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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-56292-622-9God's Little Instruction Book for Leaders (God's Little Instruction Books)
2003978-1-56292-640-3God's Little Devotional Calendar
2005978-1-56292-645-8Warren W. WiersbeDevotions For Comfort & Hope: Isaiah & I Peter
2003978-1-56292-684-7Mary HollingsworthMy Very First Book of Bible Questions (My Very First Books of the Bible)
2005978-1-56292-698-4Warren W. WiersbeDevotions For Renewal & Joy: Romans & Philippians
  ''978-1-56292-699-1   ''Devotions For Encouragement & Maturity: 2 Corinthians & James (60 Days in the Word)
2006978-1-56292-700-4   ''Devotions for Contentment & Wisdom: Ecclesiastes & I Corinthians (60 Days in the Word)
  ''978-1-56292-702-8   ''Devotions for Patience & Wholeness: Job & Colossians (60 Days in the Word)
  ''978-1-56292-703-5   ''Devotions for Confidence & Integrity: Hebrews & I John (60 Days in the Word)
2005978-1-56292-706-6David C Cook40 Days to your Best Life for Nurses (40 - Day Devotional)
2001978-1-56292-712-7Melody CarlsonDaily Blessings for My Husband
  ''978-1-56292-713-4Christopher DouglasDaily Blessings for My Wife
2005978-1-56292-720-2Mike Breen · Walt KallestadA Passionate Life Devotional Journal (Lifeshapes)
2005978-1-56292-721-9Mike Breen · Walt KallestadA Passionate Life Devotional for Women (Life Shapes)
2005978-1-56292-722-6Mike Breen · Walt KallestadA Passionate Life Devotional: Invitation to a Meaningful Life (Life Shapes)
  ''978-1-56292-726-4David C CookThe World's Best Bathroom Book
  ''978-1-56292-728-8Ross CampbellHow to Really Love Your Child (Pocket Plan)
2006978-1-56292-743-1David C CookThe Inspirational Christmas Almanac
  ''978-1-56292-744-8Steven JamesGather Round the Dinner Fable
  ''978-1-56292-749-3James M. HoustonLetters of Faith Through the Seasons: A Treasury of Great Christians' Correspondence, Vol. 1
2003978-1-56292-759-2Bobbie WolgemuthWith Love from Mom: Fun and Heartfelt Notes from Moms to Their Kids
1999978-1-56292-762-2Julie SawyerGod's Little Instruction Book for Kids
2000978-1-56292-776-9Angela Thomas GuffeyPrayers for New Mothers
2001978-1-56292-781-3Debbie Salter GoodwinQuilted With Love: Discovering the Patterns of Life's Grace and Beauty
2003978-1-56292-784-4Claire CloningerLetters From Heaven
2003978-1-56292-793-6David C CookGod's Little Instruction Book Original
  ''978-1-56292-799-8   ''God's Little Instruction Book For Teens
  ''978-1-56292-800-1   ''God's Little Instruction Book For Men
  ''978-1-56292-801-8   ''God's Little Instruction Book For Women
1999978-1-56292-810-0Claire CloningerE-Mail from God for Teens
2007978-1-56292-826-1David C CookNames to Live By: Over 1,000 Meaningful Christian Names for Your Baby
  ''978-1-56292-834-6James M. HoustonLetters of Faith Through the Seasons: A Treasury of Great Christians' Correspondence (Vol. 2)
2001978-1-56292-846-9Teresa ClearyGodspeaks Stories for Teens
2000978-1-56292-857-5Misc.God Speaks Devotional
2001978-1-56292-868-1Angela Thomas GuffeyAn Expectants Mother's Journal
1999978-1-56292-928-2Dennis RaineyThe Simply Romantic Husband
1999978-1-56292-929-9Dennis Rainey · Barbara RaineyThe Simply Romantic Wife: 150 Fun and Creative Ways to Romance Your Husband
  ''978-1-56292-930-5Claire and Curt Cloninger CloningerE-Mail From God for Teens
1996978-1-56292-975-6David C CookGod's Little Devotional Book for Women
  ''978-1-56292-976-3David C. CookGod's Little Devotional Book for Men
2004978-1-56292-987-9Honor BooksGraduation Moments: Widsom and Inspiration from the Best Commencement Speeches Ever