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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-56474-022-9First LastBOB'S YOUR UNCLE
1992978-1-56474-030-4Peter FiskGive and Take With Eb and Flo: The Marital Relationship/Adventures in the Marital Relationship
2015978-1-56474-033-5First LastALONG MAROON PRISIMED THRESHOLDS
  ''978-1-56474-037-3   ''TWO GRANDPAS ARE BETTER
1993978-1-56474-048-9Dennis G. Merenbach · Anthony StephenHow to Be an Expert Witness: Credibility in Oral Testimony
  ''978-1-56474-054-0Leonard T., Ph.D. GriesGregory of Zimbabwe: A True Story of Overcoming Child Abuse and the Scandal of Diplomatic Immunity
2015978-1-56474-102-8First LastGREAT LIMBAUGH CON
1995978-1-56474-105-9Guy MurchieThe Soul School: Confessions of a Passenger on Planet Earth
  ''978-1-56474-126-4R. Gabriele S. SiltenBetween Two Worlds: Autobiography of a Child Survivor of the Holocaust
2015978-1-56474-131-8First LastGROWING UP ROOTLESS
1997978-1-56474-199-8Bradford DillmanAre You Anybody?: An Actor's Life
1998978-1-56474-239-1Peggy PhillipsTwo Women Under Water: A Confession
1999978-1-56474-276-6Harris B. ShumackerA Dream of the Heart: The Life of John H. Gibbon, Jr. Father of the Heart-Lung Machine
2015978-1-56474-337-4First LastA SQUEEZE OF LIME
  ''978-1-56474-348-0   ''CLASS WAR IN AMERICA
2015978-1-56474-349-7First LastMEDICAL & MUSICAL BYWAYS OF MOZARTIANA
  ''978-1-56474-352-7   ''The Real Dragon: A Novel of Vietnam
2002978-1-56474-386-2William HartNever Fade Away
2015978-1-56474-389-3First LastTEED-OFF GHOST
2002978-1-56474-397-8Sam FosterAlpha Male: A Tale of the Battle of Commerce
2015978-1-56474-403-6First LastSHORT RAGE
2003978-1-56474-407-4Sandra Cumings MalamedThe Jews in Early America
2015978-1-56474-438-8First LastCOOL HAND IN A HOT FIRE
2004978-1-56474-439-5Amin KamalReflections from the Shining Brow: My Years With Frank Lloyd Wright and Olgivanna Lazovich
2015978-1-56474-441-8First LastLITTORAL ZONE
  ''978-1-56474-445-6   ''A VIEW FROM THE HEART
2015978-1-56474-448-7First LastHIDDEN IN FRANCE (OP)
  ''978-1-56474-449-4   ''Frenchy: A Young Jewish-french Immigrant Discovers Love And Art In America--and War In Korea
  ''978-1-56474-450-0   ''DANCING IN THE KITCHEN
  ''978-1-56474-451-7   ''ON BORROWED TIME
  ''978-1-56474-452-4   ''TILL I'M WITH YOU AGAIN
2015978-1-56474-453-1First LastDreiser's 'Other Self': The Life of Arthur Henry
  ''978-1-56474-454-8Ann DavidsonA Curious Kind of Widow: Loving a Man with Advanced Alzheimer's
  ''978-1-56474-455-5First LastANGELUS
2015978-1-56474-456-2First LastFLIGHT INTO EGYPT
  ''978-1-56474-457-9   ''LIGHT AT THE EDGE
  ''978-1-56474-459-3   ''JEWISH POPE
  ''978-1-56474-460-9   ''OOZING THE MOON
  ''978-1-56474-461-6Stephen BrowningHunger for Light: Poems by Stephen Browning / Monotypes by Kalani Engles
2015978-1-56474-463-0First LastJournal of A. P. O'Clipps: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-464-7   ''WATERWALKING IN BERKELEY
2015978-1-56474-465-4First LastAS TOM GOES BY
  ''978-1-56474-467-8   ''HOW FAR LIGHT MUST TRAVEL
  ''978-1-56474-471-5   ''HOT WIDOW
2008978-1-56474-472-2Dolores CullenEnsnared by His Words: My Chaucer Obsession
2015978-1-56474-473-9First LastMurmur of a Gentle Breeze: Poems
2008978-1-56474-474-6Stella ZamvilSilently You Taught Me Much: and Other Poems
  ''978-1-56474-475-3Marjorie Sparkman JacksonDancing Fire: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-476-0Harry TurnerDear Frank: A Memoir
2008978-1-56474-477-7Sue McGintyMurder in Los Lobos: A Bella Kowalski Mystery on California's Central Coast
2015978-1-56474-478-4First LastA RANDOM CENSUS OF SOULS
  ''978-1-56474-479-1   ''TWENTY-FIVE MISSIONS
  ''978-1-56474-481-4   ''BALLAD OF TOBY AND LARK
2015978-1-56474-483-8First LastSAILING ON DRY LAND
2009978-1-56474-484-5Barbara CherneDevora in Exile: Stories
2015978-1-56474-486-9First LastFINDING YOUR BEST ANGLE
  ''978-1-56474-487-6   ''A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A
  ''978-1-56474-489-0   ''A TIARA FOR THE TWENTIETH CENTURY
2010978-1-56474-490-6Hailey LindArsenic and Old Paint: The Art Lover's Mystery Series (Art Lover's Mysteries)
2011978-1-56474-494-4Janet DawsonBit Player: A Jeri Howard Mystery (Jeri Howard Mysteries)
2015978-1-56474-495-1First LastLEAVING BAYBERRY HOUSE
2011978-1-56474-497-5Lea WaitShadows of a Down East Summer: An Antique Print Mystery (Antique Print Mysteries)
2010978-1-56474-498-2Stina KatchadourianThe Lapp King's Daughter: A Family's Journey Through Finland's Wars
  ''978-1-56474-499-9David LehnerUnwelcome Light: A Novel
  ''978-1-56474-501-9Marjorie JacksonThe Dust Catcher: And Other Poems
2011978-1-56474-503-3Jeanne M. DamsMurder in Burnt Orange: a Hilda Johansson Mystery (Hilda Johansson Mysteries)
2010978-1-56474-504-0Sandra MalamedThe Return to Judaism: Descendants from the Inquisition Discovering Their Jewish Roots
2011978-1-56474-505-7Jo Ann RidleyZoá Dusanne: An Art Dealer Who Made a Difference
2012978-1-56474-508-8Laura CrumBarnstorming: A Gail McCarthy Mystery (Gail Mccarthy Mysteries)
2012978-1-56474-510-1Margaret GraceMix-up in Miniature: A Miniature Mystery (Miniature Mysteries)
2011978-1-56474-511-8Vanessa Furse Jackson · Robb JacksonCrane Creek, Two Voices: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-512-5Phyllis BinkleyUp from the Marsh: Stories and Poems
  ''978-1-56474-513-2Susan BennettLate Discoveries: An Adoptee's Quest for Truth
2012978-1-56474-514-9Cynthia DrewCity of Slaughter: A Novel
2011978-1-56474-516-3Jack MoserI Love You to the Moon: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-517-0Chris CryerTolstoy in Riyadh: A Story of a Teacher and Her Muse
2012978-1-56474-518-7Janet DawsonWhat You Wish For: A Novel of Suspense (Jeri Howard Mystery)
  ''978-1-56474-520-0Jane Elkington WohlTriage: Poems
2012978-1-56474-521-7Linda LevitzCreatures Who Smell the Wind: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-522-4Jeanne LohmannAs If Words: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-524-8Phyllis HogeHello, House: Poems
  ''978-1-56474-526-2Wendy HornsbyThe Hanging: A Maggie MacGowen Mystery (Maggie MacGowen Mysteries)
  ''978-1-56474-527-9Nancy Huddleston PackerOld Ladies: Stories
2013978-1-56474-532-3Albert A. Bell Jr.Death in the Ashes: A Fourth Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger
2013978-1-56474-537-8Terry DresslerOil and Water: Stories from the Windward Shore
2014978-1-56474-565-1Constance O'KeefeA Thousand Stitches: A Novel
2016978-1-56474-591-0Sam FosterNon Semper Fidelis: A Novel
2018978-1-56474-601-6Graydon D. HubbardAt the Altars of Money: a novel
2015978-1-56474-848-5First LastDEVORA IN EXILE