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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-56478-404-9Douglas Glover EdEnamoured Knight (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
  ''978-1-56478-405-6Nobuo KojimaEmbracing Family
2006978-1-56478-406-3Menis KoumandareasKoula
  ''978-1-56478-407-0Nicholas MosleyLook at the Dark (Coleman Dowell British Literature)
2014978-1-56478-410-0Nathalie SarrautePlanetarium (French Literature)
2005978-1-56478-412-4Zoran ZivkovicHidden Camera (Eastern European Literature)
2006978-1-56478-413-1Donald BarthelmeKing (American Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-414-8Louis Paul BoonSummer in Termuren (Netherlandic Literature)
2005978-1-56478-416-2Professor Hugh KennerThe Counterfeiters: Counterfeiters: An Historical Comedy (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
2007978-1-56478-420-9Lydie SalvayrePower of Flies (French Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-421-6Dumitru TsepeneagVain Art of the Fugue
2006978-1-56478-422-3Anita KonkkaFool's Paradise (Coleman Dowell Finnish Literature)
2011978-1-56478-423-0António Lobo AntunesThe Splendor of Portugal (Portuguese Literature Series)
2006978-1-56478-424-7Nicholas MosleyExperience and Religion: Experience & Religion
2011978-1-56478-425-4Viktor ShklovskyBowstring: On the Dissimilarity of the Similar (Russian Literature Series)
2007978-1-56478-426-1Viktor ShklovskyEnergy of Delusion: A Book on Plot
2007978-1-56478-428-5Professor Hugh KennerJoyce's Voices (American Literature Series)
2009978-1-56478-431-5Eric LaurrentDo Not Touch
  ''978-1-56478-432-2Ignacio De Loyola BrandaoAnonymous Celebrity (Brazilian Literature)
2012978-1-56478-433-9William GaddisJ R (American Literature)
2009978-1-56478-434-6Juan FilloyOp Oloop (Latin American Literature)
2008978-1-56478-436-0António Lobo AntunesKnowledge of Hell
2006978-1-56478-437-7Rosa LiksomDark Paradise (Finnish Literature)
1993978-1-56478-439-1Gilbert SorrentinoAberration of Starlight
2006978-1-56478-444-5Yves NavarreSweet Tooth (French Literature)
2001978-1-56478-446-9Steven MillhauserThe Review of Contemporary Fiction: XXVI, #2: Review of Contemporary Fiction, Volume 26: Spring 2006, No. 1
2006978-1-56478-447-6Uchida HyakkenRealm of the Dead (Japanese Literature Series)
1999978-1-56478-448-3MR William H GassTunnel (American Literature Series)
2006978-1-56478-449-0Louis-Ferdinand CelineConversations with Professor Y (French Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-450-6Max FrischI'm Not Stiller
  ''978-1-56478-451-3Jon FosseMelancholy
  ''978-1-56478-452-0Gilbert SorrentinoRed the Fiend
2007978-1-56478-453-7Juan GoytisoloMarks of Identity
2007978-1-56478-454-4Herman MelvilleThe Confidence-Man: His Masquerade
2006978-1-56478-455-1Stefan ThemersonThe Mystery of the Sardine
  ''978-1-56478-459-9Jeffrey C. RobinsonThe Walk: Notes on a Romantic Image
  ''978-1-56478-460-5Daniel KaneDon't Ever Get Famous: Essays on New York Writing after the New York School
  ''978-1-56478-461-2Bruce F KawinMindscreen: Bergman, Godard, and First-Person Film (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
1985978-1-56478-465-0Nicholas MosleyImpossible Object (British Literature Series)
2007978-1-56478-466-7Max FrischMan in the Holocene
  ''978-1-56478-467-4Austryn WainhouseHedyphagetica
2007978-1-56478-468-1MR William H GassA Temple of Texts: Temple of Texts: Essays (American Literature Series)
2000978-1-56478-470-4Gilbert SorrentinoImaginative Qualities of Actual Things
2007978-1-56478-471-1G J Buckell · Gareth BuckellRayner Heppenstall: A Critical Study
  ''978-1-56478-473-5Kimberly Bohman-KalajaReading Games: An Aesthetics of Play in Flann O'Brien, Samuel Beckett, and Georges Perec
  ''978-1-56478-474-2Fabrice Rozié · Esther Allen · Guy WalterAs You Were Saying: American Writers Respond to Their French Contemporaries
  ''978-1-56478-476-6Witold GombrowiczKind of Testament (Polish Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-477-3Professor of Psychology Paul VerhaeghenOmega Minor
2007978-1-56478-479-7Gabriel GuddingRhode Island Notebook
  ''978-1-56478-481-0Alain Arias-MissonTheatre of Incest (American Literature (Dalkey Archive))
2008978-1-56478-482-7Viktor Borisovich ShklovskiiLiterature and Cinematography (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
2007978-1-56478-484-1Juan GoytisoloCount Julian
2008978-1-56478-486-5Evgeny Bunimovitch · J. KatesContemporary Russian Poetry: An Anthology (Russian Edition)
2007978-1-56478-489-6Aiko KitaharaThe Budding Tree: Six Stories of Love in Edo
2008978-1-56478-490-2Tsutomu Minakami · Tsutomu MizukamiThe Temple of Wild Geese and Bamboo Dolls of Echizen: The Temple of the Wild Geese and Bamboo Dolls of Echizen
2009978-1-56478-491-9Michal AjvazThe Other City (Czech Literature Series)
2008978-1-56478-493-3Amanda MichalopoulouI'd Like
  ''978-1-56478-495-7Author Nicholas DelbancoThe Count of Concord
  ''978-1-56478-496-4Mati UntDiary of a Blood Donor
  ''978-1-56478-497-1Rainer Maria RilkeThe Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge
2008978-1-56478-498-8Jay WrightThe Presentable Art of Reading Absence
  ''978-1-56478-499-5Jay WrightPolynomials and Pollen: Parables, Proverbs, Paradigms and Praise for Lois
  ''978-1-56478-500-8John O'Brien · Martin Riker · Jaume Subirana · Irving MalinThe Review of Contemporary Fiction: XXVIII, #2: Review of Contemporary Fiction: New Catalan Fiction
  ''978-1-56478-501-5Gert JonkeHomage to Czerny
2009978-1-56478-502-2William H. GassCartesian Sonata and Other Novellas
2008978-1-56478-504-6Shotaro YasuokaThe Glass Slipper and Other Stories (Japanese Literature (Dalkey))
  ''978-1-56478-505-3Jean-Philippe ToussaintMonsieur
2008978-1-56478-506-0Juan GoytisoloMakbara
  ''978-1-56478-508-4Stephen J Burn · Peter DempseyIntersections: Essays on Richard Powers
  ''978-1-56478-511-4Micheline Aharonian MarcomThe Mirror in the Well
  ''978-1-56478-512-1Stanley G CrawfordLog of the S.S. the Mrs Unguentine
  ''978-1-56478-513-8C S GiscombePrairie Style
2008978-1-56478-516-9Dumitru TsepeneagPigeon Post
  ''978-1-56478-518-3Jean-Philippe ToussaintThe Bathroom
  ''978-1-56478-519-0Rikki DucornetThe One Marvelous Thing
  ''978-1-56478-520-6John Ashbery · James SchuylerA Nest of Ninnies
  ''978-1-56478-522-0Jean-Philippe ToussaintCamera
2009978-1-56478-525-1Louis-Ferdinand Celine · Louis C?lineNormance (French Literature)
2009978-1-56478-527-5Juan GoytisoloJuan the Landless (Spanish Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-528-2Christine MontalbettiWestern (French Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-529-9William H. GassFinding a Form (American Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-530-5Manuel PuigBetrayed by Rita Hayworth (Latin American Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-531-2Charles JulietConversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram Van Velde (French Literature Series)
2009978-1-56478-532-9Mati UntBrecht at Night (Baltic Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-533-6Fernando Del PasoNews from the Empire
  ''978-1-56478-536-7Gerard GavarryHoppla! 1 2 3 (French Literature)
2010978-1-56478-538-1Aidan HigginsBalcony of Europe (Irish Literature Series)
2009978-1-56478-539-8Nicholas MosleyParadoxes of Peace: Or, the Presence of Infinity (British Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-540-4   ''God's Hazard (British Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-541-1Bernard ShareInish (John F. Byrne Irish Literature)
2009978-1-56478-542-8Bernard ShareTransit (Irish Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-543-5Aleksandar HemonBest European Fiction 2010
  ''978-1-56478-544-2Henry GreenBack (British Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-546-6Jacques RoubaudLoop (French Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-547-3Damion SearlsWhat We Were Doing and Where We Were Going (American Literature)
2009978-1-56478-548-0Gill PaulTranslation in Practice: A Symposium (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
2010978-1-56478-549-7Eloy UrrozFriction (Mexican Literature)
2009978-1-56478-550-3Gert JonkeThe System of Vienna: System of Vienna: From Heaven Street to Earth Mound Square (German and Austrian Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-552-7Nick WadleyMan + Dog (British Literature Series)
2010978-1-56478-553-4Manuel PuigHeartbreak Tango (Argentinian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-554-1Alix Cleo RoubaudAlix's Journal (French Literature)
2009978-1-56478-555-8Goncalo M TavaresJerusalem (Portuguese Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-556-5Lucian Dan TeodoroviciOur Circus Presents (Romanian Literature Series)
2010978-1-56478-558-9Louis Paul BoonMy Little War (Belgian Literature)
2009978-1-56478-559-6Andrzej StasiukFado (Polish Literature (Dalkey Archive))
2010978-1-56478-560-2John HawkesPassion Artist (American Literature (Dalkey Archive))
2009978-1-56478-561-9MomusBook of Jokes (British Literature)
2010978-1-56478-562-6Neil Murphy · Annie Proulx · John Banville · Dermot HealyAidan Higgins: The Fragility of Form (Dalkey Archive Scholarly Series)
2009978-1-56478-563-3Suzanne Jill LevineThe Subversive Scribe: Subversive Scribe: Translating Latin American Fiction (Dalkey Archive Scholarly)
2010978-1-56478-565-7Heimrad BackerTranscript (German and Austrian Literature Series)
2009978-1-56478-566-4Mieko KanaiWord Book (Japanese Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-567-1Jean-Philippe ToussaintRunning Away (Belgian Literature)
2009978-1-56478-568-8Ornela VorpsiCountry Where No One Ever Dies (Eastern European Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-569-5John O'Brien · Martin Riker · Irving Malin · Jeremy M DaviesThe Review of Contemporary Fiction: XXIX, #1: Review of Contemporary Fiction, Volume XXIX, No. 1: Georges Perec Issue, Spring 2009
2010978-1-56478-570-1Dumitru TsepeneagHotel Europa (Romanian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-571-8Lars SvendsenPhilosophy of Evil (Norwegian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-577-0Patrik OurednikCase Closed (Czech Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-578-7Michal AjvazThe Golden Age (Czech Literature Series)
2010978-1-56478-579-4Pierre SiniacCollaborators (French Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-580-0Manuel PuigBuenos Aires Affair (Argentinian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-582-4Eshkol NevoHomesick (Hebrew Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-586-2Jean-Philippe ToussaintSelf-Portrait Abroad (Netherlandic and Belgian Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-588-6Joshua CohenWitz: A Novel (American Literature Series)
2011978-1-56478-589-3Joao Ubaldo RibeiroHouse of the Fortunate Buddhas (Brazilian Literature)
2010978-1-56478-593-0Rene BellettoDying (French Literature)
2011978-1-56478-596-1Patrik OuredníkThe Opportune Moment, 1855: A Novel (Czech Literature Series)
2010978-1-56478-597-8Julian RiosHouse of Ulysses (Spanish Literature)
2010978-1-56478-600-5Aleksandar Hemon · Colum McCannBest European Fiction 2011
  ''978-1-56478-601-2John ToomeySleepwalker (Irish Literature)
2011978-1-56478-602-9Joseph McElroyNight Soul and Other Stories (American Literature Series)
2010978-1-56478-603-6Keizo HinoIsle of Dreams (Japanese Literature (Dalkey))
  ''978-1-56478-604-3Emilio Lascano TeguiOn Elegance While Sleeping (Argentinian Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-610-4Orly Castel-BloomDolly City (Hebrew Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-612-8Llorenc VillalongaThe Dolls' Room (Catalan Literature Series)
2011978-1-56478-613-5Yoram KaniukLife on Sandpaper (Hebrew Literature Series)
2011978-1-56478-624-1Raymond RousselImpressions of Africa (French Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-627-2Gonçalo M. TavaresLearning to Pray in the Age of Technique: Lenz Buchmann's Position in the World (Portuguese Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-628-9Edouard LevéSuicide (French Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-630-2Mina LoyStories and Essays of Mina Loy (British Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-631-9Luisa ValenzuelaDark Desires and the Others (Argentinian Literature)
2011978-1-56478-633-3Eric ChevillardDemolishing Nisard (French Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-635-7Juan GoytisoloExiled from Almost Everywhere (Spanish Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-637-1Ishmael ReedJuice!: A Novel (American Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-642-5Asaf SchurrMotti (Hebrew Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-643-2Gabriela Avigur-RotemHeatwave and Crazy Birds (Hebrew Literature Series)
2011978-1-56478-676-0Gerald MurnaneBarley Patch (Australian Literature Series)
2012978-1-56478-677-7Gonçalo M. TavaresJoseph Walser's Machine (Portuguese Literature Series)
2011978-1-56478-680-7Aleksandar Hemon · Nicole KraussBest European Fiction 2012
2012978-1-56478-683-8Jacques RoubaudMathematics: (French Literature)
2011978-1-56478-685-2Gerhard MeierIsle of the Dead (Swiss Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-687-6Andrzej StasiukDukla (Polish Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-689-0Vitomil ZupanMinuet for Guitar (in Twenty-Five Shots) (Slovenian Literature)
2012978-1-56478-691-3William GaddisThe Recognitions (American Literature (Dalkey Archive))
2011978-1-56478-702-6Kjersti A SkomsvoldThe Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am (Norwegian Literature Series)
2012978-1-56478-707-1Edouard Leve · Edouard Lev · Aedouard LevaeAutoportrait
  ''978-1-56478-710-1Jean-Philippe ToussaintReticence (Belgian Literature)
2014978-1-56478-712-5Mario LeviIstanbul Was a Fairy Tale (Turkish Literature Series)
2012978-1-56478-714-9Takehiko FukunagaFlowers of Grass (Japanese Literature Series)
  ''978-1-56478-717-0Gerald MurnaneInland
2012978-1-56478-734-7Danilo KisThe Attic (Serbian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-735-4Danilo KisThe Lute and the Scars (Serbian Literature)
978-1-56478-746-0Istanbul Was a Fairytale (Turkish Literature Series)
2012978-1-56478-747-7Tor UlvenReplacement (Norwegian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-758-3Ayse KulinFarewell: A Mansion in Occupied Istanbul (Turkish Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-762-0Danilo KisPsalm 44 (Serbian Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-779-8Carlos FuentesVlad
2012978-1-56478-782-8Alain Robbe-GrilletProject for a Revolution in New York (French Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-792-7Aleksandar Hemon · John BanvilleBest European Fiction 2013
2013978-1-56478-794-1Gert JonkeAwakening to the Great Sleep War
2012978-1-56478-796-5Carlos FuentesAdam in Eden
2013978-1-56478-803-0Charles NewmanIn Partial Disgrace
  ''978-1-56478-816-0Charles NewmanIn Partial Disgrace (American Literature (Dalkey Archive))
  ''978-1-56478-889-4Flann O'BrienShort Fiction of Flann O'Brien (Irish Literature)
  ''978-1-56478-896-2Brigitte Lozerec'hSisters
2014978-1-56478-907-5Jurg LaederachWhole of Life (Swiss Literature)
2013978-1-56478-911-2Yi Kwang-SuThe Soil (Library of Korean Literature)
2014978-1-56478-926-6Lasha Bughadze · Lasa BugazeThe Literature Express