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1991978-1-56338-010-5Michael GoldbergTheology and Narrative: A Critical Introduction
1992978-1-56338-016-7E. P. SandersJudaism: Practice and Belief, 63 BCE - 66 CE
1993978-1-56338-018-1J. Cheryl ExumFragmented Women: Feminist (JSOT SUPPLEMENT SERIES)
1991978-1-56338-019-8J. C. PolkinghorneReason and Reality: The Relationship Between Science and Theology
1992978-1-56338-039-6Elaine PagelsThe Gnostic Paul: Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters
  ''978-1-56338-040-2Lewis S. MudgeThe Sense of a People: Toward a Church for the Human Future
  ''978-1-56338-045-7Kenneth L. VauxDeath Ethics: Religious and Cultural Values in Prolonging and Ending Life
  ''978-1-56338-046-4L. William CountrymanThe Language of Ordination: Ministry in an Ecumenical Context
1993978-1-56338-047-1Howard Clark KeeThe Bible in the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-1-56338-050-1L. William CountrymanGood News of Jesus: Reintroducing The Gospel
1993978-1-56338-051-8Arlene SwidlerHomosexuality and World Religions
1992978-1-56338-054-9Fred B. Craddock · John H. Hayes · Carl R. Holladay · Gene M. TuckerPreaching Through the Christian Year: Year A: A Comprehensive Commentary on the Lectionary
  ''978-1-56338-055-6Walter E. RastThrough the Ages in Palestinian Archaeology: An Introductory Handbook
1993978-1-56338-060-0David L. HolmesA Brief History of the Episcopal Church
  ''978-1-56338-068-6Fred B. Craddock · John H. Hayes · Carl R. Holladay · Gene M. TuckerPreaching Through the Christian Year: Year B
  ''978-1-56338-071-6Gerhard von RadWisdom in Israel
1994978-1-56338-076-1Reginald H. Fuller · Robert KahlChrist and Christianity: Studies in the Formation of Christology
  ''978-1-56338-081-5Edwin R. Dubose · Ronald P. HamelMatter of Principles?: Ferment in U.S. Bioethics
1994978-1-56338-085-3L. William CountrymanBiblical Authority or Biblical Tyranny?
  ''978-1-56338-087-7Christopher MorseNot Every Spirit
1995978-1-56338-093-8James Monroe BarnettThe Diaconate: A Full and Equal Order
1994978-1-56338-094-5Marcus J. BorgJesus in Contemporary Scholarship
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  ''978-1-56338-100-3Fred B. Craddock · John H. Hayes · Carl R. Holladay · Gene M. TuckerPreaching Through the Christian Year: Year C: A Comprehensive Commentary on the Lectionary
1996978-1-56338-101-0J. Andrew OvermanChurch and Community in Crisis (NT in Context Commentaries)
1994978-1-56338-102-7Ben Witherington IIIFriendship and Finances in Philippi: The Letter of Paul to the Philippians (NT in Context Commentaries)
1995978-1-56338-103-4L. William CountrymanThe Mystical Way in the Fourth Gospel: Crossing Over Into God
  ''978-1-56338-107-2Edgar V. McKnight · Elizabeth Struthers MalbonThe New Literary Criticism and the New Testament
1995978-1-56338-109-6John PolkinghorneSerious Talk: Science and Religion in Dialogue
  ''978-1-56338-115-7Mary Kathleen CunninghamWhat Is Theological Exegesis?: Interpretation and Use of Scripture in Barth's Doctrine of Election
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  ''978-1-56338-133-1Richard A. HorsleyGalilee
  ''978-1-56338-135-5James H. CharlesworthThe Beloved Disciple: Whose Witness Validates the Gospel of John?
1996978-1-56338-136-2Carsten Peter ThiedeRekindling the Word: In Search of Gospel Truth
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1996978-1-56338-144-7Luke Timothy JohnsonLetters to Paul's Delegates: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus (NT in Context Commentaries)
1998978-1-56338-152-2Frederick J. MurphyFallen Is Babylon (NT in Context Commentaries)
1996978-1-56338-164-5Rollin A. RamsaranLiberating Words: Paul's Use of Rhetorical Maxims in 1 Corinthians 1-10
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1997978-1-56338-187-4Gabriel MoranShowing How: The Act of Teaching (Christian Mission and Modern Culture)
1997978-1-56338-190-4Alan J. RoxburghThe Missionary Congregation, Leadership, and Liminality (Christian Mission & Modern Culture)
  ''978-1-56338-200-0Leif E. VaageSubversive Scriptures: Revolutionary Christian Readings of the Bible in Latin America
  ''978-1-56338-204-8Bruce D. ChiltonJesus' Prayer and Jesus' Eucharist: His Personal Practice of Spirituality
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  ''978-1-56338-218-5Birger A. PearsonThe Emergence of the Christian Religion
1998978-1-56338-227-7Marcus BorgConflict, Holiness, and Politics in the Teachings of Jesus
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