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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-57023-054-7Hillary MantisJobs for Lawyers: Effective Techniques for Getting Hired in Today's Legal Marketplace
1998978-1-57023-086-8Ron KrannichInternational Jobs Directory: 1001 Employers and Great Tips For Success
  ''978-1-57023-089-9Wendy S. Enelow1500+ Key Words for $100,000+ Jobs: Tools to Build Winning Resumes
2000978-1-57023-130-8Ray Schreyer · John McCarterThe Best 100 Web Sites for HR Professionals (Savvy Careerbuilder)
  ''978-1-57023-134-6Ray Schreyer · John McCarterRecruit & Retain The Best: Key Solutions for HR Professionals (Savvy Careerbuilder)
  ''978-1-57023-138-4Lynne McClureAnger and Conflict in the Workplace: Spot the Signs, Avoid the Trauma
  ''978-1-57023-142-1Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichTravel Planning on the Internet: The Click and Easy(tm) Guide (Click & Easy Series)
2000978-1-57023-143-8Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichDynamite Salary Negotiations, 4th Edition: Know What You're Worth and Get It!
2004978-1-57023-163-6Ron KrannichThe Treasures and Pleasures of Morocco
2001978-1-57023-167-4Bernard Haldane AssociatesHaldane's Best Salary Tips for Professionals (Haldane's Best Series)
  ''978-1-57023-168-1Wendy EnelowBest Resumes For $100,000+ Jobs
  ''978-1-57023-169-8Wendy EnelowBest Cover Letters For $100,000+ Jobs
  ''978-1-57023-170-4Ron Krannich201 Dynamite Job Search Letters (4th Edition)
2005978-1-57023-182-7Ron L. KrannichThe Treasures and Pleasures of Southern Africa: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping
2002978-1-57023-190-2Caryl Krannich · Ronald KrannichInterview for Success: A Practical Guide to Increasing Job Interviews, Offers, and Salaries
2003978-1-57023-195-7Wendy EnelowBest KeyWords for Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews: Powerful Communication Tools for Success
  ''978-1-57023-196-4Ron KrannichJobs for Travel Lovers: Opportunities at Home and Abroad
2003978-1-57023-201-5Janet I. FarleyJobs and the Military Spouse: Married, Mobile, and Motivated for Employment
2004978-1-57023-203-9Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichThe Treasures and Pleasures of Thailand and Myanmar: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping (Treasures & Pleasures of Thailand & Myanmar)
2003978-1-57023-211-4A. Frank StewardThe Plane Truth!: Shift Happens at 35,000 Feet
2004978-1-57023-213-8Caryl Krannich · Ron KrannichJob Interview Tips for People With Not-So-Hot Backgrounds: How to Put Red Flags Behind You! (Career Savvy)
  ''978-1-57023-220-6Ron KrannichChange Your Job, Change Your Life: Careering and Re-Careering in the New Boom/Bust Economy
  ''978-1-57023-222-0Wendy S. EnlowThe $100,000+ Job Interview: How to Nail the Interview and Get the Offer
2005978-1-57023-225-1Ron KrannichJob Hunting Tips for People With Not-So-Hot Backgrounds: 150 Smart Tips That Can Change Your Life (Career Savvy)
2004978-1-57023-229-9Caryl Rae Krannich101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers: Controlling Fear, Commanding Attention
2005978-1-57023-230-5Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichSalary Negotiation Tips for Professionals: Compensation That Reflects Your Value
  ''978-1-57023-231-2   ''The Treasures and Pleasures of Bermuda: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping (Treasures & Pleasures of Bermuda)
  ''978-1-57023-236-7   ''The Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide: 10 Steps to a New Life in the Work World
2005978-1-57023-237-4Wendy S. EnelowBest Career Transition Resumes for $100,000+ Jobs
2009978-1-57023-238-1Ron KrannichThe Treasures and Pleasures of Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping (Impact Guides)
  ''978-1-57023-239-8   ''The Treasures and Pleasures of Southern Africa: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping (Impact Guides)
2006978-1-57023-240-4Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichResume, Application and Letter Tips for People with Hot and Not-So-Hot Backgrounds: 150 Tips for Landing the Perfect Job (Career Savvy)
2005978-1-57023-241-1Wendy S. Enelow · Louise M. KursmarkExecutive Job Search for $100,000 to $1 Million+ Jobs: Resumes, Career Portfolios, Leadership Profiles, Executive Branding Statements and More
  ''978-1-57023-242-8Frank A. StewardAir Travel Tales From The Flight Crew: The Plane Truth At 35,000 Feet
2006978-1-57023-251-0Wendy S. Enelow · Ronald KrannichBest Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders (Overcoming Barriers to Employment Success)
  ''978-1-57023-252-7Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichJobs for Travel Lovers: Opportunities at Home and Abroad
  ''978-1-57023-253-4   ''Overcoming Barriers to Employment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Career Success
2006978-1-57023-254-1Daniel Porot · Bolles HaynesWinning Letters that Overcome Barriers to Employment: 12 Quick and Easy Steps to Land Job Interviews
  ''978-1-57023-255-8Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichMilitary Transition to Civilian Success: The Complete Guide for Veterans and Their Families
2007978-1-57023-256-5Caryl Krannich · Rona KrannichI Can't Believe They Asked Me That!: Tips and Techniques to Quickly Prepare for a Tough Job Interview
  ''978-1-57023-257-2Wendy S. EnelowThe $100,000+ Entrepreneur: How to Build a Successful New Business in 90 Days
  ''978-1-57023-258-9Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichThe Blue Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide: Secrets to Getting the Job You Really Want
2006978-1-57023-261-9Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichWin the Interview, Win the Job: Outshine the Competition With Great Preparation and Skill
2007978-1-57023-265-7Caryl KrannichNail the Job Interview!: 101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions
2006978-1-57023-266-4Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichNo One Will Hire Me!: Avoid 17 Mistakes and Win the Job (Career Savvy)
2007978-1-57023-267-1Carl S. Savino · Ronald L. KrannichMilitary-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters: How to Best Communicate Your Strengths to Employers (Military Resumes and Cover Letters)
2008978-1-57023-268-8Wendy S. EnelowMillion Dollar Career Tips: 101 Ways to Find Great Jobs and Build Extraordinary Careers
  ''978-1-57023-269-5Janet I. FarleyThe Military Spouse's Complete Guide to Career Success: Finding Meaningful Employment in Today's New Global Marketplace
2008978-1-57023-271-8Daniel Porot · Frances Bolles HaynesBest Answers to 202 Job Interview Questions: Expert Tips to Ace the Interview and Get the Job Offer
2007978-1-57023-272-5James WysongFlying High With A Frank Steward: More Air Travel Tales From the Flight Crew
2008978-1-57023-276-3William FleemanManaging Teen Anger and Violence: A Pathways to Peace Program
  ''978-1-57023-282-4Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichThe Ex-Offender's Job Interview Guide: Turn Your Red Flags Into Green Lights
2008978-1-57023-283-1Ron Krannich · Caryl KrannichThe Ex-Offender's Re-Entry Success Guide: Smart Choices for Making It on the Outside for Good
  ''978-1-57023-284-8Ron KrannichBest Jobs for Ex-Offenders: 101 Opportunities to Jump-Start Your New Life
2009978-1-57023-285-5Ronald Krannich · Caryl KrannichThe Ex-Offender's Quick Job Hunting Guide: Putting the 10 Steps Into Action
  ''978-1-57023-287-9Neil P. McNulty · Ronald L. KrannichThe Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution: Your Lifeboat Guide to Re-entry Success
2010978-1-57023-306-7Bob BerginSpies in the Garden
  ''978-1-57023-315-9Carl S. Savino · Ronald L. KrannichMilitary-to-Civilian Transition Guide: A Career Transition Guide for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard Personnel, and Veterans