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2003978-1-57003-529-6Matthew J. Bruccoli · Scottie Fitzgerald Smith · Joan P KerrThe Romantic Egoists: A Pictorial Autobiography from the Scrapbooks and Albums of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
  ''978-1-57003-531-9Ring LardnerRing Around the Bases: The Complete Baseball Stories of Ring Lardner
2004978-1-57003-534-0William Lewis BurkeMatthew J. Perry: The Man, His Times, and His Legacy
2005978-1-57003-535-7Charles R Mack · Henry H. LesesneFrancis Lieber And The Culture Of The Mind (Non Series)
2004978-1-57003-541-8Harriet KeyserlingAgainst the Tide: One Woman's Political Struggle
  ''978-1-57003-542-5Debra ShostakPhilip Roth-Countertexts, Counterlives
2016978-1-57003-543-2Xing LuRhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Impact on Chinese Thought, Culture, and Communication (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
2004978-1-57003-544-9Ravi KaliaGandhinagar: Building National Identity in Postcolonial India
  ''978-1-57003-546-3James A. McmillinThe Final Victims: Foreign Slave Trade to North America, 1783-1810 (Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
  ''978-1-57003-547-0Marty D MatthewsForgotten Founder: The Life and Times of Charles Pinckney
2004978-1-57003-548-7Maxwell E PerkinsThe Sons of Maxwell Perkins: Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe, and Their Editor
  ''978-1-57003-549-4Nicholas BirnsUnderstanding Anthony Powell (Understanding Contemporary British Literature)
  ''978-1-57003-550-0Maria JolasMaria Jolas, Woman of Action: A Memoir and Other Writings
  ''978-1-57003-551-7Geeta Dharmarajan · Mary Ellis GibsonSeparate Journeys: Short Stories by Contemporary Indian Women
2005978-1-57003-555-5Ronald H. CarpenterRhetoric In Martial Deliberations And Decision Making: Cases And Consequences (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
2004978-1-57003-557-9Per Winther · Jakob Lothe · Hans Hanssen SkeiThe Art Of Brevity: Excursions In Short Fiction Theory And Analysis
2005978-1-57003-560-9Charles Edward CauthenSouth Carolina Goes to War, 1860-1865 (Southern Classics)
2004978-1-57003-561-6Peter WolfeUnderstanding Penelope Fitzgerald (Understanding Contemporary British Literature)
2005978-1-57003-563-0Michal R. BelknapThe Supreme Court Under Earl Warren, 1953-1969 (Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court)
  ''978-1-57003-565-4Sean R BusickA Sober Desire for History: William Gilmore Simms as Historian
2005978-1-57003-566-1James Alexander FowlerWild Orchids Of South Carolina: A Popular Natural History
2004978-1-57003-569-2J. H. EasterbThe South Carolina Rice Plantation: As Revealed in the Papers of Robert F. W. Allston (Southern Classics)
2005978-1-57003-570-8Sharon Monteith · Margaretta Jolly · Nahem Yousaf · Ronald PaulCritical Perspectives On Pat Barker
  ''978-1-57003-571-5Daniel GrassianUnderstanding Sherman Alexie (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
  ''978-1-57003-572-2Roger S. DurhamHigh Seas And Yankee Gunboats: A Blockade-Running Adventure From The Diary Of James Dickson (Studies in Maritime History)
  ''978-1-57003-573-9David K. WilsonThe Southern Strategy
2004978-1-57003-575-3James Lee ConradThe Young Lions: Confederate Cadets At War
2005978-1-57003-578-4Walter BrueggemannSolomon: Israel's Ironic Icon Of Human Achievement (Studies on Personalities of the Old Testament)
  ''978-1-57003-579-1Philip C. KolinUnderstanding Adrienne Kennedy (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
2005978-1-57003-581-4Leon GinsbergUnderstanding Social Problems, Policies, And Programs (Social Problems and Social Issues)
  ''978-1-57003-582-1John LelandAliens in the Backyard: Plant and Animal Imports Into America
2004978-1-57003-584-5Fatemeh KeshavarzReading Mystical Lyric (Studies in Comparative Religion)
2005978-1-57003-585-2Darren Harris-FainUnderstanding Contemporary American Science Fiction: The Age of Maturity, 1970-2000 (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
  ''978-1-57003-586-9James Lowell Underwood · W. Lewis Burke Jr. · Eric FonerAt Freedom's Door: African American Founding Fathers and Lawyers in Reconstruction South Carolina (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-588-3Zachary M. JackBlack Earth And Ivory Tower: New American Essays From Farm And Classroom (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-590-6University of South CarolinaThe Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection at The University of South Carolina: An Illustrated Catalogue (Non Series)
2005978-1-57003-591-3Milton ReadyThe Tar Heel State: A History of North Carolina (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-592-0W. Eric EmersonSons of Privilege: The Charleston Light Dragoons in the Civil War
2006978-1-57003-593-7Virgil NemoianuThe Triumph of Imperfection: The Silver Age of Sociocultural Moderation in Europe, 1815-1848 (Non Series)
2005978-1-57003-594-4Edward Waldo EmersonLife and Letters of Charles Russell Lowell: Captain, Sixth United States Cavalry; Colonel, Second Massachusetts Cavalry; Brigadier-General, United States Volunteers (American Civil War Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-595-1John O. CaslerFour Years in the Stonewall Brigade (American Civil War Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-596-8William Gilmore SimmsA City Laid Waste: The Capture, Sack, And Destruction of the City of Columbia (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-597-5William J. Cooper Jr.The Conservative Regime: South Carolina, 1877-1890
2006978-1-57003-598-2Walter EdgarThe South Carolina Encyclopedia
2005978-1-57003-599-9Ernest HemingwayHemingway And the Mechanism of Fame: Statements, Public Letters, Introductions, Forewords, Prefaces, Blurbs, Reviews, And Endorsements (Non Series)
2006978-1-57003-600-2Charles R. MackTalking With the Turners: Conversations With Southern Folk Potters (Non Series)
2006978-1-57003-601-9Jan Nordby Gretlund · Karl-Heinz WestarpFlannery O' Connor's Radical Reality
2005978-1-57003-603-3Arthur Franklin RaperPreface To Peasantry: A Tale Of Two Black Belt Counties (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-605-7Mark M. SmithStono: Documenting And Interpreting a Southern Slave Revolt (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-606-4Thomas W. HydeFollowing the Greek Cross; Or, Memories of the Sixth Army Corps (American Civil War Classics)
2006978-1-57003-607-1Jerry W. KnudsonJefferson And the Press: Crucible of Liberty (Non Series)
2005978-1-57003-610-1Laurel HortonMary Black's Family Quilts: Memory and Meaning in Everyday Life
  ''978-1-57003-612-5William Gilmore Simms · David AikenThe Golden Christmas: A Tale of Lowcountry Life
  ''978-1-57003-613-2Sandra E. JohnsonStanding On Holy Ground: A Triumph Over Hate Crime In The Deep South (Non Series)
2005978-1-57003-615-6Virginia Spencer CarrUnderstanding Carson Mccullers (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
2006978-1-57003-619-4Lawrence J. PrelliRhetorics of Display (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
  ''978-1-57003-620-0John Hammond MooreCarnival of Blood: Dueling, Lynching, And Murder in South Carolina, 1880-1920 (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-622-4Fatemeh Keshavarz-Karamu-stafaRecite in the Name of the Red Rose: Poetic Sacred Making in Twentieth-century Iran (Studies in Comparative Religion)
2005978-1-57003-623-1Roy T. StuckeyMarriage And Divorce Law in South Carolina: A Layperson's Guide
2006978-1-57003-624-8Philip G. GroseSouth Carolina at the Brink: Robert Mcnair And the Politics of Civil Rights (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-632-3R. Scott BakerParadoxes of Desegregation: African American Struggles for Educational Equity in Charleston, South Carolina, 1926-1972 (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-637-8Pat RighelatoUnderstanding Rita Dove (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
2006978-1-57003-638-5Thomas E. TruittBrick Walls: Reflections on Race in a Southern School District
2007978-1-57003-640-8William James RiversEunice: A Tale of Reconstruction Times in South Carolina (Non Series)
2006978-1-57003-644-6Joseph DeweyBeyond Grief And Nothing: A Reading of Don Delillo (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-647-7Frederick Wilson ClotheyRitualizing on the Boundaries: Continuity And Innovation in the Tamil Diaspora (Studies in Comparative Religion)
  ''978-1-57003-648-4A. D. GristwoodThe Somme, Including Also The Coward (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
  ''978-1-57003-649-1Laurence StallingsPlumes (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
  ''978-1-57003-650-7Joseph B. TysonMarcion and Luke-Acts: A Defining Struggle
2006978-1-57003-653-8Bob Cowser Jr.Scorekeeping: Essays from Home (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-656-9Daniel KilbrideAn American Aristocracy: Southern Planters in Antebellum Philadelphia
2007978-1-57003-657-6C. L. Bragg · Gordon A. Blaker · Charles D. Ross · Stephanie A. T. Jacobe · Theodore P. SavasNever for Want of Powder: The Confederate Powder Works in Augusta, Georgia (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-661-3John W. GordonSouth Carolina And the American Revolution: A Battlefield History (Non Series)
2006978-1-57003-662-0Georg GrabenhorstZero Hour (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
2007978-1-57003-663-7Robert D. Jr. LeighningerLong-Range Public Investment: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal (Social Problems and Social Issues (Univ of South Carolina))
  ''978-1-57003-664-4Charles E Morris IIIQueering Public Address: Sexualities in American Historical Discourse (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
  ''978-1-57003-667-5Robert K. AckermanWade Hampton III
2007978-1-57003-672-9Antonio Rafael de la CovaThe Moncada Attack: Birth of the Cuban Revolution (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-675-0M. Hunter (Max) HayesUnderstanding Will Self (Understanding Contemporary British Literature)
  ''978-1-57003-679-8William G. [George] RossThe Chief Justiceship of Charles Evans Hughes, 1930-1941 (Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court)
2009978-1-57003-680-4Fred C. Rohde · Rudolf G. Arndt · Jeffrey W. Foltz · Joseph M. QuattroFreshwater Fishes of South Carolina (Belle Baruch Marine Science)
2007978-1-57003-682-8Arlin MigliazzoTo Make This Land Our Own: Community Identity and Social Adaptation in Purrysburg Township, South Carolina, 1732 – 1865 (The Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
  ''978-1-57003-686-6Andrew BillingsleyYearning to Breathe Free: Robert Smalls of South Carolina and His Families
  ''978-1-57003-687-3Nat BrandtIn the Shadow of the Civil War: Passmore Williamson and the Rescue of Jane Johnson
2007978-1-57003-690-3Robert DanischPragmatism, Democracy, and the Necessity of Rhetoric (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
  ''978-1-57003-691-0Sam PickeringEdinburgh Days, or Doing What I Want to Do (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-692-7John Walton CaugheyMcGillivray of the Creeks (Southern Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-697-2Barbara F. StokesMyrtle Beach: A History, 1900_1980 (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-699-6Paul RuffinJesus in the Mist: Stories (Non Series)
2007978-1-57003-703-0John C. III StevensCourt-Martial at Parris Island: The Ribbon Creek Incident (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-705-4Nicholas M. ButlerVotaries of Apollo: The St. Cecilia Society and the Patronage of Concert Music in Charleston, South Carolina, 1766-1820 (Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
  ''978-1-57003-706-1Dana AndersonIdentitys Strategy: Rhetorical Selves in Conversion (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
2008978-1-57003-708-5Barry Aron VannIn Search of Ulster-Scots Land: The Birth and Geotheological Imagings of a Transatlantic People, 1603-1703 (Non Series)
2007978-1-57003-709-2Louise CasselsThe Unexpected Exodus: How the Cold War Displaced One Southern Town (Southern Classics)
2008978-1-57003-712-2Ernst GlaeserClass 1902 (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
  ''978-1-57003-713-9Roger VercelCaptain Conan (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
  ''978-1-57003-714-6Suzanne Cameron Linder HurleyDearest Hugh: The Courtship Letters of Gabrielle Drake and Hugh Mccoll, 1900–1901 (Women's Diaries and Letters of the South)
2008978-1-57003-716-0H David Stone Jr.Vital Rails: The Charleston & Savannah Railroad and the Civil War in Coastal South Carolina (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-718-4T. J. Desch ObiFighting for Honor: The History of African Martial Art in the Atlantic World (Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
2007978-1-57003-720-7Angela D. Mack · Stephen G. Hoffius · Todd D. SmithLandscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art (Non Series)
2008978-1-57003-721-4Genevieve W. ChandlerComing Through: Voices of a South Carolina Gullah Community from WPA Oral Histories
  ''978-1-57003-722-1Robert ShenkPlayships of the World (Studies in Maritime History)
  ''978-1-57003-723-8Robert J. WickenheiserThe Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection of John Milton at the University of South Carolina: A Descriptive Account With Illustrations (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-724-5Sandra Lee KleppeNew Paths to Raymond Carver: Critical Essays on His Life, Fiction, and Poetry (Non Series)
2008978-1-57003-725-2Hylan LewisBlackways of Kent (Southern Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-726-9John Shelton Reed · Dan Huntley · John Kenneth MorlandMillways of Kent (Southern Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-727-6Ralph C. Jr. PatrickTownways of Kent (Southern Classics)
  ''978-1-57003-728-3Ben Mcc. MoiseRamblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden: A Memoir (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-729-0Walter Hines PageThe Southerner (Southern Classics)
2008978-1-57003-733-7Thomas WolfeThe Four Lost Men: The Previously Unpublished Long Version, Including the Original Short Story
  ''978-1-57003-734-4Thomas WolfeThe Magical Campus: University of North Carolina Writings, 1917-1920 (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-735-1Keith YellinBattle Exhortation: The Rhetoric of Combat Leadership (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
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  ''978-1-57003-737-5Jim PiecuchThree Peoples, One King: Loyalists, Indians, and Slaves in the Revolutionary South, 1775-1782
2007978-1-57003-748-1Alex Haley · Deborah WillisDaufuskie Island: 25th Anniversary Edition (Non Series)
2008978-1-57003-749-8James FisherUnderstanding Tony Kushner (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
2007978-1-57003-752-8Linda E. ThomasUnder the Canopy: Ritual Process and Spiritual Resilience in South Africa (Studies in Comparative Religion)
2008978-1-57003-753-5Jonathan E. BrockoppMuslim Medical Ethics: From Theory to Practice (Studies in Comparative Religion)
2008978-1-57003-757-3Donald A. YerxaRecent Themes in the History of Africa and the Atlantic World: Historians in Conversation
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2008978-1-57003-770-2Leonard MannFlesh in Armour: A Novel (The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Series)
2009978-1-57003-774-0Rosemary Brana-Shute · Randy J. SparksPaths to Freedom: Manumission in the Atlantic World (The Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
2008978-1-57003-787-0Ananda AbeysekaraColors of the Robe: Religion, Identity, and Difference (Studies in Comparative Religion)
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  ''978-1-57003-797-9David K. WilsonThe Southern Strategy: Britain's Conquest of South Carolina and Georgia, 1775-1780
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  ''978-1-57003-814-3Jack Bass · W. Scott PooleThe Palmetto State: The Making of Modern South Carolina
2008978-1-57003-818-1John Henry ScottWitness to the Truth: My Struggle for Human Rights in Louisiana (Non Series)
2009978-1-57003-819-8Hayrettin Yã¼cesoyMessianic Beliefs and Imperial Politics in Medieval Islam: The 'Abbasid Caliphate in the Early Ninth Century (Studies in Comparative Religion)
2008978-1-57003-820-4Roy T. StuckeyMarriage and Divorce Law in South Carolina: A Laypersonâ€TMs Guide, Third Edition
2009978-1-57003-821-1Edward J. CashinGuardians of the Valley: Chickasaws in Colonial South Carolina and Georgia (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-822-8Chlotilde R. MartinNorthern Money, Southern Land: The Lowcountry Plantation Sketches of Chlotilde R. Martin (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-826-6Jerome KlinkowitzKurt Vonnegut's America
2009978-1-57003-839-6Steven FryeUnderstanding Cormac McCarthy (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
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1997978-1-57003-847-1Donald M. Hassler · Clyde WilcoxPolitical Science Fiction (Non Series)
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2010978-1-57003-853-2Richard Bodek · Simon LewisThe Fruits of Exile: Central European Intellectual Immigration to America in the Age of Fascism (The Carolina Lowcountry and the Atlantic World)
2009978-1-57003-855-6Eric Carl LinkUnderstanding Philip K. Dick (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
  ''978-1-57003-861-7Mike Creel · Lynn KelleyThe Boykin Spaniel: South Carolina's Dog, Revised Edition
2010978-1-57003-863-1Henry Edwards DavisA Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-864-8James PeacockUnderstanding Paul Auster (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
2009978-1-57003-866-2Diana M. Raab · Phillip Lopate · Wendy CallWriters and Their Notebooks (Non Series)
2010978-1-57003-868-6Carleton A. NaylorThe Day the Johnboat Went Up the Mountain: Stories from My Twenty Years in South Carolina Maritime Archaeology (Non Series)
2009978-1-57003-871-6Albert C. Todd IIIBook of Estate Planning Questions & Answers: Second Edition (Book of Estate Planning Questions & Answers (South Carolina))
2010978-1-57003-872-3Ted Ashton Phillips Jr.City of the Silent: The Charlestonians of Magnolia Cemetery (Non Series)
2009978-1-57003-874-7Jerome KlinkowitzVonnegut in Fact: The Public Spokesmanship of Personal Fiction (Non Series)
2009978-1-57003-875-4Merritt MoseleyUnderstanding Julian Barnes (Understanding Contemporary British Literature)
2010978-1-57003-876-1Nathan CrickDemocracy & Rhetoric: John Dewey on the Arts of Becoming (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
  ''978-1-57003-878-5Christopher W. TindaleReason's Dark Champions: Constructive Strategies of Sophistic Argument (Studies in Rhetoric/Communication)
2009978-1-57003-882-2Jeanne Moutoussamy- Ashe · Deborah Willis · Alex HaleyDaufuskie Island (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-883-9Ernest F. "Fritz" Hollings · Kirk VictorMaking Government Work: Lessons from a Life in Politics (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-884-6Keith FlemingThe U.S. Marine Corps in Crisis: Ribbon Creek and Recruit Training (Non Series)
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2009978-1-57003-887-7Marshall BoswellUnderstanding David Foster Wallace (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
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  ''978-1-57003-891-4James R. CothranCharleston Gardens and the Landscape Legacy of Loutrel Briggs (Non Series)
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  ''978-1-57003-894-5Peter A. CoclanisTwilight on the South Carolina Rice Fields: Letters of the Heyward Family, 1862-1871 (Non Series)
2010978-1-57003-901-0Susanna AshtonI Belong to South Carolina: South Carolina Slave Narratives (Non Series)
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  ''978-1-57003-909-6Louis D. Rubin Jr.Uptown/Downtown in Old Charleston: Sketches and Stories (Non Series)
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  ''978-1-57003-918-8Paul KensThe Supreme Court Under Morrison R. Waite, 1874-1888 (Chief Justiceships of the United States Supreme Court)
2010978-1-57003-922-5Earl J. HessInto the Crater: The Mine Attack at Petersburg (Non Series)
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2011978-1-57003-938-6Margaret MitchellBefore Scarlett: Girlhood Writings of Margaret Mitchell (Non Series)
2010978-1-57003-939-3Patricia Moore-PastidesGreek Revival: Cooking for Life (Non Series)
2010978-1-57003-949-2John CusatisUnderstanding Colum Mccann (Understanding Contemporary American Literature)
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  ''978-1-57003-955-3Jerome KlinkowitzKurt Vonnegut's America (Non Series)
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2011978-1-57003-966-9Mary WhyteWorking South: Paintings and Sketches by Mary Whyte (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-967-6Mary WhyteWorking South: Paintings and Sketches by Mary Whyte (Non Series)
2011978-1-57003-969-0Barbara F. StokesMyrtle Beach: A History, 1900_1980 (Non Series)
  ''978-1-57003-996-6Sandra Slater · Fay A. YarbroughGender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850 (Non Series)