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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-56305-006-0John CaldwellFaxable Greeting Cards
  ''978-1-56305-034-3Gregory StockThe Book of Questions: Business, Politics, and Ethics
  ''978-1-56305-075-6R. F. LairdThe Boomer Bible
1992978-1-56305-084-8Al J. MooneyThe Recovery Book
2004978-1-56305-089-3TombWicked Spanish (12)
1994978-1-56305-101-2Bruce Maxwell · Michael F. JacobsonWhat Are We Feeding Our Kids?
1993978-1-56305-106-7Geraldine Adamich LauferTussie-Mussies: The Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in the Language of Flowers
1992978-1-56305-118-0Cynthia Hart · John GrossmanParlor Cats: A Victorian Celebration
1991978-1-56305-120-3Elizabeth Koda-CallanThe Tiny Angel (Magic Charm Book)
1992978-1-56305-124-1Allia ZobelThe Joy of Being Single
1991978-1-56305-125-8Susan Herrmann LoomisFarmhouse Cookbook
  ''978-1-56305-126-5Judy RosenbergRosie's Bakery All-Butter, Fresh Cream Sugar-Packed Baking Book
2004978-1-56305-133-3WolfmanMy World & Globe (12)
  ''978-1-56305-137-1WittyFeed the Birds (12) $14.95
2004978-1-56305-140-1HansonYou Know You'Re Grown (12)7.95
  ''978-1-56305-141-8TombWicked Japanese (12)
1997978-1-56305-150-0Joseph C. Piscatella · Bernie Piscatella · William C. RobertsFat-Proof Your Child
1995978-1-56305-172-2Anya von Bremzen · John WelchmanTerrific Pacific Cookbook
1996978-1-56305-177-7Victoria Wise · Susanna HoffmanThe Well-Filled Microwave Cookbook (Well-Filled Series , No 2)
1992978-1-56305-181-4Beth Wilson SaavedraMeditations for New Mothers
  ''978-1-56305-182-1Don NovelloCitizen Lazlo!: The Lazlo Letters, Volume 2
1994978-1-56305-237-8Sheila LukinsSheila Lukins All Around the World Cookbook
1992978-1-56305-240-8Gail MacCollThe Book of Cards for Kids
  ''978-1-56305-243-9Crescent DragonwagonThe Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread: A Country Inn Cookbook
1993978-1-56305-245-3Gary J. Friedman J.D.A Guide to Divorce Mediation: How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at a Fraction of the Cost
2004978-1-56305-253-8ZobelJoy Of Being Single (12)
1992978-1-56305-254-5Beth Wilson SaavedraMeditations for New Mothers 12-Copy Prepack
  ''978-1-56305-260-6Chris Welles FederBrain Quest: 1000 Questions & Answers to Challenge the Mind/3rd Grade/Ages 8-9/Deck 1 & 2
1994978-1-56305-279-8Damien BonaOpening Shots
1992978-1-56305-284-2B. KlibanCat: Seventeenth Anniversary Edition
1992978-1-56305-285-9Don NovelloThe Lazlo Letters
  ''978-1-56305-294-1Howard TombWicked German (Wicked Travel Series)
  ''978-1-56305-300-9Cynthia Hart · Catherine CalvertThe Love of Lace
1993978-1-56305-311-5Vance BonnerThe Vance Stance
  ''978-1-56305-312-2Marc AbrahamsSex as a Heap of Malfunctioning Rubble: More of the Best of the Journal of Irreproducible Results (And Further Improbabilities: More of the Best of the Journal of Irreproducible Results)
1992978-1-56305-318-4New RepublicBushisms/President George Herbert Walker Bush in His Own Words
1993978-1-56305-324-5Kathy WollardHow Come?
1992978-1-56305-337-5Molly O'NeillNew York Cookbook
1993978-1-56305-338-2Manning Rubin60 Ways to Relieve Stress in 60 Seconds
1994978-1-56305-339-9Bob Nelson1001 Ways to Reward Employees
1993978-1-56305-346-7Steven RaichlenMiami Spice: The New Florida Cuisine
1995978-1-56305-359-7Sarah Leah ChasePedaling Through Burgundy Cookbook
1993978-1-56305-380-1Thierry Poncelet · Bruce McCallSit!: The Dog Portraits of Thierry Poncelet
1996978-1-56305-411-2Ruth Van Waerebeek · Maria RobbinsEverybody Eats Well in Belgium Cookbook: 250 Recipes from a Rich Culinary Tradition
2000978-1-56305-434-1Karen MacNeilThe Wine Bible
1996978-1-56305-435-8Virginia MorrisHow to Care for Aging Parents
1993978-1-56305-440-2DailyThree Hundred and Sixty-Five Golf Holes-1994 Calendar
  ''978-1-56305-441-9Sandra BoyntonOh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! (Boynton on Board)
1993978-1-56305-442-6Sandra BoyntonBarnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board)
  ''978-1-56305-443-3   ''Birthday Monsters! (Boynton on Board)
  ''978-1-56305-444-0   ''One, Two, Three! (Boynton on Board)
2004978-1-56305-447-1HansonYou Know You'Re a (12) $8.95
  ''978-1-56305-448-8Rubin60 Ways to Relieve (12) $9.95
1994978-1-56305-467-9David SchillerThe Little Zen Companion
1993978-1-56305-469-3Steven Rothfeld · Richard ReevesFrench Dreams
  ''978-1-56305-470-9Jeanne K. Hanson · Patricia MarxYou Know You're a Workaholic When . . .
1996978-1-56305-488-4Susan Herrmann LoomisFrench Farmhouse Cookbook
1995978-1-56305-491-4Tamilee WebbTamilee Webb's Step Up Fitness Workout
1993978-1-56305-499-0Peter LippmanMini House: Santa's Workshop (Mini House Book)
1993978-1-56305-500-3Peter LippmanMini House: Old MacDonald's Barn (Mini House Book)
1996978-1-56305-506-5Judy RosenbergRosie's Bakery Chocolate-Packed, Jam-Filled, Butter-Rich, No-Holds-Barred Cookie Book
1994978-1-56305-524-9Jill ButlerPaintbrush in Paris: The Artistic Adventures of an American Cat in Paris
  ''978-1-56305-547-8Carolyn CrollThe Story of Christmas Story Book Set & Advent Calendar
  ''978-1-56305-558-4Joseph C. PiscatellaDon't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook
1995978-1-56305-559-1Rachel Dobkin · Shana SippyThe College Woman's Handbook (Educating Ourselves)
1996978-1-56305-565-2Nicole RouthierNicole Routhier's Fruit Cookbook
1994978-1-56305-566-9Beth Wilson SaavedraMeditations for Mothers of Toddlers
  ''978-1-56305-577-5Daily365 Days of Women Diary
  ''978-1-56305-590-4   ''Sagittarius Diary
1994978-1-56305-626-0Karen SalmansohnHow to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers
  ''978-1-56305-628-4Margery D. RosenCan This Marriage Be Saved?
  ''978-1-56305-631-4Ken Blackburn · Jeff LammersThe World Record Paper Airplane Book
  ''978-1-56305-632-1Michael F. Jacobson · Bruce MaxwellWhat Are We Feeding Our Kids?
  ''978-1-56305-636-9Sheila LukinsAll Around the World Cookbook
1994978-1-56305-637-6Shaun Morey · Jared LeeIncredible Fishing Stories
  ''978-1-56305-638-3Jack Romig · Carolyn BennettThe Kids' Book of Kaleidoscopes
1995978-1-56305-647-5Abby AdamsThe Gardener's Gripe Book
1994978-1-56305-662-8Peter LippmanMini House: Noah's Ark (Mini House Book)
  ''978-1-56305-663-5   ''Mini House: Firehouse Co. No. 1 (Mini House Book)
1995978-1-56305-664-2Charles DunnConversations in Paint: A Notebook of Fundamentals
1994978-1-56305-691-8Craig Yoe · Joel Peter JohnsonThe Art of Barbie: Artists Celebrate the World's Favorite Doll
1995978-1-56305-707-6Howard TombWicked Greek (Wicked Travel Series)
1994978-1-56305-708-3Muppet Workshop · Cheryl HensonThe Muppets Make Puppets: How to Create and Operate Over 35 Great Puppets Using Stuff from Around Your House
2002978-1-56305-711-3Crescent DragonwagonPassionate Vegetarian
1994978-1-56305-728-1Sara MiddaGrowing up and Other Vices
  ''978-1-56305-730-4Elizabeth Koda-CallanThe Two Best Friends (Elizabeth Koda-Callan's Magic Charm Books, 7th)
  ''978-1-56305-731-1Peter LippmanMini House: The Haunted House (Mini House Book)
2004978-1-56305-733-5KleinBeer Lover's Rating Gde (8)
1994978-1-56305-736-6Cynthia L. CopelandReally Important Stuff 12-copy Prepack
2004978-1-56305-737-3TombWicked Greek (12)
2004978-1-56305-738-0SaavedraMeditations Mothers Yng (12)
  ''978-1-56305-744-1EisenbergWhat to Expect Mixed (14)
  ''978-1-56305-745-8EisenbergWhat to Expect Mixed (27)
1995978-1-56305-748-9Michele Urvater · Simms TabackMonday-to-Friday Cookbook
  ''978-1-56305-781-6Richard SmithThe All-New Dieter's Guide to Weight Loss During Sex
1997978-1-56305-807-3Sheila LukinsU.S.A. Cookbook
1995978-1-56305-817-2Mary-Lou WeismanMy Middle-Aged Baby Book: A Record of Milestones, Millstones & Gallstones
1997978-1-56305-847-9John Martin TaylorThe Fearless Frying Cookbook
2004978-1-56305-848-6Susanna M HoffmanThe Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking
1998978-1-56305-866-0Steven RaichlenThe Barbecue! Bible: Over 500 Recipes
1995978-1-56305-872-1Arlene Eisenberg · Sandee Hathaway B.S.N · Heidi MurkoffWhat to Expect When You're Expecting Pregnancy Organizer
1994978-1-56305-875-2Heidi Murkoff · Sharon MazelWhat to Expect When You're Expecting: Revised & Expanded Second Edition
1995978-1-56305-922-3Archibald's Guide to the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
1998978-1-56305-931-5Michele UrvaterMonday-to-Friday Chicken