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1993978-1-57083-000-6American Congress On Surveying and MappiGIS/Lis Proceedings: 2-4 November 1993 Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis Minnesota
  ''978-1-57083-001-3   ''Autocarto Eleven: Eleventh International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography
1994978-1-57083-002-0Lynn K. FenstermakerRemote Sensing Thematic Accuracy Assessment: A Compendium
  ''978-1-57083-003-7William RippleThe Gis Application Book: Examples in Natural Resources: A Compendium, 1994
  ''978-1-57083-004-4Ann MacleanRemote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems: An Integration of Technologies for Resource Management: A Compendium
978-1-57083-005-1Technical Papers, 1994 Annual Convention
978-1-57083-007-51994 Asprs Acsm Annual Convention and 2VOL
1994978-1-57083-008-2R. G., ED. CONGALTONPreceedings: International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy of Natural Resources Data Bases, Unlocking the Puzzle,
  ''978-1-57083-009-9AA.VV.Fourteenth Biennial Workshop on Color Aerial Photography & Videography for Resource Monitoring, 1994
1994978-1-57083-010-5Jerry Dean GreerRemote Sensing and Ecosystem Management
  ''978-1-57083-011-2AA.VV.Glossary of the Mapping Sciences
  ''978-1-57083-012-9   ''Mapping and Remote Sensing Tools for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-57083-013-6GIS/LIS proceedings: 25-27 October, 1994, Phoenix, Arizona
  ''978-1-57083-014-3Proceedings: Pecora 12 Symposium: land information from space-based systems: August 24-26, 1993, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
1995978-1-57083-020-4AA.VV.1995 Mobile Mapping Symposium
1995978-1-57083-023-5J. Michael Power · Murray Strome · Terry C. DanielDecision Support 2001: Proceedings of the 175H Annual Geographic Information Seminar and the Resource Technology 94 Symposium, Delta Chelsea Inn, Toronto, Ontario Sept. 12-1
  ''978-1-57083-024-215th Biennial Workshop on Videography & Color Photography in Resource Assessment, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1-3 May 1995
  ''978-1-57083-025-9Land satellite information in the next decade: Conference proceedings, September 25-28, 1995, Vienna, Virginia
  ''978-1-57083-026-6GIS/LIS '95 Annual Conference and Exposition proceedings: November 14-16, 1995, Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee
  ''978-1-57083-028-0GIS/LIS '95 Annual Conference & Exposition proceedings: November 14-16, 1995--Volume 2
978-1-57083-029-7Manual Of Remote Sensing Vol 1
1997978-1-57083-034-1William S WarnerSmall format aerial photography
1996978-1-57083-036-5J. Michael ScottGap Analysis: A Landscape Approach to Biodiversity Planning
1997978-1-57083-037-2Clifford W. GreveDigital Photogrammetry: An Addendum to the Manual of Photogrammetry
1998978-1-57083-038-9Anthony J. Lewis · Robert A. RyersonManual of Remote Sensing: Principles and Applications of Imaging Radar
1997978-1-57083-039-6Warren R. PhilipsonManual of Photographic Interpretation
1996978-1-57083-040-2J D GreerRemote Sensing: People in Partnership, Sixth Forest Service Conference
1997978-1-57083-041-9Robert A. McDonaldCorona Between the Sun and the Earth: The First Nro Reconnaissance Eye in Space
1996978-1-57083-042-6GIS/LIS '96 Annual Conference and Exposition proceedings: November 19-21, 1996, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado
1997978-1-57083-052-51st North American Symposium on Small Format Aerial Photography: Technical Papers;Ed by American
1996978-1-57083-055-6Proceedings Pecora Thirteen Computer File: Human Interactions With the Environment: Perspectives from Space
1998978-1-57083-057-0Jerry D. GreerNatural Resources Management Using Remote Sensing and Gis: Proceedings of the 7th Forest Service Remote Sensing Applications Conference Nassau Bay, Texas April 6-10, 1998
1999978-1-57083-058-7KhorramAccuracy Assessment of Remote Sensing-Derived, Changed, Detection
1999978-1-57083-060-0Pecora 14 Land Satellite Information: Demonstrating the Value of Satellite Imagery: December 6-10, 1999 Denver, Colorado
2001978-1-57083-064-8Dave F. MauneDigital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The Dem Users Manual
2002978-1-57083-065-5Robert A. McDonaldBeyond Expectations: Building an American National Reconnaissance Capability: Recollections of the Pioneers and Founders of National Reconnaissance
2004978-1-57083-071-6J. Chris McGlone · Edward M. Mikhail · James S. Bethel · Roy MullenManual of Photogrammetry. Fifth Edition
  ''978-1-57083-072-3Asprs Annual Conference: Moutains Of Data, Peak Decisions Conference Proceedings, Denver, colorado May 23-28, 2004
2006978-1-57083-077-8Robert A. RyersonManual of Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing of Human Settlements: 5
  ''978-1-57083-080-8   ''Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment: 6 (Manual of Remote Sensing)
2007978-1-57083-082-2David F., Ph.D. MauneDigital Elevation Model Technologies and Applications: The Dem Users Manual
2009978-1-57083-086-0Marguerite MaddenManual of Geographic Information Systems
2008978-1-57083-087-7Annual Technical Papers 2008: Bridging the Horizons New Frontiers in Geospatial Collabration
2009978-1-57083-090-7American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote SensingReflection of the Past Vision for the Future: ASPRS 2009 Annual Conference March 9-13, 2009 Baltimore, Maryland