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1992978-1-56507-005-9Lori WickAs Time Goes by (California Series, Book 2)
1993978-1-56507-023-3John Ankerberg · John WeldonThe Coming Darkness
  ''978-1-56507-026-4Ed BulkleyWhy Christians Can't Trust Psychology
1992978-1-56507-029-5William J. MurrayMy Life Without God
1993978-1-56507-039-4Greg LaurieDiscipleship: Giving God Your Best
  ''978-1-56507-045-5Tony CoffeyOnce a Catholic
  ''978-1-56507-046-2Lori WickSean Donovan (The Californians, Book 3)
  ''978-1-56507-056-1Claire CloningerA Place Called Simplicity
1993978-1-56507-058-5Greg LaurieEveryday with Jesus
1992978-1-56507-062-2Bob PhillipsAwesome Good Clean Jokes for Kids
1993978-1-56507-065-3Emilie BarnesSurvival for Busy Women
  ''978-1-56507-074-5David ReaganThe Master Plan: Making Sense of the Controversies Surrounding Bible Prophecy Today
  ''978-1-56507-075-2Bill GillhamLifetime Guarantee
  ''978-1-56507-077-6Robert MoreyThe Truth About Masons
  ''978-1-56507-091-2UnknownInternational Inductive Study Bible: New American Standard Bible
1993978-1-56507-093-6Harvest House PublishersInternational Inductive Study Bible: New American Standard Bible/Burgundy Leather Cover/Gilt Edged
  ''978-1-56507-106-3Ron RhodesReasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses
1995978-1-56507-107-0James G. McCarthyThe Gospel According to Rome: Comparing Catholic Tradition and the Word of God
1993978-1-56507-121-6Dave Hunt · Thomas A. McMahonThe New Spirituality
  ''978-1-56507-122-3Thomas Ice · Robert DeanOverrun by Demons/the Church's New Preoccupation With the Demonic
  ''978-1-56507-126-1James Byron HugginsA Wolf Story
1994978-1-56507-127-8Randall PriceIn Search of Temple Treasures: The Lost Ark and the Last Days
1993978-1-56507-132-2Kay ArthurHis Imprint: My Expression
  ''978-1-56507-137-7Ed Decker · Caryl MatriscianaThe God Makers II
1996978-1-56507-160-5John Ankerberg · John WeldonEncyclopedia of New Age Beliefs (In Defense of the Faith Series, 1)
1994978-1-56507-170-4Neil T. AndersonA Way of Escape
1994978-1-56507-181-0James Byron HugginsThe Reckoning: A Novel
1999978-1-56507-192-6Bible: New American Standard Bible
1994978-1-56507-198-8Kay ArthurBeloved: From God's Heart to Yours: A Daily Devotional
  ''978-1-56507-199-5Dave HuntA Woman Rides the Beast: The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days
  ''978-1-56507-203-9Bob GeorgeComplete in Christ
  ''978-1-56507-215-2Dave HuntSanctuary of the Chosen/2154
  ''978-1-56507-218-3Peter Lalonde · Paul LalondeRacing Toward the Mark of the Beast
1995978-1-56507-223-7Beverly LahayeThe Spirit-Controlled Woman
1994978-1-56507-225-1Sandy SilverthorneThe Awesome Book of Bible Facts
1994978-1-56507-232-9Emilie BarnesIf Teacups Could Talk: Sharing a Cup of Kindness with Treasured Friends (Teatime Pleasures)
1995978-1-56507-252-7Kay ArthurLord, Teach Me to Pray in 28 Days
  ''978-1-56507-254-1Bill Gillham · Anabel GillhamHe Said, She Said: Candid Conversations About the Making of a Great Marriage
1994978-1-56507-268-8David NoebelUnderstanding the Times
1998978-1-56507-269-5Dave HuntOccult Invasion: The Subtle Seduction of the World and Church
1994978-1-56507-295-4Amy George · Al JanssenGoodbye Is Not Forever
1995978-1-56507-298-5Harvest HouseThe International Inductive Study Bible: New International Version
  ''978-1-56507-301-2Douglas R. GroothuisDeceived by the Light
  ''978-1-56507-311-1Lori WickSophie's Heart (Contemporary Romance)
  ''978-1-56507-313-5Thomas IceWhen the Trumpet Sounds: Today's Foremost Authorities Speak Out on End-Time Controversy
1995978-1-56507-314-2John Ankerberg · John WeldonProtestants & Catholics: Do They Now Agree?
1996978-1-56507-320-3Charles C. RyrieCome Quickly, Lord Jesus: What You Need to Know About the Raputure
1995978-1-56507-321-0Steve McVeyGrace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in The Christian Life
  ''978-1-56507-322-7Jim SmokeGrowing Through Divorce
  ''978-1-56507-323-4Ed BulkleyOnly God Can Heal the Wounded Heart
  ''978-1-56507-328-9Ron Rhodes · Marian BodineReasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons
  ''978-1-56507-334-0Dave HuntA Cup of Trembling: Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy
1995978-1-56507-342-5Max Jacoby · Heike GoshenNext Year in Jerusalem
  ''978-1-56507-345-6John Ankerberg · John WeldonThe Facts on Angels (Anker Series)
  ''978-1-56507-347-0P.B. WilsonYour Knight in Shining Armor: Discovering Your Lifelong Love
  ''978-1-56507-349-4The International Inductive Study Bible: New International Version/Bonded Leather
  ''978-1-56507-351-7Kay ArthurMy Savior, My Friend
1995978-1-56507-354-8Stormie OmartianThe Power of a Praying Parent
1996978-1-56507-356-2Terry W. GlaspeyGreat Books of the Christian Tradition
1995978-1-56507-365-4Donna OttoBetween Women of God: The Gentle Art of Mentoring
  ''978-1-56507-367-8James Byron HugginsThe Reckoning: A Novel
  ''978-1-56507-368-5Emilie Barnes · Anne Christian BuchananTime Began in a Garden (ILLUSTRATED)
1997978-1-56507-385-2Kay Arthur · David ArthurDesiring God's Own Heart: 1And 2 Samuel/1 Chronicles (The International Inductive Study Series)
1996978-1-56507-391-3Lori WickWhere the Wild Rose Blooms (Rocky Mountain Memories)
  ''978-1-56507-392-0Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyThe Truth About the Rapture (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-399-9Kay ArthurHis Imprint, My Expression
1996978-1-56507-406-4Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyThe Truth About the Tribulation (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-407-1   ''The Antichrist and His Kingdom (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-415-6Bob GeorgeLiving Above Your Circumstances
  ''978-1-56507-416-3Anne Christian BuchananSimpler Times
  ''978-1-56507-425-5Michael CardClose Your Eyes So You Can See: Stories of Children in the Life of Jesus
1996978-1-56507-428-6Emilie Barnes · Anne Christian BuchananTimeless Treasures: The Charm and Romance of Treasured Memories
1995978-1-56507-429-3James G. McCarthyRoman Catholicism: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides)
1996978-1-56507-431-6Joe DallasA Strong Delusion: Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement
2000978-1-56507-451-4Kay ArthurA Marriage Without Regrets
1996978-1-56507-454-5Randall PriceSecrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  ''978-1-56507-460-6Hal LindseyThe Messiah
  ''978-1-56507-462-0Emilie BarnesAn Invitation to Tea (Teatime Pleasures)
  ''978-1-56507-479-8Grant R. JeffreyFinal Warning
  ''978-1-56507-483-5Lori WickWhispers of Moonlight (Rocky Mountain Memories, Book 2)
1996978-1-56507-485-9Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyThe Truth About Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-486-6   ''The Truth About the Millennium (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-487-3   ''The Truth About 2000 A.D. & Predicting Christ's Return (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-495-8Dave HuntIn Defense of the Faith: Biblical Answers to Challenging Questions
1997978-1-56507-510-8Ron RhodesJehovah's Witnesses: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides)
  ''978-1-56507-511-5Ed DeckerMormonism: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides)
1996978-1-56507-514-6P. Bunny Wilson · Frank WilsonThe Master's Degree
1997978-1-56507-521-4F. Lagard SmithMeeting God in Holy Places: A Devotional Journey
1996978-1-56507-523-8Thomas Ice · Timothy J. DemyThe Coming Cashless Society
1997978-1-56507-531-3Michelle McKinney HammondWhat to Do Until Love Finds You
1997978-1-56507-533-7Elizabeth GeorgeA Woman After God's Own Heart®
  ''978-1-56507-540-5Thomas KinkadeBeyond the Garden Gate (Lighted Path Collection®)
  ''978-1-56507-541-2Thomas KinkadeRomantic Hideaways
  ''978-1-56507-552-8Florence Littauer · Fred LittauerAfter Every Wedding Comes a Marriage
  ''978-1-56507-555-9Sandra KuckSmall Miracles: The Precious Gift of Childern
1998978-1-56507-557-3Bill GillhamWhat God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity
1997978-1-56507-566-5Ed DeckerThe Masonic Lodge: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides)
1997978-1-56507-568-9Susan Card · Michael CardThe Homeschool Journey
  ''978-1-56507-572-6Stormie OmartianThe Power of A Praying Wife
  ''978-1-56507-574-0Lori WickTo Know Her by Name (Rocky Mountain Memories #3)
  ''978-1-56507-585-6William T. James · Grant R. Jeffrey · Chuck Missler · Dave Breese · Zola Levitt · John WalvoordForeshocks of Antichrist
1996978-1-56507-588-7Lori WickA Place Called Home (A Place Called Home Series #1)
1997978-1-56507-592-4Emilie BarnesSimply Organized: The Life You've Always Searched For...but Were Too Cluttered to Find
  ''978-1-56507-594-8Anne Christian Buchanan · Thomas KincaidI'll Be Home for Christmas
1997978-1-56507-607-5Sandra KuckTo My Child: A Mother's Journal
1998978-1-56507-609-9Sandy Lynam CloughHeirlooms from Loving Hands: Making Memories to Cherish Forever
1997978-1-56507-614-3Thomas KinkadeSimpler Times Guest Book
  ''978-1-56507-617-4Elyse Fitzpatrick · Carol CornishWomen Helping Women: A Biblical Guide to Major Issues Women Face
  ''978-1-56507-620-4Tal BrookeVirtual Gods
1998978-1-56507-631-0Tim LaHayeHow to Study the Bible for Yourself
1997978-1-56507-637-2H. Norman Wright · Wes RobertsBefore You Say "I Do": A Marriage Preparation Manual for Couples
  ''978-1-56507-638-9Donna OttoThe Stay-at-Home Mom: For Women at Home And Those Who Want to Be
  ''978-1-56507-640-2Randall PriceThe Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the Bible
1997978-1-56507-662-4Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyThe Truth About the Signs of the Times (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-664-8   ''The Truth About Heaven and Eternity (Pocket Prophecy Series)
  ''978-1-56507-665-5Thomas Ice · Timothy J. DemyFast Facts on Bible Prophecy
1998978-1-56507-678-5Emilie Barnes · Ann Christian BuchananA Little Book of Manners: Courtesy & Kindness for Young Ladies
1997978-1-56507-679-2Emilie BarnesLet's Have a Tea Party!: Special Celebrations for Little Girls
  ''978-1-56507-683-9Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyTruth About Armageddon and the Middle East (Pocket Prophecy Series)
1998978-1-56507-685-3Thomas Ice · Timothy J. DemyProphecy Watch
1997978-1-56507-692-1John Ankerberg · John WeldonThe Facts on False Views of Jesus (The anker series)
  ''978-1-56507-695-2Lori WickPromise Me Tomorrow (Rocky Mountain Memories #4)
1997978-1-56507-696-9Hank HanegraaffChristianity in Crisis with Study Guide
  ''978-1-56507-697-6Bob GeorgeGrowing in Grace with Study Guide
  ''978-1-56507-698-3H. Norman WrightQuiet Times for Couples
  ''978-1-56507-707-2Kay Arthur · Brad BirdCome Walk in My Ways: 1 And 2 Kings with 2 Chronicles (The International Inductive Study Series)
  ''978-1-56507-717-1Ed Decker · Dave HuntThe God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes
1997978-1-56507-720-1P. B. WilsonLiberated Through Submission: God's Design for Freedom in All Relationships
  ''978-1-56507-721-8Ron RhodesThe Complete Book of Bible Answers
  ''978-1-56507-723-2Chuck MisslerAlien Encounters: The Truth About the UFO Phenomenon
1998978-1-56507-755-3Linda Lee ChaikinCaptive Heart (Trade Winds, Book 1)
  ''978-1-56507-756-0Linda Lee ChaikinSilver Dreams (Trade Winds, Book 2)
1997978-1-56507-757-7Donna OttoThe Gentle Art of Mentoring
1998978-1-56507-763-8Thomas KinkadeHome Is Where the Heart Is (Thomas Kinkades Lighted Path Collection))
1998978-1-56507-764-5Thomas KinkadeGlory of Creation (Thomas Kinkade's Lighted Path Collection)
  ''978-1-56507-771-3Thomas Ice · Timothy DemyThe Truth About America in the Last Days (Pocket prophecy series)
  ''978-1-56507-781-2Terry W. GlaspeyA Passion for Books
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  ''978-1-56507-783-6Randall PriceJerusalem in Prophecy
1998978-1-56507-802-4Greg LaurieA Passion for God
  ''978-1-56507-803-1D. MorganBlessings of Home
  ''978-1-56507-809-3D MorganJust between us: Paintings (Sincerely yours collection)
  ''978-1-56507-819-2Tal BrookeThe Conspiracy to Silence the Son of God
  ''978-1-56507-824-6Bob BarnesWhat Makes a Man Feel Loved
1998978-1-56507-826-0Andre Kole · Jerry MacGregorMind Games
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  ''978-1-56507-831-4Dave HuntThe Mind Invaders
1997978-1-56507-832-1Stormie OmartianStormie: A Story of Forgiveness and Healing
1998978-1-56507-841-3Alda EllisJulia-Daisies-Victorian Sentiments Stationery: With Matching Envelopes in a Velcro Fastened Presentation Folder
  ''978-1-56507-843-7Michelle McKinney HammondSecrets of an Irresistible Woman: Smart Rules for Capturing His Heart
  ''978-1-56507-844-4Zachary BrittonSafety Net, internet safety, child pornografy on the net, ethical hacking
1998978-1-56507-845-1Norman L. Geisler · Ron Rhodes · Phil Roberts · Jerald Tanner · Sandra Tanner · Francis J. BeckwithThe Counterfeit Gospel of Mormonism: The Great Divide Between Mormonism and Christianity
  ''978-1-56507-848-2Thomas Ice · Timothy J. DemyThe Truth About Christ's Second Coming (Pocket prophecy series)
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1998978-1-56507-858-1Marilyn Willett HeavilinRoses in December
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1998978-1-56507-864-2Steve ChapmanA Look at Life from a Deer Stand: Hunting for the Meaning of Life
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1998978-1-56507-897-0Steve McVeyGrace Rules: Living in the Kingdom of God Where...
1999978-1-56507-901-4Randall PriceThe Coming Last Days Temple
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1998978-1-56507-903-8H. Norman WrightWinning Over Your Emotions: Helpful Answers That Will Change Your Life
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1998978-1-56507-912-0Emilie BarnesChristmas Is Coming: Our Family Holiday Organizer
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1998978-1-56507-953-3Greg LaurieDiscipleship: The Next Step in Following Jesus
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  ''978-1-56507-987-8Bob PhillipsThe World's Greatest Collection of Clean Jokes
1999978-1-56507-988-5Sandy Lynam CloughAnd I Know He Watches Me: God's Comfort for Those Who Hurt
  ''978-1-56507-991-5H. Norman Wright · Wes Roberts · Judy RobertsAfter You Say "I Do": Making the Most of Your Marriage