year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-55961-170-1Relaxation CompanyGlobal Meditation
1994978-1-55961-282-1Larry BlumenfieldThe Big Book of Relaxation: Simple Techniques to Control the Excess Stress in Your Life
1996978-1-55961-382-8Bart HopkinGravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones: Experimental Musical Instruments
1997978-1-55961-456-6Pat Moffitt CookShaman, Jhankri & Nele: Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures
1998978-1-55961-475-7Ellipsis ArtsLatin Lullaby with Book (Spanish Edition)
1999978-1-55961-493-1   ''Celtic Lullaby
  ''978-1-55961-523-5   ''Cdafrican Lullaby (CD/Slipcase)
  ''978-1-55961-535-8Relaxation CompanyTen Minutes to Relax Spirit
2000978-1-55961-577-8Ellipsis ArtsWorld Music for Little Ears
  ''978-1-55961-621-8Richard CoboCD Guitar Lullaby (CD)
  ''978-1-55961-625-6Mediterranean Lullaby (World Music for Little Ears)
1997978-1-55961-710-9Brainwave Suite: Insight and Intuition
2004978-1-55961-722-2Eckhart Tolle · Deepak Chopra · Jack L. Canfield · Don Miguel RuizWhispers: The Spirit of Now
2004978-1-55961-723-9Brainwave Suite
2006978-1-55961-727-7Steven Halpern · Joseph NaglerMusic for Healing and Unwinding: Two Pioneers in the Emerging Field of Sound Healing
  ''978-1-55961-728-4Mitchell GaynorMeditations and Music for Sound Healing: A Leading Oncologist Explores the Healing Power of Sound (Sound Medicine)
2003978-1-55961-752-9Gael ChiarellaAM/PM Yoga Meditations (Yoga Masters Meditation)
2001978-1-55961-757-4Jeffrey ThompsonTheta Meditation System: Let Go of Stress, Renew Your Spirit, Gain Insight, and Intuition
2004978-1-55961-760-4Jeffrey ThompsonBrainwave Symphony: Selected Works of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Other Great Masters Blended With Brainwave Pulses
  ''978-1-55961-767-3   ''Creative Mind System
2005978-1-55961-768-0Beryl Bender Birch · Gael Chiarella · Cyndi LeeYoga Meditations Collection (Yoga Masters Meditation Series)
978-1-55961-794-9Songbird Sunrise
978-1-55961-822-9Awakened Mind System
2004978-1-55961-825-0Delta Sleep System 2.0
  ''978-1-55961-826-7Energy Awareness Meditations
  ''978-1-55961-827-4Life-Enhancing Meditations
2004978-1-55961-828-1Meditations for Inner Freedom
  ''978-1-55961-830-4Alpha Relaxation System 2.0
978-1-55961-831-1Theta Meditation System: Let Go of Stress, Renew Your Spirit, Gain Insight and Intuition
978-1-55961-832-8Theta Meditation System 2.0: Enhance your intuition and inner healing
978-1-55961-833-5Creative Mind System - Free Your Artistic Expression, Spark New Insight and Vision, Discover New Realms of Creativity
978-1-55961-834-2Creative Mind System 2.0-Access Artistic Vision, Spark Spontaneous Insight, Discover Your Inner Genius
2004978-1-55961-835-9Meditations for Balance and Joy
978-1-55961-839-7Healing Mind System 2.0 - Calm Your Swirling Mind, Open Pathways to Healing, Empower Deep Emotional Intelligence
2007978-1-55961-842-7Gael ChiarellaLiving Peace & Joy
978-1-55961-872-4Sleepy Rain
2007978-1-55961-917-2Brainwave Nature Suite: Meditative Steam
2008978-1-55961-945-5Deepak Chopra · Don Miguel RuizWhispers of Spirit & Happiness: Affirmational Soundtracks for Positive Learning
2004978-1-55961-959-2Music for Brainwave Massage
2006978-1-55961-960-8Music for Brainwave Massage 2.0
2004978-1-55961-962-2Music for Unwinding
2008978-1-55961-978-3M.D., Eva M. SelhubTen Minutes to Relax: Guided Meditations for Health, Happiness and Vitality: the Love Response
978-1-55961-985-1Tibetan Bowl Meditation: A Vibratory Journey into Deep Meditative States
978-1-55961-990-5Meditative Ocean
978-1-55961-991-2Meditative Rainforest

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