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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-56097-876-3Monte BeauchampBlab! Vol. 18
  ''978-1-56097-877-0Bill GriffithZippy: Walk A Mile in My Muu-Muu (Zippy the Pinhead)
  ''978-1-56097-878-7Jack ColeBetsy and Me
2008978-1-56097-879-4Alex Chun · Jacob CoveyThe Pin-Up Art of Dan DeCarlo, Vol. 2
2007978-1-56097-880-0Hank KetchamHank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1957-1958 (Vol. 4)
2008978-1-56097-881-7Hank KetchamHank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1955-1958 Box Set (Vol. 3-4)
2017978-1-56097-882-4Gilbert HernandezBeyond Palomar (Love & Rockets)
2015978-1-56097-883-1Jaime HernandezPerla La Loca (Love and Rockets)
2008978-1-56097-884-8Ellen ForneyLust: Kinky Online Personal Ads
  ''978-1-56097-885-5ShagShag: A-Z: A BLAB! Storybook
2012978-1-56097-886-2Gary PanterDAL TOKYO
2008978-1-56097-887-9George HerrimanKrazy & Ignatz, 1941-1942: "A Ragout of Raspberries" (Krazy Kat)
  ''978-1-56097-888-6Leah HayesFuneral of the Heart
2008978-1-56097-889-3JasonThe Last Musketeer
  ''978-1-56097-890-9Daniel ClowesGhost World: The Special Edition
  ''978-1-56097-891-6Glenn HeadHotwire Comics, Vol. 2 (v. 2)
2011978-1-56097-892-3Wilfred Santiago21: The Story of Roberto Clemente
2008978-1-56097-893-0Tony MillionaireThe Maakies with the Wrinkled Knees
  ''978-1-56097-894-7Debbie DrechslerDaddy's Girl
2007978-1-56097-895-4Marco CoronaReflections Vol. 3 (Ignatz)
  ''978-1-56097-898-5Sergio PonchioneGrotesque #1 (Ignatz)
2007978-1-56097-899-2OkawariMegamanga Volume 23: Sex Warrior Isane XXX (Meagmanga) (v. 23)
  ''978-1-56097-900-5Michael DowersTijuana Bibles Volume 8 (v. 8)
  ''978-1-56097-901-2Frank ThorneThe Complete Iron Devil
  ''978-1-56097-902-9RebeccaHousewives At Play: "Lez" Be Friends
2008978-1-56097-903-6YukiyanagiMilk Mama
2007978-1-56097-904-3RebeccaHousewives At Play: Friends And Neighbors
2008978-1-56097-905-0Matt BroersmaInsomnia Vol. 3 (Ignatz)
2007978-1-56097-906-7Gilbert HernandezNew Tales of Old Palomar Volume 3 (Ignatz)
2008978-1-56097-908-1RebeccaMILFS ON MARS GN
  ''978-1-56097-909-8Jordan CraneThe Clouds Above
2008978-1-56097-910-4Ray FenwickHall Of Best Knowledge
  ''978-1-56097-911-1Hank KetchamHank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace 1951-1952 (Vol. 1)
  ''978-1-56097-912-8Craig YoeComic Arf
  ''978-1-56097-913-5Josh SimmonsJessica Farm
  ''978-1-56097-914-2Drew FriedmanMore Old Jewish Comedians: A BLAB! Storybook
2008978-1-56097-915-9Dash ShawBottomless Belly Button
  ''978-1-56097-916-6Gary Groth · Eric ReynoldsMOME Summer 2008 (Vol. 11) (v. 11)
2010978-1-56097-917-3Tony MillionaireBilly Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird
2008978-1-56097-918-0Tim LaneAbandoned Cars
  ''978-1-56097-919-7Bob LevinMost Outrageous The Trials and Trespasses of Dwaine Tinsely and Chester the Molester
  ''978-1-56097-920-3Walt KellyOur Gang Vol. 3 (Walt Kelly's Our Gang) (v. 3)
  ''978-1-56097-921-0Blake BellStrange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko
2009978-1-56097-922-7Gilbert HernandezThe Troublemakers
2008978-1-56097-923-4Dan Nadel · Glenn Bray · Edwin Pouncey · Geoffrey HayesWhere Demented Wented: The Art and Comics of Rory Hayes
2008978-1-56097-926-5Jaime Gilbert Mari HernandezAmor Y Cohetes: A Love and Rockets Book (Love and Rockets)
2010978-1-56097-927-2Steven WeissmanChocolate Cheeks (Yikes!)
2008978-1-56097-928-9Bill SchellyMan of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert
  ''978-1-56097-930-2Gary Groth · Eric ReynoldsMOME Fall 2008 (Vol. 12) (v. 12)
2012978-1-56097-931-9Greg SadowskiB. Krigstein Volume 2
2008978-1-56097-932-6George HerrimanKrazy and Ignatz, 1943-1944: "He Nods in Quiescent Siesta" (Krazy Kat)
2009978-1-56097-933-3Harvey Kurtzman · Jack Davis · Will Elder · Al Jaffee · Arnold RothHumbug (2 Volume Set)
2008978-1-56097-934-0JasonPocket Full of Rain and Other Stories
  ''978-1-56097-935-7Richard SalaDelphine Vol. 3 (Ignatz)
  ''978-1-56097-936-4Gary GrothThe Comics Journal #290 (No. 290)
  ''978-1-56097-937-1   ''The Comics Journal #291 (No. 291)
2008978-1-56097-938-8Gary GrothThe Comics Journal #292 (No. 292)
  ''978-1-56097-939-5Jaime HernandezThe Education of Hopey Glass (Love & Rockets)
  ''978-1-56097-940-1Tony LibidoHere Come The Lovejoys: The Second Coming
  ''978-1-56097-941-8IgortBaobab Volume 3 (Ignatz)
  ''978-1-56097-942-5Kevin HuizengaGanges Vol. 2 (Ignatz)
2008978-1-56097-944-9RebeccaTeens At Play: Girls Will Be Boys
  ''978-1-56097-946-3John PhamSublife #1 (v. 1)
  ''978-1-56097-948-7Charles M. SchulzThe Complete Peanuts Box Set Volumes 9 & 10: 1967-1970
  ''978-1-56097-949-4Jacob CoveyBeasts!: Book Two (New Modern Now Library) (Bk. 2)
2009978-1-56097-950-0   ''Beasts!: Book One (Bk. 1)
2008978-1-56097-951-7Jaime Hernandez · Mario Hernandez · Gilbert HernandezLove and Rockets: New Stories #1 (No. 1)
  ''978-1-56097-952-4Kim Deitch · Simon Deitch · Seth DeitchDeitch's Pictorama
2010978-1-56097-953-1Swarte JoostModern Swarte
2008978-1-56097-954-8Lilli CarréThe Lagoon
2009978-1-56097-956-2Miss Lasko-GrossA Mess of Everything
2008978-1-56097-957-9Gary Groth · Eric ReynoldsMOME Winter 2009
2009978-1-56097-958-6   ''MOME Spring 2009
2011978-1-56097-959-3Alex ChunThe Pin-Up Art of Humorama
2009978-1-56097-960-9Gilbert HernandezLuba (Love and Rockets)
2009978-1-56097-961-6Craig YoeBoody: The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers
2008978-1-56097-962-3E.C. SegarPopeye, Vol. 3: Let's You and Him Fight!
  ''978-1-56097-963-0Bill GriffithWelcome to Dingburg: Zippy the Pinhead
2009978-1-56097-964-7Basil WolvertonThe Wolverton Bible
  ''978-1-56097-965-4Archie GoodwinBlazing Combat
  ''978-1-56097-966-1Hank KetchamHank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace, 1959-1960
  ''978-1-56097-969-2Jacques BoyreauPortable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of the VHS Box, Vol. 1 (v. 1)
2009978-1-56097-970-8Trina RobbinsThe Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley's Cartoons from 1913-1940
  ''978-1-56097-971-5Greg SadowskiSupermen!: The First Wave Of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941
  ''978-1-56097-972-2Mort WalkerSam's Strip: The Comic About Comics
  ''978-1-56097-973-9Paul HornschemeierMother, Come Home
2008978-1-56097-974-6Johnny RyanComics Are for Idiots: A Comic Strip Collection by Johnny Ryan
2009978-1-56097-975-3Tony MillionaireDrinky Crows Maakies Treasury
2008978-1-56097-976-0Ted StearnFuzz and Pluck: Splitsville (Fuzz & Pluck)
  ''978-1-56097-978-4Jim WoodringThe Portable Frank
2008978-1-56097-979-1John KerschbaumPetey & Pussy
2009978-1-56097-980-7Anders NilsenMonologues for Calculating the Density of Black Holes
2008978-1-56097-982-1Sergio PonchioneGrotesque # 2 (Ignatz)
  ''978-1-56097-983-8Gary GrothThe Comics Journal #293 (No. 293)
  ''978-1-56097-984-5   ''The Comics Journal #294
2009978-1-56097-985-2Gary GrothThe Comics Journal #295
  ''978-1-56097-986-9   ''The Comics Journal #296
  ''978-1-56097-987-6   ''The Comics Journal #297
2008978-1-56097-993-7RebeccaHOUSEWIVES AT PLAY ALONE WITH ME