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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2014978-1-56591-010-2Suzanne C. HanLet's Visit Korea
1994978-1-56591-016-4HollymKorean Through English Book 2
  ''978-1-56591-017-1   ''Korean Through English Book 3
  ''978-1-56591-022-5UnkHandbook of Korea
2000978-1-56591-042-3Sang-Oak Lee et al.Korean Through English Book 1 with 3 tapes
  ''978-1-56591-043-0HollymKorean Through English Book & Tape 2
1996978-1-56591-066-9Korean Culture & Arts FoundationWho's Who In Korean Literature
1985978-1-56591-070-6Andrew C. NahmKorea: Tradition & Transformation 2Nd Edition
1998978-1-56591-071-3Betsy O'BreinLet's Eat Korean Food
1997978-1-56591-082-9Sunny YangHanbok: The Art of Korean Clothing
1998978-1-56591-086-7Andrew C. NahmAn Introduction to Korean Culture
2002978-1-56591-101-7Francis Y. T. ParkSpeaking Korean
1999978-1-56591-102-4Jin-Hee Chun · Et Al.Hanoak: Traditional Korean Homes
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1995978-1-56591-104-8Francis Y.T. ParkSpeaking Korean Book III: A Guide to Chinese Characters
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2004978-1-56591-121-5Ilpyong J. KimKorean-Americans: Past, Present, and Future
2009978-1-56591-124-6Insook Jung ChoSat II Korean: With Listening
1996978-1-56591-131-4Bill ShinnThe Forgotten War Remembered, Korea: 1950-1953: A War Correspondent's Notebook & Today's Danger in Korea
2001978-1-56591-151-2Alexander ArgiiellesHistorical, Literary & Cultural Approach To The Korean Language
2004978-1-56591-155-0Chang-Su KoBetween Sound and Silence: Poems of Chang Soo Ko (English and Korean Edition)
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2004978-1-56591-177-2Korean National Commission for UNESCOKorean History: Discovery of Its Characteristics and Developments (Anthology of Korean Studies) (Anthology of Korean Studies)
  ''978-1-56591-178-9   ''Korean Philosophy: Its Tradition and Modern Transformation (Anthology of Korean Studies Vol. 6)
2003978-1-56591-185-7Richard SacconeNegotiating With North Korea
2005978-1-56591-187-1Richard HarrisRoadmap to Korean
2005978-1-56591-201-4Roderick WhitfieldDictionary Of Korean Art And Archaeology (English and Korean Edition)
2004978-1-56591-212-0Haeoe Munhwa HongbowonHandbook of Korea
  ''978-1-56591-214-4Richard HarrisFaces of Korea: The Foreign Experience in the Land of the Morning Calm
2005978-1-56591-215-1Yong-na KimModern And Contemporary Art in Korea (Korean Culture Series Vol. #1)
  ''978-1-56591-216-8Sook-ja YoonGood Morning, Kimchi!: Forty Different Kinds of Traditional & Fusion Kimchi Recipes
  ''978-1-56591-217-5Yong-na KimModern and Contemporary Art in Korea: Tradition, Modernity, and Identity
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2007978-1-56591-226-7Sung-woo KimBuddhist Architecture of Korea (Korean Culture Series #9) (Korea Culture Series)
2006978-1-56591-228-1National Institute of the Korean Language · International Korean Language FoundationWriting Korean for Beginners (Alive Korean Language)
2006978-1-56591-229-8National Institue of the KoreanSpeaking Korean for Beginners
  ''978-1-56591-230-4Yi Song-miKorean Landscape Painting: Continuity And Innovation Through the Ages (Korean Culture Series #4)
  ''978-1-56591-234-2Richard SacconeLiving With the Enemy: Inside North Korea
2008978-1-56591-235-9Daniel Y. Jang · Jacob S. JangYes, You Can Speak Korean!: Book 1 (Korean Edition)
2006978-1-56591-237-3Hyung-min ChungModern Korean Ink Painting (Korean Culture Series #5)
  ''978-1-56591-240-3Korea Tourism OrganizationTravel Guide Korea
2007978-1-56591-243-4Lena KimBuddhist Sculpture of Korea (Korean Culture Series #8)
2013978-1-56591-247-2National Institute of the Korean Language and The International Korean Language FoundationListening Korean for Beginners w/ CDs (English and Korean Edition)
  ''978-1-56591-248-9National Institute of the Korean Language · International Korean Language FoundationReading Korean for Beginners (Alive Korean Language) (English and Korean Edition)
2008978-1-56591-252-6Korean Institute of Trad'l Landscape ArcKorean Traditional Landscape Architecture
2003978-1-56591-283-0Chae-Yong HanHan'gugo Parum Kyoyuk =: Teaching Korean Pronunciation
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2008978-1-56591-359-2   ''Speaking Korean Book 2 Rev. w/ CD (Korean and English Edition)
2017978-1-56591-380-6Insook Jung ChoKorean Language Coach Grammar & Usage II
2020978-1-56591-382-0   ''Korean Language Coach Grammar and Usage 1 (Korean Edition)
2016978-1-56591-482-7Adelin PetrisorA Weekend in Pyongyang, North Korea
2017978-1-56591-486-5Jae-sik SuhPine Trees in Korea: Aesthetics and Symbolism (Hollym International Corp.)