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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-56649-002-3Paul G. BahnLost Cities
2011978-1-56649-015-3Philip DaviesPanoramas of Lost London: Work, Wealth, Poverty & Change 1870-1945, An English Heritage Book
1999978-1-56649-025-2Jonathan MargolisUri Geller: Magician or Mystic?
1998978-1-56649-033-7Yigael YadinMasada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand
  ''978-1-56649-035-1Colin GarrattLegends of Steam
  ''978-1-56649-042-9Richard Webber · David Croft · Jeremy LloydAre You Being Served?: A Celebration of Twenty-Five Years
1999978-1-56649-046-7Erik OrsennaHistory of the World in Nine Guitars
2001978-1-56649-048-1Ahmet ErtegunWhat'd I Say?: The Atlantic Story
2014978-1-56649-054-2J. E. CirlotA Dictionary of Symbols
2017978-1-56649-057-3Bertrand RussellUnderstanding History and Other Essays
2014978-1-56649-058-0Bertrand RussellThe Will to Doubt
2017978-1-56649-061-0Paul NettlMozart and Masonry
2011978-1-56649-093-1Gareth ThomasDavid Bowie: The Illustrated Biographies
2010978-1-56649-096-2Chris RushbyBruce Springsteen: The Illustrated Biography
  ''978-1-56649-098-6Marie ClaytonMadonna: The Illustrated Biography
2001978-1-56649-100-6Francios ChengThe River Below
2000978-1-56649-105-1John KruthBright Moments: The Life and Legacy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
2001978-1-56649-106-8Jean-Luc SteinmetzArthur Rimbaud: Presence of an Enigma
  ''978-1-56649-108-2Charles OsborneThe Dictionary of the Opera
2000978-1-56649-111-2John MillerJudi Dench: With A Crack in Her Voice
1999978-1-56649-114-3Bricktop w/Jim HaskinsBricktop
2000978-1-56649-120-4James AtlasDelmore Schwartz: The Life of an American Poet
2000978-1-56649-123-5Janusz Nel SiedleckiWe Were in Auschwitz
2006978-1-56649-138-9Helen SchucmanA Course in Miracles
2007978-1-56649-139-6Feng MenglongThe Oil Vendor and the Courtesan: Tales from the Ming Dynasty
  ''978-1-56649-140-2Feng MenglongThe Oil Vendor and the Courtesan: Tales from the Ming Dynasty
2008978-1-56649-141-9NCCAMThe NIH Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Organized by Both Condition and Therapy
2006978-1-56649-144-0Helen SchucmanA Course in Miracles
2007978-1-56649-145-7Remo JacuzziSpirit, Wind and Water: The Untold Story of the Jacuzzi Family
2000978-1-56649-150-1Silvia Grohs-MartinSilvie
  ''978-1-56649-152-5Benjamin IvryMaurice Ravel: A Life
2001978-1-56649-154-9Pierre MoinotAs Night Follows Day
2002978-1-56649-155-6Miri YuGold Rush
2001978-1-56649-160-0Barbara ErskineLady of Hay
2000978-1-56649-161-7Maria MercatiTui Na Massage for a Healthier, Brighter Child
  ''978-1-56649-162-4Philippa SandallGeographica: The Complete illustrated Atlas of the World
  ''978-1-56649-163-1Kevin McAuliffeSayings of Generalissimo Giuliani
2000978-1-56649-165-5Peter HarclerodeThe Lost Masters: WW II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
  ''978-1-56649-166-2Lewis ThomasEt Cetera, Et Cetera: Notes of a Word-Watcher
  ''978-1-56649-170-9Chris InghamDivas: Billie Holiday
2005978-1-56649-174-7John WarehamChancey on Top
1999978-1-56649-175-4R. G. TurnerBotanica: The Illustrated A-Z of Over 10,000 Garden Plants and How to Cultivate Them
2001978-1-56649-177-8Brigitte AubertDeath from the Snows
2002978-1-56649-179-2Jules VerneMagellania
2003978-1-56649-182-2Philippe D'IribarneThe Logic Of Honor
2001978-1-56649-186-0Jesse Jackson Jr.A More Perfect Union: Advancing New American Rights
  ''978-1-56649-187-7Guillermo Cabrera InfanteGuilty of Dancing the ChaChaCha
2000978-1-56649-188-4Damien NoonanCastles & Ancient Monuments of Scotland
  ''978-1-56649-190-7Elizabeth HallamChronicles of the Age of Chivalry
2001978-1-56649-206-5Kenneth SilvermanThe Life and Times of Cotton Mather
2001978-1-56649-210-2SuetoniusThe Lives of the Twelve Caesars
  ''978-1-56649-223-2Harry HarrisPele: His Life and Times
2002978-1-56649-240-9Silvia Grohs-MartinSilvie
  ''978-1-56649-243-0Francois ChengThe River Below
  ''978-1-56649-247-8Tim Mackintosh-SmithTravels With A Tangerine
1955978-1-56649-250-8David GilmourThe Last Leopard: A Life of Giuseppe Di Lampedusa
2002978-1-56649-251-5Jean-Luc SteinmetzArthur Rimbaud: Presence of an Enigma
  ''978-1-56649-253-9Peter Harclerode · Brendaon PittawayThe Lost Masters: World War II and the Looting of Europe's Treasurehouses
2002978-1-56649-255-3Brigitte AubertDeath from the Snows
1955978-1-56649-257-7Pierre MoinotAs Night Follows Day
2003978-1-56649-264-5John WarehamChancey on Top
2008978-1-56649-266-9Guillermo C. InfanteGuilty of Dancing the ChaChaCha
2003978-1-56649-273-7Max PhillipsThe Artist's Wife
  ''978-1-56649-274-4KRS-ONEKRS-ONE: Ruminations
1955978-1-56649-276-8Stephen WettaReal Gone
2008978-1-56649-277-5Jules VerneMagellania
2003978-1-56649-278-2David ChaseThe Tao of Bada Bing: Words of Wisdom from The Sopranos
  ''978-1-56649-283-6Miri YuGold Rush
2004978-1-56649-284-3James GavinDeep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker
2003978-1-56649-289-8David ChaseThe Tao of Bada Bing--6 copy counter top display: Words of Wisdom from The Sopranos
  ''978-1-56649-290-4David by ChaseThe Tao of Bada Bing!: Words of Wisdom from 'the Sopranos
2006978-1-56649-291-1John WarehamHow to Break Out of Prison
1955978-1-56649-292-8Oliver TragerDig Infinity!: The Life and Art of Lord Buckley
1998978-1-56649-293-5Tim GrahamDressing Diana
2008978-1-56649-294-2Jesse L. JacksonA More Perfect Union
2004978-1-56649-296-6Malachy McCourtHarold Be Thy Name: Lighthearted Daily Reflections for People in Recovery
2008978-1-56649-300-0W. L. WilmshurstThe Meaning of Masonry
  ''978-1-56649-301-7Cyril Sinclair1000 Famous Masons
2016978-1-56649-315-4William DerhamLost Ireland: 1860-1960
2016978-1-56649-316-1Social Security AdministrationOfficial Social Security Administration Answers to 100 Frequently Asked Questions About Retirement
  ''978-1-56649-317-8Ben KingMiss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 2017 Calendar
2017978-1-56649-318-5NASAOur Wonderful World: Astronaut Photography of Earth 2017 Calendar
1995978-1-56649-325-3James BeardJames Beard Cookbook
2016978-1-56649-351-2Scala GroupBaroque & Rococo: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia
2015978-1-56649-374-1Ben KingMiss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 2016 Calendar
2013978-1-56649-377-2Frechmann KolonErotica: The Nude in Contemporary Photography
  ''978-1-56649-384-0Erik O. RonningenFrom the Inside Out: Harrowing Escapes from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center
  ''978-1-56649-385-7Scala GroupRenaissance: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-386-4   ''Art in the 19th Century: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Ar
2013978-1-56649-387-1Scala GroupThe Art of the Pacific: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-388-8   ''Art Nouveau: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-389-5   ''Art in Black Africa: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-390-1   ''Egypt: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2020978-1-56649-404-5Cathy CambronThe Way Women Are: Transformative Opinions and Dissents by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
1997978-1-56649-599-8Tim Graham · Tom CorbyDiana, Princess of Wales: A Tribute
1998978-1-56649-949-1Morton BahrFrom the Telegraph to the Internet
2003978-1-56649-951-4Narinder DhamiBend It Like Beckham
2008978-1-56649-954-5John WarehamThe President's Therapist: And the Intervention to Treat Alcoholism of George W. Bush
2009978-1-56649-956-9Tom McGeeBetty Grable: The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs
2011978-1-56649-960-6Philip DaviesLost London: 1870-1945
2013978-1-56649-961-3Frank McCourt · Malachy McCourtA Couple of Blaguards
2012978-1-56649-968-2Scala Publishers19th Century Art (Visual Encyclopedia of Art)
  ''978-1-56649-969-9Scala PublishersImpressionism (Visual Encyclopedia of Art)
2013978-1-56649-977-4Scala GroupBaroque: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2013978-1-56649-978-1Scala GroupAfrican Art: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2013978-1-56649-979-8Scala GroupRomanesque Art: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2012978-1-56649-980-4   ''Surrealism: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-981-1   ''Art Nouveau: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-982-8   ''20th Century Art: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-983-5   ''Ancient American Art: The Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2013978-1-56649-987-3Scala GroupImpressionism: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-989-7   ''Chinese & Japanese Art: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-990-3   ''Precolumbian Art: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
  ''978-1-56649-991-0   ''Modern Art: The Pocket Visual Encyclopedia of Art
2009978-1-56649-996-5Jane BennThe Rolling Stones: An Illustrated Biography
  ''978-1-56649-998-9Gareth ThomasLed Zeppelin: An Illustrated Biography
2009978-1-56649-999-6Chris RushbyBob Dylan: An Illustrated Biography