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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-56383-037-2Kathy LashierGrandma, Tell Me Your Memories
2019978-1-56383-038-9Kathleen LashierGrandpa, Tell Me Your Memories
1992978-1-56383-039-6   ''Mom, Share Your Life With Me
  ''978-1-56383-040-2Kathy LashierDad Share Your Life With Me
1995978-1-56383-054-9Kathleen LashierMy Days...My Pictures (Children's Journals)
  ''978-1-56383-055-6Joanne FarrellMy Days...My Writings (Children's Journals)
  ''978-1-56383-056-3Susan KollingMy Life...My Thoughts (Memory Journals for Young Writers Series)
1996978-1-56383-060-0Kathleen LashierTo the Best of My Recollection
2001978-1-56383-121-8G & R PublishingGifts in a Jar: Cookies (Gifts in a Jar, 1)
  ''978-1-56383-122-5   ''Gifts in a Jar: Muffins & Breads
2001978-1-56383-123-2G & R PublishingGifts in a Jar: Bars & Brownies (Gifts in a Jar, 3)
  ''978-1-56383-124-9   ''Gifts in a Jar: Soups (Gifts in a Jar, 4)
2002978-1-56383-134-8   ''Gifts in a Jar: Cocoas, Cappuccinos, Coffees & Teas
2002978-1-56383-135-5G & R PublishingGifts in a Jar: For Kids
  ''978-1-56383-136-2   ''Gifts in a Jar: One Dish Meals (Gifts in a Jar Series)
  ''978-1-56383-137-9   ''Gifts in a Jar: Holiday Fun
  ''978-1-56383-139-3   ''Gifts in a Bag: Dips
  ''978-1-56383-140-9   ''Gifts in a Bag: Hot Drinks
2002978-1-56383-141-6G & R PublishingGifts in a Bag: Rubs & Seasonings
2003978-1-56383-150-8G & R PublishingMom, Tell Me One More Story: Your Story of Raising Me
  ''978-1-56383-151-5Kathleen Barber Lashier · Joanne Barber FarrellDad, Tell Me One More Story: Your Story of Raising Me
  ''978-1-56383-152-2G & R PublishingBananas Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Bananas
  ''978-1-56383-154-6   ''Tortillas Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Tortillas
  ''978-1-56383-155-3   ''Bacon Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Bacon
2003978-1-56383-156-0G & R PublishingCream Cheese Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Cream Cheese
  ''978-1-56383-157-7   ''Beer Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Beer
  ''978-1-56383-158-4   ''Cottage Cheese Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Cottage Cheese
2003978-1-56383-159-1G & R PublishingPretzels Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Pretzels
  ''978-1-56383-160-7   ''Peanut Butter Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Peanut Butter
  ''978-1-56383-161-4   ''Corn Flakes Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Corn Flakes
  ''978-1-56383-163-8Cq ProductsGifts in a Jar: For the Slow Cooker
  ''978-1-56383-164-5   ''Gifts in a Jar: Cakes & Cobblers
2003978-1-56383-166-9red-hat-societyRed Hats, Purple Shoes & Afternoon Teas
2004978-1-56383-167-6Not AvailableFix, Freeze, Take & Bake
  ''978-1-56383-173-7G&R PublishingRed Hats, Purple Shoes & Pink Elephants
  ''978-1-56383-177-5America's Best Bed & Breakfast Recipes
  ''978-1-56383-178-2No AuthorAmerica's Best Tea Room Recipes
2005978-1-56383-192-8G&R PublishingCampfire Cooking
  ''978-1-56383-195-9   ''The Ultimate RV Cookbook
2005978-1-56383-199-7G&R PublishingMug 'Ems: Sweet Things
2005978-1-56383-200-0G&R PublishingMug 'Ems: Soups & Breads
  ''978-1-56383-201-7   ''Mug 'Ems: Meals & More
  ''978-1-56383-202-4   ''Mug 'Ems: Holiday
  ''978-1-56383-203-1   ''103 Uses for Your Turkey Fryer
  ''978-1-56383-208-6   ''Cooking with the 14 Super Foods
2011978-1-56383-209-3G&R PublishingTailgating Madness... The Cook-Off Before the Kick-Off (Traveling Books)
2005978-1-56383-219-2   ''No Bake Cookies, Bars & Pies
2006978-1-56383-239-0   ''Let's Get This Party Started! Slumber Party Ideas, Snacks, Games and Other Cool Stuff
2007978-1-56383-260-4CQ ProductsFix It In Foil
  ''978-1-56383-268-0G & R PublishingIt's a Treasure Hunt! Geocaching & Letterboxing
  ''978-1-56383-271-0CQ ProductsGarlic Cookbook, 101 Recipes
  ''978-1-56383-272-7   ''Cheese Cookbook, 101 Recipes
  ''978-1-56383-273-4Steven KrollPigs in the House (Once upon a Time)
2007978-1-56383-274-1Jerry SmathBut No Elephants (Once upon a Time)
  ''978-1-56383-275-8Robert QuackenbushHenry's Awful Mistake
  ''978-1-56383-277-2Robert QuackenbushHenry Babysits
  ''978-1-56383-278-9   ''Henry Goes West
  ''978-1-56383-279-6Frank AschPopcorn
2007978-1-56383-280-2Frank AschMilk and Cookies
  ''978-1-56383-284-0Steven KrollPigs In The House (Mini Edition)
  ''978-1-56383-285-7Robert QuackenbushHenry's Awful Mistake
2007978-1-56383-286-4Robert QuackenbushHenry's Important Date (Mini Edition)
  ''978-1-56383-287-1   ''Henry Babysits (Mini Edition)
  ''978-1-56383-288-8   ''Henry Goes West (Mini Edition)
  ''978-1-56383-289-5Frank AschPopcorn (Mini Edition)
  ''978-1-56383-290-1   ''Milk And Cookies (Mini Edition)
2008978-1-56383-296-3CQ Products100 Calorie Snacks
2008978-1-56383-298-7CQ ProductsFruit Bouquets, Delicious Designs
  ''978-1-56383-299-4   ''CQ Products Delicious Designs Cookbook Candy Bouquets
2008978-1-56383-300-7CQ ProductsCookie Bouquets, Delicious Designs
  ''978-1-56383-316-8   ''400 Calorie Dinners
  ''978-1-56383-317-5   ''150 Calorie Desserts
2009978-1-56383-333-5CQ Products · G & R PublishingA Guide to Fresh Herbs
  ''978-1-56383-341-0CQ ProductsFruit Bouquets For Celebrations!
  ''978-1-56383-342-7   ''Celebrations, Candy Bouquets for
2009978-1-56383-343-4CQ ProductsCelebrations, Cookie Bouquets for
2010978-1-56383-363-2   ''Cupcake Cakes
2010978-1-56383-370-0CQ ProductsPotato Chips Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Potato Chips
  ''978-1-56383-371-7   ''Soda Pop Cookbook: 101 Recipes with Soda Pop
  ''978-1-56383-382-3G&R Publishing CompanyDisgustingly Delicious
  ''978-1-56383-383-0   ''Fake-Out Food
  ''978-1-56383-384-7CQ ProductsBooze Infused Cakes
2011978-1-56383-398-4   ''Drunken Desserts
2011978-1-56383-399-1G&R PublishingShotsicles
  ''978-1-56383-400-4CQ ProductsAppetizer & Snack Bouquets
  ''978-1-56383-401-1   ''Dessert Bouquets
2011978-1-56383-402-8CQ ProductsParty Bouquets
2012978-1-56383-414-1Kathleen LashierGrandpa, Tell Me Your Memories Heirloom Edition
  ''978-1-56383-415-8   ''Mom, Share Your Life With Me Heirloom Edition
  ''978-1-56383-416-5   ''Dad, Share Your Life With Me Heirloom Edition
  ''978-1-56383-423-3CQ ProductsCast Iron Cooking Inside & Out
2013978-1-56383-434-9   ''Campfire Treats
2014978-1-56383-512-4   ''Waffle Iron Genius
2015978-1-56383-559-9Ronnie WalterColorful Blessings: A Coloring Book for Grown-Up Girls from The Coloring Cafe