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1991978-1-56432-027-8Robert KushenConflict in the Soviet Union: Black January in Azerbaidzhan (A Helsinki Watch/Memorial Report)
  ''978-1-56432-038-4Alexander De WaalEvil Days: Thirty Years of War and Famine in Ethiopia (Africa Watch Report)
  ''978-1-56432-047-6Abdication of Responsibility: The Commonwealth and Human Rights: October 1991 (Human Rights Watch)
  ''978-1-56432-048-3Women Brazil 0480 ViolenceCriminal Injustice: Violence Against Women in Brazil (AMERICAS WATCH REPORT)
978-1-56432-053-7Human Rights Watch World Report
1992978-1-56432-058-2Jeri, Helsinki Watch LaberBloodshed in the Caucasus: Violations of Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in the Georgia-south Ossetia Conflict
  ''978-1-56432-064-3Juan E. MendezColombia: Political Murder & Reform
1992978-1-56432-079-7Africa WatchMozambique: Conspicuous Destruction
  ''978-1-56432-081-0R. DenberBloodshed in the Caucasus Escalation of the Armed Conflict in Nagorno Karabakh
  ''978-1-56432-084-1Indivisible Human Rights: The Relationship of Political and Civil Rights to Survival Subsistence and Poverty
1993978-1-56432-108-4George BlackGenocide in Iraq: The Anfal Campaign Against the Kurds (Middle East Watch Report)
1994978-1-56432-134-31347 Report...HondurasHonduras: The Facts Speak for Themselves: The Preliminary Report of the National Commissioner for the Protection of Human Rights in Honduras
  ''978-1-56432-136-7Interrogation...1363 Israel'sTorture and Ill-Treatment: Israel's Interrogation of Palestinians from the Occupied Territories: Human Rights Watch/Middle East (Formerly Middle East Watch)
  ''978-1-56432-142-8Human Rights Watch/HelsinkiAzerbaijan: Seven Years of Conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh
1995978-1-56432-152-7Human Rights WatchPlaying the "Communal Card": Communal Violence and Human Rights
1996978-1-56432-153-4Human Rights WatchAll Too Familiar: Sexual Abuse of Women in U.S. State Prisons
1995978-1-56432-157-2Human Rights Watch AfricaChildren in Sudan: Slaves, Street Children and Child Soldiers
1996978-1-56432-160-2Human Rights Watch-HelsinkiAlbania: Post Communist
1996978-1-56432-165-7Human Rights WatchRussia: The Ingush-Ossetian Conflict in the Prigorodnyi Region
1999978-1-56432-171-8Alison Liebhafsky Des ForgesLeave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda
1996978-1-56432-172-5Human Rights Watch AsiaThe Small Hands of Slavery: Bonded Child Labor in India
2008978-1-56432-174-9HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in India
1998978-1-56432-179-4Timothy Paul LongmanProxy Targets: Civilians in the War in Burundi
  ''978-1-56432-183-1Human Rights WatchShielded from Justice: Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States
  ''978-1-56432-191-6Kathleen HuntAbandoned to the state: Cruelty and neglect in Russian orphanages
1999978-1-56432-226-5C. PanicoTurkey: Violations of Free Expression in Turkey
  ''978-1-56432-228-9Smita Human Rights Watch Asia · NarulaBroken People: Caste Violence Against India's "Untouchables"
  ''978-1-56432-234-0Human Rights WatchCuba's Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution
1999978-1-56432-244-9Diederik LohmanConfessions at Any Cost: Police Torture in Russia (Human Rights Watch)
2000978-1-56432-249-4Not AvailableFingers to the Bone: United States Failure to Protect Child Farmworkers
  ''978-1-56432-250-0International Campaign to Ban Land MinesLandmine Monitor Report 2000: Toward a Mine-free World
  ''978-1-56432-251-7Human Rights WatchThe Unfair Advantage: Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States Under International Human Rights Standards
  ''978-1-56432-254-8   ''World Report 2002: The Events of 2001
2001978-1-56432-258-6   ''No escape: Male rape in U.S. prisons
  ''978-1-56432-260-9   ''Center of the storm: A case study of human rights abuses in Hebron District
2001978-1-56432-263-0Human Rights WatchUnequal protection: The state response to violent crime on South African farms
  ''978-1-56432-264-7   ''Under Orders: War Crimes in Kosovo
2002978-1-56432-269-2Human Rights WatchFrom the household to the factory: Sex discrimination in the Guatemalan labor force
  ''978-1-56432-272-2   ''Repression of Montagnards: Conflicts Over Land and Religion in Vietnam's Central Highlands
  ''978-1-56432-277-7Landmine Monitor Core GroupLandmine Monitor Report 2002: Toward a Mine-Free World
  ''978-1-56432-280-7Human Rights WatchErased in a Moment: Suicide Attacks Against Israeli Civilians
2003978-1-56432-285-2   ''World Report 2003
978-1-56432-288-3You'll Learn Not to Cry: Child Combatants in Colombia
2003978-1-56432-290-6Sasha AbramskyIll-equipped: U.S. prisons and offenders with mental illness
  ''978-1-56432-291-3Human Rights WatchSudan, Oil, and Human Rights
978-1-56432-296-8In a Time of Torture: The Assault on Justice in Egypt's Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct
2008978-1-56432-304-0Human Rights WatchDenied Status, Denied Education: Children of North Korean Women in China
978-1-56432-316-3We Need a Law for Liberation: Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights in Changing Turkey
2005978-1-56432-331-6Human Rights Watch StaffHuman Rights Watch World Report 2005: The Events of 2004
2005978-1-56432-332-3Human Rights WatchThe Curse of Gold: Democratic Republic of Congo
978-1-56432-334-7Blood-Stained Hands: Past Atrocities in Kabul and Afghanistan's Legacy of Impunity.
2005978-1-56432-335-4Rest of Their Lives, The
2008978-1-56432-340-8Human Rights WatchLocked Up Alone: Detention Conditions and Mental Health at Guantanamo
  ''978-1-56432-341-5   ''Still Waiting: Bringing Justice for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Cantonal and Distri
2009978-1-56432-343-9   ''Neighbors in Need: Zimbabweans Seeking Refuge in South Africa
2008978-1-56432-345-3Human Rights WatchAs If They Fell from the Sky: Counterinsurgency, Rights Violations, and Rampant Impunity in Ingushetia
  ''978-1-56432-356-9   ''Being Neutral Is Our Biggest Crime: Government, Vigilante, and Naxalite Abuses in India's Chhattisgarh State
  ''978-1-56432-362-0   ''Troops in Contact: Airstrikes and Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-56432-363-7Ben RawlenceAll the Men Have Gone: War Crimes in Kenya's Mt. Elgon Conflict
  ''978-1-56432-373-6Human Rights WatchMixed Results: Us Policy and International Standards on the Rights and Interests of Victims of Crime
2008978-1-56432-380-4Jennifer DaskalWhy Am I Still Here?: The 2007 Horn of Africa Renditions and the Fate of Those Still Missing
  ''978-1-56432-394-1Wanda Troszczynska-Van GenderenHostages of Tension: Intimidation and Harassment of Ethnic Albanians in Serbia After Kosovo's Declaration of Independence
  ''978-1-56432-396-5Gerry J. SimpsonInvisible Civilians: The Challenge of Humanitarian Access in Yemen's Forgotten War
  ''978-1-56432-398-9Human Rights WatchSinai Perils: Risks to Migrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers in Egypt and Israel
  ''978-1-56432-402-3Joseph LoganThe Quality of Justice: Failings of Iraq's Central Criminal Court
2008978-1-56432-404-7Human Rights WatchOur Hands Are Tied: Erosion of the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe
  ''978-1-56432-412-2Juliane KippenbergA Question of Life or Death: Treatment Access for Children Living with HIV in Kenya
  ''978-1-56432-415-3Human Rights WatchSo Much to Fear: War Crimes and the Devastation of Somalia
  ''978-1-56432-416-0   ''An Unbreakable Cycle: Drug Dependency Treatment, Mandatory Confinement, and HIV/AIDS in China's Guangxi Province
  ''978-1-56432-417-7Andrea BergAn Atmosphere of Quiet Repression: Freedom of Religion, Assembly and Expression in Kazakhstan
2009978-1-56432-426-9Human Rights WatchOn the Margins: Rights Abuses of Ethnic Khmer in Vietnam's Mekong Delta
2009978-1-56432-427-6Human Rights WatchUp in Flames: Humanitarian Law Violations and Civilian Victims in the Conflict Over South Ossetia
  ''978-1-56432-434-4   ''Far from Justice: Syria's Supreme State Security Court
2009978-1-56432-438-2Human Rights WatchThe Christmas Massacres: Lra Attacks on Civilians in Northern Congo
  ''978-1-56432-449-8   ''Please, Do Not Make Us Suffer Any More-: Access to Pain Treatment as a Human Right
  ''978-1-56432-450-4   ''Decades of Disparity: Drug Arrests and Race in the United States
  ''978-1-56432-458-0   ''Rain of Fire: Israel's Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza
  ''978-1-56432-470-2   ''Uniform Impunity: Mexico's Misuse of Military Justice to Prosecute Abuses in Counternarcotics and Public Security Operations
2010978-1-56432-477-1Human Rights WatchGuests of the Governor: Administrative Detention Undermines the Rule of Law in Jordan
2009978-1-56432-484-9   ''Together, Apart: Organizing Around Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Worldwide
  ''978-1-56432-486-3   ''Not Worth a Penny: Human Rights Abuses Against Transgender People in Honduras
  ''978-1-56432-490-0Katherine Wiltenburg TodrysDiscrimination, Denial, and Deportation: Human Rights Abuses Affecting Migrants Living with HIV
  ''978-1-56432-491-7Ben RawlenceBring the Gun or You'll Die: Torture, Rape, and Other Serious Human Rights Violations by Kenyan Security Forces in the Mandera Triangle
  ''978-1-56432-492-4Human Rights WatchPrecisely Wrong: Gaza Civilians Killed by Israeli Drone-Launched Missiles
2009978-1-56432-497-9Human Rights WatchNo Equal Justice: The Prison Litigation Reform ACT in the United States
  ''978-1-56432-499-3Matthew SchaafAn Uncivil Approach to Civil Society: Continuing State Curbs on Independent Ngos and Activists in Russia
  ''978-1-56432-505-1Human Rights WatchDiamonds in the Rough: Human Rights Abuses in the Marange Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe
  ''978-1-56432-507-5   ''What Did I Do Wrong?: Papuans in Merauke Face Abuses by Indonesian Special Forces
  ''978-1-56432-513-6Chris Albin-LackeyHostages to Peace: Threats to Human Rights and Democracy in Somaliland
2014978-1-56432-518-1Naureen ShahBroken System: Dysfunction, Abuse, and Impunity in the Indian Police
2009978-1-56432-521-1Bill Van EsveldRockets from Gaza: Harm to Civilians from Palestinian Armed Groups' Rocket Attacks
2009978-1-56432-524-2Human Rights WatchThey Want Us Exterminated: Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq
  ''978-1-56432-526-6Christoph WilckeHuman Rights and Saudi Arabia's Counterterrorism Response: Religious Counseling, Indefinite Detention, and Flawed Trials
  ''978-1-56432-528-0Fred AbrahamsWhite Flag Deaths: Killings of Palestinian Civilians During Operation Cast Lead
  ''978-1-56432-532-7Human Rights WatchFalse Dawn: The Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Government's Failure to Deliver Human Rights Improvements
  ''978-1-56432-547-1Aruna KashyapNo Tally of the Anguish: Accountability in Maternal Health Care in India
2009978-1-56432-550-1Human Rights WatchStill Waiting for Justice: No End to Impunity in Nepal
  ''978-1-56432-555-6   ''Unbearable Pain: India's Obligation to Ensure Palliative Care
2009978-1-56432-556-3Human Rights WatchWe Are Afraid to Even Look for Them: Enforced Disappearances in the Wake of Xinjiang's Protests
  ''978-1-56432-557-0Simone TrollerLost in Transit: Insufficient Protection for Unaccompanied Migrant Children at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport
  ''978-1-56432-560-0Human Rights WatchGroup Denial: Repression of Kurdish Political and Cultural Rights in Syria
  ''978-1-56432-566-2Bede SheppardSabotaged Schooling: Naxalite Attacks and Police Occupation of Schools in India's Bihar and Jharkhand States
  ''978-1-56432-574-7Rachel ReidWe Have the Promises of the World: Women's Rights in Afghanistan
2010978-1-56432-575-4Christoph WilckeStateless Again: Palestinian-Origin Jordanians Deprived of Their Nationality
2009978-1-56432-577-8Maria BurnettPreparing for the Polls: Improving Accountability for Electoral Violence in Uganda
2009978-1-56432-578-5Fernando Riberio DelgadoLethal Force: Police Violence and Public Security in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo
  ''978-1-56432-579-2Human Rights WatchNo Healing Here: Violence, Discrimination and Barriers to Health for Migrants in South Africa
  ''978-1-56432-581-5   ''Hostile Shores: Abuse and Refoulement of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Yemen
  ''978-1-56432-588-4Janna RearickJailing Refugees: Arbitrary Detention of Refugees in the Us Who Fail to Adjust to Permanent Resident Status
2010978-1-56432-592-1Human Rights WatchLegal Limbo: The Uncertain Fate of Detained Ltte Suspects in Sri Lanka
  ''978-1-56432-621-8Chris Albin-LackeyHarsh War, Harsh Peace: Abuses by Al-Shabaab, the Transitional Federal Government, and Amisom in Somalia
2010978-1-56432-622-5Human Rights WatchSleight of Hand: Repression of the Media and the Illusion of Reform in Zimbabwe
  ''978-1-56432-630-0Bill Van EsveldI Lost Everything: Israel's Unlawful Destruction of Property During Operation Cast Lead
  ''978-1-56432-633-1Param-Preet SinghMaking Kampala Count: Advancing the Global Fight Against Impunity at the ICC Review Conference
  ''978-1-56432-646-1Juliette De RiveroCuring the Selectivity Syndrome: The 2011 Review of the Human Rights Council
  ''978-1-56432-649-2Tiseke KasambalaDemocracy on Hold: Rights Violations in the April 2010 Sudan Elections
2010978-1-56432-660-7Agnes OdhiamboI Am Not Dead, But I Am Not Living: Barriers to Fistula Prevention and Treatment in Kenya
  ''978-1-56432-672-0Ole SolvangWhere Is the Justice?: Interethnic Violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan and Its Aftermath
  ''978-1-56432-682-9Lance A. CompaA Strange Case: Violations of Workers' Freedom of Association in the United States by European Multinational Corporations
  ''978-1-56432-684-3Nadim HouryWithout Protection: How the Lebanese Justice System Fails Migrant Domestic Workers
  ''978-1-56432-686-7Amanda McRaeOnce You Enter, You Never Leave: Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Intellectual or Mental Disabilities in Croatia
2010978-1-56432-693-5Priyanka MotaparthyWalls at Every Turn: Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers Through Kuwait's Sponsorship System
  ''978-1-56432-700-0Eric GoldsteinStop Looking for Your Son: Illegal Detentions Under the Counterterrorism Law
  ''978-1-56432-704-8Joseph Achille TiedjouCriminalizing Identities: Rights Abuses in Cameroon Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  ''978-1-56432-708-6Emma Sinclair-WebbProtesting as a Terrorist Offense: The Arbitrary Use of Terrorism Laws to Prosecute and Incarcerate Demonstrators in Turkey
978-1-56432-711-6Bonnie Lynn DochertyMeeting the Challenge: Protecting Civilians Through the Convention on Cluster Munitions
2010978-1-56432-719-2Dipika NathFear for Life: Violence Against Gay Men and Men Perceived as Gay in Senegal
  ''978-1-56432-726-0Human Rights WatchRights on the Line: Human Rights Watch Work on Abuses Against Migrants in 2010
2010978-1-56432-728-4Tamara TaraciukAfter the Coup: Ongoing Violence, Intimidation, and Impunity in Honduras
  ''978-1-56432-729-1Bill Van EsveldSeparate and Unequal: Israel's Discriminatory Treatment of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
2011978-1-56432-799-4Human Rights WatchYou Don't Know Who to Blame: War Crimes in Somalia
  ''978-1-56432-816-8Eric Daniel GoldsteinTunisia's Repressive Laws: The Reform Agenda
2012978-1-56432-903-5Matthew F. SmithIsolated in Yunnan: Kachin Refugees from Burma in China's Yunnan Province