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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-56530-007-1Cliff SheatsCliff Sheats' Lean Bodies: The Revolutionary New Approach to Losing Bodyfat By Increasing Calories
  ''978-1-56530-008-8Cliff SheatsCliff Sheats' Lean Bodies Cookbook: A Cooking Companion to Cliff Sheats' Lean Bodies
1992978-1-56530-015-6Bobby Bragan · Jeff GuinnYou Can't Hit the Ball With the Bat on Your Shoulder: The Baseball Life and Times of Bobby Bragan
1993978-1-56530-019-4Hamilton H. HowzeThe Tragic Descent: America in 2020
1997978-1-56530-023-1Pete SouzaUnguarded Moments: Behind-The-Scenes Photographs of President Ronald Reagan
1993978-1-56530-061-3Mike Fisher · Richie WhittThe Boys Are Back: The Return of the Dallas Cowboys
1997978-1-56530-063-7Tim MadiganSee No Evil: Blind Devotion and Bloodshed in David Koresh's Holy War
1993978-1-56530-064-4Mike FisherStars & Strife: Inside the Dallas Cowboys' Reemergence As America's Team
1997978-1-56530-072-9Summit Publishing GroupYou Can Do It! Ribbons & Braids (You Can Do It Series)
2007978-1-56530-086-6Mike NicholsReal Men Belch Downwind: 6 copy counter display: Modern Etiquette for the Primitive Man
1997978-1-56530-100-9Summit Publishing GroupRush Hour: Talk Radio, Politics, and the Rise of Rush Limbaugh
  ''978-1-56530-129-0Louie HulmePet Peeves: More Than 200 Irritations from Everyday Life
1994978-1-56530-141-2Joel GregoryToo Great a Temptation: The Seductive Power of America's Super Church
  ''978-1-56530-149-8Haila HarveyThe Envelope Mill: Recycle Magazines into Beautifully Crafted Envelopes/Book and Templates: Recycle Magazines into Beautiful, New Envelopes
1997978-1-56530-180-1Byron NelsonByron Nelson's Little Black Book
  ''978-1-56530-182-5Nancy BrinkerThe Race is Run One Step at a Time: Every Woman's Guide to Taking Charge of Breast Cancer and My Personal Story
1997978-1-56530-183-2Leisa Hart · Liz NeporentAbs of Steel: Flatter, Firmer Abs in Just Four Weeks
  ''978-1-56530-188-7Cliff SheatsCliff Sheats Lean Bodies Total Fitness: Get Leaner Faster With Fat-Burning Workouts and INCREASED Calories
  ''978-1-56530-191-7Anna Seaton HuntingtonMaking Waves: The Inside Story of Managing and Motivating the First Women's Team to Compete for the America's Cup
1995978-1-56530-197-9Chuck CarlockFirebirds: The Best First-Person Account of Helicopter Combat in Vietnam Ever Written
1997978-1-56530-202-0Sheriff ArpaioAmerica's Toughest Sheriff: How We Can Win the War Against Crime
  ''978-1-56530-203-7Greg IsaacsThe Ultimate Lean Routine: 12-Week Cross-training & Fat Loss Program From the Creator & Director of the Warner Bros. Fitness Center
  ''978-1-56530-206-8Wayne A RootThe Joy of Failure: How to Fail Your Way to the Top
1997978-1-56530-208-2Ben G. GillStewardship: The Biblical Basics for Living
1999978-1-56530-212-9Norman BrinkerOn The Brink: The Life and Leadership of Norman Brinker
2007978-1-56530-213-6Tomima EdmarkCigar Chic: 6 copy prepack: A Woman's Perspective
  ''978-1-56530-216-7Susan Besze WallaceThe Cat Book of Virtues, A Parody: 6 copy counter display: A Collection of Stories for the Noble Cat
1996978-1-56530-217-4Ross PerotThe Dollar Crisis: A Blueprint to Help Rebuild the American Dream
  ''978-1-56530-225-9Herbie J. PilatoBewitched Forever: The Immortal Companion to Television's Most Magical Supernatural Situation Comedy
  ''978-1-56530-228-0Tomima EdmarkThe Kissing Book: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
1997978-1-56530-229-7Neil Sperry1001 Most Asked Texas Gardening Questions
1996978-1-56530-236-5Byron NelsonByron Nelson: The Little Black Book
  ''978-1-56530-237-2Ross PerotMy Life & The Principles for Success
1997978-1-56530-242-6Donald T. PhillipsLincoln Stories for Leaders: Influencing Others through Storytelling
1999978-1-56530-243-3Paul MeyerI Inherited a Fortune!
1997978-1-56530-251-8Frank AntonWhy Didn't You Get Me Out?: The Story of Vietnam's Longest Held P.O.W.
1997978-1-56530-270-9Roland LazenbyChicago Bulls: The Authorized Pictorial
1999978-1-56530-299-0Debra Lee BaldwinTaco Titan: The Glen Bell Story
  ''978-1-56530-302-7Joseph L., M.D. GodatPutting Impotence to Bed: What Every Woman & Man Needs to Know
1997978-1-56530-306-5Paul J. MeyerI Inherited a Fortune