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1993978-1-55936-001-2Athol FugardA Lesson from Aloes
1989978-1-55936-002-9John O'KeefeShimmer & Other Texts
1993978-1-55936-003-6Robert LewisAdvice to the Players
  ''978-1-55936-004-3Misha BersonBetween Worlds: Contemporary Asian-American Plays
  ''978-1-55936-006-7M. Elizabeth OsbornThe Way We Live Now: American Plays and the AIDS Crisis
  ''978-1-55936-009-8Lenora ChampagneOut from Under: Texts by Women Performance Artists
  ''978-1-55936-012-8Athol FugardNotebooks: 1960-1977
1989978-1-55936-014-2   ''My Children! My Africa!
1993978-1-55936-018-0Ronn SmithAmerican Set Design 2
1991978-1-55936-019-7Athol FugardBlood Knot And Other Plays
1993978-1-55936-020-3   ''Blood Knot and Other Plays
1993978-1-55936-022-7Robert H. Hethmon · Burgess MeredithStrasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions
1991978-1-55936-023-4George C. WolfeSpunk
1993978-1-55936-024-1Zora Neale HurstonSpunk: Three Tales by Zora Neale Hurston
  ''978-1-55936-025-8Stephen Sondheim · John WeidmanPacific Overtures
  ''978-1-55936-026-5Stephen Sondheim · John WeidmanPacific Overtures
  ''978-1-55936-027-2Jo CarsonStories I Ain't Told Nobody Yet: Selections from the People Pieces
  ''978-1-55936-030-2Joseph ChaikinThe Presence of the Actor
1993978-1-55936-031-9Kristin LinklaterFreeing Shakespeare's Voice: The Actor's Guide to Talking the Text
  ''978-1-55936-034-0Eduardo MachadoThe Floating Island Plays
  ''978-1-55936-038-8Stephen Sondheim · John WeidmanAssassins
  ''978-1-55936-041-8Charles LudlamRidiculous Theatre: Scourge of Human Folly: The Essays and Opinions of Charles Ludlam
  ''978-1-55936-044-9Franz Xaver KroetzThrough the Leaves and Other Plays (TCG Translations)
1993978-1-55936-047-0Marsha NormanThe Secret Garden
  ''978-1-55936-051-7Jon Robin BaitzThe Substance of Fire and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-059-3Athol Fugard · Ross DevenishMarigolds in August /The Guest: Two Screenplays
  ''978-1-55936-060-9Tony KushnerAngels In America Part 1: Millennium Approaches
  ''978-1-55936-061-6Tony KushnerAngels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches
1993978-1-55936-065-4Sydne MahoneMoon Marked and Touched by Sun: Plays by African-American Women
  ''978-1-55936-067-8Alfred de MussetFantasio and Other Plays (TCG Translations)
  ''978-1-55936-069-2George C. Wolfe · Susan BirkenheadJelly's Last Jam
  ''978-1-55936-071-5Athol FugardPlayland and A Place with the Pigs
  ''978-1-55936-073-9Tony KushnerAngels in America, Part Two: Perestroika
1993978-1-55936-076-0Richard ForemanUnbalancing Acts: Foundations for a Theater
1994978-1-55936-078-4Tony KushnerA Bright Room Called Day
  ''978-1-55936-080-7Federico García LorcaBlood Wedding and Yerma (TCG Translations)
  ''978-1-55936-081-4Peter BrookThe Shifting Point: Theatre, Film, Opera 1946-1987
  ''978-1-55936-082-1Eric BogosianThe Essential Bogosian: Talk Radio, Drinking in America, FunHouse and Men Inside
  ''978-1-55936-084-5Constance CongdonTales of the Lost Formicans and Other Plays
1994978-1-55936-085-2Jon Robin BaitzThree Hotels: Plays and Monologues
  ''978-1-55936-086-9Arthur Laurents · Stephen Sondheim · Jule StyneGypsy
  ''978-1-55936-088-3Stephen Sondheim · James LapinePassion
  ''978-1-55936-089-0Pierre CorneilleThe Illusion (TCG Translations)
  ''978-1-55936-090-6Pierre CorneilleThe Illusion (TCG Translations)
1994978-1-55936-092-0Suzan-Lori ParksThe America Play and Other Works
2008978-1-55936-096-8Eric BogosianPounding Nails in the Floor with My Forehead (Genes and Gender; 7)
1994978-1-55936-097-5Caryl ChurchillThe Skriker
  ''978-1-55936-098-2Tony KushnerAngels in America Boxed Set: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes
  ''978-1-55936-099-9Caryl ChurchillCloud 9
1995978-1-55936-100-2Tony KushnerThinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue: Essays, A Play, Two Poems and a Prayer
  ''978-1-55936-101-9Eric BogosiansubUrbia
  ''978-1-55936-103-3Donald MarguliesSight Unseen and Other Plays
1995978-1-55936-104-0Tina HoweApproaching Zanzibar and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-105-7Alvin H. ReissDon't Just Applaud, Send Money: The Most Successful Strategies for Funding and Marketing the Arts
  ''978-1-55936-107-1Tony KushnerAngels in America, A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Parts One: Millennium Approaches, Part Two: Perestroika
  ''978-1-55936-108-8Stephen Sondheim · George FurthCompany (TCG Edition)
  ''978-1-55936-109-5Paula VogelThe Baltimore Waltz and Other Plays
1995978-1-55936-110-1Mark BlyThe Production Notebooks: Theatre in Process, Volume One (Theatre in Process, Vol 1)
1996978-1-55936-114-9Caryl ChurchillMad Forest: A Play from Romania
  ''978-1-55936-116-3Dana SingerStage Writers Handbook: A Complete Business Guide for Playwrights, Composers, Lyricists and Librettists
  ''978-1-55936-117-0Emily MannTestimonies: Four Plays
  ''978-1-55936-123-1Nicky SilverEtiquette and Vitriol: The Food Chain and Other Plays
2008978-1-55936-124-8Eric BogosianSex, Drugs, Rock & Roll
1996978-1-55936-125-5Adrienne KennedyPeople Who Led to My Plays
  ''978-1-55936-126-2Adam Kennedy · Adrienne KennedySleep Deprivation Chamber
1997978-1-55936-128-6Stephen Sondheim · George FurthGetting Away with Murder
1997978-1-55936-131-6Thornton WilderThe Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-55936-132-3Athol FugardCousins: A Memoir
  ''978-1-55936-133-0Todd LondonContemporary American Monologues for Women
  ''978-1-55936-134-7Todd LondonContemporary American Monologues for Men
  ''978-1-55936-135-4Suzan-Lori ParksVenus
1997978-1-55936-136-1José RiveraMarisol and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-137-8Tony Kushner · Joachim NeugrochelA Dybbuk: and Other Tales of the Supernatural
  ''978-1-55936-139-2Culture ClashCulture Clash: Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy
  ''978-1-55936-140-8Alfred UhryThe Last Night of Ballyhoo
  ''978-1-55936-142-2Eric BogosianNotes from Underground and Scenes from the New World
1997978-1-55936-143-9Michael WellerFive Plays
  ''978-1-55936-144-6Paula VogelThe Mammary Plays: Two Plays
1998978-1-55936-147-7Mimi D'AponteSeventh Generation: An Anthology of Native American Plays
  ''978-1-55936-148-4Thornton WilderThe Collected Short Plays of Thornton Wilder, Volume II
  ''978-1-55936-152-1Donald MarguliesCollected Stories
  ''978-1-55936-153-8Tina HowePride's Crossing
1998978-1-55936-154-5Caryl ChurchillBlue Heart
1999978-1-55936-155-2Jo BonneyExtreme Exposure: An Anthology of Solo Performance Texts from the Twentieth Century
1998978-1-55936-156-9Tony KushnerDeath and Taxes: Hydriotaphia and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-157-6Robert O?HaraInsurrection: Holding History
  ''978-1-55936-158-3David Henry HwangGolden Child
  ''978-1-55936-159-0Craig LucasWhat I Meant Was: New Plays and Selected One-Acts
  ''978-1-55936-160-6Jon Robin BaitzMizlansky/Zilinsky or "Schmucks"
1999978-1-55936-163-7David SavranThe Playwright's Voice: American Dramatists on Memory, Writing and the Politics of Culture
1999978-1-55936-165-1Robert LepageRobert Lepage: Connecting Flights
  ''978-1-55936-166-8Paula VogelFive Lesbian Brothers/ Four Plays
  ''978-1-55936-167-5Conor McPhersonThe Weir and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-168-2Pearl CleageFlyin' West and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-171-2Caridad Svich · Maria Teresa MarreroOut of the Fringe: Contemporary Latina/Latino Theatre and Performance
1999978-1-55936-172-9David Henry HwangTrying to Find Chinatown: The Selected Plays of David Henry Hwang
  ''978-1-55936-173-6Charles LudlamThe Mystery of Irma Vep and Other Plays
2000978-1-55936-174-3Thornton WilderThe Collected Translations and Adaptations of Thornton
1999978-1-55936-177-4Caryl ChurchillThis Is a Chair
2000978-1-55936-181-1Lisa Kron2.5 Minute Ride and 101 Humiliating Stories
  ''978-1-55936-182-8Dario FoWe Won't Pay! We Won't Pay! And Other Works: The Collected Plays of Dario Fo, Volume One (Collected Plays of Dario Fo (Paperback))
  ''978-1-55936-186-6Naomi WallaceIn the Heart of America and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-187-3August WilsonThe Ground on Which I Stand (Dramatic Contexts)
2001978-1-55936-189-7Mark BlyThe Production Notebooks, Volume 2: Theatre in Process
2000978-1-55936-190-3Peter HallExposed by the Mask: Form and Language in Drama (Playwrights Canada Press)
2000978-1-55936-194-1Donald MarguliesDinner with Friends (TCG Edition)
2001978-1-55936-195-8Suzan-Lori ParksThe Red Letter Plays
2000978-1-55936-196-5Stephen Sondheim · James GoldmanFollies (Playwrights Canada Press)
2001978-1-55936-197-2Stephanie CoenAmerican Theatre Book of Monologues for Men (Vol 1)
  ''978-1-55936-198-9   ''American Theatre Book of Monologues for Women (Vol 2)
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2002978-1-55936-202-3Eric BogosianWake Up and Smell the Coffee
2002978-1-55936-205-4Robert O'HaraThe Fire This Time: African-American Plays for the 21st Century
2001978-1-55936-206-1Donald MarguliesLuna Park: Short Plays and Monologues
  ''978-1-55936-207-8Conor McPhersonPort Authority
  ''978-1-55936-208-5Athol FugardSorrows and Rejoicings
2002978-1-55936-210-8Aimé CésaireA Tempest: Based on Shakespeare's 'The Tempest;' Adaptation for a Black Theatre
  ''978-1-55936-212-2José RiveraReferences to Salvador Dalí Make Me Hot and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-213-9Karen HartmanGum
2003978-1-55936-214-6Lynn NottageCrumbs from the Table of Joy and Other Plays
2002978-1-55936-215-3Jessica HagedornDogeaters
2003978-1-55936-216-0Culture ClashCulture Clash in AmeriCCa
2003978-1-55936-221-4Peter BrookEvoking and Forgetting Shakespeare (Dramatic Contexts)
  ''978-1-55936-222-1David Henry Hwang · Richard Rodgers · Oscar Hammerstein IIFlower Drum Song
  ''978-1-55936-225-2Caryl ChurchillA Number
  ''978-1-55936-228-3Richard MaxwellPlays, 1996-2000 (Maxwell) (v. 1)
2004978-1-55936-229-0Ping ChongThe East/West Quartet
2005978-1-55936-230-6Donna Walker-KuhneInvitation to the Party: Building Bridges to the Arts, Culture and Community
2003978-1-55936-231-3Tony KushnerAngels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Part One: Millennium Approaches Part Two: Perestroika
  ''978-1-55936-232-0Nilo CruzAnna in the Tropics (TCG Edition)
2004978-1-55936-233-7Sholom AschGod of Vengeance: A Play
2003978-1-55936-234-4Peter HallShakespeare's Advice to the Players
2005978-1-55936-239-9Tony KushnerHomebody/Kabul: Final Revised Version
2004978-1-55936-240-5Ellen McLaughlinThe Greek Plays
2004978-1-55936-241-2Anne Bogart · Tina LandauThe Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition
  ''978-1-55936-244-3Richard NelsonGoodnight Children Everywhere and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-247-4Theatre Communications GroupDramatists Sourcebook 23rd Edition: Complete Opportunities for Playwrights, Translators, Composers, Lyricists and Librettists
  ''978-1-55936-248-1Tony KushnerCaroline, or Change
  ''978-1-55936-249-8Paula VogelThe Long Christmas Ride Home
2005978-1-55936-250-4Victoria Ann LewisBeyond Victims and Villains: Contemporary Plays by Disabled Playwrights
2004978-1-55936-251-1Eric BogosianHumpty Dumpty and Other Plays
2005978-1-55936-252-8Donald MarguliesBrooklyn Boy (TCG Edition)
2005978-1-55936-253-5Lisa KronWell
  ''978-1-55936-254-2Spalding GraySwimming to Cambodia
  ''978-1-55936-255-9Conor McPhersonShining City
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2005978-1-55936-258-0Nilo CruzTwo Sisters and a Piano and Other Plays
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  ''978-1-55936-260-3August WilsonKing Hedley II
  ''978-1-55936-263-4Helen Krich Chinoy · Linda Walsh JenkinsWomen in American Theatre
2006978-1-55936-266-5Sarah RuhlThe Clean House and Other Plays
2007978-1-55936-267-2Craig Lucas · Adam GuettelThe Light in the Piazza
2006978-1-55936-268-9Arthur BartowTraining of the American Actor
2005978-1-55936-270-2August StrindbergA Dream Play
  ''978-1-55936-271-9Dario Fo · Ron JenkinsMistero Buffo: The Collected Plays of Dario Fo, Volume 2
2005978-1-55936-274-0Theatre Communications GroupTheatre Directory 2005-06 (TCG THEATRE DIRECTORY)
  ''978-1-55936-275-7Will EnoThom Pain (based on nothing) [TCG Edition]
  ''978-1-55936-276-4John Patrick ShanleyDoubt: A Parable
2006978-1-55936-279-5Lynn NottageIntimate Apparel/Fabulation
  ''978-1-55936-280-1August WilsonGem of the Ocean
2008978-1-55936-281-8   ''Gem of the Ocean (August Wilson Century Cycle)
2006978-1-55936-282-5John Patrick ShanleyDirty Story and Other Plays
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2006978-1-55936-284-9André GregoryBone Songs
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  ''978-1-55936-291-7Will EnoThe Flu Season and Other Plays
2006978-1-55936-294-8Theatre Communications GroupDramatists Sourcebook 24th Edition
2006978-1-55936-295-5Theatre Communications GroupTheatre Directory 2006-2007 (TCG THEATRE DIRECTORY)
  ''978-1-55936-296-2Rachel CorrieMy Name is Rachel Corrie
2008978-1-55936-298-6August WilsonJoe Turner's Come and Gone (August Wilson Century Cycle)
  ''978-1-55936-299-3   ''Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (The August Wilson Century Cycle)
2007978-1-55936-300-6   ''The Piano Lesson (The August Wilson Century Cycle)
2008978-1-55936-301-3   ''Seven Guitars (August Wilson Century Cycle)
  ''978-1-55936-302-0   ''Fences (The August Wilson Century Cycle)
2008978-1-55936-303-7August WilsonTwo Trains Running (August Wilson Century Cycle)
  ''978-1-55936-304-4   ''Jitney (August Wilson Century Cycle)
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  ''978-1-55936-306-8   ''Radio Golf (The August Wilson Century Cycle)
2007978-1-55936-307-5   ''August Wilson Century Cycle
2008978-1-55936-308-2August WilsonRadio Golf
2007978-1-55936-309-9John Patrick ShanleyDefiance
  ''978-1-55936-311-2Caryl ChurchillDrunk Enough to Say I Love You?
  ''978-1-55936-312-9Conor McPhersonThe Seafarer
  ''978-1-55936-315-0Steven Sater · Duncan SheikSpring Awakening
  ''978-1-55936-319-8Athol FugardExits and Entrances
2007978-1-55936-320-4Theatre Communications GroupTheatre Directory 2007-2008: 35th Annual Edition
  ''978-1-55936-322-8Wallace ShawnOur Late Night and A Thought in Three Parts: Two Plays
  ''978-1-55936-324-2Eric BogosianTalk Radio (TCG Edition)
2008978-1-55936-325-9Sarah RuhlDead Man's Cell Phone (TCG Edition)
2009978-1-55936-326-6Young Jean LeeSongs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven and Other Plays
2011978-1-55936-327-3Culture ClashOH, WILD WEST!: Three New Plays
2008978-1-55936-329-7Christopher ShinnDying City
  ''978-1-55936-330-3Tracy LettsAugust: Osage County (TCG Edition)
2009978-1-55936-331-0Jo CarsonLiars, Thieves and Other Sinners on the Bench
2010978-1-55936-332-7Holly Hill · Dina AminSalaam. Peace: An Anthology of Middle Eastern-American Drama
2009978-1-55936-334-1Emily MannMrs. Packard
2008978-1-55936-335-8Olivier ChoiniéreBliss
  ''978-1-55936-336-5Theatre Communications GroupDramatists Sourcebook: Complete Opportunities for Playwrights, Translators, Composers, Lyricists and Librettists, 25th Edition
2009978-1-55936-337-2Naomi WallaceThe Fever Chart: Three Short Visions of the Middle East
2009978-1-55936-338-9Jean Baptiste Poquelin De MolièreSchool for Husbands and The Imaginary Cuckold, or Sganarelle
  ''978-1-55936-339-6Jean Baptiste Poquelin De MolièreLovers' Quarrels
  ''978-1-55936-340-2David Henry HwangYellow Face (TCG Edition)
2010978-1-55936-341-9Stephen Sondheim · John WeidmanRoad Show
2009978-1-55936-342-6Eric BogosianSuburbia (new version)
  ''978-1-55936-345-7Wallace ShawnGrasses of a Thousand Colors
  ''978-1-55936-346-4Staff of American Theatre MagazineThe American Theatre Reader: Essays and Conversations from American Theatre magazine
2008978-1-55936-347-1John Patrick ShanleyDoubt: A Parable
2010978-1-55936-348-8Sarah RuhlPassion Play (TCG Edition)
2010978-1-55936-349-5Tarell Alvin McCraneyThe Brother/Sister Plays
  ''978-1-55936-351-8MolièreThe Bungler
2009978-1-55936-354-9Enda WalshThe Walworth Farce and The New Electric Ballroom
  ''978-1-55936-355-6Lynn NottageRuined (TCG Edition)
2010978-1-55936-356-3Young Jean LeeThe Shipment and Lear
  ''978-1-55936-360-0Sarah RuhlIn the Next Room (or the vibrator play)
2010978-1-55936-361-7Tracy LettsSuperior Donuts (TCG Edition)
  ''978-1-55936-362-4Wallace ShawnThe Designated Mourner
2011978-1-55936-363-1Chay YewVersion 3.0: Contemporary Asian American Plays
  ''978-1-55936-364-8David AdjmiStunning and Other Plays
2010978-1-55936-365-5Donald MarguliesTime Stands Still (TCG Edition)
  ''978-1-55936-370-9Brian Yorkey · Tom KittNext to Normal
2014978-1-55936-372-3Arthur LaurentsWest Side Story
2015978-1-55936-373-0Tony KushnerTiny Kushner: Five One-Act Plays
2012978-1-55936-375-4Anne BogartConversations with Anne
2010978-1-55936-377-8Theatre Communications GroupDramatists Sourcebook, 26th Edition
  ''978-1-55936-380-8Will EnoMiddletown (TCG Edition)
2011978-1-55936-382-2David MametRace
2013978-1-55936-384-6Tony KushnerAngels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Revised and Complete Edition
2010978-1-55936-387-7Enda WalshPenelope
2012978-1-55936-389-1Annie BakerThe Vermont Plays: Four Plays
2011978-1-55936-393-8David Lindsay-AbaireGood People
2014978-1-55936-395-2Tony KushnerAngels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Revised and Complete Edition
2011978-1-55936-396-9David Lindsay-AbaireRabbit Hole (movie tie-in)
2012978-1-55936-397-6Ping ChongUndesirable Elements: Real People, Real Lives, Real Theater
2011978-1-55936-403-4Enda WalshThe Small Things and Other Plays
2013978-1-55936-404-1Virginia Woolf · Anton ChekhovChekhov's Three Sisters and Woolf's Orlando: Two Renderings for the Stage
2011978-1-55936-408-9Jez ButterworthJerusalem
2013978-1-55936-409-6Todd LondonAn Ideal Theater: Founding Visions for a New American Art
2012978-1-55936-410-2David Henry HwangChinglish (TCG Edition)
2011978-1-55936-417-1James GoldmanFollies: New Edition
2013978-1-55936-421-8Enda Walsh · Glen Hansard · Markéta IrglováOnce
978-1-55936-425-6Todd LondonAn Ideal Theatre: The Visions That Founded America's Theatres
2013978-1-55936-436-2Nicky SilverThe Lyons
2012978-1-55936-437-9Quiara Alegría HudesElliot, A Soldier's Fugue
2012978-1-55936-438-6Quiara Alegría HudesWater by the Spoonful
2013978-1-55936-440-9Caryl ChurchillLove and Information
2019978-1-55936-445-4Danny HochUp Against the Wall: The Collected Works
2014978-1-55936-446-1Quiara Alegría HudesThe Happiest Song Plays Last
2013978-1-55936-453-9Tony KushnerLincoln: The Screenplay
2014978-1-55936-455-3Nikolai GogolThe Inspector (TCG Classic Russian Drama Series)
2015978-1-55936-456-0Richard NelsonThe Apple Family: Scenes from Life in the Country
2014978-1-55936-457-7Amy HerzogBelleville
  ''978-1-55936-458-4Annie BakerThe Flick (TCG Edition)
2013978-1-55936-466-9Tracy LettsAugust: Osage County (movie tie-in)
2015978-1-55936-467-6Ivan TurgenevA Month in the Country (TCG Classic Russian Drama Series)
  ''978-1-55936-469-0Thomas BradshawIntimacy and Other Plays
  ''978-1-55936-470-6Sarah RuhlStage Kiss
2016978-1-55936-473-7Conor McPhersonThe Night Alive and Other Plays
2015978-1-55936-479-9Ismail Khalidi · Naomi Wallace · Nathalie HandalInside/Outside: Six Plays from Palestine and the Diaspora
2014978-1-55936-488-1Jez ButterworthThe River
2019978-1-55936-497-3Paula VogelDon Juan Comes Home from Iraq
2014978-1-55936-499-7Stephen Sondheim · James LapineInto the Woods (movie tie-in edition)
2015978-1-55936-500-0Suzan-Lori ParksFather Comes Home From the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
2018978-1-55936-507-9Craig LucasSmall Tragedy (TCG Edition)
2015978-1-55936-512-3Stephen KaramThe Humans
  ''978-1-55936-515-4Stephen Adly GuirgisBetween Riverside and Crazy (TCG Edition)
2017978-1-55936-537-6Mikhail BulgakovMolière, or The Cabal of Hypocrites and Don Quixote: Two Plays by Mikhail Bulgakov (TCG Classic Russian Drama Series)
2017978-1-55936-562-8Conor McPhersonGirl from the North Country
2020978-1-55936-576-5George Furth · Stephen SondheimMerrily We Roll Along (TCG Edition)
2018978-1-55936-586-4Itamar MosesThe Band's Visit
  ''978-1-55936-597-0Martyna MajokCost of Living (TCG Edition)
2019978-1-55936-978-7Jeremy O. HarrisSlave Play