year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-57042-004-7Hyrum W. Smith10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management
1993978-1-57042-022-1Hachette AudioPpk06Mx Audio
  ''978-1-57042-025-2Audio/Superman Lives 8c CD
1995978-1-57042-029-0James PattersonKiss the Girls (Alex Cross)
1994978-1-57042-035-1Nice Couples Do
  ''978-1-57042-040-5Ten Feet Tall Bullet
  ''978-1-57042-042-9Dangerous Woman
1994978-1-57042-044-3Marge PiercyLongings of Women
1995978-1-57042-046-7Richard Carlson · Benjamin ShieldHandbook for the Soul
  ''978-1-57042-048-1Body Tuneups Mature
1994978-1-57042-057-3Nelson MandelaLong Walk to Freedom: Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
1995978-1-57042-060-3Sacred Cows Make Bes
1994978-1-57042-063-4League of Frightened
1995978-1-57042-105-1Delta Venus/Little Birds
1994978-1-57042-111-2William ShakespeareMacbeth
  ''978-1-57042-112-9Gabriel Marquez · F. Murray AbrahamA Study Guide to Gabriel Garcia Marquez' One Hundred Years of Solitude
  ''978-1-57042-114-3Jane AustenA Study Guide to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
1995978-1-57042-138-9Tom VeitchStar Wars: Tales of the Jedi
1994978-1-57042-140-2Gordon LewisKwanzaa Folktales
  ''978-1-57042-156-3William GibsonNeuromancer
1994978-1-57042-176-185 - TwaudioPpk32mx a+ Audio /Counter: **15 Free a+ Audio Poster**
  ''978-1-57042-177-8Time WarnerPpk64mx a+ Audio /Floor
  ''978-1-57042-197-6Ed McBainThere Was a Little Girl
1995978-1-57042-219-5Belleruth NaparstekHealth Journeys: For People Experiencing Stress
978-1-57042-233-1Audio/Mighty Morphin 48c Floor
1995978-1-57042-234-8Mighty Morphin 24c Fd
  ''978-1-57042-238-6Romantic Poetry
  ''978-1-57042-245-4James PattersonKiss the Girls-6 Copy Counter Display
1996978-1-57042-247-8Daina Graziunas · Jim StarlinThinning the Predators
1996978-1-57042-248-5Star Wars: a New Hope
1995978-1-57042-256-0Robert J WallerPpk04 Border Music
  ''978-1-57042-262-1Dweck StephanSnaps 12c Mixed CD
  ''978-1-57042-267-6Audio/Cyborgasm II 12c Mix 6cd/6 Cassettes
1996978-1-57042-270-6James RedfieldThe Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision
1995978-1-57042-287-4Dean R. Koontz · James SpaderStrange Highways (The Strange Highways Collection ; No. 1)
1995978-1-57042-308-6Jerry HopkinsNo One Here Gets Out Alive
  ''978-1-57042-319-2O. J. Simpson · Larry ShillerI Want to Tell You
1996978-1-57042-381-9Schoolhouse Rock:ABC Album
  ''978-1-57042-382-6Schoolhouse Rock:ABC Album
  ''978-1-57042-400-7Boppin With the Biggies
  ''978-1-57042-401-4Audio/Let's Put on a Show
1996978-1-57042-402-1Audio/Baby Animals
  ''978-1-57042-431-185 - TwaudioPpk25mx Black History Month: Promo
1995978-1-57042-434-2   ''Ppk24mx Health Journey: (Ams Spec Disp)
1996978-1-57042-435-9Waylon Jennings · Lenny KayeWaylon: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-57042-437-3James PattersonJack & Jill (Alex Cross)
  ''978-1-57042-440-3Nicholas SparksThe Notebook
  ''978-1-57042-443-4Jonathan SnowThe Most Beautiful Gift
1997978-1-57042-454-0Connie Glaser · Barbara Steinberg SmalleySwim with the Dolphins: How Women Can Succeed in Corporate America on Their Own Terms
1996978-1-57042-455-785 - TwaudioPpk06 Counter Display Ab39-41: **Empty Corrugation**
1996978-1-57042-457-185 - TwaudioPpk24 Flr Ab34-Ab38/Ab42: Empty Corrgtn W/Generic Riser
  ''978-1-57042-459-5   ''Most Beautiful Gift 6c Counter Dsp
  ''978-1-57042-460-1Sarah Ban BreathnachSimple Abundance: Living by Your Own Lights
1997978-1-57042-482-3Donald Stokes · Lillian Stokes · Lang ElliotStokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern Region
  ''978-1-57042-483-0Donald Stokes · Lillian Stokes · Lang ElliotStokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern Region: 3 Cds
1998978-1-57042-489-2Sarah Ban BreathnachSomething More: Excavating Your Authentic Self
1996978-1-57042-491-585 - TwaudioPpk24mx Celestine: ***Ams Special Prepack***
1997978-1-57042-499-1Mameve MedwedMail
1998978-1-57042-521-9Nelson DeMille · Thomas BlockMayday
1997978-1-57042-522-6James RedfieldThe Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness
1996978-1-57042-534-9Benjamin SheildPpk24mx Handbook Soul/Heart: (Ams Assort09530)
1998978-1-57042-535-685 - TwaudioPpk36mx a+ Audio
1997978-1-57042-548-6   ''Ppk24mx Ams Spec Assort: Prepack
  ''978-1-57042-551-6   ''Ppk12 Voice of Civil War: Gettysburg
1997978-1-57042-558-585 - TwaudioPpk12mx Non Fiction: Airport Program
1997978-1-57042-559-285 - TwaudioPpk12mx Celestine: Airport Program
  ''978-1-57042-560-8   ''Ppk12mx Non Fiction: Airport Program
  ''978-1-57042-562-2   ''Ppk12mx a+: Airport Program
1998978-1-57042-565-3   ''Ppk06mx Best of Npr
  ''978-1-57042-570-7Nicholas SparksMessage in a Bottle
  ''978-1-57042-572-1Martin Luther King Jr. · Peter Holloran · Clayborne CarsonA Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
1997978-1-57042-577-6James PattersonCat and Mouse (Alex Cross Novels)
1999978-1-57042-588-2Donald Stokes · Lillian StokesStokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Western Region
1998978-1-57042-596-7Douglas Preston · Lincoln ChildRiptide
1998978-1-57042-613-1Joan E LloydPpk06 Nice Couples Do
  ''978-1-57042-620-9David BaldacciThe Simple Truth
1997978-1-57042-625-4Ernest J GainesPpk06 Lesson Before Dying
1998978-1-57042-638-4David BaldacciThe Simple Truth
  ''978-1-57042-640-7James PattersonWhen the Wind Blows
1999978-1-57042-642-1National Public RadioThe Best of NPR: Writers on Writing
  ''978-1-57042-659-9Barbara Smalley · Connie GlaserWhen Money Isn't Enough: How Women Are Finding the Soul of Success
  ''978-1-57042-667-4Douglas Preston · Lincoln ChildThunderhead
1998978-1-57042-672-885 - TwaudioPpk40mx a+ Audio: (Barnes & Noble Spec Disp)
2001978-1-57042-709-1Marc EliotDown 42nd Street: Sex, Money, Culture, and Politics at the Crossroads of theWorld
2000978-1-57042-711-4Michael ConnellyVoid Moon
1999978-1-57042-713-8James PattersonPop Goes the Weasel (Alex Cross)
1999978-1-57042-749-7Nicholas SparksA Walk to Remember
  ''978-1-57042-766-4Larry Bird · Jackie MacMullanBird Watching: Larry Bird on Playing and Coaching the Game I Love
  ''978-1-57042-767-1James RedfieldThe Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight
  ''978-1-57042-769-5David BaldacciSaving Faith
  ''978-1-57042-771-8   ''Saving Faith
2000978-1-57042-793-0Malcolm GladwellThe Tipping Point Audio
1999978-1-57042-797-8Time MagazineTime - Can We Live Forever?: Medical Miracles of the Next Millennium
2000978-1-57042-812-8Belleruth NaparstekHealth Journeys: A Meditation to Promote General Wellness
2000978-1-57042-813-5Belleruth NaparstekHealth Journeys: For People with Depression
2000978-1-57042-815-9Belleruth NaparstekHealth Journeys: For People Experiencing Stress
1999978-1-57042-819-785 - TwaudioPpk12mx All Too Human/Evening: News (Ams Spec Prepack)
  ''978-1-57042-837-1   ''Ppk12mx Summer Thriller Promo: (Ams Spec Prepack)
  ''978-1-57042-842-5   ''Ppk12mx Ams Assortment: (Ams Spec Prepack)
2000978-1-57042-858-6James PattersonCradle and All
  ''978-1-57042-860-9   ''Cradle and All
  ''978-1-57042-867-8Douglas Preston · Lincoln ChildThe Ice Limit
2000978-1-57042-868-5Tom GraceQuantum
2001978-1-57042-886-9TiwaWhite Oleander: (Dummy Number)
2000978-1-57042-911-8Mike Krzyzewski · Donald T. PhillipsLeading with the Heart: Coach K's Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business, and Life
  ''978-1-57042-921-7James PattersonRoses Are Red (Alex Cross)
  ''978-1-57042-922-4   ''Roses Are Red (Alex Cross)
  ''978-1-57042-956-985 - TwaudioPpk12mx Ams Assort: (Ams Spec Prepack)
  ''978-1-57042-959-0Robert T. Kiyosaki · Sharon L. LechterRich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
2000978-1-57042-966-8Nicholas SparksThe Rescue
2001978-1-57042-971-2Michael ConnellyA Darkness More Than Night (Harry Bosch)
2001978-1-57042-972-9Michael ConnellyA Darkness More Than Night (Harry Bosch)
  ''978-1-57042-981-1TiwaVoid Moon: (Dummy Number)
  ''978-1-57042-982-8   ''Void Moon: (Dummy Number)
2000978-1-57042-983-5   ''Making a Life Making a: Living (Dummy Number)
2001978-1-57042-985-9Michael ConnellyA Darkness More Than Night (Harry Bosch)
2002978-1-57042-992-7TiwaLion S Game: (Dummy Number)
  ''978-1-57042-993-4   ''Lion S Game: (Dummy Number)
2001978-1-57042-996-5   ''Cradle & All: (Dummy Number)

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