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2001978-1-55963-925-5Stephen H. Schneider · Terry Root · Mark Van PuttenWildlife Responses to Climate Change: North American Case Studies
  ''978-1-55963-927-9Ted KerasoteReturn of the Wild: The Future Of Our National Lands
2003978-1-55963-929-3Marjorie Holland · Elizabeth Blood · Lawrence ShafferAchieving Sustainable Freshwater Systems: A Web Of Connections
2002978-1-55963-931-6Roy Lewicki · Barbara Gray · Michael ElliottMaking Sense of Intractable Environmental Conflicts: Concepts and Cases
  ''978-1-55963-933-0Richard T.T. Forman · Daniel Sperling · John A. Bissonette · Anthony P. Clevenger · Carol D. Cutshall · Virginia H. Dale · Lenore Fahrig · Robert L. FranceRoad Ecology: Science and Solutions
  ''978-1-55963-935-4David B. Lindenmayer · Jerry F. FranklinConserving Forest Biodiversity: A Comprehensive Multiscaled Approach
  ''978-1-55963-937-8Michael L. MorrisonWildlife Restoration: Techniques for Habitat Analysis and Animal Monitoring (The Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration Series)
2003978-1-55963-939-2Nature Conservancy · Craig GrovesDrafting a Conservation Blueprint: A Practitioner's Guide To Planning For Biodiversity
2002978-1-55963-941-5Andrew KimbrellFatal Harvest: The Tragedy Of Industrial Agriculture
2002978-1-55963-942-2George Wuerthner · Mollie MattesonWelfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West
  ''978-1-55963-943-9George Wuerthner · Mollie MattesonWelfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction Of The American West
  ''978-1-55963-944-6Andrew KimbrellThe Fatal Harvest Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture
  ''978-1-55963-945-3Gretchen C. Daily · Katherine EllisonThe New Economy of Nature: The Quest to Make Conservation Profitable (A Shearwater Book)
2003978-1-55963-948-4John RandolphEnvironmental Land Use Planning and Management
2002978-1-55963-949-1Peter H. Gleick · William C.G. Burns · Elizabeth L. Chalecki · Michael Cohen · Katherine Kao Cushing · Amar S. Mann · Rachel Reyes · Gary H. WolffThe World's Water 2002-2003: The Biennial Report On Freshwater Resources
  ''978-1-55963-951-4Martha HoneyEcotourism and Certification: Setting Standards In Practice
2002978-1-55963-953-8Jill Baron · Paul R. EhrlichRocky Mountain Futures: An Ecological Perspective
2003978-1-55963-956-9Michael P. Dombeck · Christopher A. Wood · Jack E. WilliamsFrom Conquest to Conservation: Our Public Lands Legacy
  ''978-1-55963-957-6Martin GorkeThe Death of Our Planet's Species: A Challenge To Ecology And Ethics
2004978-1-55963-961-3Marjan van den BeltMediated Modeling: A System Dynamics Approach To Environmental Consensus Building
2002978-1-55963-965-1Howard GellerEnergy Revolution: Policies For A Sustainable Future
2004978-1-55963-967-5Environmental Careers OrganizationThe ECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference: Environmental Work For A Sustainable World (The Environmental Careers Organization)
2002978-1-55963-970-5Lance H. Gunderson · Lowell PritchardResilience and the Behavior of Large-Scale Systems (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) Series)
  ''978-1-55963-971-2Lance H. Gunderson · Lowell PritchardResilience and the Behavior of Large-Scale Systems (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) Series)
  ''978-1-55963-973-6John A. Bissonette · Ilse StorchLandscape Ecology and Resource Management: Linking Theory with Practice
2003978-1-55963-974-3Richard EllisThe Empty Ocean
2009978-1-55963-975-0Eric T. Freyfogle · Dale D. GobleWildlife Law: A Primer
  ''978-1-55963-976-7Eric T. Freyfogle · Dale D. GobleWildlife Law: A Primer
2004978-1-55963-977-4Chip WardHope's Horizon: Three Visions For Healing The American Land
2003978-1-55963-978-1Kieran MulvaneyThe Whaling Season: An Inside Account Of The Struggle To Stop Commercial Whaling
2005978-1-55963-979-8Michael McCloskeyIn the Thick of It: My Life in the Sierra Club
2002978-1-55963-980-4Alan RabinowitzChasing the Dragon's Tail: The Struggle to Save Thailand's Wild Cats
2007978-1-55963-985-9David S. WilcoveNo Way Home: The Decline of the World's Great Animal Migrations
2003978-1-55963-989-7Conservation International/Center for Applied Biodiversity ScienceThe Atlantic Forest of South America: Biodiversity Status, Threats, and Outlook (State of the Hotspots)
2003978-1-55963-992-7Mark Jerome WaltersSix Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them
2004978-1-55963-997-2Norman Myers · Jennifer KentThe New Consumers: The Influence Of Affluence On The Environment
2003978-1-55963-999-6James Gustave SpethWorlds Apart: Globalization And The Environment