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1994978-1-55934-036-6Ernest W. MaglischoSwimming Even Faster
1992978-1-55934-048-9Thomas D. Fahey · Gayle HutchinsonWeight Training for Women
  ''978-1-55934-049-6Dona J. HickeyDeveloping A Written Voice
  ''978-1-55934-082-3Judith Stevens-Long · Michael CommonsAdult Life: Developmental Process
  ''978-1-55934-096-0Christopher Biffle · Julius J. JacksonA Guided Tour of John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism
1994978-1-55934-111-0Jo FreemanWomen A Feminist Perspective
1993978-1-55934-144-8Robert CohenTwelve Plays For Theatre
1992978-1-55934-153-0David Webster · Susan Evans · William T. SandersOut of the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology
1993978-1-55934-162-2Mary JoyceFirst Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children
1992978-1-55934-173-8Jim H Railey · Peggy Railey-TschaunerManaging Physical Education, Fitness, and Sports Programs
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1994978-1-55934-232-2A.K. BlombachMacgamut: Intervals, Scales and Chords 2.0
1992978-1-55934-233-9FederHuman Antiquity:Intro Anthr 2e Im
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1995978-1-55934-256-8Lynne Ann DeSpelder · Albert Lee StricklandThe Path Ahead: Readings in Death and Dying
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1994978-1-55934-356-5Plato · Christopher BiffleA Guided Tour of Five Works by Plato: With Complete Translations of Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo (Death Scene, and "Allegory of the Cave")
1995978-1-55934-359-6John D. Arras · Bonnie SteinbockEthical Issues in Modern Medicine
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1998978-1-55934-494-4Michael MolloyExperiencing the World's Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change
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1996978-1-55934-523-1Kenneth L. FederFrauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology
  ''978-1-55934-526-2Terry BarrettCriticizing Photographs: An Introduction to Understanding Images
  ''978-1-55934-551-4Susan J. FergusonMapping the Social Landscape: Readings in Sociology
  ''978-1-55934-570-5Dolores Laguardia · Hans P. GuthIssues Across The Curriculum: Reading, Writing, Research
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1998978-1-55934-575-0Judith A. BossEthics for Life: An Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Introduction
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1996978-1-55934-629-0Janet Gonzalez-Mena · Janet Gonzales-MenaMulticultural Issues in Child Care
1997978-1-55934-647-4Leslie Perelman · Edward BarrettThe Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing
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  ''978-1-55934-655-9Stephen L. HarrisUnderstanding the Bible
  ''978-1-55934-696-2Arthur LessacThe Use and Training of the Human Voice: A Bio-Dynamic Approach to Vocal Life
  ''978-1-55934-697-9Kenneth AuvilPerspective Drawing
  ''978-1-55934-701-3J. Michael GilletteTheatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume, and Makeup
1996978-1-55934-706-8Harvey BirenbaumThe Happy Critic: A Serious but Not Solemn Guide to Thinking and Writing about Literature
1998978-1-55934-723-5Peter BrownUnderstanding and Applying Medical Anthropology
  ''978-1-55934-724-2Christopher BiffleLandscape of Wisdom: A Guided Tour of Western Philosophy
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2000978-1-55934-930-7Leonard Diepeveen · Timothy Van LaarArt with a Difference: Looking at Difficult and Unfamiliar Art
1999978-1-55934-938-3Bruce Evan BlaineThe Psychology of Diversity: Perceiving and Experiencing Social Difference
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1998978-1-55934-973-4G. William DomhoffWho Rules America?: Power and Politics in the Year 2000
1997978-1-55934-975-8Daniel KolakFrom The Pre-Socratics to the Present: A Personal Odyssey
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1997978-1-55934-993-2Daniel KolakWittgenstein's Tractatus

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