year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-56179-002-9FocusCourageous Characters, Fabulous Friends (Adventures in Odyssey)
1991978-1-56179-024-1Robin Jones GunnSurprise Endings - CM#4 (The Christy Miller Series, Book 4)
2004978-1-56179-033-3FocusCunning Capers, Exciting Escapades (Adventures in Odyssey)
1991978-1-56179-040-1Kathy Peel · Judie ByrdA Mother's Manual for Holiday Survival
1992978-1-56179-041-8Mimi Wilson · Mary Beth LagerborgOnce-A-Month Cooking: A Time-Saving, Budget-Stretching Plan to Prepare Delicious Meals
1991978-1-56179-042-5Ruth Bell GrahamProdigals And Those Who Love Them
1999978-1-56179-071-5Gary Smalley · John TrentThe Two Sides of Love: Using Personality Strengths to Greatly Improve Your Relationships
1992978-1-56179-072-2Robin Jones GunnIsland Dreamer (The Christy Miller Series #5)
2004978-1-56179-081-4FocusOther Times, Other Places (Adventures in Odyssey)
1998978-1-56179-088-3Neil Clark WarrenFinding the Love Of Your Life
1993978-1-56179-093-7Tim KimmelPowerful Personalities
1992978-1-56179-094-4Robin Jones GunnA Heart Full of Hope (The Christy Miller Series #6)
2005978-1-56179-097-5FocusIt's Another Fine Day . . . (Adventures in Odyssey)
2004978-1-56179-115-6   ''Amazing Antics, Dynamic Discoveries (Adventures in Odyssey)
2005978-1-56179-116-3   ''Terrific Tales, Mysterious Missions (Adventures in Odyssey)
1992978-1-56179-122-4Gary Smalley · John T. TrentThe Hidden Value of a Man: The Incredible Impact of Man on His Family
2004978-1-56179-128-6FocusAt Home and Abroad (Adventures in Odyssey)
1993978-1-56179-131-6Robin Jones GunnTrue Friends (The Christy Miller Series #7)
  ''978-1-56179-142-2Peter Reese DoyleAmbushed in Africa (Daring Adventure)
  ''978-1-56179-143-9Peter Reese DoyleTrapped in Pharaoh's Tomb (Daring Adventure)
  ''978-1-56179-144-6   ''Stalked in the Catacombs (Daring Adventure)
2004978-1-56179-153-8FocusThe Adventure Begins: The Early Classics (Adventures in Odyssey Gold)
  ''978-1-56179-154-5   ''FUN-damentals: Puns, Parables and Perilous Predicaments (Adventures in Odyssey Gold)
1993978-1-56179-163-7Robin Jones GunnStarry Night (The Christy Miller Series #8)
2004978-1-56179-165-1FocusStormy Weather: And Other Grins, Grabbers and Great Getaways (Adventures in Odyssey Gold)
2004978-1-56179-166-8FocusMeanwhile in Another Part of Town (Adventures in Odyssey)
1993978-1-56179-169-9Robin Jones GunnSeventeen Wishes (The Christy Miller Series, Book 9)
2004978-1-56179-187-3FocusA Place of Wonder (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-190-3AIO TeamFlights of Imagination (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-191-0FocusFlights of Imagination (Adventures in Odyssey)
1998978-1-56179-227-6Neil Clark WarrenFinding the Love of Your Life
  ''978-1-56179-228-3Gary Smalley · John TrentThe Hidden Value of a Man: with Study Guide
1994978-1-56179-252-8John TrentLifemapping: A Revolutionary Process for Overcoming Your Past, Taking Control of Your Present, and Charting Your Future
  ''978-1-56179-253-5Cynthia Ulrich TobiasThe Way They Learn
1994978-1-56179-258-0Peter Reese DoyleSurrounded by the Cross Fire (Daring Adventure)
1994978-1-56179-259-7Peter Reese DoyleHot Pursuit on the High Seas (Daring Adventure)
  ''978-1-56179-260-3   ''Hunted Along the Rhine (Daring Adventure)
2004978-1-56179-262-7AIO TeamOn Earth As It Is In Heaven (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-263-4FocusOn Earth As It Is In Heaven (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-264-1AIO TeamA Time of Discovery (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-266-5   ''Passport To Adventure (Adventures in Odyssey #19)
2004978-1-56179-267-2FocusPassport to Adventure (Adventures in Odyssey)
1995978-1-56179-278-8Joe WhiteFaith Training: Raising Kids Who Love the Lord
1994978-1-56179-284-9Robin Jones GunnA Promise is Forever (The Christy Miller Series #12)
978-1-56179-296-2Cynthia U. Tobias M.Ed.The Way They Learn: How to Discover and Teach to Your Child's Strengths
2004978-1-56179-298-6FocusDaring Deeds: and Sinister Schemes (Adventures in Odyssey Gold)
  ''978-1-56179-311-2   ''A Journey of Choices (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-312-9AIO TeamJourney Of Choices (Adventures in Odyssey #20)
  ''978-1-56179-315-0FocusWish You Were Here (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-317-4AIO TeamWish You Were Here (Adventures in Odyssey #21)
1995978-1-56179-346-4Nancy N. RueThe Rescue (Christian Heritage Series: The Salem Years #1)
1995978-1-56179-347-1Nancy N. RueThe Stowaway (Christian Heritage Series: The Salem Years #2)
  ''978-1-56179-348-8   ''The Guardian (Christian Heritage Series: The Salem Years #3)
1998978-1-56179-362-4Neil Clark WarrenThe Triumphant Marriage
1995978-1-56179-364-8John Trent · Rick HicksSeeking Solid Ground
  ''978-1-56179-366-2Bil KeaneCount Your Blessings: A Family Circus Collection
  ''978-1-56179-368-6Peter Reese DoyleLaunched from the Castle (Daring Adventure)
2004978-1-56179-379-2FocusThe Changing Times (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-380-8AIO TeamChanging Times (Adventures in Odyssey #22)
2004978-1-56179-381-5FocusTwists and Turns (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-382-2AIO TeamTwist & Turns (Adventures in Odyssey, Vol. 23)
1994978-1-56179-385-3Tim KimmelHow to Deal With Powerful Personalities
1995978-1-56179-397-6Peter Reese DoyleEscape from Black Forest (Daring Adventure)
  ''978-1-56179-398-3Nancy N. RueThe Accused (Christian Heritage Series: The Salem Years #4)
1998978-1-56179-405-8Susan MillerAfter the Boxes Are Unpacked (Renewing the Heart)
  ''978-1-56179-414-0Cynthia Ulrich TobiasThe Way They Learn
2004978-1-56179-416-4FocusRisks and Rewards (Adventures in Odyssey)
1998978-1-56179-441-6Joe WhiteFaith Training: Raising Kids Who Love the Lord (Faith and Family Library)
1996978-1-56179-442-3Nancy N. RueThe Samaritan (Christian Heritage Series, the Salem Years, 5)
1996978-1-56179-443-0Nancy N. RueThe Secret (Christian Heritage Series, the Salem Years, 6)
2008978-1-56179-449-2AIO TeamAdventures in Odyssey: Darkness Before Dawn (#25)
1996978-1-56179-453-9Go The Distance
2004978-1-56179-455-3AIO TeamRisk And Rewards (Adventures in Odyssey #24)
1998978-1-56179-459-1Joe WheelerGreat Stories Remembered
  ''978-1-56179-461-4Robert WolgemuthShe Calls Me Daddy
1996978-1-56179-462-1Cynthia Ulrich TobiasEvery Child Can Succeed: Making the Most of Your Child's Learning Style
  ''978-1-56179-464-5Laurie HallAn Affair of the Mind
1998978-1-56179-465-2Stephen ArterburnSurprised By God: Experiencing Grace from the God of Second Chances
1997978-1-56179-466-9Phil LollarThe Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey
1996978-1-56179-467-6H. LondonRefresh, Renew, Revive
2004978-1-56179-468-3FocusDarkness Before Dawn (Adventures in Odyssey)
1996978-1-56179-478-2Nancy N. RueThe Rebel (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #1)
  ''978-1-56179-479-9   ''The Thief (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #2)
  ''978-1-56179-480-5Peter Reese DoyleKidnapped in Rome (Daring Adventure)
1996978-1-56179-481-2Peter Reese DoyleLost in the Secret Cave (Daring Adventure)
1998978-1-56179-483-6Joe WhitePure Excitement
2004978-1-56179-493-5FocusBack on the Air (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-494-2AIO TeamBack On The Air (Adventures in Odyssey #26)
1996978-1-56179-509-3Cynthia Ulrich TobiasEvery Child Can Succeed
1997978-1-56179-517-8Nancy N. RueThe Burden (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #9)
  ''978-1-56179-518-5   ''The Prisoner (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #4)
  ''978-1-56179-520-8Mary HuntComplete Cheapskate (Classic collections series)
2004978-1-56179-527-7FocusThe Search for Whit (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-528-4AIO TeamThe Search For Whit (Adventures in Odyssey #27)
1997978-1-56179-534-5Robert LewisRaising a Modern-Day Knight: A Father's Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood
1997978-1-56179-541-3Nancy N. RueThe Invasion (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #5)
  ''978-1-56179-542-0   ''The Battle (Christian Heritage Series: The Williamsburg Years #12)
1998978-1-56179-543-7Robert LewisRaising a Modern-Day Knight
1997978-1-56179-547-5Peter Reese DoyleChased by the Jewel Thieves (Daring Adventure)
  ''978-1-56179-552-9Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Classics Series)
2004978-1-56179-564-2AIO TeamWelcome Home (Adventures in Odyssey #28)
  ''978-1-56179-565-9FocusWelcome Home (Adventures in Odyssey)
1998978-1-56179-566-6Nancy N. RueThe Threat (Christian Heritage Series: The Charleston Years #3)
1997978-1-56179-582-6Paul McCuskerBonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom (Radio Theatre)
1998978-1-56179-584-0Patsy ClairmontGod Uses Cracked Pots
  ''978-1-56179-585-7Patsy ClairmontNormal Is Just a Setting on Your Dryer
2000978-1-56179-587-1Ron BlueTaming the Money Monster: 5 Steps to Conquering Debt
1998978-1-56179-597-0Robin Jones GunnSummer Promise (The Christy Miller Series #1)
1998978-1-56179-598-7Robin Jones GunnA Whisper and a Wish (The Christy Miller Series #2)
  ''978-1-56179-599-4   ''Yours Forever (The Christy Miller Series #3)
1998978-1-56179-600-7Robin Jones GunnSurprise Endings (The Christy Miller Series #4)
2004978-1-56179-622-9FocusSigned, Sealed, and Committed (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-623-6AIO TeamSigned, Sealed & Committed (Adventures in Odyssey #29)
1998978-1-56179-634-2Joe WheelerGreat Stories Remembered II
  ''978-1-56179-651-9Neil Clark WarrenLearning to Live with the Love of Your Life . . . and Loving It
1999978-1-56179-652-6Robert WolgemuthShe Calls Me Daddy: Seven Things Every Man Needs to Know About Building a Complete Daughter
  ''978-1-56179-665-6Mary Guleserian · Therese FureyThe Ultimate Baby-Sitter's Survival Guide (Focus on the Family)
2004978-1-56179-667-0FocusThrough Thick and Thin (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-668-7AIO TeamThrough Thick and Thin (Adventures in Odyssey #30)
1998978-1-56179-672-4Carol KuykendallGive Them Wings: Preparing for the Time Your Teens Leave Home
1999978-1-56179-674-8Stephen A. BlyOnce a Parent, Always a Parent (Focus on the Family)
1999978-1-56179-677-9Rick Hicks · Kathy HicksBoomers, X-ers, and Other Strangers: Understanding/Generational Differences/Divide Us
2004978-1-56179-683-0FocusDays to Remember (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-684-7AIO TeamDays to Remember (Adventures in Odyssey #31)
1999978-1-56179-689-2Stephen Arterburn · Jim BurnsParents Guide to Top 10 Dangers Teens Face
  ''978-1-56179-699-1C. S. LewisThe Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-700-4C. S. LewisThe Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-707-3Neil Clark WarrenMake Anger Your Ally (Living Books)
1999978-1-56179-708-0Cynthia Ulrich TobiasEvery Child Can Succeed
  ''978-1-56179-711-0Jessica Shaver RenshawGianna: Aborted...and Lived to Tell About It (Living Books)
  ''978-1-56179-716-5Robert LewisRaising a Modern Day Knight: A Father's Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood
  ''978-1-56179-718-9Robin Jones GunnIsland Dreamer (The Christy Miller Series #5)
  ''978-1-56179-719-6   ''A Heart Full of Hope (The Christy Miller Series #6)
1999978-1-56179-720-2Robin Jones GunnTrue Friends (The Christy Miller Series #7)
  ''978-1-56179-721-9   ''Starry Night (The Christy Miller Series #8)
  ''978-1-56179-730-1   ''Seventeen Wishes (The Christy Miller Series #9)
  ''978-1-56179-731-8   ''A Time to Cherish (The Christy Miller Series #10)
1999978-1-56179-732-5Robin Jones GunnSweet Dreams (The Christy Miller Series #11)
  ''978-1-56179-733-2   ''A Promise is Forever (The Christy Miller Series #12)
  ''978-1-56179-744-8Louisa May AlcottLittle Women (Great Stories)
  ''978-1-56179-745-5Lew WallaceBen-Hur (Great Stories)
2004978-1-56179-747-9FocusHidden Treasures (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-748-6AIO TeamHidden Treasures (Adventures in Odyssey #32)
1999978-1-56179-764-6Daniel DefoeFarther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (Great Stories)
1999978-1-56179-773-8Paul McCuskerDarien's Rise (Passages 1: From Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-774-5   ''Adventures In Odyssey Passages Series: Arin's Judgment (Adventures in Odyssey 2)
  ''978-1-56179-783-7John Paulk · Anne PaulkLove Won Out
2001978-1-56179-788-2C. S. LewisThe Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-789-9   ''The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Radio Theatre)
2000978-1-56179-791-2Kurt Bruner · John Trent · Rick OsborneSpiritual Growth of Children: Helping Your Child Develop a Personal Faith (Focus on the Family)
2002978-1-56179-792-9C. S. LewisThe Silver Chair (Radio Theatre)
1999978-1-56179-794-3Joe WheelerThe Best of Times: A Classic Collection of Timeless Tales (Great Stories)
2000978-1-56179-795-0Henryk SienkiewiczQuo Vadis (Great Stories)
  ''978-1-56179-796-7Gene Stratton PorterFreckles (Great Stories)
2000978-1-56179-801-8Focus on the FamilyMealtime Moments: 164 Faith-Filling Entrees To Stir Family Discussion (Heritage Builders)
  ''978-1-56179-802-5Focus on the FamilyMy Time with God 1 (Heritage Builders)
2001978-1-56179-807-0John TrentBedtime Blessings, Volume 2 (Focus on the Family Book)
2000978-1-56179-808-7Paul McCuskerGlennall's Betrayal (Adventure in Odyssey)
1999978-1-56179-809-4   ''Annison's Risk (Passages 3: From Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-816-2John Paulk · Anne PaulkLove Won Out
2000978-1-56179-834-6Joe WheelerThe Best of Times Second Collection (Great Stories)
2000978-1-56179-835-3Joe WheelerGreat Stories Remembered III
2002978-1-56179-843-8Focus on the FamilyThe Last Battle (Radio Theatre)
2000978-1-56179-845-2Paul McCuskerFendar's Legacy (Passages 6: From Adventures in Odyssey)
2004978-1-56179-846-9FocusVirtual Realities (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-847-6AIO TeamVirtual Realities (Adventures in Odyssey)
2000978-1-56179-854-4FocusMy Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth?: Discovering Absolutes in a Relative World [VHS]
  ''978-1-56179-867-4Frances Hodgson BurnettThe Secret Garden (Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-868-1Randy PetersenMy Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth?: Discovering Absolutes in a Relative World
2004978-1-56179-887-2AIO TeamIn Your Wildest Dreams (Adventures in Odyssey)
2001978-1-56179-891-9Jim Weidmann · Joe WhiteSpiritual Mentoring of Teens (FOTF Complete Guide)
  ''978-1-56179-892-6Focus on the FamilyMore Mealtime Moments: 164 Faith-Filled Ideas for Family Discussion (Heritage Builders (Tyndale))
2000978-1-56179-901-5Lisa WhelchelCreative Correction (Focus on the Family Book)
2001978-1-56179-904-6Angela Thomas GuffeyTender Mercy for a Mother's Soul: Inspiration to Renew Your Spirit
2001978-1-56179-905-3Al JanssenMarriage Masterpiece: God's Amazing Design for Your Life Together (Focus on the Family Presents)
2002978-1-56179-906-0LightwaveBedtime Bible: Stories to open young heart's to God's Word (Focus on the Family)
2004978-1-56179-908-4FocusThe Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-909-1AIO TeamThe Big Picture (Adventures in Odyssey #35)
2001978-1-56179-916-9Paul McCuskerFather Gilbert Mysteries (Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-917-6   ''Father Gilbert Mysteries: A Soul in Torment/Dead Air/Where the Heart Is
2002978-1-56179-925-1Tom MinneryWhy You Can't Stay Silent: A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture (Focus on the Family)
2001978-1-56179-926-8Chuck SnyderMen: Some Assembly Required (Renewing the Heart)
2004978-1-56179-959-6FocusDanger Signals (Adventures in Odyssey)
  ''978-1-56179-960-2AIO TeamDanger Signals (Adventures in Odyssey)
2001978-1-56179-969-5Victor HugoLes Miserables (Focus on the Family Radio Theatre)
  ''978-1-56179-970-1Victor HugoLes Miserables (Radio Theatre)

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