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1999978-1-56852-035-3Ted SorensenKennedy
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1996978-1-56852-132-9thomas-w-kavanaghNorth American Indian Portraits: Photographs from the Wanamaker Expeditions
  ''978-1-56852-133-6Ernst Klee · Willi Dressen · Volker Riess · Hugh Trevor-RoperThe Good Old Days: The Holocaust as Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders
1996978-1-56852-134-3John James AudubonAudubon's masterpieces: 150 prints from the Birds of America
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1998978-1-56852-198-5Daniel ArasseLeonardo da Vinci
1989978-1-56852-200-5Brendan LehaneIreland.
1998978-1-56852-202-9Pierluigi De · Campbell, Alexandra (translator) VecchiMichelangelo
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