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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-56554-005-7Walter StaplesPower to Win (Motivational)
  ''978-1-56554-006-4Brian AldersonEzra Jack Keats: Artist and Picture-Book Maker
  ''978-1-56554-011-8Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1994 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-014-9Lee MaloneMajesty of the Garden District, The (Majesty Series)
  ''978-1-56554-018-7Aileen CampbellWee Scot Book, The: Scottish Poems and Stories
1994978-1-56554-024-8James Ronald Kennedy · Walter Donald KennedyThe South Was Right!
1996978-1-56554-029-3Ray LaFontaine · Mary LaFontaineOswald Talked: The New Evidence in the JFK Assassination
1994978-1-56554-032-3Daniel Meador LLMHis Father's House
  ''978-1-56554-038-5George CableStrange True Stories of Louisiana
1995978-1-56554-045-3Roy Guste Jr.Tomato Cookbook, The
1994978-1-56554-046-0   ''100 Greatest New Orleans Creole Recipes, The (100 Greatest Recipes Series)
1995978-1-56554-047-7Jeanne FroisFlags of Louisiana (Flags of the States)
  ''978-1-56554-048-4Harold Bell WrightCalling of Dan Matthews, The
1994978-1-56554-055-2Frank DavisFrank Davis Cooks Cajun, Creole, and Crescent City
  ''978-1-56554-064-4Louise CollierPilgrimage: A Tale of Old Natchez
1995978-1-56554-069-9Elizabeth Moore · Alice CouvillonMimi and Jean-Paul's Cajun Mardi Gras
1994978-1-56554-070-5Gary FellersWhy Things Go Wrong: Deming Philosophy In A Dozen Ten-Minute Sessions
1995978-1-56554-072-9Mary Louise Christovich · Sally Evans · Roulhac Toledano · Betsy SwansonNew Orleans Architecture: The Esplanade Ridge (New Orleans Architecture Series)
  ''978-1-56554-073-6J. Frank DobieLegends of Texas Volume 2: Pirates' Gold and Other Tales
1994978-1-56554-075-0Marilyn HarrisCooking with Marilyn
2001978-1-56554-076-7Marilyn HarrisThe Marilyn Harris Cooking School Cookbook
1995978-1-56554-086-6Sarah BlazekIrish Night Before Christmas, An (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2000978-1-56554-090-3Robert TallantEvangeline and The Acadians
1994978-1-56554-092-7Michael GrissomWhen the South Was Southern
1994978-1-56554-094-1Laurie KnowltonWhy Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On (Why Cowboys Series)
1999978-1-56554-102-3Patricia HallRaggedy Ann and More: Johnny Gruelle's Dolls and Merchandise
1994978-1-56554-109-2Devereaux CannonThe Flags of the Confederacy: An Illustrated History (Flags of the Civil War)
1995978-1-56554-110-8Steve CottrellCivil War in the Indian Territory
1994978-1-56554-114-6Harry AddisonRFD #3
1995978-1-56554-117-7Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1995 Edition
1996978-1-56554-121-4Harold Bell WrightThat Printer of Udell's
2001978-1-56554-123-8Patricia HallRaggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle: A Bibliography of Published Works
1996978-1-56554-130-6Roulhac Toledano · Sally Evans · Mary Louise Christovich · Betsy SwansonNew Orleans Architecture: The Creole Faubourgs (New Orleans Architecture Series)
  ''978-1-56554-133-7Gail Ashkanazi-HankinPassover Lite Kosher Cookbook
  ''978-1-56554-146-7Kevin HoganThe Psychology of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Your Way Of Thinking
1995978-1-56554-152-8James Kennedy · Walter KennedyWhy Not Freedom!: America's Revolt Against Big Government
  ''978-1-56554-155-9Carmen Valldejuli · Luis ValldejuliJuntos en la Cocina (Spanish Edition)
1997978-1-56554-157-3Michael Smith · Allison MinerJazz Fest Memories
1999978-1-56554-158-0Steven BrookeMajesty of Natchez, The (Majesty Architecture)
1995978-1-56554-159-7Kathryn CocquytLittle Freddie at the Kentucky Derby
  ''978-1-56554-160-3Ann SharpKoala Book, The
1996978-1-56554-182-5Cecilia DartezJenny Giraffe's Mardi Gras Ride (Jenny Giraffe Series)
1996978-1-56554-185-6Elizabeth TrindalMary Surratt: An American Tragedy
1998978-1-56554-189-4Tommy BreauxCajun Night Before Christmas®/Gaston® the Green-Nosed Alligator (The Night Before Christmas Series)
1996978-1-56554-195-5Sue AugustineWith Wings, There Are No Barriers: A Woman's Guide To A Life Of Magnificent Possibilities
  ''978-1-56554-201-3Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1996 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-204-4Gerald TonerHolly Day's Café and Other Christmas Stories
  ''978-1-56554-206-8Joseph Fein III · Mel LeavittCourt of Two Sisters Cookbook, The
  ''978-1-56554-213-6R. SeymourOne On One: The Secrets Of Professional Sales Closing
1997978-1-56554-224-2H. ArringtonHeart of a Friendship, The: An East African Folktale
1996978-1-56554-226-6Walter StaplesIn Search of Your True Self: 21 Incredible Insights That Will Revitalize Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
1997978-1-56554-231-0Ken ButlerOklahoma Renegades: Their Deeds and Misdeeds
1996978-1-56554-237-2Sarah BlazekLeprechaun's St Patrick Day, A
1997978-1-56554-241-9Peter J. Ochs · Peter Ochs · Peter J., II OchsMaverick Guide to Oman (1st ed)
1996978-1-56554-246-4Miriam ReevesPotato Cookbook, The
1998978-1-56554-250-1Chris Brown IIICruising Guide To New York Waterways And Lake Champlain (Cruising Guide to New York Waterways & Lake Champlain)
1997978-1-56554-253-2Steve CottrellCivil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory
1998978-1-56554-254-9Peter Hirsch · Billie Ann LopezTraveler's Guide to Jewish Germany
1997978-1-56554-256-3Gene Del VecchioCreating Ever-Cool: A Marketer's Guide to a Kid's Heart
1997978-1-56554-262-4Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1997 Edition
1996978-1-56554-270-9Leonard HuberNew Orleans Architecture: The Cemeteries (New Orleans Architecture Series)
1997978-1-56554-275-4Devereaux Cannon Jr.Wit and Wisdom of Robert E. Lee, The
  ''978-1-56554-279-2Henry BezouMetairie: A Tongue of Land to Pasture
  ''978-1-56554-282-2Justin WilsonJustin Wilson Looking Back: A Cajun Cookbook
1999978-1-56554-285-3James RiceGaston® the Green-Nosed Alligator (Gaston® Series)
  ''978-1-56554-286-0James RiceGaston® Goes to Mardi Gras (Gaston® Series)
1997978-1-56554-290-7Marion MaxwellLittle Book of Scottish Baking, A
  ''978-1-56554-291-4Charles MacleanClans and Tartans
1997978-1-56554-293-8David DavisRedneck Night Before Christmas (The Night Before Christmas Series)
1998978-1-56554-299-0Jessie TirschMcguire's Irish Pub Cookbook
  ''978-1-56554-303-4Garry BoulardHuey Long Invades New Orleans: The Siege of a City, 1934-36
1999978-1-56554-308-9Heidi KingPelican Guide to the Florida Panhandle
1997978-1-56554-310-2Sheila Hébert-CollinsPetite Rouge: A Cajun Twist to an Old Tale
1998978-1-56554-317-1Robert KirkYou Can Travel Free
1999978-1-56554-324-9Sheila Hébert CollinsJolie Blonde and the Three Héberts: A Cajun Twist to an Old Tale
  ''978-1-56554-325-6Sheila Hébert-CollinsLes Trois Cochons
1998978-1-56554-326-3   ''Cendrillon: A Cajun Cinderella
1997978-1-56554-327-0John RedmondBook of Irish Golf, The
1998978-1-56554-330-0James Rice · Virginia GeratyGullah Night Before Christmas (The Night Before Christmas Series)
1999978-1-56554-331-7George LevyTo Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862-65
1998978-1-56554-333-1Jana DillonLucky O'Leprechaun (Lucky O'Leprechaun Series)
1999978-1-56554-337-9Macon Fry · Julie PosnerCajun Country Guide
1998978-1-56554-339-3Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1998 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-346-1Lesley BannatyneHalloween: An American Holiday, an American History
1999978-1-56554-347-8Richard Campanella · Marina CampanellaNew Orleans Then and Now
  ''978-1-56554-355-3Ben FrankTravel Guide to Jewish Russia & Ukraine, A
1998978-1-56554-364-5Clarissa WrightHaggis, The: A Little History
1998978-1-56554-370-6Walter Kennedy · James KennedyWas Jefferson Davis Right?
1999978-1-56554-371-3Jim HarrisThree Little Dinosaurs, The
1998978-1-56554-373-7Betsy SwansonNew Orleans Architecture: The American Sector (New Orleans Architecture Series)
  ''978-1-56554-390-4Elizabeth Roberson · Alice IvyWeep Not for Me, Dear Mother
1999978-1-56554-394-2Laura LeeThe Name's Familiar Mr. Leotard, Barbie, and Chef Boyardee
1998978-1-56554-399-7Patricia HallRaggedy Ann and Andy Postcard Book
  ''978-1-56554-408-6Darina AllenSimply Delicious Irish Christmas, A
  ''978-1-56554-412-3Arthur FlynnIrish Dance
1999978-1-56554-413-0Sarah BlazekIrish Hallowe'en, An
  ''978-1-56554-414-7Kerri McCaffetyMajesty of the French Quarter, The (Majesty Architecture)
1999978-1-56554-426-0Kevin HoganTalk Your Way to the Top: Communication Secrets to Change Your Life
1998978-1-56554-427-7Gaspar StallBuddy Stall's Louisiana Potpourri
  ''978-1-56554-428-4Lois Bannon · Taylor ClarkHandbook of Audubon Prints
1999978-1-56554-440-6Ernest Fenollosa'Noh' Or Accomplishment: A Study of the Classical Stage of Japan
  ''978-1-56554-446-8Elbert HubbardElbert Hubbard's Scrap Book: Containing the Inspired and Inspiring Selections, Gathered During a Lifetime of Discriminating Reading for His Own Use
2002978-1-56554-457-4Robert CoatesOutlaw Years, The: The History of the Land Pirates of the Natchez Trace
1999978-1-56554-458-1George EgglestonRed Eagle
  ''978-1-56554-460-4Eliza RipleySocial Life in Old New Orleans
  ''978-1-56554-463-5Wildflower Notecards
1999978-1-56554-464-2Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1999 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-467-3Raymond Knudsen Th.D. D.D. L.L.D.Word and Words Made Flesh, The: A Story of Faith in Practice
  ''978-1-56554-472-7Harold Bell WrightThe Winning of Barbara Worth
  ''978-1-56554-474-1Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEvangeline
2000978-1-56554-495-6Virginia PilegardWarlord's Puzzle, The (Warlord's Series)
1999978-1-56554-511-3Charles Brooks · Newbold NoyesBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1974 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-512-0Charles Brooks · Barry Goldwater · Hubert HumphreyBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1975 Edition
1999978-1-56554-513-7Charles Brooks · BlaineBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1976 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-516-8Charles Brooks · Daniel MoynihanBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1980 Edition
1996978-1-56554-522-9Jim Bolus · BolusDerby Dreams
1999978-1-56554-523-6Wanda Cornelius · Thayne ShortDing Hao: America's Air War in China, 1937-1946
2001978-1-56554-534-2Betsy Swanson · Bethlyn McCloskey · Henry C. BezouHistoric Jefferson Parish: From Shore to Shore
1986978-1-56554-537-3Flora K. ScheibHistory of the Southern Yacht Club
1999978-1-56554-539-7Rosemary UpdykeJim Thorpe: The Legend Remembered
2000978-1-56554-547-2Harry AddisonMama Was a Con Man, Papa Was a Christian
1998978-1-56554-551-9David EtheridgeMozart's Clarinet Concerto: The Clarinetist's View
1999978-1-56554-564-9Louis HennickStreet Railways of Louisiana
1998978-1-56554-582-3Fred LoweryWhistling in the Dark
1999978-1-56554-588-5Lena RichardNew Orleans Cookbook
  ''978-1-56554-611-0Louis NardiniNo Man's Land: A History of El Camino Real (Louisiana Parish Histories Series)
  ''978-1-56554-650-9Joyce RossDirect Sales: Be Better Than Good_Be Great!
2000978-1-56554-651-6June Skinner SawyersScottish Bed and Breakfast Book: Country and Tourist Homes, Farms, Guesthouses, Inns (Scottish Bed & Breakfast Book)
1999978-1-56554-656-1David DavisTrucker's Night Before Christmas (The Night Before Christmas Series)
  ''978-1-56554-658-5Finis FoxEvangeline: A Novel
1999978-1-56554-666-0Marie SmithMicrowave Cooking for One
1998978-1-56554-677-6Randolph YeagerThe Renaissance New Testament, 18 Volume Set
2000978-1-56554-686-8Lynda Moreau · Patrick Griffin IIIConfederate Cookbook, The: Family Favorites from the Sons of Confederate Veterans
1999978-1-56554-687-5Peter Ochs IIMaverick Guide to Oman (Maverick Guide Series)
2000978-1-56554-696-7Glenn DedmondtFlags of Civil War South Carolina, The (Flags of the Civil War)
  ''978-1-56554-697-4R. Gordon ThorntonThe Southern Nation: The New Rise of the Old South
1999978-1-56554-700-1Irene DayMoroccan Cookbook, The
  ''978-1-56554-701-8Jim MetcalfJim Metcalf: Collected Poems
2000978-1-56554-703-2Kevin HoganTalk Your Way to the Top: Communication Secrets to Change Your Life
1999978-1-56554-704-9Sue AugustineWith Wings, There Are No Barriers: A Woman's Guide To A Life Of Magnificent Possibilities
2000978-1-56554-706-3Zig ZiglarSee You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-56554-707-0Friends Of The CabildoNew Orleans Architecture: The University Section (New Orleans Architecture Series)
2002978-1-56554-709-4Elizabeth Moore · Alice CouvillonEvangeline for Children
2001978-1-56554-710-0Syd KearneyMarmac Guide to Houston and Galveston (Marmac Guide to Houston & Galveston)
2000978-1-56554-712-4Diane ArkinsHalloween Romantic Art and Customs of Yesteryear
2001978-1-56554-717-9James Redfield · Larry MillerExploring the Zone
2000978-1-56554-718-6Mary Lou WidmerNew Orleans in the Sixties
2001978-1-56554-719-3Beverly VidrineSt. Patrick's Day Alphabet
2000978-1-56554-720-9Nancy WhiteMajesty of Beaufort, The (Majesty Architecture)
  ''978-1-56554-721-6Chet WilliamsonPennsylvania Dutch Night Before Christmas (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2000978-1-56554-722-3Henri SchindlerMardi Gras Treasures: Invitations of the Golden Age (Vol 1)
2001978-1-56554-723-0Henri SchindlerMardi Gras Treasures: Float Designs of the Golden Age (Vol 2)
2002978-1-56554-724-7   ''Mardi Gras Treasures: Costume Designs of the Golden Age
2006978-1-56554-725-4   ''Mardi Gras Treasures: Jewelry of the Golden Age
2000978-1-56554-726-1Robert ArmstrongGolfing in Ireland: The Most Complete Guide For Adventurous Golfers
2002978-1-56554-738-4Claiborne YoungCoastal Charts for Cruising Guide to Coastal North Carolina
2000978-1-56554-742-1Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 2000 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-745-2Henri SchindlerMardi Gras Treasures: Invitations of the Golden Age Notecards
2000978-1-56554-746-9Henri SchindlerMardi Gras (New Orleans, LA) Treasures: Invitations of the Golden Age Postcard Book (v. 1)
  ''978-1-56554-752-0George CableCreoles of Louisiana, The
  ''978-1-56554-753-7Bob ArtleyOnce Upon a Farm
2001978-1-56554-754-4Wanda Dionne · Jana DillonLittle Thumb
2000978-1-56554-756-8Phillip Steele · Marie ScomaFamily Story of Bonnie and Clyde, The
  ''978-1-56554-762-9Jim MetcalfJim Metcalf's Journal and Please To Begin
2001978-1-56554-764-3Sheila Hébert-Collins`T Pousette et `T Poulette: A Cajun Hansel and Gretel
1999978-1-56554-767-4Nathan GreenStory of the 1900 Galveston Hurricane
2000978-1-56554-773-5James RiceGaston® Goes to Mardi Gras Coloring Book (Gaston® Series)
2001978-1-56554-774-2Lesley BannatyneHalloween How-To, A: Costumes, Parties, Decorations, and Destinations
  ''978-1-56554-776-6Ben FrankTravel Guide to Jewish Europe, A: Third Edition
2000978-1-56554-779-7Amy Dixon · Jenny MossCajun Night After Christmas (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2000978-1-56554-784-1Paul LesterGreat Galveston Disaster, The
  ''978-1-56554-785-8Mary Lee LaBay · Kevin HoganThrough the Open Door: Secrets of Self-Hypnosis
2001978-1-56554-788-9Kerri McCaffetyMajesty of St. Charles Avenue, The (Majesty Series)
2002978-1-56554-803-9Charles WilsonBodacious Ozarks, The: True Tales of the Backhills
2001978-1-56554-820-6Donald Davidoff · Douglas Davidoff · Doris Davidoff · Philip DavidoffParenting the Office
  ''978-1-56554-822-0Laura LeeName's Familiar II, The
2003978-1-56554-823-7Leah ChaseAnd Still I Cook
2001978-1-56554-828-2Lynn Homan · Thomas ReillyBlack Knights: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen
2003978-1-56554-831-2Roulhac Toledano · Mary Louise Christovich · Betsy Swanson · Robin DerbesNew Orleans Architecture: Faubourg Tremé and the Bayou Road (New Orleans Architecture Series)
2001978-1-56554-833-6Steven LayneTeachers' Night Before Christmas, The (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2000978-1-56554-835-0Diane ArkinsHalloween: Romantic Art and Customs of Yesteryear Postcard Book
  ''978-1-56554-836-7Art WolfeWild Asian Primates Postcard Book
  ''978-1-56554-837-4Art WolfeWild Asian Birds Postcard Book
2001978-1-56554-840-4Glenn DedmondtFlags of Civil War Alabama, The (Flags of the Civil War)
2000978-1-56554-848-0Coleen SalleyCajun Night After Christmas/Cajun Night Before Christmas® (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2000978-1-56554-849-7"Trosclair"Cajun Night Before Christmas (Miniature Edition) (The Night Before Christmas Series)
2001978-1-56554-859-6David DavisJazz Cats
  ''978-1-56554-863-3Virginia PilegardWarlord's Beads, The (Warlord's Series)
  ''978-1-56554-868-8Garry BoulardThe Big Lie: Hale Boggs, Lucille May Grace, and Leander Perez
  ''978-1-56554-870-1Eric BrockEric Brock's Shreveport
2000978-1-56554-875-6Henri SchindlerMardi Gras Treasures: Float Designs of the Golden Age Postcard Book
2001978-1-56554-876-3Jack KneeceGhost Army of World War II
  ''978-1-56554-877-0J. LangComplete Book of Presidential Trivia, The
2001978-1-56554-879-4Jan DayPirate, Pink, The
2002978-1-56554-890-9Coleen Salley · Amy DixonWho's That Tripping Over My Bridge?
2001978-1-56554-891-6Charles BrooksBest Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 2001 Edition
  ''978-1-56554-901-2George CableGrandissimes, The (Pelican Pouch Series)
  ''978-1-56554-905-0Barbara SilleryHaunting of Louisiana, The
  ''978-1-56554-908-1Carole Bender · Bob GibsonBob Gibson: I Come For To Sing
2006978-1-56554-909-8Bob Gibson Steps Along the Way Cd
2001978-1-56554-910-4Henri SchindlerMardi Gras Treasures: Costume Designs of the Golden Age Postcard Book
  ''978-1-56554-911-1   ''Mardi Gras Treasures: Costume Designs of the Golden Age Notecards
2002978-1-56554-912-8Sheila Hébert-CollinsBlanchette et les Sept Petits Cajuns: A Cajun Snow White
2002978-1-56554-917-3Deborah KadairThere Was An Ol' Cajun
2006978-1-56554-918-0Fran Osseo-AsareGood Soup Attracts Chairs, A
2002978-1-56554-926-5Peggy LabordeEtouffée, Mon Amour: The Great Restaurants of New Orleans
2004978-1-56554-928-9Sheila Hébert-CollinsJean-Paul Hébert Was There/Jean-Paul Hébert Etait Là (English and French Edition)
2002978-1-56554-929-6Galia SperberArt of Romanian Cooking, The
2001978-1-56554-931-9John ChaseFrenchmen, Desire, Good Children: . . . and Other Streets of New Orleans!
  ''978-1-56554-937-1Charles Kelly Barrow · J. H. Segars · R. B. RosenburgBlack Confederates
2005978-1-56554-940-1Debra SmithHattie Marshall And The Prowling Panther (Hattie Marshall Series)
2002978-1-56554-944-9Gary PenleyDella Raye: A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole
  ''978-1-56554-964-7Virginia PilegardWarlord's Fish, The (Warlord's Series)
2003978-1-56554-968-5Benson LossingLossing's War of 1812: Lossing's Pictorial Field Book of the War of 1812
2001978-1-56554-981-4Thomas Dixon Jr.Leopard's Spots, The: A Romance of the White Man's Burden - 1865-1900
2002978-1-56554-991-3Richard CampanellaTime and Place in New Orleans: Past Geographies in the Present Day
2003978-1-56554-992-0Glenn DedmondtFlags of Civil War North Carolina, The (Flags of the Civil War)
  ''978-1-56554-993-7Michele KarlGreetings With Love: The Book of Valentines (Architecture S)
2002978-1-56554-994-4Lynn Homan · Thomas ReillyTuskegee Airmen: American Heroes
  ''978-1-56554-995-1Captain Rick RhodesCruising Guide from Lake Michigan to Kentucky Lake: The Heartland Rivers Route
2002978-1-56554-997-5Lloyd VogtHistoric Buildings of the French Quarter