year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-55950-021-0Burt RappThe B and E Book
1990978-1-55950-026-5Michael NewtonHunting Humans: An Encyclopedia of Modern Serial Killers
  ''978-1-55950-032-6Wayne B. YeagerTechniques of Burglar Alarm Bypassing
  ''978-1-55950-034-0Jack LugerCode Making and Code Breaking
1980978-1-55950-040-1Malaclypse The Younger · Omar Khayyam RavenhurstPrincipia Discordia
1990978-1-55950-046-3Wayne B. YeagerTechniques of the Professional Pickpocket
1982978-1-55950-049-4Eddie the WireHow to Make Your Own Professional Lock Tools
1990978-1-55950-052-4Wayne B. YeagerTechniques of Safecracking
1991978-1-55950-074-6Jon FisherUninhabited Ocean Islands
1992978-1-55950-077-7Harold HoughSatellite Surveillance
  ''978-1-55950-079-1James B. DekorneHydroponic Hot House: Low-Cost, High-Yield Greenhouse Gardening
  ''978-1-55950-084-5Jim HogshireSell Yourself to Science: The Complete Guide to Selling Your Organs, Body Fluids, Bodily Functions and Being a Human Guinea Pig
1992978-1-55950-088-3John HoffmanThe Art and Science of Dumpster Diving
1993978-1-55950-095-1Henry TuftsThe Autobiography of a Criminal
  ''978-1-55950-100-2Robert Ellis SmithOur Vanishing Privacy: And What You Can Do to Protect Yours
  ''978-1-55950-104-0Michael NewtonBad Girls Do It! an Encyclopedia of Female Murderers
1994978-1-55950-106-4KnightmareSecrets of a Super Hacker
  ''978-1-55950-108-8Jack B. NimbleThe Construction and Operation of Clandestine Drug Laboratories
  ''978-1-55950-110-1Jim DekornePsychedelic Shamanism. The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use of Psychotropic Plants
1994978-1-55950-113-2Victor SantoroGaslighting: How to Drive Your Enemies Crazy
  ''978-1-55950-114-9Jim HogshireOpium for the Masses: A Practical Guide to Growing Poppies and Making Opium
  ''978-1-55950-119-4   ''You Are Going To Prison
1995978-1-55950-123-1Uncle FesterPractical Lsd Manufacture
  ''978-1-55950-126-2Patrick Wells · Douglas RushkoffStoned Free: How to Get High Without Drugs
1996978-1-55950-136-1Eddie The WireHome Workshop Professional Lock Tools
  ''978-1-55950-137-8Bill Kaysing · Ruth KaysingEat Well for 99› a Meal
1996978-1-55950-139-2Michael ZiesingI Walked Away: An Expatriate's Guide to Living Cheaply in Thailand
  ''978-1-55950-140-8Ruth Kaysing · Bill KaysingThe 99 Cent a Meal Cookbook
  ''978-1-55950-142-2Loompanics UnlimitedLoompanics Unlimited Live! in Las Vegas: Articles and Features from the Best Book Catalog in the World
  ''978-1-55950-143-9Ragnar BensonDavid's Tool Kit: A Citizen's Guide to Taking Out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons
1997978-1-55950-147-7Champ ThomasBoxing's Dirty Tricks And Outlaw Killer Punches
  ''978-1-55950-154-5Adam StarchildThe New Zealand Immigration Guide
1997978-1-55950-155-2Jesse M. GreenwaldDocument Fraud and Other Crimes of Deception
  ''978-1-55950-158-3William A. RinehartHow to Clear Your Adult and Juvenile Criminal Records
  ''978-1-55950-165-1PenhallowLiving Naked And Frugal: A Handbook for Parsimonious Nudity
  ''978-1-55950-167-5Clive SharpHow to Survive Federal Prison Camp: A Guidebook for Those Caught Up in the System
1998978-1-55950-170-5Ned BeaumontKill-As-Catch-Can: Wrestling Skills for Streetfighting
  ''978-1-55950-174-3Uncle FesterAdvanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture
1998978-1-55950-177-4Th. MetzgerBirth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Dope Fiend
  ''978-1-55950-178-1Robert Neil BunchHydroponic Heroin: How to Grow Opium Poppies Without Soil
1999978-1-55950-188-0Frederick M. BeyerleinDrink as Much as You Want and Live Longer: The Intelligent Person's Guide to Healthy Drinking
  ''978-1-55950-189-7Claire WolfeDon't Shoot the Bastards (Yet): 101 More Ways to Salvage Freedom
  ''978-1-55950-190-3Dennis FieryOut Of Business: Force a Company, Business or Store to Close Its Doors For Good!
  ''978-1-55950-191-0Victor Santoro21st Century Revenge: Down and Dirty Tactics for the Millennium
2000978-1-55950-193-4Nick Evangelista · Anita EvangelistaCountry Living Is Risky Business
1999978-1-55950-194-1Max ForgeHow to Make Driver's Licenses and Other Id on Your Home Computer
1999978-1-55950-196-5John Q. NewmanThe Id Forger: Homemade Birth Certificates and Other Documents Explained
  ''978-1-55950-197-2Nick EvangelistaBlood-Lust Chickens and Renegade Sheep: A First Timer's Guide to Country Living
  ''978-1-55950-198-9James LoriegaThe Scourge Of The Dark Continent: The Martial Use of the African Sjambok
2000978-1-55950-199-6Mick ShawBeating the Check: How to Eat Out Without Paying
2002978-1-55950-201-6Ace BackwordsSurviving On The Streets: How to Go DOWN Without Going OUT (Spare Change?)
2000978-1-55950-205-4Champ ThomasHow To Be An Ass-whipping Boxer
  ''978-1-55950-206-1Paul KrassnerSex, Drugs, and the Twinkie Murders
  ''978-1-55950-207-8Carolyn Meinel · MeinelUberhacker: How to Break into Computers
2000978-1-55950-208-5George Zgourides · Nancy Pickering1,001 Excuses!: How to Get Out Of...and Away With...Almost Anything
2004978-1-55950-216-0Francis, Ph.D. MoraesThe Heroin User's Handbook
2001978-1-55950-217-7Ty Treadwell · Michelle VernonLast Suppers: Famous Final Meals from Death Row
  ''978-1-55950-218-4Bill WilsonBuild a Catapult in Your Backyard (Pirates Business)
1999978-1-55950-223-8Fester · Uncle FesterSecrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture: Including Recipes for Mda, Ecstasy, and Other Psychedelic Amphetamines
2002978-1-55950-224-5Tony LesceModern Frauds And Con Games
  ''978-1-55950-226-9Robert A. WatersGuns Save Lives: True Stories of Americans Defending Their Lives With Firearms
  ''978-1-55950-227-6Ralph ThornCombat Knife Throwing: A New Approach to Knife Throwing and Knife Fighting (This Book Could Save Your Life!)
2006978-1-55950-229-0John Q. NewmanThe I.D. Master: Little Known Tactics of Identity Change Professionals
2003978-1-55950-231-3Haha LungCao Dai Kung-Fu: Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam
  ''978-1-55950-232-0Claire WolfeI Am Not A Number!: Freeing America From the ID State
2003978-1-55950-234-4Philip D. HarveyGovernment Creep: What the Government is Doing That You Don't Know About
978-1-55950-235-1Theatre of Hell: Dr. Lung's Complete Guide to Torture
2004978-1-55950-241-2Claire WolfeThe Freedom Outlaw's Handbook: 179 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution
2005978-1-55950-242-9Uncle FesterSecrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture: Including Recipes for Mda, Ecstasy, and Other Psychedelic Amphetamines
  ''978-1-55950-243-6Bill WilsonUnder The Table And Into Your Pocket: The How and Why of The Underground Economy
  ''978-1-55950-244-3Andrew ConwayThe New Bullwhip Book
  ''978-1-55950-245-0Eddie The WireEddie's Iron: Best New Lock Pick Design in More than 20 Years
  ''978-1-55950-246-7Bill WilsonBackyard Catapults: How to Build Your Own
2005978-1-55950-247-4Claire WolfeHow To Kill The Job Culture Before It Kills You: Living a Life of Autonomy in a Wage-Slave Society

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