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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-57027-000-0John ZerzanFuture Primitive: And Other Essays (Autonomedia New Autonomy)
  ''978-1-57027-006-2Critical Art EnsembleElectronic Disturbance, The (New Autonomy Series)
1981978-1-57027-011-6Daniel Sloate · Demetrius Zambaco · François Peraldi · Paul Verlaine · Pierre Guyotat · Pierre Klossowski · Roger CailloisPolysexuality
1998978-1-57027-015-4Jacob RabinowitzUnholy Bible, The: Hebrew Literature of the Kingdom Period (New Autonomy Series)
1996978-1-57027-018-5Michel Foucault · Sylvere LotringerFoucault Live: Interviews, 1961-84
1995978-1-57027-019-2Felix GuattariChaosophy (Foreign Agents)
  ''978-1-57027-022-2Shannon BellWhore Carnival (New Autonomy Series)
  ''978-1-57027-024-6Peter Lamborn WilsonPirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes (New Autonomy)
1997978-1-57027-027-7Michel FoucaultThe Politics of Truth (Semiotext(E) Foreign Agents Series)
1999978-1-57027-028-4Peter StansillBamn (By Any Means Necessary): Outlaw Manifestos & Ephemera, 1965-1970
1997978-1-57027-029-1Dana Beal · Paul De RienzoThe Ibogaine Story: Report on the Staten Island Project
1996978-1-57027-030-7Felix GuattariSoft Subversions (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)
1998978-1-57027-035-2Jacob RabinowitzThe Rotting Goddess: The Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity
1996978-1-57027-036-9Peter Lamborn WilsonShower of Stars: The Initiatic Dream in Sufism and Taoism (Autonomedia Book Series)
1997978-1-57027-037-6Ellen J. Chrystal · Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonThe Courage to Stand Alone: Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti
1998978-1-57027-039-0Kevin CooganDreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey & The Postwar Fascist International
1991978-1-57027-041-3Paul VirilioThe Aesthetics of Disappearance (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)
1997978-1-57027-043-7Luna TarloThe Mother of God
1991978-1-57027-044-4Paul VirilioLost Dimension
1995978-1-57027-045-1Hakim BeyMillennium (New Autonomy Series)
1996978-1-57027-047-5Sascha DebrulCarnival of Chaos: On the Road with the Nomadic Festival
2000978-1-57027-054-3Seth TobocmanWar in the Neighborhood
1997978-1-57027-056-7Critical Art EnsembleElectronic Civil Disobedience: and Other Unpopular Ideas
1995978-1-57027-057-4Eileen Myles · Liz KotzThe New Fuck You (Native Agents)
1996978-1-57027-058-1Ron SakolskySounding Off!: Music As Subversion/Resistance/Revolution
2004978-1-57027-059-8Silvia FedericiCaliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation
1996978-1-57027-060-4Th. MetzgerBlood & Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Invention of the Electric Chair
1999978-1-57027-065-9Thomas LyttlePsychedelics ReImagined
1998978-1-57027-067-3Critical Art EnsembleFlesh Machine; Cyborgs,Designer Babies, Eugenic Conscousness
1999978-1-57027-071-0Donald P. DulchinosPioneer of Inner Space: The Life of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Hasheesh Eater
2000978-1-57027-072-7George DennisonAn Existing Better World: Notes On The Bread And Puppet Theater
1998978-1-57027-073-4Peter Lamborn WilsonEscape from the 19th Century and Other Essays
  ''978-1-57027-074-1Michelle TeaThe Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America (Native Agents)
1997978-1-57027-076-5Rainer GanahlImported
1998978-1-57027-078-9Paul Virilio · Sylvère LotringerPure War (Semiotext(e) / Foreign Agents)
1998978-1-57027-079-6ADILKNOMedia Archive
  ''978-1-57027-082-6Shulamith FirestoneAirless Spaces
1999978-1-57027-084-0Paul Virilio · Michael Cavaliere · Sylvére LotringerPolitics of the Very Worst (Foreign Agents)
1998978-1-57027-087-1David WatsonAgainst the Megamachine: Essays on Empire & Its Enemies
1999978-1-57027-088-8Mike JayBlue Tide: The Search for Soma
  ''978-1-57027-089-5NettimeReadMe! ASCII Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge
  ''978-1-57027-092-5Peter Lamborn Wilson · Bill WeinbergAvant Gardening: Ecological Struggles in the City & the World
1998978-1-57027-093-2David Levi StraussBetween Dog and Wolf: Essays on Art & Politics
2005978-1-57027-118-2Subcomandante Insurgente MarcosConversations with Durito: Stories of Zapatistas and Neoliberalism
2000978-1-57027-119-9Critical Art EnsembleDigital Resistance: Explorations in Tactical Media
2005978-1-57027-121-2John Moore · Spencer SunshineI Am Not A Man, I Am Dynamite!: Friedrich Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition
2002978-1-57027-122-9Ron SakolskySurrealist Subversions: Rants, Writings & Images by the Surrealist Movement in the United States
2001978-1-57027-124-3Sarai Media LabPublic Domain (Sarai Reader, 1)
2008978-1-57027-132-8Giovanna Franca Dalla CostaThe Work of Love: Unpaid Housework, Poverty & Sexual Violence at the Dawn of the 21st Century
2002978-1-57027-133-5Werner BonefeldRevolutionary Writing: Common Sense Essays in Post-Political Politics
2001978-1-57027-138-0Critical Art EnsembleMolecular Invasion
2003978-1-57027-139-7Matthew FullerBehind the Blip: Essays on the Culture of Software
2005978-1-57027-143-4Hakim Bey · Abel ZugOrgies of the Hemp Eaters: Cuisine, Slang, Literature and Ritual of Cannabis Culture
2003978-1-57027-151-9Hakim BeyTAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism (Autonomedia New Autonomy Series)
  ''978-1-57027-158-8Peter Lamborn WilsonPirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes
2004978-1-57027-159-5Doug NuferNegativeland: A Novel
2005978-1-57027-161-8Stephen SneldersDevil's Anarchy, The
2005978-1-57027-167-0Michael Muhammad KnightTaqwacores: A Novel
  ''978-1-57027-168-7Geoff Cox · Joasia Krysa · Anya LewinEconomising Culture: On the (Digital) Culture Industry (Data Browser)
  ''978-1-57027-170-0Geoff Cox · Joasia KrysaEngineering Culture (Data Browser)
2006978-1-57027-173-1Joasia KrysaCurating Immateriality (Data Browser)
2005978-1-57027-174-8James Koehnline & Autonomedia Collective2006 Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints
2008978-1-57027-175-5Curriculum and Training Director Brian HolmesUnleashing the Collective Phantoms: Essays in Reverse Imagineering
2006978-1-57027-178-6Critical Art EnsembleMarching Plague: Germ Warfare and Global Public Health
2007978-1-57027-179-3Michael Muhammad KnightBlue-eyed Devil
  ''978-1-57027-181-6Richard KemptonProvo: Amsterdam's Anarchist Revolt
2009978-1-57027-184-7Werner BonefeldSubverting the Present, Imagining the Future: Insurrection, Movement, Commons
2008978-1-57027-187-8Hakim BeyBlack Fez Manifesto
2010978-1-57027-189-2Shannon BellFast Feminism
2008978-1-57027-190-8Rick Gribenas · Hannah HigginsParticipatory Autonomy
2007978-1-57027-194-6p.m.Akiba: A Gnostic Novel
2009978-1-57027-202-8Konrad BeckerStrategic Reality Dictionary: Deep Infopolitics and Cultural Intelligence
  ''978-1-57027-204-2Edu-factory CollectiveToward a Global Autonomous University: Cognitive Labor, The Production of Knowledge, and Exodus from the Education Factory
2009978-1-57027-207-3Franco BerardiPrecarious Rhapsody: Semiocapitalism and the Pathologies of Post-Alpha Generation
2010978-1-57027-214-1Konrad Becker · Jim FlemingCritical Strategies in Art and Media: Perspectives on New Cultural Practices
  ''978-1-57027-224-0Felix Guattari · Antonio NegriNew Lines of Alliance, New Spaces of Liberty
2011978-1-57027-228-8Richard Gilman-OpalskySpectacular Capitalism: Guy Debord and the Practice of Radical Philosophy
  ''978-1-57027-231-8Benjamin Noys · Alberto Toscano · Nicole Pepperell · Anthony Iles · Marina Vishmidt · Evan Calder Williams · Jason E Smith · Th Orie CommunisteCommunization and Its Discontents: Contestation, Critique, and Contemporary Struggles (Minor Compositions)
  ''978-1-57027-239-4Daniel de Roulet · Anne Waldman · Silvia Federici · Sabu Kohso · George CaffentzisFukushima Mon Amour
  ''978-1-57027-242-4Gary Chartier · Charles W. JohnsonMarkets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism Against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty
2011978-1-57027-243-1David GraeberRevolutions in Reverse: Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination
2012978-1-57027-262-2Yosef LeibCannabis Chassidis: The Ancient and Emerging Torah of Drugs
2015978-1-57027-303-2Alan MooreOccupation Culture: Art & Squatting in the City from Below
  ''978-1-57027-306-3Charles FourierWorld War of Small Pastries
2018978-1-57027-326-1Ernest LarsenThe Trial Before the Trial
2017978-1-57027-332-2Autonomedia CollectiveAutonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints 2018