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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-56647-001-8John P. HooverHawaii's Fishes: A Guide for Snorkelers and Divers
1998978-1-56647-050-6Isabella L. BirdSix Months in the Sandwich Islands: Among Hawaii's Palm Groves, Coral Reefs, and Volcanoes
1995978-1-56647-057-5Angela Kay KeplerMaui's Floral Splendor
1994978-1-56647-059-9Helena G. AllenKalakaua, Renaissance King
  ''978-1-56647-070-4Gail Bartholemew · Bren BaileyMaui Remembers
1995978-1-56647-098-8Sam Choy · Evelyn CookWith Sam Choy: Cooking from the Heart
1996978-1-56647-100-8Glen GrantObake Files: Ghostly Encounters in Supernatural Hawaii (Chicken Skin Series)
  ''978-1-56647-105-3Dawn GotoKids Stuff About Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-107-7Glen GrantWaikiki Yesteryear
1995978-1-56647-112-1Henry P. Judd · Mary Kawena Pukui · John F. G. StokesHandy Hawaiian Dictionary: With English-Hawaiian Dictionary and Hawaiian-English Dictionary: Over Five Thousand of the Commonest and Most Useful English Words and Their
1996978-1-56647-128-2Sam Choy · Catherine EnomotoThe Choy of Cooking: Sam Choy's Island Cuisine
2013978-1-56647-145-9H. Douglas PrattA Pocket Guide to Hawai'i's Birds
2005978-1-56647-147-3Abraham FornanderFornander's Ancient History of the Hawaiian People to the Times of Kamehameha I
1997978-1-56647-149-7Leland MiyanoA Pocket Guide to Hawai'i's Flowers
  ''978-1-56647-172-5Poakalani · John SerraoThe Hawaiian Quilt: A Spiritual Experience
1998978-1-56647-173-2Sam ChoyThe Choy of Seafood, Sam Choy's Pacific Harvest
1999978-1-56647-178-7Nathaniel Bright EmersonUnwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula
1999978-1-56647-181-7Ronn RonckA Pocket Guide to the Hawaiian Lei (Pocket Guide Series)
1997978-1-56647-183-1Glen GrantThe Secret Obake Casebook: Tales from the Darkside of the Cabinet (Chicken skin series)
1998978-1-56647-195-4Milly SingletaryHawaiian Quilting Made Easy
  ''978-1-56647-200-5Van JamesAncient Sites of Hawai'i: Archaeological Places of Interest on the Big Island
1999978-1-56647-203-6Ian MacMillanRed Wind
1998978-1-56647-211-1William Henry DorranceO`Ahu's Hidden History: Tours into the Past
1999978-1-56647-219-7H. Douglas PrattA Pocket Guide to Hawai'i's Trees and Shrubs
2006978-1-56647-220-3John Hoover · John P. HooverHawaii's Sea Creatures: A Guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates, Revised Edition
2001978-1-56647-223-4Laurie IdeHawaiian Lei Making
2000978-1-56647-224-1Glen GrantObake Files: Ghostly Encounters in Supernatural Hawai'I (Chicken Skin Series)
1998978-1-56647-228-9   ''Glen Grant's Chicken Skin Tales: 49 Favorite Ghost Stories from Hawai'i
1999978-1-56647-230-2O.A. BushellThe Water of Kane (Mutual Publishing Paperbacks)
  ''978-1-56647-234-0David GulkoHawaiian Coral Reef Ecology
  ''978-1-56647-264-7Poakalani · John SerraoPoakalani: Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns & Designs, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-56647-265-4Poakalani Serrao · John SerraoPoakalani Quilt Volume 2
1999978-1-56647-282-1Sam ChoySam Choy's Kitchen
  ''978-1-56647-284-5Sam Choy · Randall FranciscoSam Choy's Poke: Hawaii's Soul Food
2000978-1-56647-298-2Diane Witt · Doris FuchikamiHow to Play the Hawaiian Ukulele: 10 Easy Lessons
  ''978-1-56647-319-4Chris McKinneyThe Tattoo
  ''978-1-56647-323-1Jan TenBruggencateMaui
  ''978-1-56647-336-1Jean Watanabe HeeHawaii's Best Mochi Recipes
2001978-1-56647-339-2William DorranceSugar Islands
2000978-1-56647-344-6Sam ChoySam Choy's Sampler: Hawaii's Favorite Recipes
2001978-1-56647-449-8Donald DonohughThe Story of Koloa: A Kauai Plantation Town
2001978-1-56647-489-4Cummins E. Speakman Jr.Mowee: A History of Maui the Magic Isle
  ''978-1-56647-491-7Arnold Bitner · Phoebe BeachHawaii Tropical Rum Drinks & Cuisine by Don the Beachcomber
  ''978-1-56647-492-4Sam Choy · Lynn CookSam Choy Woks the Wok: Stir Fry Cooking at Its Island Best
  ''978-1-56647-500-6Doug Peebles · Jan TenbruggencateHAWAII The BIg Island
  ''978-1-56647-510-5George W. Staples · Robert H. CowieHawai'I's Invasive Species: A Guide to Invasive Plants and Animals in the Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii Biologicval Survey Handbook)
2001978-1-56647-515-0Chris McKinneyThe Queen of Tears
2002978-1-56647-518-1Jean HeeHawaii's Best Local Desserts
2001978-1-56647-524-2Poakalani Serrao · John SerraoPoakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns & Designs, Vol. 3: Fifteen Original Block Patterns and Designs for both the Experienced and Beginning Quilter
  ''978-1-56647-525-9Renata ProvenzanoA Little Book of Aloha
2002978-1-56647-529-7Van JamesAncient Sites of Maui, Molokai and Lanai
  ''978-1-56647-531-0John P. HooverHanauma Bay: A Marine Guide to Hawaii's Most Popular Nature Preserve
  ''978-1-56647-561-7John E. RandallSurgeonfishes of the World (Bishop Museum Bulletin in Zoology)
  ''978-1-56647-564-8Jim WidessHow to Make Hawaiian Musical Instruments
2002978-1-56647-565-5Kenneth P. EmoryArchaeology of Nihoa and Necker Islands (Bishop Museum Bulletins in Anthropology)
  ''978-1-56647-570-9Jean Watanabe HeeHawaii's Best Local Dishes
2003978-1-56647-573-0Sam Choy · Makaha SonsSam Choy & the Makaha Sons' A Hawaiian Luau
2002978-1-56647-574-7Jan TenBruggencateKauai
  ''978-1-56647-575-4Jim WidessHow to Make Hawaiian Ribbon Lei: A Step-by-Step Guide
2006978-1-56647-576-1Marcia Zina MagerHawaii Cooks with Taro
2003978-1-56647-592-1Renata ProvenzanoA Little Book Of Aloha Spirit Of Healing
  ''978-1-56647-593-8Marcia Mager · Dennis AubreyA Pocket Guide to Lana'i (Lanai)
  ''978-1-56647-598-3Keri ShepherdHawaii Weddings Made Simple
2003978-1-56647-602-7Douglas PeeblesMaui: Images of the Valley Island
  ''978-1-56647-603-4Mutual Publishing · Douglas PeeblesVolcano Images Of Hawaii Volcanoes
2004978-1-56647-605-8William EllisA Narrative of an 1823 Tour Through Hawaii: Journal of William Ellis
2006978-1-56647-608-9Chris McKinneyThe Queen of Tears
2004978-1-56647-636-2Neil Bernard DukasA Military History of Sovereign Hawaii
2003978-1-56647-637-9Mutual EditorsSurfing: Hee Nalu Hawaiian Proverbs & Inspirational Quotes Celebrating Hawaii's Royal Sport
  ''978-1-56647-638-6   ''Hula: Hawaiian Proverbs and Inspirational Quotes Celebrating Hula in Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-644-7Poakalani SerraoPoakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns and Designs: Volume Four
  ''978-1-56647-646-1Patricia Lei MurrayHawaiian Quilt Inspirations
2003978-1-56647-647-8Sam ChoySam Choy's Little Hawaiian Cookbook for Big Appetites
2004978-1-56647-651-5David Gulko · Karen EckertSea Turtles: An Ecological Guide
  ''978-1-56647-654-6Jean Watanabe HeeHawaii's Best Pupu & Potluck
  ''978-1-56647-663-8Laurie Shimizu IdeHawaiian Tropical Flower Arranging
  ''978-1-56647-665-2Angela Kay KeplerA Pocket Guide to Maui's Hana Highway
  ''978-1-56647-668-3Douglas PeeblesKauai: Images of the Garden Island
2004978-1-56647-670-6Doug PeeblesOahu: Images of the Gathering Place
  ''978-1-56647-671-3   ''Big Island; Images of the Island of Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-672-0Jim KauahikauaVolcano: Creation in Motion
2005978-1-56647-673-7Douglas FennerCorals of Hawaii: A Field Guide to the Hard, Black and Soft Corals of Hawaii and the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Including Midway
2004978-1-56647-679-9Douglas PeeblesOahu as Seen from the Skies
  ''978-1-56647-682-9Joseph BrennanThe Parker Ranch of Hawaii: A Saga of a Ranch and a Dynasty
  ''978-1-56647-684-3LiliuokalaniHawaii's Story
2004978-1-56647-692-8Arnold Bitner · Phoebe BeachDon the Beachcomber's Little Hawaiian Tropical Drink Cookbook
  ''978-1-56647-699-7Elizabeth MeahlSam Choy's Little Hawaiian Poke Cookbook
2005978-1-56647-703-1Theon WrightRape In Paradise
  ''978-1-56647-704-8Glen GrantObake: Ghost Stories of Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-715-4Jade Mapuana RileyAn Easy Guide to the Hawaiian Language
  ''978-1-56647-716-1Kerin L. Lilleeng-RosenbergerGrowing Hawaii's Native Plants: A Simple Step-by-Step Approach for Every Species
2005978-1-56647-717-8Judy Dela CruzCrochet Lei-Making in Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-719-2Mary Louise Kekuawa · Paulette KahalepunaFeather Lei As an Art
  ''978-1-56647-721-5Ian MacMillanThe Braid
  ''978-1-56647-722-2Chris McKinneyBolohead Row
  ''978-1-56647-729-1Joanne FujitaLittle Hawaiian Mango & Papaya Cookbook
2005978-1-56647-732-1Frances Lee BrittenHow to Buy & Sell Your Home in Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-737-6Adam A. Palmer (Photographer) Will HooverNorth Shore
  ''978-1-56647-739-0Mary Philpotts McGrath · Kaui PhilpottsHawai'i: A Sense Of Place: Island Interior Design
  ''978-1-56647-745-1Muriel MiuraFrom Hawaii's Kitchen: Homemade Gifts of Sweets & Treats
  ''978-1-56647-746-8Bella Finau-Fuamuina · Delia Parker-UlimaIsland Memories
2005978-1-56647-749-9Sophia SchweitzerTiki of Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-752-9Laurie Shimizu IdeHawaiian Shell Lei Making: A Step by Step Guide
  ''978-1-56647-754-3Jean Watanabe HeeTastes & Flavors of Mochi
  ''978-1-56647-755-0Mora EbieKai, The Honu Who Didn't Know He Was Brave
  ''978-1-56647-756-7Angela Kay KeplerHaleakala: From Summit to Sea (Hawaiian Edition)
2005978-1-56647-758-1Lopaka KapanuiHaunted Hawaiian Nights
  ''978-1-56647-759-8MacKinnon SimpsonA Century Of Aloha: The Creation of Modern Honolulu
2006978-1-56647-760-4Mutual EditorsHumpback: Images of Hawaii's Whales
  ''978-1-56647-766-6John P. HooverReef Fish Hawaii: Waterproof Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-56647-770-3Tricia AllenTattoo Traditions of Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-772-7Jim LittleGrowing Plumerias in Hawaii
2006978-1-56647-773-4Betty ShimabukuroBy Request: The Search for Hawaii's Greatest Recipes
  ''978-1-56647-774-1Judy Dela CruzCrochet Lei-Making in Hawaii Volume 2: A Step-by-Step Guide
  ''978-1-56647-775-8Laurie Shimizu IdeMoney Lei Making: A Step-By-Step Guide
  ''978-1-56647-777-2Mark SullivanHawaii's Tropical Drinks and Gelatin Party Shots
  ''978-1-56647-778-9Not AvailableTastes & Flavors of Hawaii (Little Hawaiian Cookbooks)
2006978-1-56647-781-9Jean Watanabe HeeHawaii's Best Salads, Sides & Soups
  ''978-1-56647-789-5Susan BenayHawaiian Islands Frameable Photo Collection
  ''978-1-56647-791-8Mike TackettHoloholo Hawaii Activity Book
  ''978-1-56647-796-3Muriel MiuraJapanese Cooking Hawai'i Style
  ''978-1-56647-797-0Jim WidessHow to Weave Hawaiian Coconut Palm Fronds
2006978-1-56647-799-4Sam ChoyAloha Cuisine
  ''978-1-56647-806-9Michael PrestonLet's Kanikapila! Ten Steps To Learn Ukulele the Hawaiian Way
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  ''978-1-56647-815-1Muriel MiuraCookies From Hawaii's Kitchen
2007978-1-56647-823-6Angela Kay KeplerWest Maui: A Natural History Guide
  ''978-1-56647-825-0David LeaserGrowing Palm Trees: In Hawaii And Other Tropical Climates
2007978-1-56647-833-5Nathaniel Bright EmersonUnwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula
  ''978-1-56647-835-9Poakalani Serrao · John Serrao · Raelene Correia · Cissy SerraoThe Hawaiian Quilt: The Tradition Continues
  ''978-1-56647-836-6Janice CrowlContainer Gardening in Hawaii: How to Grow Paradise in a Pot
  ''978-1-56647-839-7Muriel Miura · Betty ShimabukuroWhat Hawaii Likes to Eat
  ''978-1-56647-840-3Kaui PhilpottsParty Hawaii: A Guide to Entertaining in the Islands
2007978-1-56647-841-0Muriel MiuraHawaii's Party Food: A Complete Guide to Preparing Delicious Pupu and Planning Memorable Parties
  ''978-1-56647-842-7Jean Watanabe HeeJean Hee's Best of the Best Hawaii Recipes
  ''978-1-56647-844-1Lance WheelerKula and the Old Ukulele
  ''978-1-56647-849-6Isabella BirdSix Months in the Sandwich Islands
2008978-1-56647-851-9Gavan Daws · Bennett HymerHonolulu Stories: Voices of the Town Through the Years: Two Centuries of Writing
  ''978-1-56647-853-3Muriel MiuraHawaii Cooks with Spam: Local Recipes Featuring Our Favorite Canned Meat
2008978-1-56647-862-5David LeaserTropical Gardens of Hawaii
  ''978-1-56647-864-9Henry Kaleialoha AllenHow to Play the Hawaiian Steel Guitar
  ''978-1-56647-865-6Susan YuenHawaii's Bento Box Cookbook: Fun Lunches for Kids
  ''978-1-56647-867-0Laurie Shimizu-ideMoney Lei Making in Hawaii 2: A Step-by-step Guide
2009978-1-56647-869-4Chris McKinneyMililani Mauka
2008978-1-56647-871-7H. Douglas Pratt · Mandy EtpisonBirds and Bats of Palau
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2010978-1-56647-887-8John P. HooverThe Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes: Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, and Seals
2009978-1-56647-889-2Judy Dela CruzCrochet Lei Making in Hawaii 3: A Step by Step Guide
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  ''978-1-56647-910-3Sam ChoyPoke
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  ''978-1-56647-933-2Alexei MelnickTweakerville: Life and Death in Hawaii's Ice World
2011978-1-56647-935-6Jim WidessHow to Weave Authentic Hawaiian Lauhala Bracelets: A Step by Step Guide (Traditional Hawaiian Crafts)
2012978-1-56647-967-7George S. KanaheleHawaiian Music & Musicians: An Encyclopedic History