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1993978-1-56753-433-7830-40: World Proximity and Displacement Sensor Markets (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-442-9221-10: World Welding Equipment Markets (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-445-0Financial and structural analysis of the world sensor industry (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-448-1220-25: World PC Card Markets: PCMCIA Standard Opens the Floodgates (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-459-7World intelligent material handling markets: Installations of modular designs and integrated systems on the rise (Worldwide Reports)
1993978-1-56753-461-0925-10: World Barcode Equipment Market (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-462-7913-25: World SMT Manufacturing Equipment Markets: End-user Demands Prompt Explosive Growth: Test and Inspection Revenues Double (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-463-4789-60: World Fibre Optic Communication Markets: Cable; Transmitters; Receivers; Connector; Couplers (Worldwide Reports)
1994978-1-56753-466-5922-30: Word Data Acquisition Boards, Systems and Software (European Reports)
1993978-1-56753-473-3571-25: World Analog and Mixed Signal IC Markets: Double-digit Growth Spurred by the Move from General Purpose ICs to ASICs (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-504-4World standard and special machine tool markets: Competitors move into new segments (Worldwide Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-507-51812-25: European Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Markets: Single-layer Printed Circuit Boards (European Reports)
1993978-1-56753-508-21813-25: European Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Markets: Multilayer and Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-515-05003-10: US Industrial Scale and Weighing Equipment Markets (US Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-523-5World emerging and niche-oriented automatic ID product markets: Enormous growth potential (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-564-84004-25: Profiles of European Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-576-12618-30: US VXIbus Instrumentation Markets: Shift to the Commercial Sector (US Reports)
1993978-1-56753-577-82680-47: US Gasket, Packing and Mechanical Sealing Markets (US Reports)
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1994978-1-56753-613-3929-10: World Programmable Logic Controller and Software Markets (Worldwide Reports)
1993978-1-56753-700-0260-30: European Automatic Test Equipment Markets (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-704-81843-40: European Market for Position Sensors (European Reports)
1994978-1-56753-888-51835-25: European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Markets: EMC Materials and Components (European Reports)
1994978-1-56753-889-21836-25: European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Markets: EMC Test Facilities and Equipment (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-890-81837-25: European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Markets: EMC Testing and Consultancy Services (European Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-894-6987-25: World Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Markets (World Reports)
  ''978-1-56753-926-4882-52: World Magnetic Resonance Imaging Market (Worldwide Reports)
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1994978-1-56753-949-3Market Intelligence1792-15: European Market for Liquid/Solid Separation Equipment (European reports)
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1994978-1-56753-980-61947-10: European Automated Material Handling (European Reports)
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1994978-1-56753-996-75053-15: US Macrofiltration Equipment Markets (US Reports)
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