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1997978-1-57157-000-0Jack O'ConnorThe Big Game Rifle
1994978-1-57157-011-6Peter Hathaway CapstickA Man Called Lion: The Life and Times of John Howard Pondoro Taylor
1997978-1-57157-012-3M. YardleyPositive Shooting
1996978-1-57157-020-8Cyril Adams · Robert BradenLock, Stock & Barrel: Making an English Shotgun and Shooting with Consistency
1997978-1-57157-022-2Robert RuarkThe Lost Classics
1996978-1-57157-023-9Robert C. RuarkHorn of the Hunter: The Story of an African Safari
1995978-1-57157-029-1Russell AnnabelAlaskan Adventures: Boxed, Slipcased, And/or Casebound
1997978-1-57157-054-3Ed MuderlakParker Guns The Old Reliable: A Concise History of the Famous American Shotgun Manufacturing Company
  ''978-1-57157-059-8Robert RuarkUse Enough Gun: On Hunting Big Game
1998978-1-57157-069-7Craig BoddingtonWhere Lions Roar: Ten more years of African Hunting
  ''978-1-57157-076-5Terry. IRWINMemoirs of an African hunter. A narrative of a professional hunter's experiences in Africa.
  ''978-1-57157-100-7Christopher AustynClassic Sporting Rifles
1997978-1-57157-108-3Craig BoddingtonSafari Rifles
1998978-1-57157-111-3Safari PressGreat Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms and Collections (Volume II)
  ''978-1-57157-114-4Matt EastmanBrowning Sporting Arms of Distinction: 1903-1992
2005978-1-57157-115-1Peter FlackHeart of an African Hunter: Stories on the Big Five and Tiny Ten (Classics in African Hunting)
2006978-1-57157-116-8Frank HibbenUnder the African Sun: Forty-Eight Years of Hunting the African Continent
1998978-1-57157-118-2Geoffrey BoothroydSidelocks & Boxlocks: The Classic British Shotguns
2000978-1-57157-120-5John A. HunterHunter
2000978-1-57157-121-2John A. HunterHunter's Tracks
  ''978-1-57157-122-9   ''White Hunter
1999978-1-57157-124-3Christopher AustynGun Engraving
2001978-1-57157-130-4Peter ByrneGone are the days: Jungle hunting for tigers and other game in India and Nepal, 1948-1969
2002978-1-57157-135-9Craig BoddingtonSearch for the Spiral Horn
1999978-1-57157-150-2   ''Make It Accurate: Get the Maximum Performance From Your Hunting Rifle
2003978-1-57157-154-0Walt ProtheroSafari: A Dangerous Affair
1999978-1-57157-156-4John BarsnessOptics for the Hunter
2004978-1-57157-160-1meurers-reinald-vonBuffalo, Elephant, & Bongo
2000978-1-57157-161-8Bob ForkerAmmo & Ballistics
2001978-1-57157-163-2Kevin RobertsonPerfect Shot Shot Placement For African Big Game
2009978-1-57157-164-9John TaylorPondoro: Last of the Ivory Hunters
2001978-1-57157-165-6John TaylorThe Shotgun Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Reference Work on All Aspects of Shotguns and Shotgun Shooting
  ''978-1-57157-166-3Douglas TateBritish Gun Engraving
2000978-1-57157-168-7Tony Sanchez-ArinoThe Last of the Few: Forty-Two Years of African Safaris
2001978-1-57157-169-4J. Y. JonesOne Man, One Rifle, One Land
2002978-1-57157-174-8Manfred KerstenWalther: A German Legend
978-1-57157-179-3On Safari with Bwana Game
2014978-1-57157-197-7Craig BoddingtonBuffalo!
2004978-1-57157-200-4David BakerHeyday of the Shotgun: The Art of the Gunmaker at the Turn of the Last Century
2002978-1-57157-207-3Safari PressGreat Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms and Collections (Volume III)
2000978-1-57157-209-7Worth MathewsonWestern Bird Hunting
2003978-1-57157-217-2Marco NobiliFine European Gunmakers: Best Continental European Gunmakers & Engravers
1999978-1-57157-218-9Don MastersThe House of Churchill 2nd Revised edition by Masters, Don (2002) Hardcover
2001978-1-57157-222-6John TaylorAfrican Rifles & Cartridges
1995978-1-57157-223-3Craig BoddingtonAmerican Hunting Rifles: Their Application in the Field for Practical Shooting
2004978-1-57157-224-0W. D.M. BellThe Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter
2006978-1-57157-242-4John A. HunterTales of the African Frontier
  ''978-1-57157-243-1   ''Hunter
  ''978-1-57157-244-8Bob ForkerAmmo & Ballistics 3: For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors, Completely Updated
2004978-1-57157-252-3Craig BoddingtonAfrican Experience: A Guide to Modern Safaris
2001978-1-57157-254-7Robert AndersonJack O'Connor: The Legendary Life of America's Greatest Gunwriter
2003978-1-57157-258-5Layne SimpsonRifles and Cartridges for Large Game: From Deer to Bear--Advice on the Choice of a Rifle
2002978-1-57157-262-2John TaylorShotshells & Ballistics: Ballistic Data Out to 70 Yards for Shotshells from .410-, 28-,24-, 20-, 16-,12- and 10-Gauge for over 1,600 Different Loads and 22 Manufacturers
2002978-1-57157-266-0Elmer KeithGun Notes: Elmer Keith's Guns & Ammo Articles of the 1970's and 1980's (Volume II)
2005978-1-57157-267-7Craig BoddingtonThe Perfect Shot, North America: Shot Placement for North American Big Game
2011978-1-57157-268-4Kevin RobertsonThe Perfect Shot: Mini Edition for Africa
2003978-1-57157-269-1Gary KramerThe Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar in California
2004978-1-57157-270-7Michael McIntosh · Jan RoosenburgThe Best of Holland & Holland, England's Premier Gunmaker
2003978-1-57157-271-4Craig BoddingtonThe Perfect Shot North America: Shot Placement for North American Big Game
2009978-1-57157-280-6Robert RuarkSomething of Value
2008978-1-57157-281-3Jonathon Kibler · Walt ProtheroLion Tales: Thirty Years Hunting the American Cougar
  ''978-1-57157-282-0J. Y. JonesAsk The Black Bear Guides (Ask the Guides)
2010978-1-57157-287-5Craig BoddingtonTracks Across Africa: Another Ten Years
2007978-1-57157-293-6Larry KaniutSome Bears Kill: True Life Tales of Terror
2005978-1-57157-301-8Eric BalsonOn Safari With Bwana Game
  ''978-1-57157-304-9Don MastersAtkin, Grant and Lang
  ''978-1-57157-308-7Bunny AllenThe Wheel of Life: Bunny Allen, A Life of Safaris and Romance
  ''978-1-57157-310-0Ed MuderlakParker Guns: The Old Reliable
2005978-1-57157-311-7John TaylorManeaters and Marauders
2003978-1-57157-314-8Donald DallasHolland & Holland The Royal Gunmaker (The Complete History)
2004978-1-57157-317-9Clair ReesOptics Digest: Scopes, Binoculars, Range Finders and Spotting Scopes
2006978-1-57157-318-6Safari PressGreat Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms and Collections (Volume 4)
2005978-1-57157-319-3Kevin RobertsonThe Perfect Shot Mini Edition
  ''978-1-57157-320-9Craig BoddingtonThe Perfect Shot, Mini-Edition North America
  ''978-1-57157-324-7J. Y. JonesAsk the Elk Guides (Ask the Guides)
2009978-1-57157-325-4   ''Ask the Mule Deer Guides (Ask the Guides)
2013978-1-57157-329-2Craig BoddingtonSafari Rifles II: Doubles, Magazine Rifles, and Cartridges for African Hunting
2012978-1-57157-330-8Craig BoddingtonPERFECT SHOT: MINI EDITION II FOR NORTH AMERICA: Bear, Bison, Cougar, Goat, Hog, Javelina, Muskox, Sheep, and Wolf
2010978-1-57157-337-7Safari PressGreat Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms and Collections
2009978-1-57157-345-2Bob ForkerAmmo & Ballistics 4--For Hunters, Shooters, and Collectors: Ballistic Data out to 1,000 Yards for over 169 Calibers and over 2,400 Different ... for Hunters, Shooters, & Collectors)
2005978-1-57157-353-7C. BoddingtonFrom Mt. Kenya to the Cape
2010978-1-57157-354-4Craig BoddingtonBuffalo!
2011978-1-57157-377-3Sue WatkinsGetting Involved!: A Guide to Hunting and Conservation for Kids
  ''978-1-57157-380-3A. J. StoneJournals of Andrew J. Stone: Expeditions to Arctic and Subarctic America for Mountain Sheep, Goat, Caribou, Grizzly, Moose, and Muskoxen, 1896-1903
2013978-1-57157-402-2Bob ForkerAmmo & Ballistics 5: Ballistic Data out to 1,000 Yards for over 190 Calibers and over 2,600 Different Loads, Includes Data on All Factory Centerfire and Rimfire Cartridges for All Rifles and Handguns
2017978-1-57157-437-4Craig BoddingtonAmerican Hunting Rifles II
2018978-1-57157-527-2Safari PressHell, I'm Still Here!: Fifty Years a Gunwriter