom
1994978-1-57176-064-7Toolkit for Linux: Contains a Full Release of Linux in the Form of Slackware 2.0, for the More Experienced Linux Users/Cd-Rom in Jewel Box
1994978-1-57176-065-4Ultra Mac-Games: 1001 Games for the Macintosh, All Ready to Run Directly from the Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-066-1Yggdrasil Plug-And-Play Linux: A Genuine Unix-Like 32-Bit Operating System With Full Source Code/Cd-Rom in Jewel Box
  ''978-1-57176-068-5Doom Shareware: Share for Doom 1, the Fast-Moving Virtual Reality Game/Cd-Rom in Jewel Box
1995978-1-57176-069-2Raytrace!: The Official Pov-Ray Cdrom: Create Your Own 3-D Images With This Cdrom
1994978-1-57176-070-8Toolkit for Doom: 6000 Files, 3500 News Articles, and More Than 500 Ready-T-Run Add-On Levels for Doom; Set Up So Users Can Run Wads Directly Off the
  ''978-1-57176-071-5Libris Britannia · Walnut Creek · Walnut CreehBest Applications: Top MS DOS and Windows Applications in over 98 Categories Ranging from Agriculture to Word Processing/Book and Cd Rom
  ''978-1-57176-072-24.4Sd Lite: Source Code Representing 95 Percent of the Utilities Distributed in 4.4Bsd Unix, Developed by Uc Berkeley/Cd Rom in Jewel Box
1994978-1-57176-073-9Project Gutenberg: The Most Commonly Used Public-Domain English-Language Literary and Historical Documents, All in Plain Ascii Format/Cd-Rom in Jewe
1995978-1-57176-074-6Space Shuttle Encyclopedia: Mac Dos/Walnut Creek Cd-Rom
  ''978-1-57176-075-3Ultra Mac-Utilities, 1 CD-ROM 7,453 game, communication, graphic, and quicktime utilities to help run your Mac. April 1995 Ed.
1995978-1-57176-078-4Creek Cdrom WalnutGiga Games 2
2000978-1-57176-079-1Greg LeheyFreeBSD 3.4
1995978-1-57176-083-8Walnut CreekClip Art Image Library
978-1-57176-085-2Ron Barnett, Bradley Beacham, Robert W. Carr, Don Lebow, Caren K. Park, Lee H. Skinner, Carol Walske Donald ArcherFractal Frenzy: Postcards from the Edge
1998978-1-57176-086-9ASMEThe Mechanical Engineering Toolkit
1996978-1-57176-096-8Walnut Creek CdromFont Garden
  ''978-1-57176-097-5Hobbes Os/2 Archived
1998978-1-57176-098-2Project Gutenberg
1995978-1-57176-101-9Business Library
1996978-1-57176-116-3Japanese Text Processing
  ''978-1-57176-121-7The Supreme Court
1998978-1-57176-122-4Blackhawk 95
1996978-1-57176-123-1Learning Universe
1996978-1-57176-125-5Eiffel: Tools, Classes, Documents and Compilers
  ''978-1-57176-127-9Visions - New England: 75 Views of the Historic Northeast
  ''978-1-57176-128-6Spider: A Multimedia Adventure into the World of Spiders
  ''978-1-57176-129-3Visions - Super Fractals: 65 Super Fractal Images
  ''978-1-57176-131-6Gandhi: Apostle of Peace and Nonviolence
1996978-1-57176-132-3Task Buster
  ''978-1-57176-133-0Digital Stamp Album: A Multimedia Tour of Us Postal Treasures
  ''978-1-57176-134-7Visions - People: 75 Shots of People Working, Playing and Relaxing
  ''978-1-57176-135-4Visions - Mountains: 75 Breathtaking Views of Mountains
  ''978-1-57176-136-1Visions - California: 75 Stunning Photos of the Golden State
1996978-1-57176-139-2Installing and Running Freebsd
  ''978-1-57176-140-8Visual Programming Toolkit: February 1999
  ''978-1-57176-143-9Hobbes OS/2 Archiviert, November 1996, 2 CD-ROMs Tausende von OS/2 Programmen direkt von der Hobbes-Internet-Softwaresammlung
  ''978-1-57176-148-4Walnut Creek CdromThe Clip Art Image Library
  ''978-1-57176-150-7Linux Slackware 96: The Internet's Favorite 32-Bit Operating System
1998978-1-57176-151-4Slackware Linux 7
1996978-1-57176-152-1Blackhawk for Windows 95: A Complete Collection of Utilities, Applications and Accessories for Windows 95
1998978-1-57176-157-6Toolkit for C&C
1996978-1-57176-159-0Greg LeheyThe Complete Freebsd
1998978-1-57176-160-6Source Code
1998978-1-57176-161-3Source Code
  ''978-1-57176-162-0Source Code
1996978-1-57176-163-7Ultra Mac-Office, 1 CD-ROM 558 financial, database, and business programs. PD and Shareware
1999978-1-57176-165-1John PurcellLinux the Complete Reference
1998978-1-57176-166-8Bethany Bible
  ''978-1-57176-168-2Fred LloydQrz, Ham Radio
  ''978-1-57176-171-2Hornet Underground (Hornet Underground Series , Vol 1)
  ''978-1-57176-173-6Linux Toolkit
1998978-1-57176-174-3Giga Games
  ''978-1-57176-178-1Rod SmithThe Home Education Library: More Than 1,300 Programs
1998978-1-57176-182-8Toolkit for Quake
  ''978-1-57176-183-5Patrick VolkerdingLinux Slackware 3.2. 4 CD- ROMs
  ''978-1-57176-189-7Toolkit for Civilization II
  ''978-1-57176-190-3Toolkit for Duke Nukem 3D
1996978-1-57176-192-7Matt WelshThe Slackware Linux Installation
1998978-1-57176-194-1Toolkit for Delphi: A Collection of Components, Utilities, and Documentation for Borland's Programming Language
1998978-1-57176-195-8Cica for Nt
  ''978-1-57176-196-5Webmaster's Toolkit
  ''978-1-57176-197-2Jolt, Games
  ''978-1-57176-198-9Toolkit for Red Alert
2000978-1-57176-199-6Robert KieslingLinux: The Complete Reference
1998978-1-57176-200-9Math Toolkit
1997978-1-57176-201-6John PurcellLinux OS: The Professional Edition
1998978-1-57176-202-3Python Toolkit
  ''978-1-57176-204-7Freebsd Snapshot
1998978-1-57176-205-4Hornet Mods
  ''978-1-57176-206-1Audio Toolkit
  ''978-1-57176-207-8Gnu Tools++ for Solaris
  ''978-1-57176-208-5Simtel Dvd
  ''978-1-57176-209-2Hornet Underground (Hornet Underground Series , Vol 2)
1998978-1-57176-210-8Icu Internet Communication Utilities
  ''978-1-57176-211-5Jolt, Developer's Toolkit
  ''978-1-57176-212-2Visual Programming Toolkit
  ''978-1-57176-213-9Hornet Mods
  ''978-1-57176-216-0Greg LeheyThe Complete Freebsd
1999978-1-57176-226-9Cica 32
1998978-1-57176-227-6Greg LeheyThe Complete Freebsd
978-1-57176-236-8Patrick VolkerdingSlackware 3.6 Box
1999978-1-57176-237-5Toolkit for Solaris
1999978-1-57176-238-23D Games
  ''978-1-57176-239-9Linux Web Tools
  ''978-1-57176-241-2Jim MockThe FreeBSD Handbook
  ''978-1-57176-246-7Greg LeheyThe Complete FreeBSD
  ''978-1-57176-248-1C/C++ Toolkit
1999978-1-57176-249-8John PurcellLinux The Advanced Reference
  ''978-1-57176-253-5Linux OS Professional Edition OS
2000978-1-57176-255-9Slackware Linux Seven Point Zero
  ''978-1-57176-256-6FreeBSD Power Pak 3.4
1999978-1-57176-258-0Toolkit for Delphi: A Collection of Components, Utilities, and Documentation for Borland's Programming Language
978-1-57176-265-8BSD Operating System 4.0
2000978-1-57176-269-6Project Gutenberg: April 2000
978-1-57176-274-0Slackware Linux 7.1 Retail Box
2000978-1-57176-275-7David Cantrell · Chris LomensSlackware Linux Essentials
1997978-1-57176-277-1Greg LeheyComplete Free Bsd
2001978-1-57176-292-4Cica 32 for Windows
  ''978-1-57176-293-1FreeBSD Power Pak 4.2
  ''978-1-57176-303-7Nik Clayton · Murray StokelyFreeBSD Handbook (2nd Edition)
978-1-57176-326-6FreeBSD 4.9
2004978-1-57176-327-3Murray Stokely · Chern LeeThe FreeBSD Handbook 3rd Edition, Vol. 1: User Guide
2004978-1-57176-328-0Murray StokelyThe FreeBSD Handbook: Administrators Guide, Vol. 2 (3rd Edition)
  ''978-1-57176-330-3FreeBSD 5.2: A Complete High-performance 32/64 bit Unix Operating System
978-1-57176-331-0FreeBSD 8.3 - [ 32-bit DVD] - Latest full stable release
2005978-1-57176-338-9David Cantrell, Logan Johnson, Alan Hicks Chris LumensSlackware Linux Essentials, 2nd Edition
2012978-1-57176-398-3PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook