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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-56170-000-4Louise L. HayHeart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom
1991978-1-56170-023-3Louise HayThe Power Is Within You
  ''978-1-56170-038-7Jonathan Quintin · Louise L. HayGeometric Coloring Book for Adults/142
1993978-1-56170-044-8M.D. Bernie S. SiegelMeditations for Enhancing Your Immune System: Strengthening Your Body's Ability To Heal
1992978-1-56170-045-5Louise HayHeart Thoughts: A Treasury of Wisdom
  ''978-1-56170-048-6Susan J. JeffersInner Talk for a Confident Day (FearLess)
  ''978-1-56170-049-3Susan J. JeffersInner Talk for Peace of Mind (Fearless)
  ''978-1-56170-050-9Susan JeffersInner Talk for a Love That Works (The "Fear-less" Series)
1992978-1-56170-052-3Joan Z., Ph.D. BorysenkoMeditations for Relaxation and Stress Reduction (Love Is the Lesson Tape)
  ''978-1-56170-053-0   ''Meditations for Self-Healing and Inner Power
  ''978-1-56170-055-4Gerald G. Jampolsky · Diane V. CirincioneWake-Up Calls
1993978-1-56170-058-5Hay HousePath Of Transformation/Vhs
  ''978-1-56170-062-2Louise L. HayMeditations for Personal Healing
  ''978-1-56170-076-9Wayne W. DyerEveryday Wisdom
1994978-1-56170-079-0Amy DeanPleasant Dreams: Nighttime Meditations for Peace of Mind/155
1994978-1-56170-086-8Wayne W. DyerEveryday Wisdom
  ''978-1-56170-101-8Doreen VirtueLosing Your Pounds of Pain
1995978-1-56170-124-7Doreen VirtueConstant Craving: What Your Food Cravings Mean and How to Overcome Them
1994978-1-56170-131-5Louise HayEl Poder Esta Dentro De Ti
1993978-1-56170-132-2   ''Sana Tu Cuerpo
1995978-1-56170-144-5Joan BorysenkoThe Power of the Mind to Heal
  ''978-1-56170-145-2Amy DeanFacing Life's Challenges: Daily Meditations for Overcoming Depression, Grief, and "the Blues"
  ''978-1-56170-158-2Barbara De AngelisConfidence: Finding It and Living It
  ''978-1-56170-160-5Stuart WildeWhispering Winds of Change
1995978-1-56170-164-3Stuart WildeSecrets of Life
  ''978-1-56170-165-0   ''Quickening, The
  ''978-1-56170-166-7   ''The Force
1995978-1-56170-167-4Stuart WildeAffirmations: How to Expand Your Personal Power and Take Back Control of Your Life
  ''978-1-56170-168-1   ''The Trick to Money Is Having Some
  ''978-1-56170-213-8Louise Hay101 Power Thoughts/Cassette
1997978-1-56170-273-2Marianne WilliamsonRomantic Relationships
1996978-1-56170-280-0Christiane NorthrupWomen's Bodies, Women's Wisdom
1997978-1-56170-291-6Irene Dalichow · Mike BoothAura-Soma: Healing Through Color, Plants, and Crystal Energy
1996978-1-56170-294-7Louise HayVivir! (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-56170-309-8   ''Gratitude: A Way of Life
  ''978-1-56170-312-8Louise L. HayLife! Reflections on Your Journey
1995978-1-56170-313-5Wayne W. DyerMeditations for Manifesting
1995978-1-56170-315-9Wayne W. Dyer Dr.MEDITATIONS FOR MANIFESTING 1 CD
  ''978-1-56170-318-0Barbara De AngelisConfidence: Finding It and Living It
1996978-1-56170-321-0Doreen Virtue"I'd Change My Life If I Had More Time": A Practical Guide to Making Dreams Come True
  ''978-1-56170-324-1Terah Kathryn CollinsWestern Guide to Feng Shui
  ''978-1-56170-336-4M.D., Emmett E. MillerDeep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine
  ''978-1-56170-337-1Alan CohenDeep Breath of Life, A
1996978-1-56170-340-1Alan CohenRising in Love: Opening Your Heart in All Your Relationships
  ''978-1-56170-341-8   ''Joy Is My Compass: Taking the Risk to Follow Your Bliss
  ''978-1-56170-342-5John Randolph PriceThe 40-Day Prosperity Plan
  ''978-1-56170-343-2Stuart WildeArt of Meditation
  ''978-1-56170-347-0John Randolph PriceThe Abundance Book
1996978-1-56170-348-7Wayne W. Dyer · Marcelene DyerA Promise Is a Promise: An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother's Unconditional Love and What It Can Teach Us
  ''978-1-56170-349-4Stuart WildeInfinite Self: 33 Steps to Reclaiming Your Inner Power
  ''978-1-56170-350-0John Randolph PriceEmpowerment: You Can Do, Be, and Have All Things!
  ''978-1-56170-351-7John R. PricePractical Spirituality
1997978-1-56170-352-4Doreen VirtueThe Yo-Yo Diet Syndrome: How to Heal and Stabilize Your Appetite and Weight
  ''978-1-56170-353-1Amy E. DeanGrowing Older, Growing Better: Daily Meditations for Celebrating Aging
1997978-1-56170-358-6John Randolph PriceThe Superbeings: Overcoming Limitations Through the Power of the Mind
  ''978-1-56170-360-9   ''A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World
1997978-1-56170-362-3John Randolph PriceThe Workbook for Self Mastery: Course of Study on the Divine Reality
  ''978-1-56170-373-9   ''The Superbeings: Overcoming Limitations Through the Power of Mind
  ''978-1-56170-375-3Natalie Goldberg · Deena Metzger · Keith Jarrett · Isabel Allende · Mihaly Csikszentmihjalyi · Michael TomsThe Well of Creativity (New Dimensions Books)
  ''978-1-56170-377-7Lynne Twist · David Whyte · Matthew Fox · Carol Orsborn · Keshavan Nair · Willis Harman · Barry Schieber · Margaret WheatleyThe Soul of Business (New Dimensions Books)
  ''978-1-56170-380-7Caroline MyssHealing With Spirit (New Dimensions Books)
1997978-1-56170-385-2Bartholomew · Mary-Margaret Moore · Joy Franklin · Jill KramerI Come As a Brother: A Remembrance of Illusions
1998978-1-56170-386-9Bartholomew · Mary Margaret MooreFrom the Heart of a Gentle Brother
  ''978-1-56170-387-6Bartholomew · Mary-Margaret MooreReflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream
1999978-1-56170-388-3BartholomewPlanetary Brother
  ''978-1-56170-389-0Bartholomew · Dalai Lama XIVJourneys With a Brother: Japan to India
1997978-1-56170-390-6Doreen VirtueThe Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spirtual Power To Know And Heal
  ''978-1-56170-391-3Sergio BambarenThe Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer
  ''978-1-56170-392-0Joan BorysenkoThe Ways of the Mystic: 7 Paths to God
1997978-1-56170-394-4Doreen VirlueChakra Clearing
  ''978-1-56170-395-1Marianne WilliamsonA Year of Daily Wisdom Perpetual Flip Calendar
  ''978-1-56170-396-8Vikki Hansen · Shawn GoodmanSeven Secrets of Slim People
  ''978-1-56170-397-5Doreen VirtueANGEL THERAPY/TRADE
  ''978-1-56170-431-6Joan BorysenkoMorning and Evening: Music, Meditation, and Prayer
1997978-1-56170-443-9Hay HouseWise Words: Perennial Wisdom
  ''978-1-56170-450-7Gary ZukavAuthentic Power: Aligning Personality With Soul (New Dimensions Books)
1998978-1-56170-455-2Jonathan RobinsonReal Wealth: A Spiritual Approach to Money and Work
  ''978-1-56170-458-3Jacob NeedlemanMoney, Money, Money: The Search for Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness
1997978-1-56170-460-6Larry ClappPROSTATE HEALTH IN 90 DAYS/TRADE
1998978-1-56170-461-3Eliot RoseExperiencing the Soul
  ''978-1-56170-467-5Alan CohenHandle With Prayer: Harnessing the Power to Make Your Dreams Come Through
  ''978-1-56170-469-9Jonathan RobinsonExperience of God
1998978-1-56170-472-9Louise HayEl Mundo te Esta Esperando! (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-56170-474-3John Randolph PriceThe Success Book
  ''978-1-56170-495-8Louise L. Hay101 Ways to Happiness
  ''978-1-56170-497-2Kurt KaltreiderAmerican Indian Prophecies
  ''978-1-56170-498-9Louise HayGratitud (Spanish Edition)
1998978-1-56170-500-9John Randolph PriceThe Wellness Book
2000978-1-56170-501-6Stuart WildeSixth Sense: Including the Secrets of the Etheric Subtle Body
1998978-1-56170-502-3John Randolph PriceThe Meditation Book
  ''978-1-56170-506-1Phillip KrapfContact Has Begun
1997978-1-56170-509-2Judith Orloff · Barbara Brennan · Rosalyn BruyerePsychic and Intuitive Healing (New Dimensions Books)
1998978-1-56170-511-5Lila DeviThe Essential Flower Essence Handbook: Remedies for Inner Well-Being
  ''978-1-56170-513-9Sylvia BrowneMaking Contact With the Other Side: How to Enhance Your Own Psychic Powers
1999978-1-56170-524-5William LevacyBeneath A Vedic Sky
1998978-1-56170-528-3Barbara De AngelisConfidence: Finding It and Living It
  ''978-1-56170-530-6Stuart WildeThe Art of Meditation
  ''978-1-56170-531-3Ron RothHealing Prayers
2006978-1-56170-532-0Louise HaySelf-Esteem Affirmations
1998978-1-56170-534-4Bernie SiegelMeditations for Enhancing Your Immune System
1998978-1-56170-535-1Stuart WildeLife Was Never Meant to be a Struggle
  ''978-1-56170-536-8   ''Silent Power
  ''978-1-56170-537-5   ''Weight Loss for the Mind
  ''978-1-56170-538-2Carol RitbergerYour Personality, Your Health
  ''978-1-56170-540-5Stuart WildeMiracles
1998978-1-56170-541-2Denise LinnLife Force: Access the Energy Field Around You
  ''978-1-56170-545-0Wayne W. Dyer · Deepak ChopraHow to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want
1997978-1-56170-552-8Lee CarrollThe Journey Home - A Kryon Parable - The Story Of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels
1998978-1-56170-566-5Doreen VirtueChakra Clearing
1999978-1-56170-568-9Terah Kathryn CollinsThe Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room
  ''978-1-56170-571-9Doreen VirtueConstant Craving A-Z: A Simple Guide to Understanding and Healing Your Food Cravings (Hay House Lifestyles)
  ''978-1-56170-574-0Phyllis DavisThe Power of Touch
1998978-1-56170-575-7Sylvia BrowneHealing Your Body, Mind, and Soul: Learn to Reprogram Your Mind to Stay Healthy
  ''978-1-56170-580-1Marianne WilliamsonMystical Power
2001978-1-56170-585-6Louise L. HayPensamientos del Corazon: Un Tesoro de Sabiduria Interior (Spanish Edition)
1998978-1-56170-586-3   ''Meditaciones Para Sanar Tu Vida (Spanish Edition)
1999978-1-56170-593-1Louise HayTools for Success
1999978-1-56170-599-3Christiane Northrup · Mona Lisa SchulzIgniting Intuition
1998978-1-56170-602-0Louise HayLove Your Body
1999978-1-56170-608-2Lee Carroll · Jan ToberThe Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived
  ''978-1-56170-609-9Louise HayEmpowering Women: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Breaking Rules, and Bringing Good into Your Life
  ''978-1-56170-610-5Joan Z. Borysenko7 Paths to God: The Ways of the Mystic
  ''978-1-56170-611-2Louise L. HayA Garden of Thoughts: My Affirmation Journal (Journals)
  ''978-1-56170-612-9Louise HayPower Thought Cards: A 64 Card Deck (Box Set)
1999978-1-56170-613-6Larry ClappProstate Health in 90 Days
  ''978-1-56170-616-7Alan CohenHandle with Prayer: Harnessing the Power to Make Your Dreams Come Through
  ''978-1-56170-620-4Stuart Wilde · Leon NacsonSimply Wilde: Discover the Wisdom That Is Stuart Wilde
1998978-1-56170-621-1Sylvia BrowneAdventures of a Psychic: A Fascinating and Inspiring True-Life Story of One of America's Most Successful Clairvoyants
1999978-1-56170-625-9Doreen VirtueHealing Your Appetite
  ''978-1-56170-628-0Louise HayYou Can Heal Your Life (Gift Edition)
  ''978-1-56170-636-5Kymythy SchultzeNatural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet
2011978-1-56170-638-9Dianne SchwartzWhose Face is in the Mirror?: The Story of One Woman's Journey from the Nightmare of Domestic Abuse to True Healing
1999978-1-56170-639-6Doreen VirtueHealing With The Angels Oracle Cards (Large Card Decks)
1999978-1-56170-640-2Doreen VirtueHealing with the Angels: How the Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life
1999978-1-56170-643-3Doreen VirtueManifesting With the Angels
  ''978-1-56170-644-0   ''Karma Releasing: Clearing Away Painful Patterns from Your Past
  ''978-1-56170-645-7Wayne W. DyerWisdom of the Masters
  ''978-1-56170-648-8Bernie S. SiegelMeditations for Difficult Times
  ''978-1-56170-649-5Bernie S. SiegelGetting Ready: Preparing for Surgery, Chemotherapy and Other Treatments
1999978-1-56170-651-8Carol RitbergerWhat Color Is Your Personality?: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green... (Gift Books)
  ''978-1-56170-652-5Deborah McCoyWeddings A-Z
  ''978-1-56170-653-2James CantonTechnofutures: How Leading-Edge Technology Will Transform Business in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-56170-657-0Dana UllmanThe Steps to Healing: Wisdom from the Sages, the Rosemarys, and the Times
2000978-1-56170-659-4Louise L. HayRespuestas (Spanish Edition)
1999978-1-56170-660-0Billy Mills · Nicholas SparksWokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding
2000978-1-56170-663-1Lee CarrollThe Parables of Kryon
  ''978-1-56170-667-9Chris DufresneMy Life With Sylvia Browne
2000978-1-56170-671-6John Randolph PriceThe Jesus Code
2001978-1-56170-672-3   ''Removing the Masks That Bind Us
2000978-1-56170-677-8Ron Roth · Peter OcchiogrossoI Want to See Jesus in a New Light: Healing Reflections for People of All Faiths
  ''978-1-56170-678-5Ron Roth Ph.DPrayer and the Five Stages of Healing
  ''978-1-56170-689-1Louise L. Hay · Jill KramerMeditations to Heal Your Life
1999978-1-56170-691-4Sylvia BrowneAngels and Spirit Guides: How to Call upon Your Angels and Spirit Guide for Help
2000978-1-56170-693-8Amy DeanPLEASANT DREAMS/GIFT BK/HARD (Puffy Books)
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2001978-1-56170-706-5   ''Holy Spirit for Healing: Merging Ancient Wisdom With Modern Medicine
  ''978-1-56170-708-9Ron RothReclaim Your Spiritual Power
2000978-1-56170-712-6Doreen VirtueAngel Visions: True Stories of People Who Have Seen Angels, and How You Can See Angels, Too!
2000978-1-56170-713-3Doreen VirtueConnecting With Your Angels: How to See, Talk, and Work With the Angelic Realm
  ''978-1-56170-715-7Cheri HuberHow to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
2004978-1-56170-718-8Sylvia BrowneConversations With The Other Side
2000978-1-56170-719-5   ''Meditations
2000978-1-56170-720-1Sylvia BrowneAstrology Through a Psychic's Eyes
  ''978-1-56170-721-8   ''Sylvia Browne's Tools for Life
  ''978-1-56170-722-5   ''God, Creation, and Tools for Life (Journey of the Soul Series: Book 1)
2004978-1-56170-723-2   ''Soul's Perfection (Journey of the Soul's Service, Book 2)
2000978-1-56170-724-9   ''NATURE OF GOOD AND EVIL THE/TRADE (Journey of the Soul)
1999978-1-56170-726-3Gary Zukav · Jill KramerIgniting Your Soul Life (New Dimensions)
2000978-1-56170-729-4Louise HayInner Wisdom: Meditations for the Heart and Soul
2000978-1-56170-730-0Louise HayWisdom Cards
  ''978-1-56170-731-7Denise LinnFeng Shui for the Soul
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  ''978-1-56170-738-6Michael J. Gelb · Deepak Chopra · Michael J. GelloSpiritual Insights into the Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci
  ''978-1-56170-739-3Richard Moss · Deepak ChopraThe Spiritual Journey
2000978-1-56170-746-1Sylvia BrowneThe Other Side of Life: A Discussion on Death, Dying, and the Graduation of the Soul
  ''978-1-56170-747-8John Randolph PriceThe Alchemist's Handbook
  ''978-1-56170-749-2Doreen VirtuePast Life Regression With the Angels
2001978-1-56170-750-8Denise LinnSpace Clearing A-Z: How to Use Feng Shui to Purify and Bless Your Home (A--Z Books)
  ''978-1-56170-753-9Hank WesselmanVisionseeker (Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge)
2000978-1-56170-761-4Karen KingstonClear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
  ''978-1-56170-762-1John EdwardDeveloping Your Own Psychic Powers
2000978-1-56170-763-8John EdwardUnderstanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides
  ''978-1-56170-764-5   ''Unleashing Your Psychic Potential
2001978-1-56170-785-0Doreen VirtueHealing with the Fairies Oracle Cards: Booklet and 44-Card Deck (Large Card Decks)
  ''978-1-56170-786-7Wayne W. DyerInner Peace Cards
  ''978-1-56170-787-4Terah Kathryn CollinsFeng Shui Personal Paradise Cards (Large Card Decks)
  ''978-1-56170-788-1   ''HOME DESIGN FENG SHUI A-Z/TRADE (Hay House Lifestyles)
2001978-1-56170-789-8Leon NacsonInterpreting Dreams A-Z (Hay House Lifestyles.)
1998978-1-56170-792-8Louise L HayHeal Your Body A-Z: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Way to Overcome Them
2002978-1-56170-793-5Cheryl SchwartzNatural Healing for Dogs and Cats A-Z (A--Z Books)
2001978-1-56170-794-2Carolle Jean Murat · Jean-Manuel DuvivierNatural Pregnancy A-Z
  ''978-1-56170-796-6Connie Higley · Alan HigleyAromatherapy A-Z (Hay House Lifestyles)
2002978-1-56170-798-0Dana UllmanHomeopathy A-Z (A--Z Books)
2001978-1-56170-800-0Sylvia BrowneAventuas De Una Psiquica (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-56170-804-8Daniel LevinZen Cards (Small Card Decks)
  ''978-1-56170-805-5Doreen Virtue · Becky PrelitzEating in the Light: Making the Switch to Vegetarianism on the Spiritual Path (International Studies in Human Rights)
2000978-1-56170-806-2Wayne W. DyerSecrets of Your Own Healing Power
2001978-1-56170-807-9Doreen VirtueHealing With the Fairies: Messages, Manifestations, and Love from the World of the Fairies
  ''978-1-56170-808-6Sylvia BrowneJournal of Love & Healing (Journals)
2002978-1-56170-813-0Terah Kathryn CollinsThe Western Guide to Feng Shui for Prosperity
2004978-1-56170-814-7   ''The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance
2007978-1-56170-815-4   ''The Western Guide To Feng Shui For Parents
2001978-1-56170-817-8Sandra Anne TaylorSecrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex, and Romance
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2002978-1-56170-819-2Eric PearlThe Reconnection
2001978-1-56170-821-5Deepak ChopraAn Ancient Magical Prayer
2001978-1-56170-826-0Deepak ChopraPower of Intuition (Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being)
  ''978-1-56170-828-4Hank WesselmanVisionseekers
  ''978-1-56170-829-1Stuart WildeLittle Money Bible: The Ten Laws of Abundance
  ''978-1-56170-842-0Caroline SutherlandThe Body "Knows"
2002978-1-56170-843-7Vimala RodgersVegetarian Meals On The Go (Gift Books)
2000978-1-56170-844-4Stephen LewisSanctuary
2002978-1-56170-845-1Stephen Lewis · Evan SlawsonSanctuary: The Path to Consciousness
2001978-1-56170-846-8Doreen VirtueThe Care and Feeding of Indigo Children
2002978-1-56170-848-2Marianne WilliamsonMiracle Cards
2001978-1-56170-849-9Lynn V. AndrewsThe Love and Power Journal (Journals)
  ''978-1-56170-850-5Doreen VirtueAngel Visions II: More True Stories of People Who Have Had Contact With Angels, and How You Can, Too! (v. 2)
2001978-1-56170-851-2Doreen VirtueConnecting With Your Angels: How to See, Talk, and Work With the Angelic Realm
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  ''978-1-56170-859-8Lee Carroll · Jan ToberIndigo Celebration: More Messages, Stories, and Insights from the Indigo Children
2002978-1-56170-860-4Doreen VirtueMessages from your Angels
  ''978-1-56170-866-6Sylvia BrowneLa Perfeccion Del Alma (Journey of the Soul) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-56170-867-3Sylvia BrowneLa Naturaleza Del Bien Y Del Mal (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-56170-868-0   ''Conversaciones Con el Otro Lado (Spanish Edition)
2001978-1-56170-870-3Joan Z. BorysenkoInner Peace for Busy People
  ''978-1-56170-872-7Wayne W. DyerA Promise Is A Promise: An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother's Unconditional Love
  ''978-1-56170-873-4Sylvia BrowneHeart And Soul Cards
2002978-1-56170-875-8Wayne W. Dyer10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace (Puffy Books)
2001978-1-56170-877-2Don Miguel RuizThe Four Agreements: A 48-Card Deck
2002978-1-56170-878-9Louise HayYou Can Heal Your Life Companion Book (Hay House Lifestyles)
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2002978-1-56170-886-4Louise HayHealthy Body Cards (Beautiful Card Deck)
2001978-1-56170-897-0Rachel RemenMystery: The Wisdom of the Soul
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2002978-1-56170-902-1Sylvia BrownePrayers (Puffy Books)
2003978-1-56170-903-8Hay HouseRelationship Journal/Gift Book
2002978-1-56170-906-9Doreen VirtueMessages From Your Angels: What Your Angels Want you to Know
2001978-1-56170-907-6Carnie WilsonGut Feelings
2002978-1-56170-910-6Doreen VirtueCurandote Con Los Angeles Cartas Oraculas (Spanish Edition)
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2002978-1-56170-924-3Iyanla VanzantUntil Today Cards
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2001978-1-56170-932-8Phil McGrawDr. Phil Getting Real
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2002978-1-56170-937-3Louise HayAtmospheres and Affirmations
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2003978-1-56170-939-7Iyanla VanzantTips for Daily Living Cards (Large Card Decks)
2001978-1-56170-940-3Sylvia BrowneJourney of the Soul, 3 Book Box Set
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2002978-1-56170-951-9Laurin SydneyLittle Things Make a Big Difference (Puffy Books)
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2003978-1-56170-958-8Iyanla VanzantTips for Daily Living Cards
2002978-1-56170-962-5Louise HayPower Thought Sticky Cards (Beautiful Card Deck)
2001978-1-56170-966-3Bruce WilkinsonPrayer of Jabez Cards
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  ''978-1-56170-972-4Cyndi LeeOM Yoga In A Box: Intermediate
2001978-1-56170-973-1Cyndi LeeOM Yoga in a Box
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