year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-56476-009-8David JeremiahTurning Toward Joy (Turning Point Series)
  ''978-1-56476-016-6John MacArthurHow to Meet the Enemy (Macarthur Study Series)
  ''978-1-56476-017-3John F., Jr. MacArthurSaved Without a Doubt (MacArthur Study)
  ''978-1-56476-025-8David A. Seamands · Beth FunkHealing for Damaged Emotions Workbook (David Seamands Series)
2003978-1-56476-030-2Warren W. WiersbeBible Exposition Commentary, Vol. 1: New Testament
  ''978-1-56476-031-9Warren W. WiersbeThe Bible Exposition Commentary New Testament, Vol. 2
1993978-1-56476-044-9Henry GariepyGeneral of God's Army: The Authorized Biography of General Eva Burrows
1993978-1-56476-048-7Sigmund BrouwerA City of Dreams (The Winds of Light, Book 5)
  ''978-1-56476-049-4Sigmund BrouwerMerlin's Destiny (Winds of Light, Book 6)
  ''978-1-56476-052-4Dee BrestinThe Joy of Women's Friendships: Sharing the Gift of Intimacy (A Bible Study for Women)
  ''978-1-56476-070-8David JeremiahTurning Toward Integrity (Turning Point Series)
  ''978-1-56476-103-3David A. SeamandsPutting Away Childish Things
1993978-1-56476-111-8H. B. London · Neil B. WisemanPastors At Risk: Help for Pastors, Hope for the Church
  ''978-1-56476-128-6John MacArthurAnxiety Attacked: John Macarthur, Jr (Macarthur Study)
2002978-1-56476-130-9Larry BurkettComplete Financial Guide For Young Couples (Christian Financial Concept)
1993978-1-56476-138-5Craig A. Blaising · Darrell L. BockProgressive Dispensationalism
1995978-1-56476-173-6David A. SeamandsIf Only: Moving Beyond Blame to Belief
1994978-1-56476-240-5Joseph M. StowellShepherding the Church into the 21st Century
2002978-1-56476-241-2John Charles PollockThe Master: A Life of Jesus
1994978-1-56476-242-9John PollockThe Apostle: A Life of Paul (John Pollock Series)
  ''978-1-56476-244-3Gregory A. BoydLetters From a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father's Questions about Christianity
  ''978-1-56476-247-4John MacArthur Jr.Different by Design: Discovering God's Will for Today's Man and Woman (MacArthur Study Series)
  ''978-1-56476-248-1Debra BridwellThe Ache for a Child: Emotional, Spiritual and Ethical Insights for Women Suffering Through Infertility and Pregnancy Loss
1994978-1-56476-265-8David L. SmithWith Willful Intent: A Theology of Sin
  ''978-1-56476-273-3Sigmund BrouwerThe Jester's Quest (Winds of Light, Book 7)
1997978-1-56476-274-0   ''Dance of Darkness (Winds of Light Books)
1994978-1-56476-275-7Christopher A. LaneKingdom Parables/Favorite Bible Parables for Children
1995978-1-56476-296-2Sigmund BrouwerMagnus
1994978-1-56476-317-4V. Gilbert BeersThe Preschoolers Bible
  ''978-1-56476-319-8Warren W. WiersbeBe Available (Judges): Accepting the Challenge to Confront the Enemy (The BE Series Commentary)
  ''978-1-56476-331-0Erwin W. LutzerHow to Say No to a Stubborn Habit
  ''978-1-56476-335-8Warren W. WiersbeBe Holy (Leviticus): Becoming "Set Apart" for God (The BE Series Commentary)
1994978-1-56476-337-2Leslie B. Flynn19 Gifts of the Spirit
  ''978-1-56476-340-2S. W. BrouwerMorning Star (The Ghost Rider Series, Book 1)
  ''978-1-56476-341-9S. W. BrouwerMoon Basket (The Ghost Riders, Book 2)
1995978-1-56476-346-4Jack CavanaughThe Colonists (American Family Portraits #2)
  ''978-1-56476-383-9Leann Thieman · Carol DeyThis Must Be My Brother
  ''978-1-56476-387-7Ken Boa · Larry MoodyI'm Glad You Asked: In-Depth Answers to Difficult Questions about Christianity
2002978-1-56476-407-2Dee BrestinThe Friendships of Women Workbook
1995978-1-56476-412-6Lois E. LebarEducation That is Christian
1995978-1-56476-421-8Kenneth J. CollinsSoul Care: Deliverance and Renewal Through the Christian Life
  ''978-1-56476-427-0Sigmund BrouwerSundance (The Ghost Rider, Book 3)
  ''978-1-56476-428-7Jack CavanaughThe Patriots (American Family Portraits #3)
  ''978-1-56476-429-4John MacArthurThe Power of Suffering: Strengthening Your Faith in the Refiner's Fire (Macarthur Study Series)
1994978-1-56476-440-9Jack CavanaughThe Puritans (American Family Portraits #1)
1995978-1-56476-448-5Gregory A. BoydCynic Sage or Son of God? (Current Issues)
1996978-1-56476-480-5V. Gilbert BeersThe Victor Journey through the Bible
1995978-1-56476-487-4Sandra D. WilsonThe World According to Me: Recognizing and Releasing Our Illusions of Control
  ''978-1-56476-488-1John F., Jr. MacArthurAlone with God (MacArthur Study)
1985978-1-56476-489-8Warren W. WiersbeBe Decisive (Jeremiah): Taking a Stand for the Truth (The BE Series Commentary)
2002978-1-56476-517-8Gene A. GetzBuilding Up One Another (One Another Series)
2002978-1-56476-518-5Gene A. GetzEncouraging One Another (One Another Series)
  ''978-1-56476-519-2   ''Loving One Another (One Another Series)
1995978-1-56476-532-1Charles StanleyThe Love of God (The Guided Growth Series)
  ''978-1-56476-533-8Gregory A. BoydJesus Under Siege
1996978-1-56476-535-2Jack CavanaughThe Adversaries (American Family Portraits #4)
  ''978-1-56476-536-9Eugene B. HabeckerRediscovering the Soul of Leadership: With a Piece by the Author
  ''978-1-56476-569-7David A. SeamandsHealing Meditations for Life
1996978-1-56476-585-7H. B. London · Neil B. WisemanYour Pastor Is an Endangered Species
  ''978-1-56476-586-4John MacArthurThe body dynamic
  ''978-1-56476-587-1Jack CavanaughThe Pioneers (American Family Portraits #5)
1997978-1-56476-588-8   ''The Allies (American Family Portraits #6)
1998978-1-56476-593-2Warren W. WiersbeBe Basic (Genesis 1-11): Believing the Simple Truth of God's Word (The BE Series Commentary)
1997978-1-56476-602-1Michael W. CarrollVolcanoes and Earthquakes
  ''978-1-56476-629-8Evelyn Christenson · Viola BlakeA Journey into Prayer
  ''978-1-56476-630-4Evelyn ChristensonWhat Happens When Women Pray, Deluxe Edition
1997978-1-56476-631-1Larry BurkettInvesting for the Future
1999978-1-56476-681-6Jack CavanaughThe Peacemakers (American Family Portraits #8)
1997978-1-56476-698-4Jim ConwayMen in Midlife Crisis
1998978-1-56476-699-1Kari West · Noelle QuinnWhen He Leaves: Choosing to Live, Love, and Laugh Again
  ''978-1-56476-702-8Warren W. WiersbeBe Delivered (Exodus): Finding Freedom by Following God (The BE Series Commentary)
1989978-1-56476-703-5   ''Be Counted (Numbers): Living a Life that Counts for God (The BE Series Commentary)
1999978-1-56476-704-2Warren W. WiersbeBe Equipped (Deuteronomy): Acquiring the Tools for Spiritual Success (The BE Series Commentary)
2001978-1-56476-705-9   ''Be Successful (1 Samuel): Attaining Wealth That Money Can't Buy (The BE Series Commentary)
1998978-1-56476-714-1Jeff LucasElijah: Stressed & Anointed (Chariot Victor Bible Character) (Chariot Victor Bible Character Series)
1999978-1-56476-716-5Cleland ThomMoses the Making of a Leader (The Chariot Victor Bible Character Series)
1998978-1-56476-717-2Greg HaslamElisha: A Sign & A Wonder (Chariot Victor Bible Character Series)
  ''978-1-56476-734-9Sydna Masse · Joan PhillipsHer Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion
  ''978-1-56476-736-3Jim Weidmann · Kurt Bruner · Larry Burkett · Allen BurkettMoney Matters Family Tool Chest: Family Night Tool Chest: Creating Lasting Impressions for the Next Generation (Heritage Builders)
2008978-1-56476-737-0Jim WeidmannHolidays: Family Nights Tool Chest
1999978-1-56476-738-7   ''Old Testament Stories for Preschoolers: Family Nights Tool Chest
  ''978-1-56476-739-4Jim Weidmann · Mark Denooy · Kurt D. BrunerSimple Science Family Night Tool Chest: Creating Lasting Impressions for the Next Generation (Heritage Builders)
1998978-1-56476-740-0John MacArthurFound: God's Will (Find the Direction and Purpose God Wants for Your Life)
  ''978-1-56476-744-8Tim HanselYou Gotta Keep Dancin'
1998978-1-56476-749-3Lois E. LeBarEducation That Is Christian
1999978-1-56476-756-1Sigmund BrouwerWings of Dawn
  ''978-1-56476-758-5John F. WalvoordEvery Prophecy of the Bible: Clear Explanations for Uncertain Times by One of Today's Premier Prophecy Scholars
2000978-1-56476-761-5Tim HanselDancin' Toward the Dawn: Discovering Joy in the Darkness of Loneliness
1999978-1-56476-765-3Evelyn Christenson · Sarah Peterson HageA Journey into Spiritual Growth
  ''978-1-56476-766-0David JeremiahGifts from God: Encouragement and Hope for Today's Parents
  ''978-1-56476-776-9Jim WeidmannNew Testament Stories for Preschoolers: Family Nights Tool Chest (Heritage Builders)
  ''978-1-56476-777-6Howard R. MacyRhythms of the Inner Life: Yearning for Closeness With God
1999978-1-56476-780-6Jim WeidmannTen Commandments: Family Nights Tool Chest (Heritage Builders)
2000978-1-56476-785-1Joseph BaylyPsalms of My Life
  ''978-1-56476-786-8Joseph BaylyWinterflight
  ''978-1-56476-787-5   ''A Voice in the Wilderness (Joseph Bayly Series)
2002978-1-56476-788-2Patrick KlingamanFinding Rest When the Work Is Never Done
2001978-1-56476-789-9Warren W. WiersbeBe Restored (2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles): Trusting God to See Us Through (The BE Series Commentary)
2002978-1-56476-790-5   ''Be Responsible (1 Kings): Being Good Stewards of God's Gifts (The BE Series Commentary)

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