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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1990978-1-56091-090-9Susan Meikle Mandell · Stephen Peter Andrew · Bernard RossA Historical Survey of Transit Buses in the United States (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers))
1991978-1-56091-185-2Alternative Liquid Fuels in Transportation/Sp-889
1992978-1-56091-199-9Thomas D. GillespieFundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
  ''978-1-56091-211-8Harry Ralph RicardoThe Ricardo Story: The Autobiography of Sir Harry Ricardo, Pioneer of Engine Research (Sae Historical Series)
1991978-1-56091-259-0Sae Manual on Shot Peening (Sae, Hs-84/Includes Pamphlets)
1994978-1-56091-299-6Ernest Henry, Ph.D. WakefieldHistory of the Electric Automobile: Battery-Only Powered Cars
1993978-1-56091-360-3Society of Automotive EngineersVehicle and Occupant Kinematics: Simulation and Modeling (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers))
  ''978-1-56091-362-7Society of Automotive EngineersReliability and Maintainability Guideline for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment (Sae, No M-110)
  ''978-1-56091-363-4   ''Biomechanics of Impact Injury and Injury Tolerances of the Head-Neck Complex (Progress in Technology)
  ''978-1-56091-380-1Richard P. ScharchburgCarriages Without Horses: J. Frank Duryea and the Birth of the American Automobile Industry (Reference)
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1994978-1-56091-480-8Not AvailableDiesel Combustion Processes and Emission Control (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers))
  ''978-1-56091-520-1Gary J. NaplesBy the Numbers: Principles of Automotive Parts Management
  ''978-1-56091-524-9Carl Breer · Sae Historical CommitteeThe Birth of Chrysler Corporation and Its Engineering Legacy
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1997978-1-56091-542-3Robert BoschDiesel Fuel Injection (Bosch Technical Instruction)
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1995978-1-56091-589-8Keith Owen · Trevor Coley · Christopher S. WeaverAutomotive Fuels Reference Book
1995978-1-56091-592-8Society of Automotive EngineersBiomechanics of Impact Injuries and Injury Tolerances of the Abdomen, Lumbar Spine, and Pelvis Complex (Pt (Series) (Warrendale, Pa.), 47.)
  ''978-1-56091-597-3   ''Aircraft Crashworthiness (Progress in Technology)
  ''978-1-56091-609-3Martyn J. FoggTerraforming: Engineering Planetary Environments
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  ''978-1-56091-652-9Horst O. HardenbergThe Oldest Precursor of the Automobile - Ferdinand Verbiest's Steam Turbine - Powered Vehicle Model: Ferdinand Verbiest's Steam Turbine-Powered ... (English, Latin and Chinese Edition)
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1996978-1-56091-803-5Not AvailableCold-Start Emission Control and Catalyst Technologies (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers))
1996978-1-56091-807-3Not AvailableVehicle Heat Exchanger and Transfer Design (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers))
  ''978-1-56091-831-8John C. DixonTires, Suspension, and Handling, Second Edition [R-168]
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1998978-1-56091-997-1John E. DolceAnalytical Fleet Maintenance Management