year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-56411-003-9G. M. James GeorgeStolen Legacy
1991978-1-56411-014-5Steven WhitehurstWords from an Unchained Mind
1992978-1-56411-036-7H. Khalif KhalifahRodney King and the L.A. Rebellion: Analysis and Commentary by 13 Independent Black Writers
  ''978-1-56411-040-4John Henrik Clarke · Barbara Eleanor AdamsThe Early Years
1993978-1-56411-060-2John M. MoodieHath the Lion Prevailed...?
  ''978-1-56411-064-0Akil · Andre AkilFrom Niggas to Gods, Part One
  ''978-1-56411-067-1Huey P. NewtonThe Genius of Huey P. Newton
1996978-1-56411-116-6AkilThere Are Only Two Religions in the Whole World
1994978-1-56411-129-6   ''The Goddess Blackwoman: Mother of Civilization ("12 Lessons")
2002978-1-56411-259-0Nyoka D. WoodsThe Essential You: The Essence of Relationships
2005978-1-56411-295-8Warren L. BraunThe Ten Golden Steps To Success
  ''978-1-56411-335-1Alice M. MohlerShades of Autumn
2005978-1-56411-360-3Warren L. BraunA Philosophy for You!
  ''978-1-56411-370-2   ''Then I Met Dr. Taub
  ''978-1-56411-373-3by Omar G. ReidPost Traumatic Slavery Disorder: Definition, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  ''978-1-56411-376-4Marsha StewartWarren G. Harding US President 29 (Death by Blackness)
  ''978-1-56411-380-1WARREN L BRAUNTHE MIND OF GOD
2007978-1-56411-454-9A God Within
2007978-1-56411-487-7Allah jihadThe Immortal Birth (1)
  ''978-1-56411-500-3Holistic Parenting From The Pan-Afrikan Perspective
2005978-1-56411-980-3Warren L. BraunWas It a Miracle?

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