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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-57072-008-6Charles Edwin PriceInfamous Bell Witch of Tennessee
  ''978-1-57072-015-4Charles Edwin PriceInfamous Bell Witch of Tennessee
1995978-1-57072-019-2Matthew C. BumgarnerThe Floods of July 1916: How the Southern Railway Met an Emergency
1998978-1-57072-029-1James A. GoforthWhen Steam Ran the Clinchfield
1995978-1-57072-031-4Louise LeslieTazewell County Virginia
  ''978-1-57072-033-8Oliver P. TempleEast Tennessee and the Civil War
  ''978-1-57072-037-6Charles Edwin PriceHaunted Tennessee
  ''978-1-57072-040-6Denvil MullinsThe Road Back Home: Tales of Appalachia
1995978-1-57072-042-0Barbara MurrayCrock-It
2000978-1-57072-044-4Michael Paul HensonMore Kentucky Ghost Stories
1996978-1-57072-045-1Edwin C. BearssBattle of Cowpens: A Documented Narrative and Troop Movement Maps
  ''978-1-57072-057-4Gregory PlumbWaterfalls of Tennessee: A Guide to Over 200 Falls in the Volunteer State
  ''978-1-57072-061-1Cameron JuddThe Bridge Burners: A True Adventure of East Tennessee's Underground Civil War
1997978-1-57072-063-5Mattie Ruth JohnsonMy Melungeon Heritage: A Story of Life on Newman's Ridge
1998978-1-57072-081-9Russ Calhoun Sr.Lost Heritage: The People of Old Butler, Tennessee, and the Watauga Valley
1999978-1-57072-089-5Charles Edwin PriceMore Haunted Tennessee
  ''978-1-57072-091-8J. G. M. RamseyAnnals of Tennessee: To the End of the Eighteenth Century (The First American Frontier)
  ''978-1-57072-105-2John HaywoodCivil and Political History of Tennessee
2000978-1-57072-127-4Dean JamesCruel As The Grave (A Silver Dagger Mystery)
2000978-1-57072-146-5Frankie Y. BaileyDeath's Favorite Child (A Lizzie Stuart Mystery series)
  ''978-1-57072-160-1Michael Paul HensonTragedy at Devils Hollow: And Other Kentucky Ghost Stories
  ''978-1-57072-161-8Roger S. BaumGreen Star of Oz: A Special Oz Story, The
2001978-1-57072-171-7Frankie Y. BaileyA Dead Man's Honor (A Silver Dagger Mystery)
  ''978-1-57072-183-0Dean JamesCloser Than the Bones
  ''978-1-57072-191-5Patricia Houck SprinkleMurder at Markham (Silver Dagger Mysteries)
2001978-1-57072-204-2Olga Jones Edwards · Izora Waters FrizzellThe Connection in East Tennessee
2000978-1-57072-218-9Frankie Y. BaileyOld Murders (A Lizzie Stuart Mystery series)
2002978-1-57072-224-0Roger S. BaumToto in Candy Land of Oz
  ''978-1-57072-232-5Steve TempletonElvis Presley: Silver Screen Icon: A Collection of Movie Posters
  ''978-1-57072-234-9V. N. Bud PhillipsPioneers in Paradise: Legends and Stories from Bristol Tennessee/Virginia
2003978-1-57072-242-4Patricia Houck SprinkleMurder in the Charleston Manner (Sheila Travis Mystery)
  ''978-1-57072-243-1   ''Murder in the Charleston Manner (Sheila Travis Mysteries Series)
2002978-1-57072-245-5Roger S. BaumThe Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round
2003978-1-57072-255-4   ''Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage
2004978-1-57072-256-1Joe TennisSouthwest Virginia Crossroads: An Almanac of Place Names and Places to See
  ''978-1-57072-263-9Mary SaumsWhen the Last Magnolia Weeps
2004978-1-57072-266-0Dean JamesDeath By Dissertation
  ''978-1-57072-267-7   ''Death by Dissertation (Silver Dagger Mysteries)
  ''978-1-57072-269-1Barry VannRediscovering the South's Celtic Heritage
2003978-1-57072-272-1John Waite · Chris FordBlue Ridge Stemwinder: An Illustrated History of the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad and the Linville River Railway
2004978-1-57072-273-8Carl MaysPeople of Passion: Spotlighting Southern Appalachia, Representing America
  ''978-1-57072-284-4Roger S. BaumToto of Oz and the Surprise Party
  ''978-1-57072-290-5Kent WhitakerWhy Are the Mountains Smoky?: Neat Facts about the Southern Appalachian Mountains
2004978-1-57072-291-2James A. GoforthBuilding the Clinchfield
2005978-1-57072-296-7Nancy Gotter GatesA Stroke of Misfortune (Silver Dagger Mysteries)
2006978-1-57072-299-8Roger S. BaumThe Oz Odyssey
  ''978-1-57072-301-8Elizabeth HirschmanTwo Continents, One Culture: The Scotch-Irish in Southern Appalachia
  ''978-1-57072-314-8V. N. Bud PhillipsA Good Place to Live: Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia (The Bristol Sesquicentennial Series)
2007978-1-57072-316-2Larry ThackerMountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia
  ''978-1-57072-319-3Frankie Y. BaileyYou Should Have Died on Monday (A Lizzie Stuart Mystery series)
2008978-1-57072-321-6Brenda GoughThe Legend of the Dogwood
2007978-1-57072-323-0Joe TennisBeach to Bluegrass: Places to Brake on Virginia's Longest Road
2008978-1-57072-327-8Gregory PlumbWaterfalls of Tennessee