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1991978-1-56171-015-7Yitschak Ben GadPolitics, Lies and Videotape: 3,000 Questions and Answers on the Mideast Crisis
  ''978-1-56171-016-4Raful EitanA Soldier's Story: The Life and Times of an Israeli War Hero
  ''978-1-56171-021-8Rachela Walshaw · Sam WalshawFrom Out of the Firestorm: A Memoir of the Holocaust
1992978-1-56171-028-7Joseph SiegmanThe International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
1994978-1-56171-037-9Philip H. MelansonThe Martin Luther King Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy and Cover-Up, 1968-1991
1991978-1-56171-038-6Judy HuddlestonThis Is the End...My Only Friend: Living and Dying With Jim Morrison
1992978-1-56171-051-5Donald De SimoneI Rob Banks: That's Where the Money Is!": The Story of Bank Robber Willie "the Actor" Sutton and the Killing of Arnold Schuster
1993978-1-56171-060-7John H. DavisThe Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster
1992978-1-56171-065-2John AustinHollywood's Unsolved Mysteries
1994978-1-56171-099-7Ruth K. Westheimer · Louis LiebermanDr. Ruth's Guide to Erotic and Sensuous Pleasures
2005978-1-56171-126-0Harlan CobenMiracle Cure
1994978-1-56171-131-4Philip H. MelansonThe Martin Luther King Assassination
  ''978-1-56171-132-1Karl DallasPink Floyd: Bricks in the Wall
  ''978-1-56171-142-0John AustinThe Tales of Hollywood the Bizarre: Unexplained Deaths, Oscar Rip Offs Blacklisting, Tragedies, Erotomania Sexual Harassment, Devil Worship and Othe
1992978-1-56171-146-8Raymond StraitHere They Are Jayne Mansfield
1994978-1-56171-147-5Robert F. SlatzerThe Marilyn Files
1992978-1-56171-152-9May Lawford · Buddy GalonMother Bitch: Exposes the Kennedys, the Royal Family & Her Own Son, Peter Lawford
1993978-1-56171-154-3Harlan CobenPlay Dead: Non Stop Sexy and Suspenseful
1992978-1-56171-161-1Andrew YuleAl Pacino: A Life On The Wire
1992978-1-56171-179-6Robert D. MorrowFirst Hand Knowledge: How I Participated in the Cia-Mafia Murder of President Kennedy
  ''978-1-56171-199-4Vyv Simson · Andrew JenningsDishonored Games: Corruption, Money, and Greed at the Olympics
  ''978-1-56171-200-7Dan E. MoldeaThe Hoffa Wars: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Hoffa
  ''978-1-56171-203-8Pete BrewtonThe Mafia, CIA and George Bush
1993978-1-56171-205-2Ronald L. SmithCosby: The Life of a Comedy Legend
2006978-1-56171-208-3Ira NeimarkCrossing Fifth Avenue To Bergdorf Goodman: An Insider's Account on the Rise of Luxury Retailing
1993978-1-56171-221-2John A. MercurioBabe Ruth's Incredible Records and the 44 Players Who Broke Them
1994978-1-56171-229-8Frank SacksExtreme Justice: The Secret Squad of the Lapd That Fights Violence
1993978-1-56171-230-4Elliot GoldenbergThe Spy Who Knew Too Much: The Government Plot to Silence Jonathan Pollard
  ''978-1-56171-237-3John AustinMore of Hollywood's Unsolved Mysteries
1994978-1-56171-241-0Nigel CawthorneThe Bamboo Cage: The Full Story of the American Servicemen Still Missing in Vietnam
1994978-1-56171-248-9Jonathan KwitnyThe Super Swindlers: The Incredible Record of America's Greatest Financial Scams
  ''978-1-56171-249-6Terry Reed · John CummingsCompromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA
1993978-1-56171-258-8John AustinHollywood's Greatest Mysteries/All the Scandalous Truth That Hollywood Doesn't Want You to Know
  ''978-1-56171-259-5Michelle DigiacomoMy Hot Talk: Confessions of a Phone Mistress
  ''978-1-56171-265-6Ronald L. SmithEncyclopedia of Comedians and Their Routines: The Annotated Discography of Every Comedy Album..
  ''978-1-56171-269-4Yossef BodanskyTarget America: Terrorism in the U. S. Today
1993978-1-56171-274-8Robert D. MorrowFirst Hand Knowledge: How I Participated in the CIA - Mafia Murder of President Kennedy
1994978-1-56171-288-5John AustinHollywood's Babylon Women
  ''978-1-56171-293-9Dolores KennedyOn a Killing Day: The Bizarre Story of Convicted Murderer Aileen Lee Wournos
  ''978-1-56171-301-1Yossef BodanskyTerror: The Inside Story of the Terrorist Conspiracy in America
  ''978-1-56171-324-0Philip H. MelansonThe Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: New Revelations on the Conspiracy and Cover-Up, 1968-1991
  ''978-1-56171-333-2Rachel EhrenfeldEvil Money: The Inside Story of Money Laundering & Corruption in Government, Banks & Business
1994978-1-56171-334-9Gary MoskowitzThe Blue Myth
2011978-1-56171-349-3Jennifer Brozost · Vimmi ShroffTHE NYC PRIVATE SCHOOL ADMISSIONS HANDBOOK: An Insiders' Guide To The NYC Admissions Process From Nursery Through On-Going Schools
1995978-1-56171-361-5Connie HamzyRock Groupie: The Intimate Adventures of "Sweet Connie" from Little Rock
1997978-1-56171-376-9Gail B. GiorgioThe Elvis Files: Was His Death Faked?
1994978-1-56171-382-0PilaTrue Story of Celestine Prophecy: The Gathering
2005978-1-56171-872-6Jill Ann SpauldingBehind The Scenes In Hef's Playboy Mansion: The Sex, Fun & Romp'n'roll: A Playboy Model Tells All
  ''978-1-56171-875-7Relais & Chateaux AssociationRelais & Chateaux: 450 Restaurants and Hotels Around the World (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-56171-876-4Pique LyleThe Expert's Guide To Buy Or Lease A Car Without Getting Ripped Off: How To Get The Best Deal Possible
2006978-1-56171-880-1Ted Morgan · Serena WorthHow To Marry A Multi-Millionaire
2001978-1-56171-884-9Jonathan Schanzer · Dennis RossAl-Qaeda's Armies: Middle East Affiliate Groups & The Next Generation of Terror
2005978-1-56171-885-6Dianne SundbyYou Know You're an Empty Nester When...: A Hilarious Look at Life After Kids
2007978-1-56171-888-7Jon King · John BeveridgePrincess Diana: The Evidence
2005978-1-56171-890-0Charles PappasThe Ultimate Film Noir Quote Book: Featuring Bogart, Bacall, Robert Mitchum, Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles, Jack Nicholson and Others
2004978-1-56171-891-7Michael CraneThe Political Junkie Handbook: The Political Junkie Handbook: A Definitive Book on Politics (The Definitive Reference Book on Politics)
2008978-1-56171-895-5Ted Schwarz · Nick SevanoSinatra: You Though You Knew Him…
2004978-1-56171-896-2Blanche L. Serwer-BernsteinLet's Steal the Moon: Jewish Tales, Anciet and Recent
2007978-1-56171-907-5Peter S. HorvitzThe Big Book of Jewish Sports Heros: An Illustrated Compendium of Sports History & The 150 Greatest Jewish Sports Stars (Judaica Sports Collectibles Library)
2002978-1-56171-914-3Paulette CooperThe Most Romantic Resorts for Destination Weddings, Marriage Renewals & Honeymoons
1996978-1-56171-917-4Perry MannThe Exotic Erotic Ball: 20 years of the world's biggest sexiest party
2009978-1-56171-922-8Jon King · John BeveridgePrincess Diana: The Hidden Evidence
2006978-1-56171-927-3Peter S. HorvitzThe Big Book of Jewish Athletes (Judaica Sports Collectibles Library)
2005978-1-56171-930-3David Samson · Elayne KahnHow to Multiply Without Dividing: Making Sure the Romance Never Leaves Your Relationship
2002978-1-56171-933-4Chaim SternPaths of Faith: The New Jewish Prayer Book for Synagogue and Home: For Weekdays, Shabbat, Festivals & Other Occasions
978-1-56171-938-9Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within
2003978-1-56171-939-6Seymour RosselBible Dreams: The Spiritual Quest: How the Dreams in the Bible Speak to Us Today
2003978-1-56171-944-0Valerie KnappSolutions to the College Board: 10 Real SATs: The Expert's Guide to Killer Scores on the Sat Math-Part
1997978-1-56171-960-0Gerald GillespieKabbalah's Twelve Step Spiritual Method to End Your Addiction: A New Proven Approach to Cure Dependence on Addictive Substances & Compulsive Behavior
  ''978-1-56171-972-3Clifford E. StoneUfos Are Real: Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the U.S. Government
2001978-1-56171-973-0Peter S. Horvitz · Joachim HorvitzThe Big Book of Jewish Baseball: An Illustrated Encyclopedia & Anecdotal History
1999978-1-56171-992-1Tom Leonardi · Arthur GrossIs Facing Reality Easier with an Ocean View?: And Other Questions Too Big to Answer!
2000978-1-56171-994-5Bill BoydBOLIVAR: LIBERATOR OF A CONTINENT