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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-56397-014-6Colleen VanBlaricomEaster Crafts
  ''978-1-56397-021-4Highlights for ChildrenThe Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures
  ''978-1-56397-024-5William Jay Smith · Carol Ra · Jacques HnizdovskyBehind the King's Kitchen: A Roster of Rhyming Riddles
1993978-1-56397-063-4Highlights for ChildrenRebus Treasury 2
2002978-1-56397-074-0Theresa Martin GoldingKat's Surrender
2001978-1-56397-084-9Carole Boston WeatherfordSidewalk Chalk
1995978-1-56397-087-0Bernice E. CullinanJar of Tiny Stars, A
2002978-1-56397-090-0Jerome VerebEvery Child a Light: The Pope's Message to Young People
1994978-1-56397-125-9David L. HarrisonBoy Who Counted Stars, The
1995978-1-56397-135-8Ruskin BondBinya's Blue Umbrella
1997978-1-56397-137-2Allan De FinaWhen a City Leans Against the Sky
2003978-1-56397-145-7Rebecca Kai DotlichIn the Spin of Things: Poetry of Motion
2002978-1-56397-147-1Eve BuntingGirls A to Z
2005978-1-56397-148-8Gary HinesMidnight Forests: A Story of Gifford Pinchot and Our National Forests
1996978-1-56397-179-2Jane YolenSky Scrape/City Scape: Poems of City Life
1993978-1-56397-185-3Highlights for ChildrenThe Second Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures®
2003978-1-56397-199-0Carolyn P. YoderGeorge Washington, the Writer: A Treasury of Letters, Diaries, and Public Documents
1993978-1-56397-205-8John Emil CiardiSomeone Could Win a Polar Bear
2003978-1-56397-276-8Highlights for ChildrenThe Third Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures
1997978-1-56397-294-2Brod BagertGooch Machine, The
  ''978-1-56397-313-0Vashanti RahamanRead for Me, Mama
1994978-1-56397-316-1Dunn Sharon Umnik175 Easy-to-Do Easter Crafts: Creative Uses for Recyclables (Easy-To-Do Crafts Easy-To-Find Things)
1996978-1-56397-323-9Joan GoodmanBernard's Bath
2000978-1-56397-327-7Laurence PringleBats!: Strange and Wonderful
1994978-1-56397-334-5Jody TaylorMazes Mazes Mazes
1995978-1-56397-336-9Jane YolenWater Music
1994978-1-56397-362-8Inc. Highlights for ChildrenThe: Volume 1 Super Colossal Book Of Hidden Pictures®
1995978-1-56397-372-7Highlights for Children175 Easy-to-Do Halloween Crafts: Creative Uses for Recyclables
1996978-1-56397-373-4   ''175 Easy-to-Do Christmas Crafts
  ''978-1-56397-374-1   ''175 Easy-to-Do Thanksgiving Crafts (Creative Uses for Recyclables)
1994978-1-56397-390-1Frane LessacCaribbean Canvas
1994978-1-56397-402-1Jack MyersWhat Makes Popcorn Pop?: And Other Questions About the World Around Us
1999978-1-56397-403-8Linda Oatman HighBarn Savers
1996978-1-56397-412-0MaryAnn EasleyI Am the Ice Worm
1995978-1-56397-414-4Jane YolenMother Earth Father Sky: Poems of Our Planet
1998978-1-56397-435-9Pat BrissonThe Summer My Father Was Ten
2001978-1-56397-438-0Avis HarleyLeap Into Poetry: More ABCs of Poetry
2003978-1-56397-439-7Laurence PringleWhales!: Strange and Wonderful
1995978-1-56397-441-0Highlights for Children175 Easy-to-Do Everyday Crafts
  ''978-1-56397-442-7   ''Day Of the Great Wave
  ''978-1-56397-452-6Iris Van RynbachFive Little Pumpkins
1998978-1-56397-468-7Frances and Ginger ParkMy Freedom Trip: A Child’s Escape from North Korea
  ''978-1-56397-486-1Linda Oatman HighBeekeepers
1997978-1-56397-490-8Jackie French KollerNo Such Thing
1995978-1-56397-524-0Brod BagertLet Me Be the Boss
1996978-1-56397-560-8Dorothy Strickland · Michael R. StricklandFamilies: Poems Celebrating the African American Experience
1999978-1-56397-565-3Joy CowleyRusty, Trusty Tractor, The
2002978-1-56397-566-0Kathy RossLook What You Can Make with Newspapers, Magazines, and Greeting Cards (Craft)
  ''978-1-56397-567-7Kathy Ross · Hank SchneiderLook What You Can Make With Plastic Bottles
1996978-1-56397-570-7Donald GravesBaseball, Snakes, and Summer Squash: Poems About Growing Up
1996978-1-56397-571-4Cris PetersonHarvest Year
  ''978-1-56397-573-8Mary Jane MartinFrom Anne to Zach
2000978-1-56397-614-8Frances ParkRoyal Bee, The
1996978-1-56397-623-0Pegi Deitz SheaThe Whispering Cloth: A Refugee's Story
1997978-1-56397-630-8Marvin TerbanTime to Rhyme
  ''978-1-56397-635-3Georgia HeardCreatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky
  ''978-1-56397-638-4Sara E. HolbrookThe Dog Ate My Homework
  ''978-1-56397-639-1   ''I Never Said I Wasn't Difficult
1997978-1-56397-640-7Sara E. HolbrookAm I Naturally This Crazy?
1997978-1-56397-641-4Sara E. HolbrookWhich Way to the Dragon?: Poems for the Coming-on-Strong
  ''978-1-56397-642-1Clara Gillow ClarkNellie Bishop
2013978-1-56397-643-8HighlightsLook What You Can Make With Paper Plates: Creative crafts from everyday objects (HighlightsTM Look What You Can Make)
1997978-1-56397-658-2Sheldon ObermanBy the Hanukkah Light
1999978-1-56397-667-4Karen EnglishNadia's Hands
2002978-1-56397-672-8Highlights for Children175 Easy-to-Do Valentine Crafts
2001978-1-56397-673-5Avis HarleyLeap Into Poetry
1997978-1-56397-675-9Jeffrey A. O'HareGiant Book Of Mazes, The
2013978-1-56397-677-3HighlightsEssential Learning Products Look What You Can Make with Tubes, Packaging may vary
2002978-1-56397-689-6Mary BahrMy Brother Loved Snowflakes: The Story of Wilson A. Bentley, the Snowflake Man
1998978-1-56397-691-9Dayton O. HydeMajor, the Poacher, and the Wonderful One-Trout River, The
1997978-1-56397-694-0Shulamith Levey OppenheimThe Hundredth Name
1998978-1-56397-703-9Peter LourieHudson River: An Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea
2013978-1-56397-704-6HighlightsLook What You Can Make with Boxes: Creative Crafts from Everyday Objects
1999978-1-56397-716-9Jan CheripkoGet Ready to Play Tee Ball
2013978-1-56397-717-6HighlightsEssential Learning Products Look What You Can Make with Paper Bags
1998978-1-56397-721-3Jane YolenSnow, Snow
  ''978-1-56397-722-0Dougal DixonDougal Dixon's Dinosaurs
1999978-1-56397-724-4Stephen R. SwinburneGuess Whose Shadow?
2002978-1-56397-729-9Susan ShawBlack-eyed Suzie
1998978-1-56397-737-4Sara HolbrookWalking on the Boundaries of Change: Poems of Transition
1999978-1-56397-741-1Paula W. GrahamSpeaking of Journals
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2000978-1-56397-757-2Ken CroswellSee the Stars: Your First Guide to the Night Sky
1999978-1-56397-761-9Jack MyersOn the Trail of the Komodo Dragon: And Other Explorations of Science in Action (Scientists Probe 11 Animal Mysteries)
  ''978-1-56397-762-6Jennifer Owings DeweyWildlife Rescue
2000978-1-56397-772-5Harold HolzerAbraham Lincoln, The Writer: A Treasury of His Greatest Speeches and Letters
2000978-1-56397-773-2Dougal DixonDougal Dixon's Amazing Dinosaurs: The Fiercest, the Tallest, the Toughest, the Smallest
  ''978-1-56397-775-6John O'BrienThe Farmer in the Dell
1999978-1-56397-777-0Highlights for ChildrenRebus Treasury
  ''978-1-56397-783-1Susan E. QuinlanThe Case of the Mummified Pigs, The: And Other Mysteries in Nature
2001978-1-56397-786-2Larry Dane BrimnerCountry Bear's Good Neighbor
1999978-1-56397-790-9Jeffrey O'HarePuzzlemania SuperChallenge Volume 2
  ''978-1-56397-792-3   ''Puzzlemania SuperChallenge Volume 4
  ''978-1-56397-793-0Monica GunningNot a Copper Penny in Me House
2001978-1-56397-797-8David L. HarrisonThe Book of Giant Stories
2000978-1-56397-798-5Avis HarleyFly with Poetry: An ABC of Poetry
2000978-1-56397-800-5Kelly Milner HallsI Bought a Baby Chicken
  ''978-1-56397-803-6Mary OlsonAn Alligator Ate My Brother, An
1999978-1-56397-805-0Karen B. WinnickMr. Lincoln's Whiskers
  ''978-1-56397-808-1Lee HopkinsBeen to Yesterdays: Poems of a Life
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1999978-1-56397-828-9Elizabeth FriedrichLeah's Pony
  ''978-1-56397-829-6Pat BrissonThe Summer My Father Was Ten
  ''978-1-56397-830-2John FarrellTouch the Sky
  ''978-1-56397-832-6John FarrellHow About You?
  ''978-1-56397-842-5Jane MedinaMy Name Is Jorge: On Both Sides of the River
2001978-1-56397-843-2Stephen R. SwinburneBobcat
2001978-1-56397-846-3Rebecca Kai DotlichWhen Riddles Come Rumbling
2000978-1-56397-851-7Peter LourieThe Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd
  ''978-1-56397-852-4Fred TrumpLincoln's Little Girl
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  ''978-1-56397-862-3   ''Elephant Games: And Other Playful Poems to Perform
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2000978-1-56397-867-8Frances Park · Ginger ParkThe Royal Bee
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2000978-1-56397-871-5stephen r. swinburneWhat's a Pair? What's a Dozen?
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  ''978-1-56397-878-4Peter LourieYukon River: An Adventure to the Gold Fields of the Klondike
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2002978-1-56397-904-0Jane YolenWild Wings
2000978-1-56397-905-7stephen r. swinburneWhat's Opposite?
2013978-1-56397-906-4HighlightsEssential Learning Products Look What You Can Make with Egg Cartons
2000978-1-56397-910-1Highlights for ChildrenHidden Pictures 2001 Vol 1
  ''978-1-56397-911-8   ''Hidden Pictures 2001 Vol 2 (Highlights Hidden Pictures)
2000978-1-56397-913-2Highlights for ChildrenHidden Pictures 2001 Vol 4
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2001978-1-56397-930-9Bill MartinLittle Granny Quarterback
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2002978-1-56397-942-2Cris PetersonAmazing Grazing
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2002978-1-56397-949-1Ann TompertPied Piper of Peru, The
2001978-1-56397-951-4Highlights for ChildrenThe Super Colossal Book Of Hidden Pictures®
2002978-1-56397-952-1HighlightsThe Super Colossal Book of Hidden Pictures: More Than 2,200 Objects to Find(Vol. 3)
2001978-1-56397-954-5Jeffrey O'HareBest of Puzzlemania Mazes: 1
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2004978-1-56397-964-4Hristo KyuchukovMy Name Was Hussein
2002978-1-56397-967-5Stephen R. SwinburneWhat Color Is Nature?
2001978-1-56397-976-7David L. HarrisonThe Book of Giant Stories
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2004978-1-56397-985-9Harold HolzerThe President Is Shot!: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
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2002978-1-56397-990-3Jeffrey A. O'HareThe Big Book of Mazes
2005978-1-56397-992-7Ann TompertSaint Patrick
  ''978-1-56397-993-4Edith FineCricket at the Manger
2002978-1-56397-995-8Theresa Golding · Theresa Martin GoldingThe Secret Within, The
  ''978-1-56397-996-5David L. HarrisonVolcanoes: Nature's Incredible Fireworks (Earth Works)
2013978-1-56397-997-2HighlightsEssential Learning Products Look What You Can Make with Craft Sticks
2002978-1-56397-998-9Sara HolbrookWham! It's a Poetry Jam
2003978-1-56397-999-6Buff McAllisterSewing with Felt: Learn Basic Stitches to Create More than 60 Colorful Projects