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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-56871-007-5Y. ShawThe Malbim Haggadah
  ''978-1-56871-026-6Akiva TatzLiving Inspired
1994978-1-56871-027-3Moshe CordeveroThe Palm Tree of Devorah (English and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-1-56871-039-6Sara Chana RadcliffeSmooth sailing: Navigating life's challenges
  ''978-1-56871-068-6Yirmeyahu Abramov · Tehilla AbramovTwo Halves of a Whole
1995978-1-56871-080-8Akiva TatzWorldmask
  ''978-1-56871-090-7Rabbi Moshe Shlomo EmanuelTefillin: The Inside Story
1996978-1-56871-099-0Lawrence KelemenPermission to Receive
1996978-1-56871-106-5Nosson SlifkinLying for truth: [understanding Yaakov's deception of Yitzchak]
1998978-1-56871-110-2   ''Seasons of Life
1997978-1-56871-123-2Gila ManolsonOutside/Inside: A Fresh Look at Tzniut
  ''978-1-56871-130-0Shelomoh Zalman Lehrer · L. StrassmanThe Vanished City of Sanz
  ''978-1-56871-132-4Shani SteinThe survival guide to shidduchim: Everything you need to know about Jewish dating
1998978-1-56871-141-6Zvi BelovskiShem MiShmuel: Selections on The Weekly Parashah and Festivals
1999978-1-56871-175-1Akiva TatzThinking Jewish Teenager's Guide to Life
1992978-1-56871-185-0Gila ManolsonThe Magic Touch
1999978-1-56871-188-1Doron KornbluthJewish Matters: A Pocketbook of Knowledge and Inspiration
  ''978-1-56871-189-8Rabbi Yisroel RollInner Peace
2002978-1-56871-206-2Nechemia Coopersmith · Shraga SimmonsHeaven on Earth
  ''978-1-56871-208-6Targum Press, 2002 Y. Y. RubinsteinDancing Through Time
2002978-1-56871-209-3Ari D KahnEmanations: In-depth analysis of the Jewish holidays through the prism of rabbinic perspective by Ari D Kahn (2002-05-04)
2003978-1-56871-216-1Tzipporah HellerOur Bodies, Our Souls: A Jewish Perspective on Feminine Spirituality
  ''978-1-56871-217-8Marina GoodmanWhy Should I Stand Behind the Mechitzah if I Could Be a Prayer Leader?
  ''978-1-56871-218-5Avraham Yaakov FinkelKabbalah: Selections From Classic Kabbalistic Works From Raziel Hamalach To The Present Day
  ''978-1-56871-219-2Judah LifschitzThe Klausenberger Rebbe (Vol.1)
  ''978-1-56871-234-5Yisrael Isser Zvi HerczegPatterns in Rashi
2003978-1-56871-237-6Nechemia CoopersmithIsrael: Life In The Shadow Of Terror
2004978-1-56871-240-6Miriam MillhauserInner Torah: Where Consciousness and Kedushah Meet
2002978-1-56871-245-1Elozor BarclayGuidelines: More than five hundred of the most commonly asked questions about Pesach
2003978-1-56871-250-5Doron KornbluthWhy Marry Jewish?
2001978-1-56871-259-8Elozor BarclayGuidelines: Over two hundred and fifty of the most commonly asked questions about Purim
  ''978-1-56871-260-4Rabbi Mendel WeinbachThe Weekly Daf: Insights and Lessons on Daf Yomi Selections
1999978-1-56871-263-5Uziel MilevskyNer Uziel: Perspectives on the Parashah- 2 Volumes
2002978-1-56871-270-3Menachem NisselJerusalem Jems
2001978-1-56871-293-2Ari D. KahnExplorations: In-depth Analysis of the Weekly Parashah Through the Prism
2009978-1-56871-310-6Rabbi Elozor Barclay and Rabbi Yitzchok JaegerGuidelines: Questions & Answers about the Laws of Family Purity
2004978-1-56871-328-1Malka AdlerThe Miracle Next Door
2007978-1-56871-330-4Yosef GabayBridge to Heaven
2005978-1-56871-341-0Gila ManolsonOutside Inside
  ''978-1-56871-342-7Binyamin SingerRAMBAN: Classic Themes in Nachmanides's Chumash Commentary (Volume 1: Bereishis and Shemos)
2010978-1-56871-344-1Rabbi Elozor BarclayGuidelines: Questions & Answers about the Laws of Tefillah
2004978-1-56871-345-8Akiva Tatz · David GottliebLetters to a Buddhist Jew
2005978-1-56871-351-9Abramov · TehillaThe Secret of Jewish Femininity (revised)
  ''978-1-56871-353-3J. David BleichContemporary Halakhic Problems, Vol. 5 (Library of Jewish Law and Ethics)
  ''978-1-56871-356-4Akiva Tatz · David GottliebLetters to a Buddhist Jew
2005978-1-56871-366-3Tziporah HellerLet's Face It!
  ''978-1-56871-376-2Miriam ZakonThe Kid's Kosher Cookbook
2006978-1-56871-383-0Dovid KaplanImpact:230 Stories with an Immediate Message
  ''978-1-56871-403-5Estee StimlerThe Frum Rules: The Fun, User-Friendly Definitive Girl's Guide to Shidduchim
  ''978-1-56871-410-3Eliezer ShemtovDear Rabbi Why Can't I Marry Her?
  ''978-1-56871-411-0Nechamia Coopersmith and Shraga SimmonsTriumph: Inspiring True Stories of Challenge and Spiritual Growth
2007978-1-56871-420-2Millhauser CastlePractical Inner Torah
2007978-1-56871-423-3Barclay/JaegerGuidelines: Tefillah, volume 2
  ''978-1-56871-435-6Dovid KaplanMajor Impact (pb)
2008978-1-56871-454-7Abramov · TehillaOur Family, Our Strength (revised)
  ''978-1-56871-467-7Rabbi Eliezer ShemtovDear Rabbi, Why Can't I Marry Her? A Dialogue on Intermarriage
  ''978-1-56871-471-4Zev LeffShemoneh Esrei: The Depth and Beauty of our Daily Tefillah
2009978-1-56871-480-6Rabbi Eliyahu YaakovShabbos Insights of the Maharal
2008978-1-56871-487-5Debra Spero ApplebaumMatsati David Avdi: Be-Shemen Kodshi Mashahtiv
2009978-1-56871-510-0Yossi.Straightalk: The Next Step: The Last Book You Need to Read Before Deciding to Become an Adult
  ''978-1-56871-517-9Zev LeffFestivals of Life: The Depth and Meaning of the Mo'adim
2009978-1-56871-518-6Tzirel Rus KrigerThe Jewish Women's All-In-One Weekly Calendar 2009-2010, 5770
2010978-1-56871-532-2Ken SpiroCrash Course in Jewish History: From Abraham to Modern Israel
2015978-1-56871-588-9Rabbi Ian (Haim) PearShir Hadash (Breishit): New Journeys Along An Ancient Path
2002978-1-56871-997-9Gila ManolsonHead to Heart