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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-55972-005-2Bob Feller · Bill GilbertNow Pitching, Bob Feller
1988978-1-55972-006-9J. Randy TaraborrelliCall Her Miss Ross: The Unauthorized Biography of Diana Ross
1990978-1-55972-019-9Robert Goldberg · Gerald Jay GoldbergAnchors: Brokaw, Jennings, Rather and the Evening News
  ''978-1-55972-023-6Paul MicouThe Music Programme
  ''978-1-55972-028-1Louis ToscanoTriple Cross: Israel, the Atomic Bomb and the Man Who Spilled the Secrets
  ''978-1-55972-032-8Joan QuigleyWhat Does Joan Say?: My Seven Years As White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan
  ''978-1-55972-033-5Louis A. Frank · Patrick HuygheThe Big Splash: A Scientific Discovery That Revolutionizes the Way We View the Origin of Life, the Water We Drink, the Death of the Dinosaurs, the C
1991978-1-55972-037-3Charles Van DorenA History of Knowledge: Past, Present, and Future
1990978-1-55972-042-7Tom Harkin · C. E. ThomasFive Minutes to Midnight: Why the Nuclear Threat Is Growing Faster Than Ever
1990978-1-55972-043-4Fred HatfieldNorth of the Sun: A Memoir of the Alaskan Wilderness
  ''978-1-55972-048-9Tim PaulsonJack and the Beanstalk and the Beanstalk Incident/2 Books in 1 (Upside Down Tales)
  ''978-1-55972-051-9Ian I. Mitroff · Thierry C. PauchantWe're So Big and Powerful Nothing Bad Can Happen to Us: An Investigation of America's Crisis Prone Corporations
  ''978-1-55972-054-0Russell ShortoCinderella/Cinderella: The Untold Story (Upside Down Tales)
1991978-1-55972-064-9J. Randy TaraborrelliMichael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness
  ''978-1-55972-068-7Ronald HaymanDeath and Life of Sylvia Plath
1991978-1-55972-079-3Montieth M. IllingworthMike Tyson: Money, Myth and Betrayal
  ''978-1-55972-082-3Patti DavisA House of Secrets: A Novel
  ''978-1-55972-084-7Frederic SeamanThe Last Days of John Lennon: A Personal Memoir
  ''978-1-55972-088-5Edward SerottaOut of the Shadows: A Photographic Portrait of Jewish Life in Central Europe Since the Holocaust
  ''978-1-55972-094-6David DubalEvenings With Horowitz: A Personal Portrait
1992978-1-55972-101-1Tommy Henrich · Bill GilbertFive O'Clock Lightning: Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle and the Glory Years of the Ny Yankees
1992978-1-55972-107-3Sam Arkoff · Richard TruboFlying Through Hollywood by the Seat of My Pants: From the Man Who Brought You I Was a Teenage Werewolf and Muscle Beach Party
  ''978-1-55972-108-0Norman LebrechtThe Maestro Myth: Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power
  ''978-1-55972-110-3Michael CormanySkin Deep Is Fatal
  ''978-1-55972-111-0Susan Crimp · Patricia BursteinThe Many Lives of Elton John
  ''978-1-55972-112-7Sheila MacRae · H. Paul JeffersHollywood Mother of the Year: Sheila MacRae's Own Story
1992978-1-55972-113-4Dominick BoscoBedlam: A Year in the Life of a Mental Hospital
  ''978-1-55972-115-8Nicholas DaviesDiana: A Princess and Her Troubled Marriage
1991978-1-55972-117-2Anne E. SchwartzThe Man Who Could Not Kill Enough: The Secret Murders of Milwaukee's Jeffrey Dahmer
1992978-1-55972-119-6Jina BacarrHow to Work for a Japanese Boss
1993978-1-55972-125-7Adela Gregory · Milo SperiglioCrypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe - The Final Word
1992978-1-55972-129-5Yossi MelmanThe New Israelis: An Intimate View of a Changing People
  ''978-1-55972-130-1L. Fletcher ProutyJFK: The Cia, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
  ''978-1-55972-131-8Daniel SeligmanA Question of Intelligence: The IQ Debate in America
  ''978-1-55972-135-6Fenton BaileyFall from Grace: The Untold Story of Michael Milken
1992978-1-55972-141-7Murray Weiss · Bill HoffmanPalm Beach Babylon: Sins, Scams, and Scandals
  ''978-1-55972-144-8Mary Scott · Howard RothmanCompanies With a Conscience: Intimate Portraits of Twelve Firms That Make a Difference
  ''978-1-55972-151-6Maurice LeonardMae West: Empress of Sex
1993978-1-55972-157-8Sandra FaulknerLove Match: Nelson Vs. Navratilova
2000978-1-55972-160-8Bruce K. HansonThe Peter Pan Chronicles: The Nearly 100 Year History of 'The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up'
1993978-1-55972-163-9Carl ReinerAll Kinds of Love
  ''978-1-55972-164-6Andy EdmondsBugsy's Baby: The Secret Life of Mob Queen Virginia Hill
  ''978-1-55972-172-1Adrian HavillDeep Truth: The Lives of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
1993978-1-55972-174-5Marc EliotWalt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince
  ''978-1-55972-176-9James DavisonPrisoners of Our Past: A Critical Look at Self-Defeating Attitudes Within the Black Community
  ''978-1-55972-177-6Douglas CaseyCrisis Investing for the Rest of the 90's
  ''978-1-55972-187-5Norman KingHillary: Her True Story
  ''978-1-55972-191-2Skeeter DavisBus Fare to Kentucky: The Autobiography of Skeeter Davis
2000978-1-55972-193-6Lily BrettWhat God Wants
1993978-1-55972-198-1Vincent SchiavelliPapa Andrea's Sicilian Table: Recipes from a Sicilian Chef As Remembered by His Grandson
1994978-1-55972-199-8Orson Bean25 Ways to Cook a Mouse for the Gourmet Cat
1993978-1-55972-200-1Nancy Myer-Czetli · Steve N. CzetliSilent Witness: The Story of a Psychic Detective
1993978-1-55972-205-6John GlattRage & Roll: Bill Graham and the Selling of Rock
  ''978-1-55972-210-0Oleg M. NechiporenkoPassport to Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him
1994978-1-55972-211-7Greg KingThe Last Empress: The Life and Times of Alexandra Feodorovna, Tsarina of Russia
  ''978-1-55972-217-9Nicholas DaviesQueen Elizabeth II: A Woman Who Is Not Amused
  ''978-1-55972-220-9Mary Hale · Chris MillerThe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cookbook: Delicious, Wellness-Enhancing Recipes Created Especially for Cfs Sufferers
  ''978-1-55972-225-4Ed KochEd Koch on Everything: Movies, Politics, Personalities, Food, and Other Stuff
1994978-1-55972-229-2P. M. H. AtwaterBeyond the Light: What Isn't Being Said About Near-Death Experience
  ''978-1-55972-232-2Mike Shropshire · Frank SchaefferThe Thorny Rose of Texas: An Intimate Portrait of Governor Ann Richards
  ''978-1-55972-235-3Steven Gaines · Sharon ChurcherObsession: The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein
  ''978-1-55972-237-7Kenneth D. AlfordThe Spoils of World War II: The American Military's Role in the Stealing of Europe's Treasures
  ''978-1-55972-240-7Geoffrey Mark FidelmanFirst Lady of Song: Ella Fitzgerald for the Record
1995978-1-55972-241-4Edwin ChenDeadly Scholarship: The True Story of Lu Gang and Mass Murder in America's Heartland
1994978-1-55972-245-2Ben GreensteinThe Fragile Male: The Decline of a Redundant Species
1994978-1-55972-248-3Albert EllisReason And Emotion In Psychotherapy
  ''978-1-55972-249-0F. David PeatLighting the Seventh Fire: The Spiritual Ways, Healing, and Science of the Native American
1995978-1-55972-255-1Alvin Ailey · A. Peter BaileyRevelations: The Autobiography of Alvin Ailey
  ''978-1-55972-261-2Hunter R. ClarkJustice Brennan: The Great Conciliator
1994978-1-55972-265-0William M. Kunstler · Sheila IsenbergMy Life As a Radical Lawyer
1995978-1-55972-267-4C. David HeymannLiz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor
  ''978-1-55972-269-8Fred Lawrence GuilesJoan Crawford: The Last Word
  ''978-1-55972-270-4Ronald MartinettiThe James Dean Story: A Myth-Shattering Biography of an Icon
1995978-1-55972-272-8George MairBette: An Intimate Biography of Bette Midler
1994978-1-55972-275-9Axel MadsenThe Sewing Circle: Hollywood's Greatest Secret: Female Stars Who Loved Other Women
1998978-1-55972-279-7O. BettmannJohann Sebastian Bach As His World Knew Him
1995978-1-55972-280-3Olga Gruhzit-HoytThey Also Served: American Women in World War II
  ''978-1-55972-285-8Jay JacobsThe Eaten Word: The Language of Food, the Food in Our Language
  ''978-1-55972-286-5Clifton Truman DanielGrowing Up With My Grandfather: Memories of Harry S. Truman
1996978-1-55972-295-7Greg KingThe Man Who Killed Rasputin: Prince Youssoupov and the Murder That Helped Bring Down the Russian Empire
1995978-1-55972-298-8Susan KellyThe Boston Stranglers: The Public Conviction of Albert Desalvo and the True Story of Eleven Shocking Murders
  ''978-1-55972-299-5Barbara Gibson · Ted SchwarzRose Kennedy and Her Family: The Best and Worst of Their Lives and Times
  ''978-1-55972-300-8Adrianne BlueMartina: The Lives and Times of Martina Navratilova
1996978-1-55972-305-3Wayne M. Sotile · Mary O. SotileThe Medical Marriage: A Couple's Survival Guide
2001978-1-55972-306-0George BarrisMarilyn: Her Life in Her Own Words: Marilyn Monroe's Revealing Last Words and Photographs
1995978-1-55972-309-1Vance H. TrimbleAn Empire Undone: The Wild Rise and Hard Fall of Chris Whittle
1996978-1-55972-312-1George MairUnder the Rainbow: The Real Liza Minnelli
1995978-1-55972-313-8Micheline MaynardCollision Course: Inside the Battle for General Motors
2000978-1-55972-317-6Wilbert JonesThe New Soul Food Cookbook: Healthier Recipes for Traditional Favorites
1995978-1-55972-320-6Lh.D., P. M. H. AtwaterFuture Memory: How Those Who 'See the Future' Shed New Light on the Workings of the Human Mind
1996978-1-55972-323-7James Norwood PrattThe Tea Lover's Companion: The Ultimate Connoisseur's Guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying Tea
2001978-1-55972-325-1Carolyn Quick TilleryThe African American Heritage Cookbook: Traditional Recipes and Fond Remembrances from Alabama's Renowned Tuskegee Institute
1995978-1-55972-326-8Catherine HellerSnow White: The Untold Story (Upside Down Tales)
1996978-1-55972-327-5Rob Edelman · Audrey E. KupferbergAngela Lansbury: A Life on Stage and Screen
1996978-1-55972-328-2Judy Hill NelsonChoices: My Journey After Leaving My Husband for Martina and a Lesbian Life
  ''978-1-55972-329-9Marc SeiferWizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius
  ''978-1-55972-330-5Mary ClarkeLittle Girl Lost: The Troubled Childhood of Princess Diana by the Woman Who Raised Her
1999978-1-55972-332-9Anita A. JohnstonEating in the Light of the Moon
1996978-1-55972-335-0Stephen SingularPower to Burn: Michael Ovitz and the New Business of Show Business
  ''978-1-55972-338-1J. J. AllenThe Man in the Red Velvet Dress: Inside the World of Cross-Dressing
  ''978-1-55972-347-3Robin Gardiner · Dan Van Der VatThe Titanic Conspiracy: Cover-Ups and Mysteries of the World's Most Famous Sea Disaster
1996978-1-55972-350-3Elaine AronThe Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You
  ''978-1-55972-356-5Duncan A. BruceThe Mark of the Scots: Their Astonishing Contributions to History, Science, Democracy, Literature, andthe Arts
  ''978-1-55972-360-2Nicholas DaviesDiana: The Lonely Princess
  ''978-1-55972-361-9Hank M. GoldbergThe Prosecution Responds: An O.J. Simpson Trial Prosecutor Reveals What Really Happened
  ''978-1-55972-362-6Greg KingThe Mad King: The Life and Times of Ludwig II of Bavaria
2000978-1-55972-363-3Marcia LewisThe Private Lives of the Three Tenors: Behind the Scenes With Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras
2000978-1-55972-379-4Kevin AmmonsGood Girl, Bad Girl: An Insider's Biography of Whitney Houston
1996978-1-55972-381-7Douglas BrodeDenzel Washington: His Films and Career
  ''978-1-55972-384-8F. C. Duke ZellerDevil's Pact: Inside the World of the Teamsters Union
  ''978-1-55972-390-9Jayne Torvill · Christopher Dean · John ManTorvill & Dean: The Autobiography of Ice Dancing's Greatest Stars
1997978-1-55972-391-6Robert WindelerJulie Andrews: A Life on Stage and Screen
  ''978-1-55972-407-4Ronald L. McDonaldThe Complete Hamburger: The History of America's Favorite Sandwich
  ''978-1-55972-415-9Norman LebrechtWho Killed Classical Music?: Maestros, Managers, and Corporate Politics
1997978-1-55972-418-0Ann DavidsonAlzheimer's, a Love Story: One Year in My Husband's Journey
2000978-1-55972-419-7Bill AdlerThe Uncommon Wisdom Of Oprah Winfrey: A Portrait in Her Own Words (Unauthorized)
1997978-1-55972-420-3Peter ThompsonJack Nicholson: The Life and Times of an Actor on the Edge
  ''978-1-55972-421-0Adam LeborHitler's Secret Bankers: The Myth of Swiss Neutrality During the Holocaust
  ''978-1-55972-422-7Gil SteinPower Plays: An Inside Look at the Big Business of the National Hockey League
  ''978-1-55972-423-4Terry PoultonNo Fat Chicks: How Big Business Profits Making Women Hate Their Bodies-How to Fight Back
  ''978-1-55972-430-2Stephen SingularThe Rise and Rise of David Geffen
1997978-1-55972-431-9James Robert Parrish · James Robert ParishWhoopi Goldberg: Her Journey from Poverty to Megastardom
  ''978-1-55972-432-6Richard FosterThe Real Bettie Page: The Truth About the Queen of the Pinups
  ''978-1-55972-434-0J. Randy TaraborrelliSinatra: Behind the Legend
2000978-1-55972-436-4Elliott RosenbergBut Were They Good For The Jews?: Over 150 Historical Figures Viewed from a Jewish Perspective
1997978-1-55972-442-5John Klier · Helen MingayThe Quest for Anastasia: Solving the Mystery of the Lost Romanovs
1998978-1-55972-443-2Garry JenkinsHarrison Ford: Imperfect Hero
1997978-1-55972-444-9Kathleen Harkey-SmithThe Tragic Kingdom: Inside Michael Eisner's Disney
1998978-1-55972-445-6Franciszek PalowskiThe Making of Schindler's List: Behind the Scenes of an Epic Film
  ''978-1-55972-446-3Ian Halperin · Max WallaceWho Killed Kurt Cobain?: The Mysterious Death of an Icon
  ''978-1-55972-447-0Claudia VarrinThe ART of SENSUAL FEMALE DOMINANCE: A Guide for Women
1998978-1-55972-448-7Liz JonesPurple Reign: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
  ''978-1-55972-450-0Peter D. JeansAn Ocean of Words: A Dictionary of Nautical Words and Phrases (A Birch Lane Press Book)
  ''978-1-55972-453-1Ben Kaspit · Ilan KfirNetanyahu: The Road to Power
  ''978-1-55972-459-3George MairThe Judds: The True Story of Naomi, Wynonna, and Ashley
  ''978-1-55972-460-9ShawDaring The Sea: The True Story of the First Men to Row Across the Atlantic Ocean
1999978-1-55972-462-3Bruce ChadwickThe Two American Presidents: A Dual Biography of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
2000978-1-55972-464-7Wilbert JonesMama's Tea Cakes: 101 Soul Food Desserts
2000978-1-55972-465-4Elizabeth MilesThe Feng Shui Cookbook: Creating Health and Harmony in Your Kitchen
1960978-1-55972-469-2Stephen J. SpignesiThe Lost Work Of Stephen King: A Guide to Unpublished Manuscripts, Story Fragments, Alternative Versions and Oddities
2000978-1-55972-471-5Greg KingThe Duchess Of Windsor: The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson
1998978-1-55972-474-6Kathleen TracyJerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain
2000978-1-55972-480-7Ellen Jaffe-GillThe Jewish Woman's Book Of Wisdom: Thoughts from Prominent Jewish Women on Spirituality, Identity, Sisterhood,Family, and Faith
1998978-1-55972-483-8Stephen J. SpignesiThe Complete Titanic: From the Ship's Earliest Blueprints to the Epic Film
2000978-1-55972-485-2Deborah FelderA Century Of Women: The Most Influential Events in Twentieth-Century Women's History
  ''978-1-55972-488-3Sonja MassieIrish Pride: 101 Reasons to Be Proud You're Irish
1999978-1-55972-494-4Pat Summerall · Will D. Rhame · James A. McNultyBusiness Golf: The Art of Building Relationships Through Golf
  ''978-1-55972-504-0Jim ReedEverything Imus: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Don Imus
  ''978-1-55972-510-1Gary Greenberg101 Myths Of The Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History
2000978-1-55972-512-5Federico Moramarco · Stephen MoramarcoItalian Pride: 101 Reasons to Be Proud You're Italian
  ''978-1-55972-513-2Michael Lee Lanning Lt. ColDefenders of Liberty: African Americans in the Revolutionary War
1999978-1-55972-520-0Elizabeth DrewThe Corruption of American Politics: What Went Wrong and Why
2000978-1-55972-523-1Jacob D'AnconaThe City Of Light: The Hidden Journal of the Man Who Entered China Four Years Before Marco Polo
2000978-1-55972-526-2Leah FurmanRumours Exposed: The Unauthorized Biography of Fleetwood Mac
  ''978-1-55972-533-0Ian HalperinFire And Rain: The James Taylor Story