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1993978-1-56608-000-2Mary Krell-Oishi · Mary Krell OishiMore Scenes That Happen: Real-Life Snapshots of Teenage Lives
1992978-1-56608-002-6Marsh CassadyThe Art of Storytelling: Creative Ideas for Preparation and Performance
1994978-1-56608-003-3Charna Halpern · Del Close · Kim Howard JohnsonTruth in Comedy: The Manual for Improvisation
  ''978-1-56608-006-4Brent C. ObergSpeechcraft: An Introduction to Public Speaking
  ''978-1-56608-007-1Shirley UllomGet in the Act! 60 Monologs, Dialogs and Skits for Teens
1995978-1-56608-008-8Norman A. BertTheatre Alive!: An Introductory Anthology of World Drama
  ''978-1-56608-013-2Ed DunlopLet's Play a Bible Game!: 48 Reproducible Scripture Games and Puzzles for the Overhead Projector
  ''978-1-56608-014-9Terry John ConverseDirecting for the Stage: A Workshop Guide of Creative Exercises and Projects
1995978-1-56608-015-6Brent C. ObergForensics: The Winner's Guide to Speech Contests
  ''978-1-56608-017-0James Hull MillerStage Lighting in the Boondocks: A Stage Lighting Manual for Simplified Stagecraft Systems
1996978-1-56608-019-4Robert L. LeeEverything about Theatre! The guidebook of theatre fundamentals
  ''978-1-56608-021-7Janet Litherland · Sue McAnallyBroadway Costumes on a Budget: Big-Time Ideas for Amateur Producers
  ''978-1-56608-023-1Philip D. NobleFool of the Kingdom: How to Be an Effective Clown Minister
  ''978-1-56608-026-2Roger EllisMulticultural Theatre: Scenes and Monologs from New Hispanic, Asian, and African-American Plays
1997978-1-56608-030-9Mary Krell-OishiPerspectives
1997978-1-56608-031-6Penny Engelsman · Alan D. EngelsmanTheatre Arts 1 Students Handbook: An Introductory Course (Theatre Arts (Meriwether)) (Pt.1)
  ''978-1-56608-032-3Alan Englesman · Penny EngelsmanTheatre Arts 1 Teachers Course Guide: An Introductory Course (Theatre Arts (Meriwether)) (Pt.1)
1998978-1-56608-036-1David GrotePlay Directing in the School: A Drama Director's Survival Guide
1997978-1-56608-037-8Marsh CassadyFunny Business: An Introduction to Comedy With Royalty-Free Plays and Sketches
2003978-1-56608-038-5Glenn AltermanTwo-Minute Monologs: Original Audition Scenes for Professional Actors
  ''978-1-56608-039-2Amiel SchotzTheatre Games and Beyond: A Creative Approach for Performers
1998978-1-56608-040-8Alan Engelsman · Penny EngelsmanTheatre Arts 2: Student Handbook: On-Stage and Off-Stage Roles: Fitting the Pieces Together (Theatre Arts (Meriwether)) (Pt.2)
  ''978-1-56608-042-2Roger EllisMulticultural Theatre 2: Contemporary Hispanic, Asian and African-American Plays
1999978-1-56608-043-9Daniel WrayService With a Smile: 52 Humorous Sketches for Sunday Worship
1998978-1-56608-044-6Gerald Lee RatliffThe Theatre Audition Book: Playing Monologs from Contemporary, Modern, Period, Shakespeare, and Classical Plays
  ''978-1-56608-045-3Heather H. HendersonThe Flip Side: 64 Point-Of-View Monologs for Teens
1999978-1-56608-048-4Barb RogersCostuming Made Easy: How to Make Theatrical Costumes from Cast-Off Clothing
1999978-1-56608-049-1Maya LevyActing Scenes and Monologs for Young Women: 60 Dramatic Characterizations
  ''978-1-56608-050-7William ShakespeareMore Scenes from Shakespeare: Twenty Cuttings for Acting and Directing Practice
  ''978-1-56608-055-2Roger EllisAudition Monologs for Student Actors: Selections from Contemporary Plays
2000978-1-56608-057-6Shirley UllomTough Acts to Follow: Seventy-Five Monologs for Teens
  ''978-1-56608-058-3Steven H. GaleOutstanding Stage Monologs and Scenes from the '90s: Professional Auditions for Student Actors
2001978-1-56608-059-0Joyce Pike · Anne RobinsonBanners for All Seasons: How to Make Creative Banners for Holy Days and Holidays
2000978-1-56608-062-0William H. LordStagecraft 1: A Complete Guide to Backstage Work
  ''978-1-56608-066-8   ''Stagecraft 1 Teacher's Guide
2000978-1-56608-067-5William H. LordStagecraft 1 Student Workbook
  ''978-1-56608-068-2Steven JamesWorship Sketches 2 Perform: A Collection of Scripts for Two Actors
2001978-1-56608-070-5Barb RogersInstant Period Costumes: How to Make Classic Costumes from Cast-Off Clothing
  ''978-1-56608-071-2John AhartThe Director's Eye: A Comprehensive Textbook for Directors and Actors
  ''978-1-56608-073-6Roger EllisAudition Monologs for Student Actors II: Selections from Contemporary Plays
  ''978-1-56608-075-0Edward J. Nevraumont · Kurt Smeaton · Nicholas P. HansonThe Ultimate Improv Book: A Complete Guide to Comedy Improvisation
2014978-1-56608-084-2Deb BertNew One Act-Plays for Acting Students: A New Anthology of Complete One-Act Plays for One, Two or Three Actors
2003978-1-56608-086-6Charna Halpern · Peter GwinnGroup Improvisation: The Manual of Ensemble Improv Games
2003978-1-56608-087-3Norman A. BertMore One-Act Plays for Acting Students: An Anthology of Short One-Act Plays for One to Three Actors
  ''978-1-56608-089-7John Dessler · Lawrence PhillisSketch-O-Frenia
  ''978-1-56608-090-3Suzi ZimmermanIntroduction to Theatre Arts Student Handbook: A 36-Week Action Handbook
2004978-1-56608-091-0   ''Introduction to Theatre Arts Teacher's Guide: A 36-Week Action Handbook
  ''978-1-56608-094-1Bill LynnImprovisation for Actors and Writers: A Guidebook for Improv Lessons in Comedy
  ''978-1-56608-096-5Suzi ZimmermanMore Theatre Games for Young Performers: Improvisations and Exercises for Developing Acting Skills
2004978-1-56608-097-2Gerald Lee RatliffYoung Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays: Professional Auditions for Aspiring Actresses
  ''978-1-56608-098-9Charles I. SwiftIntroduction to Stage Lighting: The Fundamentals of Theatre Lighting Design
2006978-1-56608-099-6Maria C Novelly · Adele FirthStaging Musicals for Young Performers: How to Produce a Show in 36 Sessions or Less
2004978-1-56608-102-3Elaine Clanton HarpineThe Christment Tree Pattern Book Vol. 3: 21 Christian Ornaments on the Meaning of Christmas (Christment Tree Pattern Books)
2005978-1-56608-103-0Barb RogersCostumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy
  ''978-1-56608-104-7Rebecca Young100 Great Monologs: A Versatile Collection of Monologs, Duologs and Triologs
  ''978-1-56608-106-1Gavin Levy112 Acting Games: A Comprehensive Workbook Of Theatre Games for Developing Acting Skills
  ''978-1-56608-108-5Mary Krell-OishiScenes Keep Happening: More Real-Life Snapshots of Teen Lives
2006978-1-56608-109-2M. K. BoyleActing Up in Church: Humorous Sketches for Worship Services
2006978-1-56608-111-5Tom IsbellLessons: The Craft of Acting: Truthful Human Behavior on Stage or Screen
  ''978-1-56608-112-2Charna HalpernArt by Committee: A Guide to Advanced Improvisation
  ''978-1-56608-113-9Justine Jones · Mary Ann KellyImprov Ideas: A Book of Games and Lists
  ''978-1-56608-116-0Rebecca YoungFamous Fantasy Character Monologs: Starring the Not-so-wicked Witch And More
2007978-1-56608-117-7Marsh CassadyAn Introduction to the Art of Theatre: A Comprehensive Text- Past, Present, And Future
1999978-1-56608-119-1Jeffrey W. LynchArt of Mime
1988978-1-56608-128-3Ted ZapelMonsters of Greek Mythology: A Video Introduction to Greek Mythology
2007978-1-56608-138-2Peter Gwinn · Charna HalpernGroup Improvisation: The Manual of Ensemble Improv Games
  ''978-1-56608-141-2Margaret F. JohnsonThe Drama Teacher's Survival Guide: A Complete Handbook for Play Direction
2007978-1-56608-143-6Laurie AllenThirty Short Comedy Plays for Teens: Plays for a Variety of Cast Sizes
  ''978-1-56608-144-3Peg KehretTell It Like It Is: Fifty Monologues for Talented Teens
  ''978-1-56608-146-7Gavin LevyActing Games for Individual Performers: A Comprehensive Workbook of 110 Acting Exercises
  ''978-1-56608-147-4Justine Jones · Mary Ann KelleyDrama Games and Improvs: Games for the Classroom and Beyond
  ''978-1-56608-148-1Suzi ZimmermanIntroduction to Theatre Arts 2 Student Handbook: An Action Handbook for Middle Grade and High School Students and Teachers (No. 2)
2007978-1-56608-149-8Suzi ZimmermanIntroduction to Theatre Arts 2 Teacher's Guide: An Action Handbook for Middle Grade and High School Students and Teachers
2008978-1-56608-152-8Laurie AllenSixty Comedy Duet Scenes for Teens: Real-Life Situations for Laughter
  ''978-1-56608-153-5Gerald Lee RatliffYoung Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays 2: Professional auditions for aspiring actresses
  ''978-1-56608-154-2Amy MussmanThe Prop Master: A Guidebook for Successful Theatrical Prop Management
  ''978-1-56608-155-9Rebecca Young101 Monologues for Middle School Actors: Including Duologues and Triologues
  ''978-1-56608-156-6Lynda A TopperTheatre Games and Activities: Games for Building Confidence and Creativity
2008978-1-56608-158-0Rebecca YoungTen-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers: Plays for a Variety of Cast Sizes
2009978-1-56608-159-7Laurie AllenComedy Scenes for Student Actors: Short Sketches for Young Performers
  ''978-1-56608-164-1Nancy Hurley175 Theatre Games: Warm-up exercises for Actors
  ''978-1-56608-165-8Gerald Lee RatliffThe Theatre Audition Book 2: Playing Monologues from Contemporary, Modern, Period, Shakespeare and Classical Plays
  ''978-1-56608-166-5Rod MartinDrama Games and Acting Exercises: 177 Games and Activities
2010978-1-56608-168-9Maggie ScrivenShort & Sweet Skits for Student Actors: 55 Sketches for Teens
  ''978-1-56608-169-6Gavin Levy275 Acting Games: Connected: A Comprehensive Workbook of Theatre Games for Developing Acting Skills
2010978-1-56608-171-9Rebecca Young102 Great Monologues: A Versatile Collection of Monologues and Duologues for Student Actors
  ''978-1-56608-172-6Laurie AllenActing Duets for Young Women: 8 to 10 Minute Duo Scenes for Practice and Competition
2011978-1-56608-175-7Rebecca Young · Ashley GrittonMore Ten-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers: Plays for a Variety of Cast Sizes
  ''978-1-56608-178-8M. K. BoyleActing Up in Church Again: More Humorous Sketches for Worship Services
  ''978-1-56608-181-8Laurie Allen33 Short Comedy Plays for Teens: Plays for Small Casts
  ''978-1-56608-182-5Margaret F. JohnsonThe Drama Teacher's Survival Guide #2: Activities, exercises, and techniques for the theatre classroom
2012978-1-56608-186-3Laurie Allen62 Comedy Duet Scenes for Teens: More Real-Life Situations for Laughter
2015978-1-56608-198-6Mick NapierImprovise: Scene from the Inside Out