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  ''978-1-56865-041-8Michael MoorcockElric Saga
1992978-1-56865-043-2Marvin KayeMasterpieces of Terror and the Unknown (Guild America Books)
1993978-1-56865-048-7Eluki Bes ShaharButterfly and Hellflower
1989978-1-56865-049-4GRANT NAYLORRed Dwarf
1986978-1-56865-051-7Agatha CHRISTIEPostmark Murder
1961978-1-56865-052-4Samuel B. GriffithMao Tse-tung On Guerrilla Warfare
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1977978-1-56865-072-2philip farmerThe World of Tiers (Volume Two)
1993978-1-56865-081-4Edith Wharton -The House of Mirth
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1994978-1-56865-096-8Gene WolfeLitany of the Long Sun
  ''978-1-56865-100-2Fred SaberhagenEndgame
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1994978-1-56865-106-4Andre NortonAnnals of the Witch World
1995978-1-56865-119-4Louisa May alcottLittle Women
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1995978-1-56865-146-0Harry HarrisonWarriors of the way
  ''978-1-56865-154-5David FeintuchSeafort's Hope
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1995978-1-56865-156-9Roger MacBride AllenThe Corellian Trilogy
1990978-1-56865-160-6David GemmellLegends of the Drenai
1988978-1-56865-164-4Janette OkeLove Takes Wing (Love Comes Softly, 7)
1995978-1-56865-169-9Erma BombeckAll I Know about Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room
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1993978-1-56865-191-0Diane DuaneA Wizard Abroad
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1996978-1-56865-200-9Jane AustenEmma
  ''978-1-56865-211-5Kevin J and Rebecca Moesta AndersonThe Rise of the Shadow Academy
1989978-1-56865-222-1William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet
1996978-1-56865-231-3Danielle SteelSilent Honor
1986978-1-56865-233-7Sue GraftonC is for Corpse
1996978-1-56865-252-8Sandra FeltonThe Messie Motivator: New Strategies to Restoring Order in Your Life and Home
1997978-1-56865-255-9Nora RobertsHolding the Dream (Dream, No. 2)
1996978-1-56865-261-0Spider RobinsonStardance (The Science Fiction Book Club collection)
1997978-1-56865-264-1Susan Elizabeth PhillipsNobody's Baby But Mine (BCED) only HB edtion
  ''978-1-56865-278-8Poul AndersonTau Zero
  ''978-1-56865-286-3Robin CookInvasion
1997978-1-56865-287-0Dean KoontzTicktock
  ''978-1-56865-292-4Michael P. Kube-McDowellStar Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis
  ''978-1-56865-342-6Rosemary EdghillEmpty Crown, The
  ''978-1-56865-343-3Daniel HoodA Familiar Dragon: Fanuilh / Wizard's Heir / Beggar's Banquet
1994978-1-56865-347-1jan-karonAt Home in Mitford
1992978-1-56865-350-1Alice WalkerThe Color Purple
1997978-1-56865-372-3Danielle SteelSpecial Delivery
  ''978-1-56865-378-5James Alan GardnerExpendable
1996978-1-56865-389-1Kevin J. AndersonStar Wars Tales (Omnibus): Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales of the Bounty Hunters and Tales from Jabba's Palace
1997978-1-56865-407-2John SaulBlackstone Chronicles: 6 Novels in 1 volume
1997978-1-56865-422-5Nora RobertsFinding the Dream
  ''978-1-56865-423-2James PattersonSee How They Run
  ''978-1-56865-424-9Carl SaganContact
  ''978-1-56865-425-6Margaret MosleyBonita Faye
  ''978-1-56865-426-3Terry Berland · Deborah OuelletteBreaking into Commercials
1997978-1-56865-427-0Dolores JohnsonTaken to the Cleaners (a Mandy Dyer Mystery)
1981978-1-56865-429-4John CrowleyLittle, Big
1997978-1-56865-430-0Robert A. HeinleinStarship Troopers
  ''978-1-56865-438-6signed] Hartwell, David G, editor, signed. [Benford, Gregory, Connie Willis and Terry Bisson, signed] [AnthologyYear's Best SF 2
  ''978-1-56865-447-8Joy FieldingMissing pieces
  ''978-1-56865-453-9Shirlee BusbeeA Heart for the Taking
1996978-1-56865-454-6Horton FooteCollected plays (Contemporary playwrights series)
  ''978-1-56865-460-7Peter S. BeagleGiant Bones---6 Breathtaking Stories Set in the World of the Innkeeper's Song
1997978-1-56865-461-4john-barnesThe Timeline Wars (Patton's Spaceship, Washington's Dirigible, Caesar's Bicycle)
1997978-1-56865-465-2Lorraine HeathTexas Destiny
  ''978-1-56865-467-6Bertrice SmallDarling Jasmine
  ''978-1-56865-468-3Tami HoagDark Paradise
978-1-56865-474-4M J SmithAround the World Low Fat and No Fat
1997978-1-56865-475-1Larry Richards735 Baffling Bible Questions Answered
  ''978-1-56865-483-6Julie GarwoodThe Clayborne Brides: One Pink Rose, One White Rose, One Red Rose
  ''978-1-56865-484-3UnknownSecrets: The Best in Women's Sensual Fiction (Volumes 1 & 2)
1997978-1-56865-486-7Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying Wife
  ''978-1-56865-488-1Mary R. DaheimThe Alpine Icon
1993978-1-56865-491-1A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God: The Human Thirst for the Divine
1995978-1-56865-494-2Laura Corn101 Nights of Grrreat Sex
1997978-1-56865-495-9Laura Corn101 Nights of Grrreat Romance
  ''978-1-56865-500-0David BrinThe Postman
1996978-1-56865-501-7Not AvailableThe Reality Dysfunction: Emergence & Expansion
1998978-1-56865-524-6Marvin KayeDont Open This Book (Guild America books)
1997978-1-56865-525-3Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity's Death
  ''978-1-56865-529-1Laurell K. HamiltonClub Vampyre
  ''978-1-56865-545-1Dolores JohnsonHung Up to Die: A Mandy Dyer Mystery (A Mandy Dyer Mystery)
1997978-1-56865-554-3Catherine CoulterThe Offer
  ''978-1-56865-561-1Candice ProctorNight in Eden
  ''978-1-56865-581-9Jr. Walter M. MillerA Canticle for Leibowitz
  ''978-1-56865-587-1Kathleen E. WoodiwissPetals on the River
  ''978-1-56865-590-1Judith CouchmanThe Woman Behind the Mirror
1998978-1-56865-601-4Lisa GardnerThe Perfect Husband
1997978-1-56865-609-0Alexs PateAmistad
1986978-1-56865-610-6janette-okeWhen Breaks the Dawn (Canadian West #3) (Janette Oke Keepsake Collection)
1998978-1-56865-618-2Lorraine HeathTexas Glory (Texas Destiny Trilogy, # 2)
1996978-1-56865-620-5Terry PratchettThe Johnny Maxwell Trilogy
1998978-1-56865-628-1Heather GrahamSurrender
1998978-1-56865-629-8Susan Elizabeth PhillipsDream A Little Dream
1997978-1-56865-637-3Robert BlochRobert Bloch's Psychos
1998978-1-56865-642-7Jude DeverauxAn Angel for Emily
  ''978-1-56865-643-4V.C. AndrewsMusic in the Night
1955978-1-56865-647-2Walter LordA Night to Remember
1998978-1-56865-651-9Kevin J. Anderson · Rebecca MoestaThe Fall of the Diversity Alliance (Star Wars Young Jedi Knights, Volume 6)
  ''978-1-56865-652-6S. M. StirlingIsland in the Sea of Time (Book 1 in the Series)
  ''978-1-56865-653-3Mercedes LackeyOathblood
1995978-1-56865-656-4David BeatyThe Naked Pilot the Human Factor in Aircraft Accidents
  ''978-1-56865-658-8Andre NortonChronicles of the Witch World
1998978-1-56865-687-8James Alan GardnerCommitment Hour
1997978-1-56865-700-4ShivapremanandaYoga for Stress Relief
1998978-1-56865-709-7Susan Partnow · Elaine PartnowEveryday Speaking for All Occasions: How to Express Yourself with Confidence and Ease
1984978-1-56865-716-5lavyrle-spencerThe Gamble
1998978-1-56865-723-3bentley-littleThe Store
1998978-1-56865-741-7Matthew Woodring StoverHeart of bronze: Iron dawn ; Jericho moon
1997978-1-56865-765-3Laurell K. HamiltonThe Midnight Cafe
1998978-1-56865-773-8Mable HoffmanHealthy Crockery Cookery
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1990978-1-56865-818-6William R. ForstchenRally Cry (The Lost Regiment #1)
1998978-1-56865-827-8Graham ThomasMalice In Cornwall
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1998978-1-56865-831-5Matthew Woodring StoverHeroes Die
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978-1-56865-871-1Jane LloydThe Love Flower
2000978-1-56865-875-9Stephanie Grace WhitsonSarah's Patchwork (Keepsake Legacy Series, Book 1)
1995978-1-56865-887-2E. M FlanaganCorregidor: The rock force assault, 1945
1998978-1-56865-896-4Nora RobertsRISING TIDES (Second in the Chesapeake Bay Trilogy, TWO)
  ''978-1-56865-898-8Dolores JohnsonA Dress to Die For
  ''978-1-56865-900-8Jane YolenThe Pit Dragon Trilogy
1998978-1-56865-901-5Sean RussellThe River Into Darkness
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1995978-1-56865-903-9Nancy AthertonAunt Dimity and the Duke
1966978-1-56865-915-2Bernard B. FallHell in a very small place: the siege of Dien Bien Phu
1998978-1-56865-920-6Dorothy GarlockWith Hope: A Novel of The Tumultuous 1930'S
2002978-1-56865-926-8John CulbertsonOperation Tuscaloosa
1998978-1-56865-949-7Barry B. LongyearThe Enemy Papers
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1961978-1-56865-955-8John Dickson CarrHag's Nook (Dr. Gideon Fell)
1998978-1-56865-987-9Donna Rice with Campbell, Pamela T. HughesKids Online - Protecting Your Children In Cyberspace
  ''978-1-56865-993-0KATHLEEN WOODIWISSThe Elusive Flame

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