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2016978-1-57076-785-2Martin StoreyEasy Fair Isle Knitting: 26 Projects with a Modern Twist
  ''978-1-57076-786-9Jorid LinvikJorid Linvik's Big Book of Knitted Mittens: 45 Distinctive Scandinavian Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-788-3Magdalena Melzer · Constanze Diehl-HupferCrochet in Black-and-White: Bold Two-Color Designs for You and Your Home
  ''978-1-57076-789-0Marie-Line AndréMandalas and Doilies to Crochet: Delightful Designs to Brighten Your Life
2017978-1-57076-792-0Denise SamsonThe Cable Knitter's Guide: 50 Patterns, 25 Projects, Countless Tips and Ideas
2016978-1-57076-794-4Birgitta Bengtsson Björk · Tina IgnellSimple Weaves: Over 30 Classic Patterns and Fresh New Styles
2017978-1-57076-805-7Frédérique AlexandreHandknits for Baby: Over 30 Easy, Step-by-Step Patterns for Newborn to 12 Months
  ''978-1-57076-806-4Jennifer StillerCrocheted Gifts for Baby: 30 Colorful Garments, Toys, and Must-Have Accessories for Ages 0 to 24 Months
2017978-1-57076-821-7Maja KarlssonTraditional Swedish Knitting Patterns: 40 Motifs and 20 Projects for Knitters
  ''978-1-57076-822-4Nina Granlund SaetherMittens from Around Norway: Over 40 Traditional Knitting Patterns Inspired by Folk-Art Collections
  ''978-1-57076-823-1Carlos Zachrison · Arne Nerjordet · Arne & CarlosArne & Carlos' Field Guide to Knitted Birds: Over 40 Handmade Projects to Liven Up Your Roost
  ''978-1-57076-824-8Denise SamsonPonchos to Knit: More than 40 Projects and Paired Accessories in Classic and Contemporary Styles
  ''978-1-57076-828-6Norman ThelwellThelwell's Pony Cavalcade: Angels on Horseback, A Leg in Each Corner, Riding Academy
2017978-1-57076-842-2Jorid LinvikJorid Linvik's Big Book of Knitted Socks: 45 Distinctive Scandinavian Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-843-9Teresa MillsThe Mosaic Artist's Bible: 300 Traditional and Contemporary Designs
  ''978-1-57076-848-4Donna Druchunas · June L. HallThe Art of Lithuanian Knitting: 25 Traditional Patterns and the People, Places, and History That Inspire Them
2018978-1-57076-849-1Liv Asplund · Jane AsprustenKnitting with Beads Made Easy: Simple Techniques, Handy Shortcuts, and 60 Fabulous Projects
2017978-1-57076-862-0Martin StoreyAfghan Knits: 18 Contemporary Designs for Throws, Runners and Pillows
2018978-1-57076-863-7Svanhild Strom · Marjun BiskopstoFaroe Island Knits: Over 50 Traditional Motifs and 25 Projects from the North Atlantic
  ''978-1-57076-880-4Anna-Karin LundbergMedieval-Inspired Knits: 20 Projects Featuring the Motifs, Colors, and Shapes of the Middle Ages
  ''978-1-57076-881-1Carlos Zachrison · Arne Nerjordet · Arne & CarlosArne & Carlos' Favorite Designs: Greatest Hits and New Inspirations
2018978-1-57076-882-8Frida PontenKnitting for the Fun of It: Over 40 Projects for the Color-Loving Crafter
  ''978-1-57076-888-0May Britt Bjella ZamoriCarefree Crochet: 50 Soft, Fashionable Projects That Make You Feel Good
  ''978-1-57076-897-2Martin StoreyEasy Cable and Aran Knits: 26 Projects with a Modern Twist
  ''978-1-57076-898-9Tina IgnellFavorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave: 45 Stylish Designs for the Modern Home
  ''978-1-57076-899-6Lumi KarmitsaWild Mittens and Unruly Socks: 22 Outrageously Unique Knitting Patterns
2018978-1-57076-903-0Ann-Mari NilssonThe Big 3 Knitting Techniques: How to Use Color, Slip Stitch, and Relief Stitch Patterns to Create Beautiful and Unique Garments
  ''978-1-57076-904-7Irena Felomena JuškienėBeaded Wrist Warmers from Lithuania: 63 Knitting Patterns in the Baltic Tradition
  ''978-1-57076-910-8Jenny AlderbrantWinter Knits from Scandinavia: 24 Patterns for Hats, Mittens and Socks
2019978-1-57076-921-4Jan EatonMary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches
  ''978-1-57076-922-1Nina Granlund SaetherSocks from Around Norway: Over 40 Traditional Knitting Patterns Inspired by Norwegian Folk-Art Collections
  ''978-1-57076-924-5Vivian HoxbroTraditional Danish Sweaters: 200 Stars and Other Classic Motifs from Historic Sweaters
2019978-1-57076-929-0Ivar AsplundCable Knits from Nordic Lands: Knitting Beauty and Ingenuity in Over 20 Unique Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-933-7James WarsonThe Rider's Pain-Free Back Book - New Edition: Overcome Chronic Soreness, Injury, and Aging, and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come
  ''978-1-57076-934-4Sally Muir · Joanna OsborneDogs on Sweaters: Knitting Patterns for Over 18 Favorite Breeds
  ''978-1-57076-938-2Helle Katrine KlevenPhysical Therapy for Horses: A Visual Course in Massage, Stretching, Rehabilitation, Anatomy, and Biomechanics
  ''978-1-57076-939-9Maja KarlssonMaja's Swedish Mittens: Over 35 Imaginative Patterns to Knit
2019978-1-57076-947-4Anne BardsgardSelbu Mittens: Discover the Rich History of a Norwegian Knitting Tradition with Over 500 Charts and 35 Classic Patterns
2020978-1-57076-948-1Janet JonesHorse Brain, Human Brain: The Neuroscience of Horsemanship
2019978-1-57076-951-1Denise SamsonLace Knitting: 40 Openwork Patterns, 30 Lovely Projects, Countless Ideas & Inspiration
  ''978-1-57076-952-8Jorid LinvikJorid Linvik's Big Book of Christmas Knits: Over 70 Scandinavian Holiday Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-954-2Maria GullbergClever Crochet Squares: Artistic Ways to Create Grannies and Dramatic Designs
  ''978-1-57076-959-7Arne Nerjordet · Carlos Zachrison55 Christmas Balls to Knit: Colorful Festive Ornaments, Tree Decorations, Centerpieces, Wreaths, Window Dressings
2020978-1-57076-971-9Cathy WoodsYoga for Riders: Principles and Postures to Improve Your Horsemanship
  ''978-1-57076-975-7Mette Hovden · Heidi EikelandEntrelac Knitting
2020978-1-57076-985-6Lumi KarmitsaWild Mittens and Unruly Socks 2: 22 More Outrageously Unique Knitting Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-986-3Jorid LinvikJorid Linvik's Big Book of Knits for Kids: Over 45 Distinctive Scandinavian Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-989-4Wenche Roald · Annichen Sibbern BohnNorwegian Knitting Designs - 90 Years Later: A New Look at the Classic Collection of Scandinavian Motifs and Patterns
  ''978-1-57076-992-4Kristin Wiola OdegardScandinavian Sweaters: Over 25 Stunning Patterns to Knit